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Is there a way to reverse this?

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Yeah, stop emitting greenhouse gases and sequester some of what is already there.

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its not real

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No, fuck arctic.

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nuclear winter

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top kek

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some kind of component that reacts with the water and make a high density or semi-solid fluid

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Why contain it?
It's cool.

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Yeah, use a lot and I mean a lot of iron.

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denialists GTFO

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explain why
The sea level would raise, isn't that bad? A pretty fat portion of the human population lives at sea level

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Yes, but the economic damage would be worse than just letting it happen.

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Cloud of dust at Sun-Earth L1.

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Iron seeding is a possibility, we just have to wait for body augmentation to become reality first.

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there are too many people, some of them should die. not me of course

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the least cynical way to depopulate the planet is by promoting the anti-birth methods (i.e. giving contraceptives for free for everyone and legalizing abortion worldwide) and establishing laws that punish people who has more than two children
but people are way too dumb to even understand that preventing the development a fetus != killing a human being, so whatever, the world is going to get more and more populated just because morons think that more babies won't have a negative socioeconomical repercussion in the future

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kill drumpf xD

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Just wait for Yellowstone to blow. It'll lower the average world temperature by 5 °C. Things will balance out.

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I think we're just using space on earth poorly. Vertical housing and gardening can be a huge help and we can take advantage of massive areas of land not being used (East Colorado and West Kansas have nothing but grass). Still, that doesn't address the melting of the polar ice caps.

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I am scared, Anon!
I bet I can I help saving earth by donating all my money to some filthy rich jews? The TV told me so.

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Time travel

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Note: floating sea ice does not raise sea levels when it melts
Source: your fucking glass of iced tea

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Not him, but is that because it's already displacing its mass worth of water when it's a solid? So melting makes no difference?

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You are correct. So far most of the ice melting has been floating sea ice, so little impact on sea levels as of yet. There is plenty of ice over land however, that will significantly raise sea levels when it melts.

But if you look at the OP pic, no significant patches of new land appeared when the ice melted, which means it was all mostly sea ice.

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does anyone here have any theories as to why ice ages come about? i think the end game of global warming is just going to be an ice age from the spiked co2 levels
if you look at ice age starts and co2 the peak of co2 is where the ice age starts then drops rapidly.
please respond

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Milankovitch cycles are probably the main cause.

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it's one of the reasons listed on the wiki but it's not definitive
i personally don't think you can throw the planet's cycle out of whack that much and historically co2 has dissapeared after an ice age started
just a theory i thought up so i'd like it to be discussed and picked apart to learn more

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this guy says the dates of milankovitch do not match ice age dates, the dates associated with ice ages match the minima of milankovitch eccentricities, and another date issue with the theory

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By voting democrat the next election.

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desu why would you want to reverse it?

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This. Voting Republican is voting extinction.

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Blow up China

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>mankind finally honors the Franklin Expedition's sacrifice by taking revenge and decimating the sinister arctic hellscape
>21st Century soẏboys think this is a bad thing

Mother Nature is our bitch, now. Lesser men need not block the way of the chads gang-banging her into submission.

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Don't worry in the time of dinosaurs there are any ice in north pole and the earth is fine.

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>only floating sea ice melts down

Huh, big if true

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The earth isn't even overpopulated. Simply continuing to industrialize countries will lower birth rate. One use items on the other hand need to be stopped.

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Meanwhile, you can pat yourselves on the back with your crippled economy and a lower standard of living for the poor and middle classes while China fires up some of it's thousands of mothballed coal plants so it can continue to flood the world with cheap disposable goods. India will be 2 steps behind.
Then we have the inevitable industrialization of Africa (thanks China). Then we have exploding populations of 70-90 IQ peoples flooding into Europe and having 10 kids each because "we need immigrants to pay for boomer retirements" in a never ending ponzi scheme of Human greed.

We are not going to learn until we trash the planet to the point that populations massively decline

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>establishing laws that punish people who has more than two children
>somehow less cynical than letting nature take its course

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only way is if we can vent massive amounts of thermal radiation to space

or reduce incoming sunlight

or increase surface albedo

but really we should focus on protecting our agriculture since it's all going to get fucked

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Ironically, the best way to curb overpopulation is to reduce child mortality worldwide, and reduce the impact of disease. When people no longer expect most of their offspring to die, they tend to stick to two instead of ten.

