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My Computer Science friends are making me feel insecure because I'm in Math and Stats. They say "haha your job is gonna be done by a 13 year old writing a script."

I want to be a Statistician. Is this true? Please give me /sci/ memes to validate my educational choices.

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learn minimal comp sci or finance

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Yes you are fucked my friend
The only way out is to become a data evaluation automation expert to make bank

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they're bullshitting you

that being said, if you want to be an actuary (which is what I assume you're studying to be) then you have a very tough road ahead. You won't be automated. People who think actuaries are going to be automated typically aren't actuaries.

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if I get elected into office I'm gonna have all CS majors executed.

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Yeah, but you still have a hobby in the future though

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You have my vote.

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I'll make sure to use my CS knowledge to hack all voting machines against you.

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You'll end up a codemonkey just like them but with better pay

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>being this delusional

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I like this guy.

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Entry level data anAlys in my area is starting 65k.

Entry level back end cs jobs pay 50k

Is super easy to pick up python and sql and apply math to it. It's not easy blindly code to spec something you don't understand the motivation behind.

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>Programmers who don't understand what automation is.
At least your ignorance on the subject is excusable. What the fuck is their issue?

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>implying statmonkeys can program in a real language such as C++, mastering the different programming paradigms and efficient practices that allow the development of fast and lightweight software
Inputting lab data in MATLAB isn't programming, kiddo. Also, entry-level salaries are irrelevant unless you "just want to make vidya."

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Actuaries won't be automated, but will nearly as many be needed now that pension plans have pretty much gone extinct?

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CS major here. I can help rig the election in your favor.

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If you want to make money, go back to school and get your doctorates degree, then pioneer on a theory and prove it, creating a new avenue for young people to follow will make you a GOD! in the field. So stop following and become a Leader. Your too old to be a follower.

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Dumb frogposter, you don't even work in the field.

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>People who think cashiers are going to be automated typically aren't cashiers.

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aids Skrillex looks like Getter

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>"haha your job is gonna be done by a 13 year old writing a script."

They were talking about cs majors.

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I work closer to CS than a MATLAB monkey.

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>a real language such as C++
Grow up.

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And my axe.

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