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pic related.

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>not even good enough to scrape into Mense

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> Long nose and slant eye tribes count on fingers. Chub bash long nose and slant eye tribes and get pussy.

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>couldn't even qualify for Mensa

The Cattell B scale SD is 24; on a normal scale (SD 15), your IQ would be about 128.

I figure this is a bait thread, but you ought to know in case it's not.

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is that a spermatozoon in the signature

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>The Cattell B scale SD is 24; on a normal scale (SD 15), your IQ would be about 128.

an IQ of 128 is not 97th percentile brainlet.

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You are technically right, but neither is 144 on the Cattell scale. The 3% figure is just them rounding to make you feel better.

No wonder your IQ is only 128.

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>he qualifies for mensa
i love being on the highest iq board where everyone is 150+

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I didn't ask, brainlet.

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lmao, you guys are really fucking stupid aren't you?

you do realize that the number that you get has value only in comparison to the population taking the test.

my 144 on the cattell is a 131 on the culture fair. both of these are 97th percentile.

the highest score you can get on either of these is in the 98th percentile. so what, that is a little over 130?

you would know if you took an actual supervised timed IQ test and not some online garbage that gave you the highest number.

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Says the one paying for an IQ test which doesnt have any meaning in the real world

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i am literally superior to every single person with an IQ lower than mine, and am inferior to everyone with a higher IQ than mine

IQ defines you. it is literally your most important quality.

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Your relationship with God is more important than any man made test.

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You must have a really sad life, anon.

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lol, poorfag can't afford to take a test that he can use for marketing purposes as a surgeon.

i make six figures, and i like to see what my real IQ is instead of being a NEET taking online bullshit tests to post on /sci/ nonstop.

what's your IQ, brainlet? what's an online test that you can get >145 on to feel good about while you waste away in this ungodly place?

i bet you don't even get laid.

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lol what kind of surgeon uses mensa as a marketing tool? Fucking loser.

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>expecting people to honestly post iq scores
Just like how everyone has a 4.0 GPA the 145 iq people will suddenly come out of the woodwork.

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GPA is a stupid scale, why designate a mark as perfect when it's possible to attain without actually getting 100%?

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OP did. and all the brainlets are giving him shit for it.

it goes a long way. doesn't it feel nice to know the person who is cutting into you is at least smart enough to be in MENSA? or would you rather him not.

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if this is a serious post i feel really bad for you lol

the fact that you have so few redeeming qualities that you feel the need to latch onto this shit to feel some semblance of importance in your life is quite telling

you're literally the reason why IQ =/= success in life, and is merely a predictor.

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I could qualify for MENSA, but I'm not qualified to be a Surgeon. I've most definitely met people with a lower IQ than mine that are better at their medical profession than I could ever be.

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>I could qualify for MENSA
you could qualify for MENSA? have you taken the fucking test? is OP the only one who actually had the balls to do this.

BTW medical professions consist of the highest IQ individuals out of all professions.

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Knowing that the surgeon is smart enough to be in MENSA doesn't make me feel better about his abilities, it makes me feel like he's less socially adjusted than he is intelligent because he feels the need show superiority to his patients, as if we aren't already aware that he's a fucking surgeon

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[citation required]

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cool story bro.

if i had a choice between a MENSA surgeon operating on me and one who wasn't, given all else is the same, the choice is obvious who i'd choose.


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t-this test is bullshit, right?

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It's one of the best online

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yes it is, faggot

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i got 103

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I am happy i got some good results. My last tests 1 month ago where shit. Now i am back at studying it is good again.

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good point,
IQ isn't everything

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the fact that you believe this shows you have no understanding of other positive human qualities and types of intelligence.

You are either a fucking retard and lying, or you're a savant who still wears Velcro shoes because laces cause an emotional overload in your brain

t. IQ 145 PHD research scientist who is also good at everything else in life

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>i make six figures

>> No.9704947

>My last tests 1 month ago where shit
what was your score?

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like 115-125 i dont remember though

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more like 123-ish

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Did you share it on facebook you egotistical faggot?

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Pretty weird for a phoneposter

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Its rather telling when none of these Mensa cardholders have ever done anything note worthy with their high pattern recognition ("IQ") scores.

