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Why does /sci/ look down on CS, when it's basically just applied math?

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Cause /sci/ is contrarian and lots of people take CS. Also because CS major is only 3 years.

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>cs is applied math


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My major is CS and I definitely see why it's looked down on.
>draws in a huge amount of students who just want to play video games and watch anime
>many colleges water down the curriculum to what basically amounts to software "engineering" rather than computer science
>seems to appeal largely to people with 0 interest in math or science who just googled "most paid major" and went for it
If you want an example, look no further than the current "computer science" general on this board. >>9576254There is no interesting discussion going on, it's just dozens of posts arguing about finances and money. I'm sure somewhere on the internet, quality Comp Sci discussion exists, but this board is not one of those places.
I remember in the not so distant past, petroleum engineering was the hot major that every normalfag went for, not because they had any genuine passion or interest in it, but because a bunch of sites listed it as the #1 paying major. Computer Science is basically the same.

I'm still early in, but it seems the state school I go to now has watered down the curriculum to graduate as many students as possible and is pretty light on math, which is disappointing.

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butthurt poor-mathfag spotted

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CS is the closest field to math.

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>be me
>work in an office
>the IT guy whose major is computer science can't even troubleshoot graphical glitches on my machine
>can't even install windows properly
>I end up having to do his job by updating everyone's machine because he has no idea about the software we're using

100k starting.

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CS is basically math.
Just more useful and employable.

The greatest scientific innovation in 20th century are the Computer & Internet.

Computing is the most advanced technology,
a cutting edge science.

While pure math & physics progress slowed down, the advanced in CS are fast and accelerating.

CS is the major of future. Math jobs are shrinking. CS jobs will grow even more than today.

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What school did he graduate from?

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Math is just too fundamental to die out completely. It is the backbone of all science majors. I don't know wtf is going to happen with physics though? Kinda worries me as a physics major.

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>Math jobs are shrinking.

Not true:

>Employment of mathematicians is projected to grow 30 percent from 2016 to 2026, much faster than the average for all occupations.


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Computational Physics is promising. In Astronomy many Exoplanets were found using Computational Power. Computers can be used to try to solve the Dark matter mystery.

Theoretical Physics progress slowed down since Physicists stuck with String Theory

The Gravitational waves discovery isn't even that exiting because it was already predicted by Einstein a CENTURY ago.

After Higgs boson discovery on CERN, Particle physicist are just waiting hopeless. It just confirmed the Standard Model of particle physics, but no new exciting news came after years.

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>Employment of Mathematicians growing
Employment of *Statisticians

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Truth can hurt.

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Statisticians and mathematicians are considered separately in their analysis.

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This is just the response I was hoping for.

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>1st year undergrads = /sci/

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>anime and vidya
This is true

The annoying part is because it's filled with people like this it makes it easier.
I want to do some sort of mathematics degree or possibility unit at some point because i am hitting walls when it comes to my understanding of certain constructs.

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>The greatest scientific innovation in 20th century are the Computer & Internet
Yah, fuck quantum mechanics, relativity, and nuclear physics. A machine that can simulate base two arithmetic using transistors is definitely the greatest scientific innovation of the 1900s

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Because Alan Turing was gay.

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>it's basically just applied math?
This meme needs to die. Also applied math is the applied math of applied math.

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Because /sci/ thinks CS is JavaScript + HTML and crud apps. They don't realize all the serious work being done

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Success breeds jealousy OP.
That's all there is to it.
>inb4 seething mathfag
kek, enjoy not finding a job

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If it's not applied math, then what is it?

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>If you want an example, look no further than the current "computer science" general on this board. >>9576254
To be fair its just one retard who started the conversation and the (I'm pretty sure) same retard who doesn't even know how to spend his money properly. His stupidity kinda derailed the thread.

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I have no problem with CS whatsoever, but people need to stop saying it's "basically just applied math", because it just isn't.
I'm not saying that as a bad thing, on the contrary. I think calling CS applied math diminished the variety and innovation of CS. Nobody would call physics or engineering "applied math", even though the amount of math used is the same (maybe even more for physics), because there's just so much more to it. There's no reason to hitch a ride on the expanse of mathematics in order to make CS seem important or "scientific", and the pseudo-math trend of CS is quite annoying to be honest. CS is rich enough and developed enough to stand on its own, so stop trying to be a part of mathematics, because at the end of the day, the thing that sets math apart from any other subject is the work method and angle of perspective (and not the use of formulas and numbers, as many might think), and by that criteria math is nothing like CS, physics or any other field.