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This is what happened the last time the Earth warmed, pretty cool.

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The vast majority of the ice in OP's pic is sea ice. Never in the post you replied to does it state or imply only sea ice melts. It only (correctly) states that only ice that sits on land contributes to raising sea level, also already floating in water will not change sea levels when it melts.

Thermal expansion has contributed more to rising sea levels than melting ice has so far. It isn't that there is more water, just that water is getting more THICC.

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Overpopulation isn't a problem.
The entire population can fit inside Texas.

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it would take a very big fridge

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the good news is when the global warming really kicks in and people start starving all over the planet the last refuge for humanity will become habitable for just long enough to build rockets and gtfo this doomed world.

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idk but why not just move everyone from the coast to canada and siberia now?

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i really wish that pos didnt float to the bottom of the earth
would have made a cool atlantis

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space isnt the problem tard

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tell that to china

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Too bad those pics are fake

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i agree, us fellow white people really need to stop having kids before the whole world goes to sheol

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We need to put a lot of AC units on the poles

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Notice how none of the surrounding land has submerged under water? melting icecaps is a meme. Just like how a glass of ice water doesn't overflow when the ice melts the Earth's water levels won't rise either.

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That is fake as fuck

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First world countries aren't overpopulated.

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but theres a lot of ice on land in greenland and the south pole. when this ice melts, it raises the sea level.

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What is the problem then? The fact that we are continuously converting arable land into desert by ignoring manmade climate change?

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You're an idiot.

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China has only minor contribution to Climate Change. Shifting the blame solves nothing.

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May 2018.

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just put some coolers there

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Wow, that's a completely different time of year.

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The problem is that natural resources aren't unlimited, if we want to have unlimited population then we must only use 100% renewable energy
Also we should promote veganism as a dietary choice in order to optimize food resources (with the same food that you feed a cow every year to kill it and feed a few people, you could feed shitloads of people)

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I wasn't talking about depopulating first world countries tho, I forgot to let that clear
Particularly african countries need to get depopulated, but there's little to not chances of getting people there to use contraceptives so


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Don’t forget killing the people that ate the cow because charred rotting flesh causes cancer and heart disease. The medical costs of these diseases are extreme and probably worth mentioning in any discussion about how bad animal agriculture is.

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Someone has, they are booming with green energy now. Price of solar panels has dropped substantially.

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Humans can't control the climate.

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It will only harm the shit skins mostly.

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Yeah lets vote for global warming alarmists who want to ban cars and meat.

No thanks, democrats are the biggest threat to the world.

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Vote green.

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There's still a shitton of ice melting on greenland, antarctica and on basically every single mountain everywhere.

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> alarmists who want to ban cars and meat.
Who actually wants to do this?

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The democrats. California is actually trying to ban cars.

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> California
They're the worst sort of third world shithole, I wouldn't even count them as human beings anymore.

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As you can see half of Europe is under water... . Oh wait it is not.

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What about Antarctica? All that ice is sitting on a continent, not floating.

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kill all humans

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how come all that ice melted but none of the land got covered in water at all?

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Non-floating ice obviously does. Antarctica and even Greenland are obviously excluded from OP's pic.

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Why would it? Sea ice melting does not increase the water level, only land ice melting does.

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Humans could literally blast the atmosphere away if we got a little more bomb happy.

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Climate change is as ridiculous as Y2K and 2012 at this point. No one can say what current climate would be like had man not changed it. No one can say when the consequences of this change will actually occur or agree on what they even are.

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itt: consumers rationalize

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You know any exposed land in antarctica will be pretty much sterile right? No top soil, no soil microbes and a shit ton of salt from evaporating seawater

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Yes because it's close to summer..

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lol. theres no undoing the damage to your brain though

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i mean you can take pills or undergoe procedures to address the symptoms of course, but your condition is incurable

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Look I am not saying its a good idea, but it is what will happen, because its too late for other solutions

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kill all the shitskins doing all the polluting and planting 100 trees to replace them is the literal solution.