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Fuck no. This was actually where I thought I was. It surprised me to see that I had a good idea of what my iq was.

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>Fuck no.

nobody likes those people
The irony is posting that publicly demonstrates a lack of social intelligence

>> No.9704999

Im no social genius but I at least know its a dick move to do some shit like that, I only say how smart I am when a coversation with my friends shifts to how smart we are in comparison to each other

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Not him. Do you talk about iqs? No doubths you are spergs. Or if they are talking about intelligence, sauying iqs is pretty sperg.
u jelly?

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IQ is now inversely proportional to dick size. How fucked are you?

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>Do you talk about iqs?
Not often, only when talking to friends when the subject comes up naturally (or me making fun of my siblings because i'm smarter)

>u jelly?
No, i'm a research scientist (full PhD with a real job) and an IQ of 145
I was one of those 'gifted children' in elementary school

You IQ fags really don't understand what it takes to be good at life, it's both sad and funny

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What does this have to do with science or math?

>> No.9705038

you must be new to /sci/

the insecure IQ fags create multiple threads on a daily basis

>> No.9705063

it's rather telling when posters pull shit out of their ass and then eat it up, your post for example

>> No.9705078

Well I'm a sperg, and im convinced some of them are as well, to a degree

>> No.9705079

>>u jelly?
didn't ask you though. I never said i am a IQ fag, although i think it really measures your intelligence. Not that that is the only key for succes... but it is good allways

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I was replying to the guy that tagged both of us

my bad

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>productivity is irrelevant
Back to your containment board pol. You didn't invent anything

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I just broke math.

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>Be boy in late 90s
>Curious about mensa, Attend a mensa meeting with my grandfather
>Everyone is arguing about whether or not the earth is flat
>Two women tell me they're actually witches and ask me for some of my hair
>Browse /x/ and /sci/
>Holy shit it's the same people

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Mensa is an actual meme. They exist to provide the supply of a "legitimate testing company" for idiotic IQ circle jerkers like OP who demand the need to feel superior to others without doing any work.

>> No.9705131

>tfw you get the black surgeon with a 107 IQ

>> No.9705143


This is fake. Mensa doesn't tell you your score.

>> No.9705187

>advertising purposes
If I knew my surgeon was only in the 97th percentile, I would find a new surgeon. Literally 1 in 30 people is smarter than you.

>> No.9705198

Damn, poor guy. But how did he not notice that at least 10-15 of the other kids in his classroom were better than him?

>> No.9705199

The same reason he irrationally thought he was destined for greatness: Dunning kruger effect

>> No.9705223

I too make six figures but save it for family rather than spend it on useless shit like IQ tests. Anyone that puts value into such things lives a sad life and people that use it as an excuse for not succeeding is scum. IQ doesnt hold anyone back from doing anything

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Found out my grandfathers were/are both in mensa. Both of them are just military vets while one was also a civil engineer (bachelors). So this is the power of mensa and IQ huh?

>> No.9705286

Shame that their offspring isn't as gifted as they are, huh?

>> No.9705336

mensa was created in order to earn pocket money and bragging rights

completely meaningless in any useful way other than to giggle at people that value it

>> No.9705356

paying people to massage your ego for you


>> No.9705371

Regression to the mean sucks. My grandpa got 145 back in the day and joined Mensa, my dad got 138 and joined Mensa, and I got 131, just below the cutoff. I worry that my kids are going to be in the low 120s.

>> No.9705376

This man gets it. Intelligence is nothing if you don't have underlings or support; sadly, this is why autists get beat down all the time.

>iq 141 by official test
>me to me: "iq is useless anon"
>also me: *fiddles with biochemical computers* "Damn, it's not working. Add more adenosylcobalamin."

>> No.9705387

Yeah, he's a melodramatic faggot. But I do think psychologists are evil for inflicting this stupid shit on the world.

>> No.9705397

Protip: Instead of complaining that your IQ isn't high enough for what you want to do, just go into a field where the average is low enough that you'll be a god. I have a 138, but instead of competing in math or science where everyone is that smart, I decided to major in history and was at the top of my class every time and now teach at uni.

>> No.9705503

How accurate is an IQ test taken as a kid? I only got 135 when I was about 9-10, but standardized test scores in high school seem to imply that I'd be closer to top 0.5%, even though I never studied for them and had a shitty Oklahoma high school education.

