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1. There is nothing greater than God.
2. Suppose God were finite, then you could add one to it to obtain something greater than it.
3. Therefore God is infinite.
4. There is no such thing as infinity.
5. Therefore God doesn't exist.
checkmate theists=infinitists

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Blessed is the mind too small for doubt.

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>There is no such thing as infinity
How many digits in pi?

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Your implying math is a closed set and all theroems can be proven true. We all know that's false. So that implies we live in an open set where God does exist. Athesists believe the world is a closed set and every thing is accounted for. There's nothing outside the metaphorical box

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>4. There is no such thing as infinity.

Then what are you referring to when you say "infinity"?

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As many as you can write down.

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I am incredibly adept at spotting bait, I can sense it in the same way I can see or touch but your post is far beyond my abilities, do you know what closed and open sets are young man?

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It's like a box. Inside and outside.

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God exists in GF(2^8), therefore premise 2 is false.

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>>4. There is no such thing as unicorns.
>Then what are you referring to when you say "unicorns"?

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Infinity is not a number value. God exists forever. This is not a number amount.
Infinity is not a number you goddamn retards.

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define "number"

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Equating God to infinity is saying infinity=god

God is not a number on the numberline. God is an entity. You may as well claim that you're a number. Shits retarded.

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>the numberline
Which numberline? R?

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Shit is blatantly fucking retarded.
[math] \sqrt{2} [/math] is not odd or even
You can't even begin to imagine the necessity of infinitesimals.
As you were with your shit analogy.

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An infinitesimal may only exist as a small real part of an arbatrarily large real, finite number.

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kill yourself

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>tfw (You) are such a brainlet that attending school would be harder than killing your own self

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your big penis

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>1. There is nothing greater than God.
T. clearly hasn't seen muh dick.
>4. There is no such thing as infinity.
T. CLEARLY hasn't seen muh dick.

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>asian with an MP-40 wearing a soviet uniform

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