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Hollow Earth shall soon be ours

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(((fake))) news ((((AKA SCHAPRIO)))

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its good because africans will have more water

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was even one of the center bullet points of many alarmist documentaries. So i guess as for temperature the problem will self correct. Biodeversity is a different story but we should be able to survive a frozen planet. Over a melting one at least

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Are these photos taken at the same season?

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This but unironically
Bring back the gulliotine
Trump is a Jew
~made by NAZBOL GANG

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No, but we should be fine as human beings to have an earth of 2.0 C* higher in temperature :)
It will all work out, as according to Pariss PCLImeate a;CORd

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>pump water into big container
>freeze it
>transport to north pole
>repeat if it melts
there I fixed it

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Written over the photos, brainlet.

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>Actually taking Chinese propaganda at face value

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A myth brought about by pop-science cultists and their exaggerated view of reality. A lot like climate change alarmists...

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According to NASA, while the North Pole/Arctic has been losing ice, Antarctica has been gaining ice.

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Require getting your tubes tied after the first child in order to get food aid. Problem solved (and beating world hunger becomes much more affordable over time).

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>No top soil, no soil microbes and a shit ton of salt from evaporating seawater

the continent used to have topsoil, with microbes until it drifted to the pole and got covered with snow and glaciers. If that ice melts then whatever was underneath will be back on top. And since most of the land there is above sea level then salt from sea water wouldnt be an issue either.

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The people I converse with on here are this stupid

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Build more nuclear reactorsssss

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>Is there a way to reverse this?
Not on human timescales - the residence time of CO2 is too long. We need to focus on not making it worse.

>According to NASA, while the North Pole/Arctic has been losing ice, Antarctica has been gaining ice.
At significantly slower and decelerating rate.

>Ignore scientists and data, I'm just going to assert how climatology actually works.

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flood all the inland deserts that are below sea level with the ocean.

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And people were not saying that any small change of the north pole frozen crust should lead flooding on the world´s coast cities?

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Looks like Trump already fixed it you sensationalist faggot.

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What would climate today be like if there was no anthropogenic climate change?

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An anon trolled by clearly obvious sarcasm and blinded by his own self centered view of reality. A lot like crab people...

>> No.9763985

wow all his hard work in the area wasn't for naught after all

>> No.9763988

Yes. Wait for next Ice age.

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> Climate change is as ridiculous as Y2K

You are probably young, so you might not remember this, but the only reason Y2K was not a huge deal is because people took the problem seriously and invested enormous resources in fixing the problem.

Then the ignorant masses and late night hosts were totally upset that planes weren't falling out of the sky.

Regardless of what's happening with that particular ice, cities are busy spending billions to deal with seawater on the streets that didn't used to be there. Paddle on, froggy!

>> No.9765062

Sure there were a lot of uninformed crap going around but Y2K would have been a bloody mess without the extreme effort of many.

>> No.9765131

>ban meat
This would be a good thing fatboy, and anyway your a dumbass if youthink the hedonistic left will ever do away with something that can make them feel good on short notice

>> No.9765137

Fixed? Your own image shows there's significantly less ice than the 1981-2010 average.

>> No.9765183

That's weather not climate, but that doesn't matter since he is incorrect anyway.

>> No.9765655

oh okay then. But if you could voluntarily activate a Volcano, which would trigger a temporary but at least month long premature winter, wouldn't that be a man-made-climate change?

>> No.9765675

>If you'd do that steadily over a couple of decades, yes
>If you do that once, its just changing the weather.

>> No.9765951

>democrats are the biggest threat to the world
>not climate change

>> No.9766068

We are in an ICE AGE! This is an exceptionally mild inter-glacial period we are in. WHY the fuck do you want the surface of the earth covered in MORE ice!!!!

>> No.9766070

>reverse the opening of the Northern Sea Route

t. Butthurt American

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[citation needed]

>> No.9766719

Why would you want to?

>> No.9766724

The western and east asian birth rate is declining. Its all the niggs and shitskins that cant stop fucking.
There needs to be some sort of super aids that wipes out like 90% of every african country

I dont think trying to live on mars or the moon is plausible.

I think the real solution is either to build domed cities on earth or to live underground.

>> No.9766747

>I think the real solution is either to build domed cities...
What's the dome for?

