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Why do scientists, engineers, and other assorted nerds love checkered shirts so much? Does it remind them of graphing paper? I don't think I've ever seen a picture of NASA mission control from the 1950s-1980s without at least two people in short-sleeved white checkered shirts

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They lack the firmness of will to wear a solid coloured shirt, so they default to the most inoffensive substitute.

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Because it's what Sears sells.

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>Does it remind them of graphing paper?



>pic related: it's you right now

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Imagine not caring for your appearance so much for so much that not caring becomes an integral part of your life, a statement of performace and efficiency "oh, I'm so busy with tangetially important stuff for humanity, I cannot spend much time shopping" a symbol that says that you are part of a social group dedicated specifically to work and only work.

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Nibba those guys in the picture don't think that they think
>haha wife went to JC penney and bought me some new pants
>she always gets the wrong size!
>oh well, I'll just bring it back next weekend and get a new one
>oh hey Bill you going to Tim's BBQ this weekend?

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honestly if I ever get to be a Big Dick Scientist i'm just gonna go with the doc brown labcoat and exploded hairstyle all the time

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>honestly if I ever get to be a Big Dick Scientist i'm just gonna go with the doc brown labcoat and exploded hairstyle all the time

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Not even lying, i really do have a light blue colored shirt with pencil thin checking on it and I like it because it reminds me of graph paper.

tho i do actually wear more solid-colored shirts than checkered

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I like checkered shirts.

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it's a bit more grown up/professional of a pattern than classic plaid, but still hides body issues a bit better than a plain solid shirt.

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Who gingham master race here?

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I hate checkered shirts like in that picture, but I love tartan patterns

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It makes my bitch tits less noticeable.

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>love checkered shirts
bcoz checked is correct

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Does that outfit come with a one-year supply of Onions?

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have you been to a store? Not like there is a huge variety of shirts, 30% plain white, 30% checkered (from graph paper to canadian woodchucker) and 30% plain non-white

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what are the other 10%?

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"Canadian woodchucker" is called tartan, sir, and it's not the same

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