>> No.9705514

sorry, but Im gonna need a source on that.

>> No.9705578

>How accurate is an IQ test taken as a kid?

IQ can change significantly to age 25. This is due to differential development rates. Blacks and women tend to mature faster but then plateau out.

>> No.9705627

and still no one really cares " he scored a 131. he seems normal to me."

>> No.9705866

Fuck a PhD i should have just joined the military and then do civil engineering to unlock full IQ powers huh

>> No.9705875

you're not wrong and people will still deny it because they have never been utterly BTFO by a brainchad.

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How fucked am i if we translate this score to the actual IQ?

>> No.9706589

lol what the fuck
thats me :D
>t. Alex G

>> No.9706595

I lost it some months ago, thanks for finding it for me

>> No.9706615

fucking jews charged me £25 for this shit

ye, its accurate if you do it only once (obviously), got pretty much the same score on the online one(132), which is within 1 percent of >>9704434

I'm surprised u saved it op. I posted it like a year ago on the day I got it

>> No.9706631

I try not to say this often if at all, but holy shit go back to >>/r/eddit

>> No.9706643

too bad math is only thing i am intrested in.

>> No.9706727

Not very. That specific test is a pretty good gauge.

>> No.9706734

I got 133 in this test. I think it is false

>> No.9706841

what's your field ? if it's not theoretical physics or pure maths you're probably not that smart, fag

>> No.9706954

So it's true, height is to /fit/ as IQ is to /sci/.

>> No.9706961

It's funny because it's all in his head.

>> No.9707037

IQ is far, far more important than height and is an indicator of what makes humans human.

>> No.9707040

I.Q. measures the most important aspect of people, their ability to think. If I could, I would nuke an entire country for an extra 10 I.Q. points.

>> No.9707078

I got 130 on the mensa.no test. Don't feel like testing again or do a proper test since it will probably be less and that would hurt my self-esteem.

>> No.9707483

As if IQ were like some DBZ power level shit

>> No.9707529

Until someone bigger and stronger kills you.

>> No.9707536

I've gotten 135 on that test and I'm dumb as shit. IQ is nonsense.

>> No.9707647

In all seriousness I'd feel less comfortable knowing my surgeon was a MENSA member. It's a sign they're overcompensating for something, mentally.

>> No.9707754

desu, in the modern environment smaller people are more dangerous, so long as they are armed with a pistol.

>> No.9707920

So Mensa's just a thinly veiled PoI registry, right?

>> No.9707937

Same here. I can live with 130. It has a nice rounded quality, even if it's not genius tier.

>> No.9707967

Except iq breaks down once you pass the threshold brainlet scum

>> No.9708035

lol yer dumb

>> No.9708098


His own fault for being a fucking idiot and not bothering to research what IQ really means. It's probably the most severely abused system of all time.

It is borderline USELESS for making any meaningful prediction about an individual and their life course.

>> No.9708122

Okay Sam Harris and Charles Murray jeez

>> No.9708123

just proving >>9706954 his point.
Seriously though, we should just rename this board IQ and University.

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Why is everyone so obsessed with IQ...

>> No.9708300

What's annoying is he gets btfo then just starts a new thread

>> No.9708341

125, 95.2 percentile, I am a fucking brainlet.

>> No.9708367

This is why no American accomplishes anything

>> No.9708372

Yeah, and that's why the big and strong tigers, crocodiles and lions are on top of the food chain, and not the small and weak humans

>> No.9708433

I got 156 IQ in Cattell scale on IRL, official Mensa test. Can look for the photo if you want.

Not really.

They do.

My IQ was significantly growing as I was tested every 3 years or so in primary, middle, high school and university.

Well, this board is about science and math and IQ is one of best, if not best indicator of how good you can get at it.

>> No.9708617

sams im braindead

>> No.9709072

i'm OP and i got that same score on that same test. it was mostly easy but i got stuck at question #29 and lost a lot of time because of my OCD perfectionism and had to guess on the ones after.

>I got 156 IQ in Cattell scale on IRL, official Mensa test. Can look for the photo if you want.

very nice, so you got into mensa. i'm going to take the test again very soon because i was so close.

what do you do for a living? what did you study?

not that i don't believe you, but a photo would be great to shut out all the fake IQ online posters here.

