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What's the most mindblowing pseudoscience theory you have read?

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Demand side economics.

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It's literally communism.

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Lysenkos theorys of genetics and agriculture. Literally insanity.

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String theory, probably.

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Round earth theory

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Quantum mechanics

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Keynesian economics.

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Darwin was a terrorist who invented the biggest intellectual bomb ever to wipe out invention in science and replace it with the perfect trap even geniuses fall victim to. A Penrose staircase for humanities scientific mind. The argument between origins viewpoints.

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light is space time.

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Let's hear your scientific alternative then

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Blank slate

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>enter a thread were people expose weird pseudoscience
>it must mean they belive it
What a brainlet.

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There's wisdom in it. The alternative would be to use wisdom to harness intellect, rather than impulse. It's almost painful knowing we'd probably be an interplanetary species if we could all stop wasting time figuring out where the planets came from.

It's really quite brilliant. Every field of all scientific study has some kind of Origins related date attached to it, which logically means that part of the field of study was wasted placing a date of origin on the subject of the study.

The glue that holds it together is that it plays on man's mortal fear of unknowing. And therefore guarantees that it will always consume either a small or very sizeable percentage of whatever study is being conducted. That percentage, once tallied all up, is the difference between where we are now and where we could be.

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Not to mention the wasted intellect of all those who spent their entire lives studying origins science and philosophy.

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that non whites are intellectually inferior. Fucking /pol/tards have ruined this website with their pseudoscience nonsense and waked out theories to make themselves feel

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lolbergs have to go back

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Anything regarding transgenders

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>hurr the world is made of dicks

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>What's the most mindblowing pseudoscience theory you have read?

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stones energy, flt earth, etc

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Checked and kekked

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Cultural Anthropology

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Flat Earth, Creationism and Race Denialism.

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Basically all of Sociology and most of Psychology. People still routinely give Freudian explanations of things, especially in the media.

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computer science

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*software engineering

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Of course that isnt true.

Just saying "non-whites" would falsely include Asians

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Why do you sperg out so much? Go get laid.

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Left-Wing Pseudosciences:
-Critical Theory (it's neither)
-Boasian Anthropology
-Social Constructivism
-Liberal Creationism

Right-Wing Pseudosciences:
-Deutsche Physik
-Religious Creationism
-Anti-vaccination and other conspiracy theories.

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>we live in a simulation, this explains the big bang and the slit experiment

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>Left-Wing Pseudosciences:
>-Critical Theory (it's neither)
>-Social Constructivism
They're not pseudosciences since they're not claiming to be sciences, moron. And I guarantee you don't understand either and have read anything in the slightest except the meme views on /pol/.
Now back to your containment board.

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Unfortunately for you, most science is pseudo-science.
Astrophysics is fiction.
Space is mostly fiction.
Human space travel is fiction.
Attosecond light streak cameras are fiction.
Man-made microprocessors are fiction.
Speed of light is fiction.
Atomic clocks are fiction.
Most of GR/SR is fiction.
The entirety of the medical field is fiction.
Evolution is fiction.

Really blows my mind just how many brainlets there are out there pretending to be smart by regurgitating the lies which were regurgitated into them through the social fuckstain experiment that is higher education. Lets face it, you'd have a lot more time to figure the truths out for yourself if the world was not falsely already presented as defacto. If you could get paid to discover the real truths rather than force your livlihood to rely on keeping up jewish occultist lies, you'd totally wanna know more about these things. As is though, you'll hust be ostracized, lose your job, and slandered as crazy.

What a wacky nutty world we live in. Even aftee staring at God for 30 years, you'd sooner believe no such thing exists.
What a wacky world.

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how's that pseudoscience????

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Anthropogenic Climate Change Skepticism

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>Social Constructivism

Social constructivism and the other two for that matter make specific claims about the nature of human interactions which are completely unfounded and not backed up by science.

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That's not a science.
But Agw in general is pseudoscience legit.

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Bicameral brain

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>muh jews controlling everything
go back to /pol/, this board is too smart for you

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Retarded sjw

Retarded troll.

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They are far worse than pseudosciences. They are anti-science ideologies.
For example, to be a creationist you must reject parts of science. To be a postmodernist you must reject all science.

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flower of life / rodin coil / ancient aliens / emerald tablets of thoth

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Studies consciousness

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thoth begone

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Fuck off, dipshit. /sci/ is an anti-genetics board.

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>tfw you will never be able to hang the society-wreckers who are trying to push for more research on black/white IQ shit

I would flip those results so fast to give whites a lower IQ if I were forced to study that, just to get a laugh at their expense.

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273 + 432 = Δ

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Why though?
Iq is not science. That's all. They can research the stuff they wish, however iq hasn't demonstrated it's science.

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>it's the guy who mindlessly recites "x isn't science" again
I even agree that IQ is far too incomplete to be an accurate measurement of intelligence, but your empty parroting does so much damage to this side of the argument that I can't help but question if you aren't duplicitously trying to cast opposition to IQ in a bad light.

