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What is the purest field of study?

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masturbating to anime

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Physics, because it's the subset of mathematics that contains all real world phenomena. There's probably no end to the amount fo discoveries to be made in Mathematic, but most have no point outside of intellectual curiosity.

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hehe grass

very pure, good for study

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I always enjoy a hearty chuckle whenever I'm reminded by plebs like yourself that you can never deny the fact that philosophy is the only reason your field has any value. Even math is philosophy but philosophy isn't math.

Cheerio, brainlets!

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The great greek thinkers really applied their knowledge, yes, but that's not to say philosophy is "pure" by any means.

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No memeing here, but I believe on an ideal linear scale, you'd have physical sciences (e.g. physics, biology, chemistry, neurology) on the right side, non-physical sciences (e.g. psychology, logic, encryption, metaphysics/spirituality) on the left side.
At the exact center, straddling both sides of the linear scale, would be pure mathematics.
I think most left side sciences fail because they're studied using tools and methods that work only for right side sciences. We currently don't have tools which accurately measure left side sciences so it's hard to get any real progress done.

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Physics. Maths losers are mad they score lower on iq tests

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philosophy seems to be the most adultered of all, being that it primarily relates to humans. Why is there no cat philosophy or philosophy of gods which we can't even comprehend? If there are does that mean current human philosophy is like classical physics and quantum and string theory stuff is at a level much deeper than anything in philosophy today

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Define 'purity'. But probably logic.

>let me just redefine the criteria to bump my own field of study

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>primarily relates to humans

Doesn't the most advanced physics and mathematics ultimately relate to humans?

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Theoretical particle physics is probably the most fundamental thing there is.

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showed my maths degree to a 10/10 qt and she immediately begged me for my children
can a physicist say the same?

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Computer science is 000 in the dewey decimal system for a reason.

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formal science.

then natural science.

I bet this makes a lot of /sci/ users very mad.

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Interuniversal Teichm├╝ller theory

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Philosophy and mathematics. Physics is honestly pretty low on the list. Math and philosophy operate purely with logic, whereas physics is mostly empirical and the problem solving strategy involves making loads of assumptions and idealizations. A year or two of physics will show you that it's pretty much complete shit.

t. mech engineer/math double major

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Gender Studies

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automotive engineering

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>t. mech engineer/math double major
how many credits are you taking per semester

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>physics and math are dependent on humans

apart from coordinate systems physics and maths are independent of the observer mostly.

a right triangle has right triangle properties whether you are an alien or a human. the philosophy of existentialism may be different or may not be different due to the observer but likely is different.

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15-18 plus classes pretty much every summer. I had about 30 credits in electives coming in from AP classes. I'm a junior right now

But a math double major for the more math-intensive engineering disciplines is only about 30 extra credits

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African-American Studies, also known as Niggerology.

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i'm currently in my 1st semester of engineering science and i'm thinking about double majoring in math but i think i'm too much of a brainlet to pull it off

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but from all kinds of anime, which one is the purest?

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Eh, just give it a year and see you like it. Math and engineering don't really diverge until after diff eq/linear in most cases.

I'm probably going to change to applied math and finish early after I take fluid dynamics next semester. Engineering classes are honestly incredibly boring for me and so work intensive that it's hard to focus on the math classes that I actually enjoy

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i'm 30 and i've been outta school for 14 years. i've been teaching myself math with khan academy. i'm doing algebra 2 now and gradually working my into pre-calc and linear algebra. my current math class is a fucking joke and i'm disappointed. i want to keep moving forward with the math. i'm going to re-take the assessment test before the fall semester to see if i can skip a few math classes and get right into calc/physics. i've been hesitant to speak to my advisor about it because my mood changes day by day. sometimes i feel like i can handle more work and other days i know i can't. it's hard to make a decision, but i think i'll end up taking calc1/2/3 alongside my normal engineering classes. by the time i graduate i should have enough credits for a maths degree

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A year or two of applied math through physics or chemistry helps to learn it, from my experience. calc 1-3 aren't really rigorous enough on their own in US schools because they don't include analysis in most cases

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calc 1, 2, and 3 are introductory level courses for a math major. Regardless of how many credits you're taking, that shouldn't get you a math degree unless you take higher level math classes as well.

