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Physics is applied Math. Chemistry is applied Physics. Biology is applied Chemistry. Psychology is applied Biology.

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Oh my god anon, did you think of this all by yourself?

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Sociology is applied psychology. Religion is applied sociology. Philosophy is applied religion. Math is applied philosophy.

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Because you know, it's been a worldwide joke for decades that peaked in 2014 when xkcd drawn upon it.

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>you, a fool
Physics is applied math

>me, an intellectual
History is applied physics

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>Septic tank
Should be called skeptic tank i.e. "you can't know nuffin"-containment tank

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and Math is just applied Philosophy.

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Is economics applied Math and Psychology then?

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weren't flux / line integrals developed in physical contexts before mathcucks got ahold of them

most mathcucks care about gay shit like whether or not the sum of all numbers is equivalent to -1/12 while bigdicked physics majors push the limits of human understanding

math is applied physics

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physics is magic divided by willpower

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neutron was a mistake, we have to go back.

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Philosophy is applied psych
Math is applied philosophy

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>what is philosophy

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