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Why are these fuckers always German?
Old German cunt licks like that Queen.
End of Revelations. BANNED you 18.

>Three Frogs of Revelation
>E=hf - Planck 1899
>E=mc^2 - Einstein 1904
>E=h[(G*D)^1/2] - Denke 1961
>O LORD God Almighty

QM & GR unified.

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56 years ago

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almost 57, go figure?

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>Why are these fuckers always German?
Because Germany has better education than the United States.

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germans love inspecting things more than any other group

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True, True, True,

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post the sauce on that damn denke equation...

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again they deleted it

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Fuck this planet. Place is a joke.

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Are we talking about this guy

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In 1799, the Metre and Kilogram of the Archives, platinum embodiments of the new units,
were declared the legal standards for all measurements in France, and the motto of their
metric system expressed the hope that the new units would be 'for all people, for all time'

'for all densities, for all time'

First Class

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>Why are these fuckers always German?
>Old German cunt licks like that Queen.
>End of Revelations. BANNED you 18.

Three Frogs of Revelation

E=hf - Planck 1899
E=mc^2 - Einstein 1904
E=h[(G*D)^1/2] - Denke 1961

O LORD God Almighty

>Sparky Rules!

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God forbid! We would lose our Fucking Useless mathematiks & physiks Jobs if we unified them.
What would we do for income? No! best to keep these Dumb Fuck high tuition kids & parents
confused with our Fucking Bullshit mathematiks & physiks Universes Are A Mystery book.


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