>> No.9766908

I know, right? They're not even actual photographs. It's a damn computer model.

>> No.9767910

>all lies i tell you
>nothing i do has any impact!!

>> No.9767913

and thats completely irrelevant because their per capita consumption is far lower than the west's

>> No.9767936

Shill or retard?

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The underclasses will start to get desperate.

>> No.9768057

No. I'm sorry, but we're cooked.
Sex dolls and VR is the future.
t. actual retard
>Not promoting the green party instead
who's paying you?
You better start building that wall

>> No.9768079

Democrats are literally the only ones working to save the world. Go suck more corporate dick and choke on it.

>> No.9768088

All we have to do is cut back on the pollution and it will fix itself, once we go carbon neutral it'll only be a few thousand years before everything is back to normal at the poles.

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>it'll only be a few thousand years before everything is back to normal at the poles.

>> No.9768774

>we are over populated! stop having kids 1st world countries!
>lol j/k we need dirty immigrates to keep economy going.
kill yourself boomer
sea level is a meme.
the big problem is climatic belts will shift and we have no idea how. So some current food growing areas might become untenable and the new areas might be impracticable or occupied

>> No.9769131

>sea level is a meme.
That depends on where you live.

If you've ever moved everywhere, you know it's a huge pain in the ass. When whole cities are doing that at the same time, it's really going to suck.

That's not apocalyptic, but it does mean a lower quality of life for millions if not billions.

>> No.9769178

>a lower quality of life for millions if not billions
wat? u mean no more flying around the world? i say fuck em

>> No.9769184

>u mean no more flying around the world?
I mean no more living in cities we've taken centuries to build. Conflict and possibly wars over resources we used to take for granted because we're now living in inconvenient places. We can adapt, but it will suck.

>> No.9769192

>Conflict and possibly wars over resources we used to take for granted
thatll happen anyway without global warming due to poulation growth

>> No.9769198

anyway, the consumers seem to really want to play musical chairs.

>> No.9769201

Nobody really knows what impact climate change would/ might have.
For all we know, the sudden temperature rise will whip-saw and cause temperatures to plummet because of increased cloud cover albedo from oceanic evaporation or something.

Best solution, we automate the economy so we can sterilize the now purposeless former labor pool. Maybe keep 500 million people around, let the rest go on welfare in exchange for mandatory sterilization and let the few people who have jobs that cannot be automated reproduce. Or make it a lottery or something. Either way the carbon emission problem would vanish in a generation or so, sooner with more proactive methods.

>> No.9769215

>>Conflict and possibly wars over resources we used to take for granted
>thatll happen anyway without global warming due to poulation growth

Population growth is overstated. The doomsday scenarios of past generations have not panned out because as societies advance, population growth slows naturally.

But you do have a point, which is why it's best not to compound the problem. You're right that competition will be an issue, but it will be exacerbated if we have to abandon large chunks of civilization and start over.

>> No.9769221

>Nobody really knows what impact climate change would/ might have.
Climatologists have a pretty good idea, and this:

>For all we know, the sudden temperature rise will whip-saw and cause temperatures to plummet because of increased cloud cover albedo from oceanic evaporation or something.

is not it. Stop talking out of your ass.

>> No.9769225

>as societies advance, population growth slows naturally
theres only one country on earth where this statement is even remotely true

>> No.9769231

Is it possible to make a small home based diy carbon capture device, powered by solar?

So it sucks in CO2 and coverts it to something solid that can be buried.

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File: 44 KB, 500x375, 5db1f9cd69102a1b018d40dfb189355c9b5dfcd4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Drop an asteroid. Move humanity to space.

>> No.9769243

>is not it.
actually the gulf stream has apparently been slowing, causing cooling in some places. its probably not enough to cause a whipsaw effect, but he has a point

>> No.9769245

Algae and compost it.

>> No.9769250

>theres only one country on earth where this statement is even remotely true
Oh, I guess I've wandered into /pol/ fantasy land?

>> No.9769253

Every western nation depends on immigration to keep population growing and working age.

Japan and SKorea are getting older and shrinking.

>> No.9769259

Cooling in some places is irrelevant.