>> No.9709104

+1upvoted for "Bait Of The Year Award"

>> No.9709109

Dumb people are too dumb to know they are dumb.

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File: 914 KB, 3120x4160, IMG_20180430_203606.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>so you got into mensa
I got invited but rejected offer. I barely have enough time to work, study and do my own projects and I rather spend free time with like-minded friends than strangers from Mensa.

>what do you do for a living? what did you study?
I used to work in gamedev, but now I'm a full stack web developer + some AI R&D and soon I'll be moved to new AR/VR department.
I study computer science, but I don't really attend any classes since 3rd year. I self-learned most of it in middle/high school and now I'm here just for papers. But I find theoretical computer science and discrete math really fun.

>> No.9709169

>I study computer science, but I don't really attend any classes since 3rd year. I self-learned most of it in middle/high school and now I'm here just for papers. But I find theoretical computer science and discrete math really fun.

damn. nice.

CS is something i regret never starting earlier. i studied all the sciences, majored in physics and biochem, went to harvard, but only started learning python last year because it was required for this physics research iw as doing.

in fact, all of the scientific research now requires data science. no more pipetting bullshit which i always hated anyway.

>I got invited but rejected offer. I barely have enough time to work, study and do my own projects and I rather spend free time with like-minded friends than strangers from Mensa.

i only want to join so i can put it on my future advertisement for surgery. i worked with a world-class eye surgeon who adds that to his list of accolades (amongst going to darthmouth undergrad, columbia med, harvard residency, emory fellowship, nyu stern MBA, etc etc etc).

>> No.9709184

Not-so-surprisingly, surgery doesn't require exceptional knowledge/neuroplasticity within medical fields. It's much worse if your anesthesiologist, who has to know a lot more math and chemistry than your surgeon, is low IQ.

The subset of medical skills that a surgeon applies his job largely consists of the less difficult elements of medical education: memorization of anatomy and procedures, with a strong need for focus. Neither should show a strong correlation with IQ, though med school admissions surely filter out the true idiots from becoming doctors. I wouldn't be shocked to hear that many high-IQ med school admits don't have the fine motor coordination to be successful physicists (consider how many internists have terrible handwriting.)

Funnily enough, Ben Carson (a black neurosurgeon) titled his autobiography "Gifted Hands."

>> No.9709187

What do you mean by future advertisement for surgery? You want to use the fact of being a member of mensa to add credibility or use mensa for promoting yourself?

Also good luck pursuing your dreams.

>> No.9709191
File: 60 KB, 750x223, medical_school_acceptance_by_race_ethnicity.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

you'd have to be a damned fool to have a nigger operating on you.

i'm white myself and i prefer asian doctors for obvious reasons.

>> No.9709195

What if your surgeon has 180 IQ but insanely shaky hands?

>> No.9709201

>IQ is only 104 (WAIS-III)
Fuck me.

>> No.9709211


>> No.9710118

then he wouldn't be a surgeon.

surgeons aren't particularly the smartest. there is a huge performance component. the surgeon i keep mentioning who's in MENSA barely performs surgeries anymore, he just hires underlings to do it for them.

he isn't doing anything life-saving. hence his stern MBA. he's a businessman. a multi-millionaire who drives a ferrari.

he gave me free laser eye surgery just for working with him for a few months. i was one of the few people he liked. he is a dick though. he is definitely smarter than me and most doctors i meet though, that's a fact.

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File: 74 KB, 1024x1024, 1458543048781.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9711706

I haven't managed to work up the will required to take an IQ test; I figure that the best case scenario is an apathetic 150. Statistically, I'm much likely to score outside the range of "basically required to succeed in Academia," ending in my inevitable suicide.

>> No.9711717

4.0 doesn’t mean “perfect” it means “got all A’s”.

>> No.9711736
File: 480 KB, 1125x2436, 4863F99F-0340-4761-9F51-6FD80C462FE3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Guess it’s good that I’m a business major.

