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The 21st century is gonna be interesting to witness.

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I'm already witnessing it tbqh famalam.

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>alps snow free
>siberia with ideal growing conditions

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We're just reversing what mother nature stole from the greatest generation to ever live: the dinosaurs

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>warmer means all deserts
>despite the fact that it also means more water in the air

really makes you think

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Dog you can't predict the weather tomorrow, let's see you solve the navier-stokes problem. And then we'll talk.

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>Weather and Climate are the same

These are the people you argue with on /sci/

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And to think people are calling today's european imigration ''crisis".
Buckle up EU/US/RUS, you're in for a ride

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This amount of desertification confirms that isis is behind global warming, they would be right at home on dune.

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Depopulating the African continent would probably be the easiest method of solving the global warming problem.

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>The Neth*rlands will sink in to the sea

Good riddance to that godless, degenerate, pothead, shithole. God is punishing these blasphemous knaves.

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Imagine calling the Netherlands a "shithole" when places like the entirety of Africa exist, lmao.

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The Netherlands is already a colony of Africa, you fuckwit.

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The entire continent of Africa becomes a desert? Even The Congo rainforest disappears?

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Well if these apocalyptic desertification scenarios play out the African populations will meet their natural Malthusian cap soon enough

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>soon enough
it's here already

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>colonizing Antarctica
>covering literally a whole desert with solar plants


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>Grouping a third world nation like Russia in with the EU and US

Nice try, nobody wants to go to that hellhole except Uzbekistanis.

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How so? Their contribution to the warming process is so small as to be negligible. Its mostly the US and Western Europe, and VERY recently China that contribute to the warming.

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When Billions of people are dying of hunger and thirst i doupt they'll be choosey, The point is Russia has alot of land and climate change will just make it more livable.

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You could kill every last African, Indian and Chinese and you still would not even make a dent.

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When he says depopulating, he means bringing their entire population here, to live a 1st world lifestyle. That'll solve the climate problem because "educate women".

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I think you mean to post the non per capita wiki for that stat.

either way you are wrong.

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>weather and climate aren't the same

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They are destroying the rainforest that takes CO2 out of the atmosphere, and reducing their population would allow a lot more rainforest to regrow.

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Thing is you still need to preserve the rainforest for it to work

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Russia would have long disappeared by that time, have you seen their birth rates?

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We are all going to die you sinned against Gaia repent for your carbon feet and give me money!

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Explain to me why the sea level rising by 2m suddenly makes an area 500m above sea level to be submerged.

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>Russia would have long disappeared by that time, have you seen their birth rates?
Much higher than any other country in Europe besides France?

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>Explain to me why the sea level rising by 2m suddenly makes an area 500m above sea level to be submerged.

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Explain it to me like I didn't read the link.

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That is not saying much, they are dying as well.

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But this is really big problem when you think about it, BILLIONS in dry, non-ariable land looking for reffuge.
Merkel would get hard-on if she'd heard 'bout that.
But really, is there any time to help developing world minimize the effects of CC? Or will it end up in biggest extinction event humans ever experienced?

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I think Cape Town is the signs of things to come.

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>fly to Mars

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Nah you're fucked might as well just end it now.

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we'll grow oranges in alaska

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>natural Malthusian cap soon enough

What cap? Africa isn't even close to fully maximising it's stuff.

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i am really curious in the data behind OP's picture. what was it based on?

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Why are they always begging for food then?

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it says 4 celcius warmer in the top left corner

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Not all areas are begging for food.

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>half of Europe and the entirety of the US is a desert
>equatorial deserts
>everything is desert despite higher CO2 causing greening
>implying it would matter by 2100

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Imagine a world where Canada is one the last remaining habitable zones. Fucking nightmare scenario.

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Here's CMIP3 from 2004.

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Looks to me like all the brown people die off, leaving only Canadian and Russian supermen. What's the issue?

Also the soil in Canada is about an inch thick. Good luck growing subsistence crops there.

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>Canadian and Russian supermen

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Why isn't Iceland, the world's best location for geothermal, shown as a geothermal site? No geothermal around the "Ring of Fire, or Japan, or southern Italy, or Yellowstone caldera -- places where geothermal heat is easily accessible.
This map has a strong whiff of bullshit about it.

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looks increasingly like it is a bunch of made-up nonsense.

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It's gonna be an unmitigated disaster.

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>The netherlands lost to the sea
>a piece of land that is already below sea-level
Embrace the dykes mate

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Closest I could find is this:


Which cites its sources.

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Closest I could find is this:


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>Israel will be vaporized
GOOD. FUCKING. RIDDANCE. Make sure to kill every last kike that moves when they come to the border.

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Considering that by then it would be flooded with gringos and latin americans, it probably won't be that bad.

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>written sometime last year.
>2.8 degrees increase with 66% confidence.
So probs. not that harsh? Even then, 2.8 is pretty big thing.

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Living in Canada would probably not be all that different from living in present day US. Lots and lots of hipsters everywhere.

And Canadians hating on Americans like how Americans hate on Mexicans today.

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Flying to Mars isn't the same as settling in it.

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Why are northern China, Japan and Manchuria desert with a few degrees warming/?

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Looks comfy, it is way too cold here in the north anyway.

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at this point with global warming and war on the edge every 20 years, living on dusty Mars seems as a good idea

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No more Chinese, Mudslimes, or Indians... Am I dreaming?

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>implying the kikes would let anyone settle in Antarctica with all the nazis living under there

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Al Gore made the map, I think.

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>Areas that get no sun are now ideal growing conditions
>The most humid zones on the planet are now deserts
Al gore pls go

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lol who made this shit

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Probably the same people responsible for this:


Also see:


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Remarkable, they manage to predict a sci-fi reddit utopia and a catastrophic post-apocalyptic future at the same time

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> thinking niggers wont ransack any expensive solar equipment placed in africa

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I call alarmist bullshit.

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>everything below 50th parallel north is fucking desert
>random ass corner of Antarctica has green breadbasket bordering fucking permafrost

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>global warming benefits white nations
Now I understand why Liberals are so against it.

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>Greenland will become green again
Yes, please. Fuckin kikes

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It's a fun read though.

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It certainly doesn’t seem totally implausible.

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>no "in this year the last Winter Olympic Games will be hosted"

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haha sure

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All the brown people migrated to the north and replaced all the Canadians and Russians.

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According to this:


A good portion of west Antarctica will be available for immigrants from throughout the world by 2092.

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