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If Physics is applied Maths,
Chemistry is applied Physics
and Biology is applied Chemistry..

what's applied biology? and how many sciences can you go "up"?

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Medicine, and science and knowledge go in an interconnected circle

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>Never saw the comic

Here, I'll fill you in on the chain
Math ---> Physics
Physics ---> Chemistry
Chemistry ---> Biology
Biology ----> Psychology
Psychology ---> Sociology

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^Philosophy ---> Science

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Troll Line - Do Not Cross

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Troll Line - Closed

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Uh, no. Logic is completely independent of the ill defined field of philosophy. All logic boils down to is A=A, that can hardly be called a philosophical construct.

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sociology ---> economics

however lots of other things branch off each science, this is just one particular chain in a much more complex web

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i like this answer

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You just thought about it, therefore logic is a field of philosophy.

Blatant copy-paste:

Philosophy is the study of general and fundamental problems concerning matters such as existence, knowledge, values, reason, mind, and language.

Philosophy is the basis of everything. If you want to reason about it, you've thought about it.

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You've never taken a single course in philosophy, have you?

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math=symbolic logic
The rest of philosophy is just existentialism and ethics

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I don't know if you're trolling or serious

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He's right though

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how much can you simplify fields?
to what degree can you trivialize science?
to answer your question, you can go physiology, psychology, sociology, economics, history, philosophy

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From biology it splits into two groups

Medicine > psychology


Zoology > Anthropology

from there, they combine back into sociology, and then politics.

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Trollogy --> Logic

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he's right. What are you talking about?

All knowledge begins with philosophy, including philosophy.

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It goes as follows:

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Is the universe one of order, which we must discover? Or, does the world appear to have order because we impose it?

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>implying women know science or math

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That's an awesome question. I'm not philosopher, but it's hard to make an answer that's not: "We just can't possibly understand with our limited reasoning capabilities." I think a good starting point for your question is: why did we impose order in the first place? And from there, the answer is because the world is perceived to be chaotic, so from that, we end there that the world is chaotic. But now that we are discovering how things work, the possibility that it's a giant system we have yet to understand comes into play. So we have two philosophical constructs here - chaos, and order. In my opinion, looking at these is like looking at two different universes all together. I personally think it's just flaw in our reasoning, and that we'll have to augment our minds if we want to find the answer. See, I ended up circling back to the one thing I didn't want to prove.

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>Math>Physics>Chemistry>Biology>Psychology>Sociology>Cultural Studies

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Philosophy => Math => Physics => Chemistry => Biology => Psychology => Sociology

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Logic => Math => Physics => Chemistry => Biology => Psychology => Sociology

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>implying that the basis of philosophy is any less tenable than the logical foundations of the empirical sciences.

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More like BROKE'D

Amirite guys? Amirite?

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Chemistry is old school physics. Physics these days is just wrong. Why? Because it is based on maths. And maths has failed because maths applies a constant to at least something and we know that nothing is constant therefore maths is only right for a certain moment in time.

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Logic>Mathematics>Physics>Chemistry=Computer Science>Biology>Earth Sciences=Psychology>Sociology>Cultural Studies>Philosophy>Religion=Superstitious Beliefs

I think we can all agree on this.

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The real BOSS here Fags...is GEOGRAPHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Geography is an Earth Science, which as I stated in
It is applied biology.

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Applied biology is sex.

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Geography is a combination of everything. Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Psychology, Sociology etc. It is the application of knowledge to explain things which are relevant to us here on Earth at present. It may not deal with the hardcore topics which Physics deals with, such as Quantum mechanics etc...but it is the application of everything for the present.

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>Medicine > psychology

Psychology is not the same as psychiatry or clinical psychology.

biology : medicine :: psychology : psychiatry/clinical psychology

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But he's saying that the only fields within philosophy is logic, ethics and existentialism. The thing is, that's what I studied in my high-school course. But you would by the same logic say that evolution isn't a theory within biology, in case you haven't had it in high school.

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