>> No.9711740

God if being in Mensa is really an "accomplishment" you would put on an ad as a surgeon I feel bad for you

>> No.9712178

I'd only join Mensa to meet friends. It gets harder and harder to meet friends after you are out of school. There is nothing wrong with want to hang out with people you can relate too, and it is well know that if you are a standard deviation or more different than someone else it is much harder to make a connection. Sure, you can, but why force yourself to be lonelier just because of internet memes? Also, mainstream liberals hate MENSA, so it is a probably a good place to go after all.

>> No.9712186

>Ben Carson (a black neurosurgeon) titled his autobiography "Gifted Hands."
I guarantee Ben Carson is only competent. A competent black man is always promoted as a genius. At least with jews the "greatest doctor in the country!" is usually a decent if not good doctor.
>prefer asian doctors for obvious reasons.
Med school is probably like undergrad. You have to filter out the jews from the whites to get accurate numbers and that doesn't do that.

>> No.9712423
File: 44 KB, 546x789, 1524608809316.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw mensa IQ but lazy/unmotivated and skip classes way too much

>> No.9713437

Dude don't.
I mean sure, it could just be me and it was nearly 5 years ago, but I had two horrible experiences with Mensa meetups. Every single person was the personification of navel-gazing and the conversations reflected that.

>> No.9713788

Tell us some stories.

>> No.9713831
File: 55 KB, 391x391, 1484924450203.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i did very poorly in school (graduated late with 1.3 gpa) and i always thought i was a retard. so does that make me a retard who is aware hes a retard, or am i actually smart because i have the self awareness to know how retarted i am?

>> No.9713852


>i bet you dont even get laid


>> No.9713895
File: 33 KB, 1211x406, retard.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Holy shit I really am retarded

>> No.9713900

Does anyone know how they measure blind peoples’ IQ? Obviously not seeing the patterns doesn’t make you retarded.

>> No.9713907

>Obviously not seeing the patterns doesn’t make you retarded
Seeing patterns is the purpose of IQ

>> No.9713908

There is no way you did this test seriously, it'd mean your IQ is lower than 80

>> No.9713937

We have plenty of people claiming to have iqs 130 and above, why is it the guy with less than 80 that you're doubting?

>> No.9713943


Nah it bugged out on me I just though that was funny. A few questions in it bugged out and the page went blank so I refreshed and it gave me that.

Took it for real and got 125 so I am still retarded though, especially if these scores are inflated as much as I hear.

>> No.9713949
File: 29 KB, 722x668, 135.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

lot of brainlets itt.

i work in equity capital markets

>> No.9714010
File: 113 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180502-153200.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The last ones were giving me trouble. So how did I do?

>> No.9714094

>[math]\exists[/math] sub-100 iq college professors
the literal state of american universities

>> No.9714130

I only see people on pol and sci whom talk about IQ. Irl people dont give a shit

>> No.9714202
File: 37 KB, 1197x655, my iq.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i would hate having to compete with you , id have to be at my best everyday just to keep up

>> No.9714222

if you're serious lad, I feel bad for you son
don't be mad, but I don't got an eq of 1

>> No.9714225

ur gay

>> No.9714226

>how smart you are matters in hand work

>> No.9714229

some surgeons leave scalpels inside you and stitch you back up

>> No.9714231

for you <3
*glomps your beaker-chode*

>> No.9714484

>this has to be due to iq and no other reason

>> No.9714597

Hey if you don't mind having a retard poke around at your internal organs, more power to you, but I'd rather leave it to someone smart.

>> No.9714634

The fact that so many people don't get this is bait really says a a lot about how smart the people in this thread actually are

>> No.9714737

>iq makes you a good surgeon
>not actual hard work and experience

>> No.9714742

I didn't say that. Have you considered that maybe I want a hardworking surgeon with experience who also happens not to be a brainlet like yourself?

>> No.9714750


Probably had low grades, but teachers + parents constantly told him he was smart, but just needed to put more effort in.

Then maybe he thought that anybody that puts effort in must be trying to make up for being naturally dumb, so good grades = dumb.

So now he's trapped in a vortex of ever worsening grades, while his perceived intelligence increases.

At least that's what happened to me.

>> No.9714754


You can fight back. Marry a 150 IQ qt, she'll like that you are a low IQ, impulsive, emotionally lead brainlet.

>> No.9714874

>150 iq
Never seen one in the wild and probably never will because they are so rare

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