>> No.9769261

>did i just read that!?!?
>the nerve!!!!!!!

sorry youre a fucking moron

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File: 37 KB, 394x479, 117897979980.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>when the global warming really kicks in and people start starving all over the planet

Nice meme.

It's like capitalism is evil or something.

>> No.9769266

point your air conditioiner at the north star

>> No.9769268

>Every western nation depends on immigration to keep population growing and working age.

yes, well all die horrible deaths without immigration. thank you for reminding me

>> No.9769276

drop ice cubes into the ocean

>> No.9769280
File: 88 KB, 778x945, aussie fauna.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

white genocide, but unironically

>> No.9769326

Best carbon capture method is enhanced weathering.
So buy some limestone boulders from a quarrying company and smash it into dust with a sledgehammer in your freetime.

>> No.9769337

doing so would almost certainly produce more co2 than is captured because of extra calories (food/energy) required to do the actual work (smashing). 2nd law is a bitch, but hey dont let that dissuade you from your fixation with growth.

>> No.9769353

With enhanced weathering the energy used to sequester the carbon comes from the oxidization of the rocks, less so the smashing.
So it's an entropic process, which is why it's the best because the universe loves entrophy.

>> No.9769363

i still think when you add everything up it would be a net loss, maybe not as bad as burying algae or something like that but still. even when both processes use the suns energy... just gives one an appreciation for how much energy really does come from fossils

>> No.9769402

If you were to crush up carbonate rocks with power from diesel engine, it would still sequester more carbon than the diesel engine could emit. You can think of the rocks as a sort of fossil store of potential energy and it releases that energy as it undergoes oxidation.
Not saying it's practical, but it's energy efficient, (from our practical standpoint) at least.
The joke is the idea of anon doing his part to save the world by smashing rocks in his backyard with a hammer.

>> No.9769414

>If you were to crush up carbonate rocks with power from diesel engine, it would still sequester more carbon than the diesel engine could emit

and youre absolutely sure about that...

>> No.9769435

Yes. Normally you'd be right about it violating the laws of physics, but since silicates have a higher energy than carbonates, about 80% of the energy required to sequester the carbon is done by the rocks, basically. If a typical diesel engine converts 40% of it's fuel into useful work, its still a net sequestering of carbon.

You can google all this if you're that curious.

>> No.9769451

even if youre right on the 20% margin, you still need to get the rocks AND the fuel to the engine, build the engine, maintain the engine, disperse the carbonate dust, and feed the guy who operates the engine

>> No.9769474

>all that other stuff is a rounding error
>inb4 lets use nuclear energy/electric vehicles to do that

similar issues with point 2: 2nd law is clear: to clean up one mess you always make a bigger different mess somewhere else

>> No.9769509

If this were entirely about energy you'd be right but this is specifically about expending energy to sequester carbon. Also, embodied energy of a device like a diesel engine is tiny on a long enough timeline. The energy used to have a diesel engine set up crushing rocks is tiny compared to the energy it would use crushing rocks for say, 20 years or whatever arbitrarily long timeline you can suppose.

>> No.9769520

This fucking retarded thread has been up for a week. This is sad.

Ice melts retard, get over it.
If you want more ice on earth then blot out the sun and plug up the volcanos. Or learn to use a fucking fridge.

>> No.9769529

ok im convinced.

>> No.9769682

I don't want to bust up rocks. I want to sequester atmospheric CO2.

>> No.9769841

This argument assumes that the smasher is going to consume extra. You could very well consume the same amount and do nothing.

>> No.9770002

>actually liking the green party
Greens in Yurop have some good ideas. Greens in America are absolute nutjobs. they oppose any and all nuclear power, spread misinformation about genetic engineering, and pander to anti-vaxxers because they only believe science that tells them it's a big corporate conspiracy.

>> No.9770016

Nader was a great candidate (Shut up, Gorefags!), but I don't think they've had anyone credible on the national scale since (and maybe before).

>> No.9770036

>Ice melts
Hmmm, I wonder if anyone knows WHY it's melting? Or if we have some ideas about the consequences of such a huge, sudden change in our climate? Hmmmmm, I guess according to you anyone who asks these questions is retarded

>> No.9771010

That would disperse quickly. A huge IR reflector would do, using solar sails to balance between gravity and solar pressure. Possible but hard.

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