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From the ground up, programs are literally results of mathematical algorithms. Algorithms on top of algorithms.

It is the definition fucking math, how can you not understand that?

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your third point is spot on, especially in pajeet land

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How tight is his boipucci?

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What does E_n,w mean?

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Yeeeeaaaah, right.

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>I'm sure somewhere on the internet, quality Comp Sci discussion exists, but this board is not one of those places.
It's strange isn't it. /sci/ is capable of discussing math, but incapable of discussing CS. I guess "CS" is so general a term it is meaningless, so "talking CS" is simply poorly defined. Maybe talking about well defined subfields will help.

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Why don't you provide an argument instead of shouting disbelief, fuckboy?

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>/sci/ is capable of discussing math
Stopped reading right there.

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You're right
Cs isn't applied math
It's pure math
And had more pure math than physics

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Pure math

Not too long ago the people doing Cs topics were arch math wizards working on so many levels of abstraction and understanding all of it down to logic

It's just that we've constructed this virtual computer world that people think it's applied now

Kinda like how number theory use to be esoteric shit unapplicable to life

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this image pisses me off

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>working on so many levels of abstraction and understanding all of it down to logic
Anyone claiming to be interested in math without trying to understand everything they work with down to set theory and logic should kill themselves. ZF isn't even that difficult if you ignore the axiom of regularity (which is virtually useless anyway) for a moment. The most difficult topics a sophomore will ever encounter but not prove in class will be the construction of real numbers, the dominated convergence theorem and maybe Stokes' and Parseval's theorems anyway.

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Fucking this >>9579878. You got a beer in Poland.

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But it's wrong

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Computer & Internet > Nuclear Physics

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>pseudo-math trend of cs

What? Huh?

Way to undermine your argument

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The same kind of people who look down at CS are the same people who look down at precalculus/calculus and spread outright lies that they're easy. Tons of people fail precalculus/calculus and tons of people fail CS.

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i don't get why math majors pretend being bad at calculus means you're not going to succeed in math.

why do so many math majors have the misgivings that math is a hierarchy with analysis and topology at the top?

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case in point:

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computers solved complex math problems, connected the entire human race and made videogames.
stay mad.

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Except calculus 1 and 2 are overall easy.

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>connected the entire human race
Only a brainlet would consider the horror of 21st century globalist monoculture a good thing.
>made videogames
Degen as fuck brainwashing tools are a good thing?

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And so is CS theory.

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CS is the trap major that we will use to identify and eliminate the soyboys in our society on the day of the rope.

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>CS is easy
>Proof: look at this one guy I cherry-picked who didn't take calc in his shit-tier college
I know success breeds jealousy, but try not to make it too blatant, honey.

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And everyone knows business is the bestest major evar.

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If CS is so easy, then I don't see why you aren't breaking boundaries in software innovation, almighty mathematician.

We want augmented reality, or at least good VR. You could be a billionaire. Make it happen please!

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Please join the theoretical CS field at MIT and show them who's boss


(Notice how it's in the math department)

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>If calculus is so easy, then I don't see why you aren't breaking the Riemann Hypothesis, almighty code monkey.

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False equivalence. You're saying the whole field of CS is easy, not a particular aspect of it.

No matter how smart you are, you will eventually find CS to stump you just as hard as any other form of math.

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>video games
>degen as fuck brainwashing
TIL art is degenerate. Is this the power of /sci/?

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>>the IT guy whose major is computer science
who the fuck hired that guy in the 1st place?

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computers wouldn't even exist (at least not the way they are now) if it wasn't for those other discoveries.

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I was a double major in CS and pure math for my undergrad. CS majors are such fucking brainlets that it hurts. Most of them struggled with the concept of a polynomial-time algorithm and basic calc-based physics.

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>look at this one freshman book I cherrypicked that covers only freshman things

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well yeah cause Calculus is pretty worthless for CS.

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