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>i agreex but y
It doesn't matter boy.

Iq is pseudoscience. I think everyone acknowledges this already.

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>"multiple intelligences"

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Theory of jews being behind everything.

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"Sacred" geometry. Which is just a pattern found throughout the universe in every scale

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Except for the army and or the state.

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its funny when you see those seashells images with a fibonacci spiral on top of it and it usually does not even fit if you glance for a moment.

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Psychology. All of it.

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""""thinly veiled IQ tests""""
gb2youtube molyneux

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No one wants to saw that it's the modified cosmological model (MCM)

>The General Relevance of the Modified Cosmological Model

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t. schizo

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How is iq science? Show me.

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This. Nazis begone.

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Irrational numbers

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Prove me wrong.

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>tfw so much autism you can’t distinguish between satire and reality

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the irrational nature of pi.

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Demand side economics is what got us out of the great depression and got the economy to it's golden age

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>...s what got us out of the great depression and got the economy to it's golden age
I thought that was the second world war.

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This. There is a reason why the economy kept tanking harder and harder the more communism was implemented, and once lend lease started the economy began to start to recover.

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Anthropogenic climate change

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It's superficially like biosemiotics. Which is superior in explanatory power. You can't reduce those triads to pairs of diads

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Yeah you bring up a good point, it is very strange people don't see the clear differences between science and reality.

Take relativity for example, one major notion of relativity is that spaces are curved. People will construe that into all space is curved. However in reality, it really depends on which level of analysis you look on. On the macro scale when we go for a walk we don't account for the curvature of our path.

To say the curvature across small paths is negligible is an understatement. It is truly non existent. On that level of analysis, we don't use the Riemann curvature tensor to calculate our path, it would not give us the straight line we see in reality.

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This shit right here


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Living in the cold makes you smart... but that only applies to humans.

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Demonstrate that you even understand what biosemiotics is by explaining it to me.

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xd anon

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>Genetics is a Jewish conspiracy. All the scientists are lying to cover up the truth that only /pol/ knows

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I'm interested. Tell me more please. Is there any source?

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Impossible since by its very nature as a pseudo-theory it makes no concrete claims and has no consistent formulation; there are as many definitions of biosemiotics as there are brain-dead individuals who espouse it, most of which are contradictory to each other and sometimes even themselves.

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You can't even make a concrete criticism lol. Fuck off psued. Come back when you have something substantive to back up your posits.

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The Earth is flat. You can measure it.
Here the trig chart.

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Report anyone in this thread who used the word "IQ," specifically in the context of implying there are fewer black geniuses that white or Asian ones.

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report anyone in this thread making a fucking useless post that isnt even funny, re you

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>muh /pol/ boogieman

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He was giving them the benefit of the doubt, implying they were probably just tricked by /pol/ instead of actually being retarded.

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Anything that invalidates your theory is "just a mirage?"

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That's the only picture globalists have and it's easily debunked.

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Null cosmology comes to mind.

There was a dude who wrote a whole book on how the universe has no geometry and that redshifted galaxies are filled with iron.

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Wow, globalists really clutching at straws here. Hardly an accurate analogy, the ledge the cue is on is flat, it should be curved too dumbo

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To spell this out for you, it's pointing out that the near-entirety of flat-earth arguments are basically "lol this totally looks straight to me globals btfo" when curvature is blatantly apparent from other angles.

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Poor globalist, doesn't understand objects get smaller the further away they are, creating the illusion of disappearing over a curvature depending on the angle you are looking from.

Go to a beginner arts class sometime, they'll teach you how it works, brainlets welcome.

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Antivaxx is Right-Wing?? But... I'm a Libtard! Anyhow, isn't having your govt impose mandatory [insert something] on you the stuff of Montana nightmares? Surely mass vaccination programmes are communism? What about muh Personal Freedoms?

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Jungian or Freudian psychology

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Now what's the next step of your master plan?

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>the Jews are inferior
>But the Jews are behind everything!!!11!!!

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The jew are inferior because they produce an inferior society. Jews produce societies that are good for jews, not good societies.

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>When people say that Jews are overrepresented in academia, finance, and the media because they are intelligent
>Haha, this is a meritocracy bro, they deserve to be there
>lol no it's not just tribal nepotism, even though this trait is expressed in homo sapiens

They are only 2% of US population, at max. Assuming a normal distribution of intelligence, this mean that intelligence alone cannot explain the degree of their overrepresentation. Babby-tier stats can prove that they are given some kind of preferential treatment.

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Gr8 b8 m8

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>2% of the pop
>Normal distribution of intelligence, higher mean
>still not enough to explain their overrepresentation

>your argument:
>"haha /pol man"

Absolute untermensch.

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>12 tone

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>Jazz rhythm prominent in Beethoven's work

Plebeian pls.

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>Literally Applied mathematics
I hope you are trolling you useless sperglord. In either case, i will be laughing my ass of with my 100k+ a year starting salary

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