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Christ you're illiterate

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Theology is just a branch of philosophy, though. That image makes no sense.

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do you kind lads have any textbook recommendations for a brainlet who's into'ing calc and physics? i already downloaded george b thomas's calculus: early transcendentals

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>We currently don't have tools which accurately measure left side sciences
yes we do, but the results we get are uncomfortable for some people

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Anyone who says different should be brought before a high council and promptly executed.

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i'm a virgin and a maths major
i'm the purest

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>masturbating to anime

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>What is the purest field of study?


Since you clear your mind, thinking in nothing.

Purity: Meditation > Linguistics/Math > Science > Else

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If you're going to use mathematics' purity to attempt justify physics being the purist field of them all, then mathematics should be the purist field of them all

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Meditation is just a subset of biology.
Anything specific to humans, living things, or even Earth for that matter are all shit answers.

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>>9556511 >>9557332
Math is based on Logics / Analytical Philosophy

So it's Logics / Analytical Philosophy

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Theology, then metaphysics, then math.

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Other way around, man.

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If you believe in God then it makes sense.

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King James Bible - John 1:1:
"In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God"

God was Word. Words are studied by Linguistics. So it's linguistics.

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>Reality is just a computer simulation after all

What language does God program in?

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Q Basic

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Some form of binary utilizing quantum entanglement and the spin of particles.

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>quantum meme
God's better than that.

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>Pure math
>Literally has the fucking word PURE in it
Why is it even a question?

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Finitists > "pure maths" > applied maths > physics >etc

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>Rejecting a concept that has been invaluable to math and physics since antiquity due to having been born without an imagination
Because there are so many Nobel prizes awarded to those who think using infinity is a bad idea.

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>What is the purest field of study?
Why do brainlets waste their time contemplating such meaningless questions?

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Pure economics >>>>>>>>>>>>> pure maths > applied mathematics (like social economics, or keynsianism) > physics > etc

You haven't lived until you've contemplated how trading systems created mathematics in the first place, brainlets.

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Even if finitists weren't wrong they still wouldn't be more pure. Pure maths would be more pure and just wouldn't have real world analogues for some of what they cover.

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Social services most likely. Mathematics is pure mental masturbation which is irrefutably impure.

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>I'm right because popular consensus agrees with me

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>a female figure

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Pure (of a subject of study): dealing with abstract concepts and not practical application.

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Finitists are just fedoras.

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Now you're just arguing semantics

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On which dimension?

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Nice, she exists somewhere.

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so youre saying that they're right

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what tools do we have for measuring left side sciences then?
They're non-physical, so you'd need some sort of non-physical tool to measure with. What do we have that works?

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Electronic Engineering.

Literally, everything either is or isn't based on electromagnetism thus you study everything that is or isn't. You might think physics does the same, but they merely look at these things while glorious engineers control them.

Thus physicists are lowly priests reliant on whimsies of the real gods, the engineers. Your work is so irrelevant to us that we just round it to the nearest integer. Because we can.

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It's simple, Cosmology.

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>They're non-physical
that's where you're wrong kiddo

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If Cosmology was easy, it would be Astronomy.

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>if cosmology was hard it'd be theoretical physics
>if physics was hard it would be pure math
>if pure math was hard it would be Interuniversal Teichm├╝ller Theory

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Math is the stem field with the highest female to male ratio

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pretending you have a huge cock to boost your confidence is "useful" but that doesn't mean its correct

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Some field of pure maths:

>representation theory
>mathematical logic
>category theory

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honestly i'd say physics
i know the first gut instinct is to say mathematics or logic but keep in mind both of those things are entirely dependent on human-made axioms, while physics remains constant regardless of our interpretation

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>geoscience is applied functional biology

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Yuri, of course.

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>Math is the stem field with the highest female to male ratio
Wrong. Biology is the stem field with the highest female to male ratio

(Or Nursing if you include it in STEM)

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Per definition only inorganic nature.

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