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>Higgs bosons

And often they major in arts...

Was pop-sci the biggest mistake on TV?

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>Dark matter
>Black holes

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pop sci autists are a pain in the ass but its not like they actively do anything to harm any scientific discoveries. pop sci provides free press for science, which gets more people interested in science, which gets more funding and more scientists.

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Why this guy reminds me so much of those cop-"sci" people that once wanted to do physics and now annoy the fuck out of you

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Anything Einstein related.

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Global Warming endangers humanity.

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>Race doesn't exist.
>Anytime normies try to apply the concept of evolutionary fitness.

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The worst is pseudo-engineering. When people start talking about computers, I want to punch them straight in the crotch. Why people talk about shit they don't understand /sci/?

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>global warming is really really scary

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Race doesnt exist tho

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honestly never sure whether people are trolling or not when they say shit like this

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Taxonomy was a mistake?

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Oh is this the /pol/ containment thread? Nice, better to have all these people in one place.

I swear, you fucks start the same goddamn threads everyday, and it's not even because you care about science. You just want to argue.

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Man, I fucking know. Here's some stuff I'm too dumb to understand:
>General Relativity
>Navier Stokes
Fuck physicists and their pseudoscience.

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Biggest one for me. Math has been the accepted shorthand for mathematics and now brainlets everywhere are calling it maths like it's a real fucking word it tilts me so hard.

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maths is british english and it comes from french because the brits got cucked hard by france

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>When politicians discuss anything science related

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>please don't trigger me in my super serious shitposting thread

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>Machine Learning, AI, etc.

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>Machine Learning
Holyshit this one

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Can normal people say them? It'd be very hard to be an astrophysicist if you're not allowed to say cosmos

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Pseud teenager desperate to feel superior to others detected.

At least it shows they're interested. I'd rather have people voting to fund science because they have some warped view of le quantum magic from watching Michio Kock-a-doodle-doo than a population with /pol/-tier hatred and distrust.

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>Schrodinger, higgs boson, dark matter, black holes, qbits, Albert Einstein gets mentioned
>no reaction
>"heh, global warming and race"
ever consider that maybe global warming and race get mentioned simply because it's a very effective method of making people like you mad?

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B-but I research machine learning for a living...

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>quantum entanglement

Every normie has their own interpretation and its always wrong.

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anti-science is reserved for boards like /pol/ and /x/

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If race doesnt exist, why do real life examples of racial diversification exist? Like no good black swimmers and hardly any good white runners in the olympics? Or how come football quarter backs mostly white, wide recievers mostly black and theres not a single asian besides pacific islanders, who are rare?

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Have any of you race realists actually teken a biology course in university? They go over it, and not in your favour.
Cherrypicking arguments and being supported by one or two quacks is not definitive.

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can you point to one thing in that article that's false?
also why do people so vehemently disagree with the fact that we aren't all 100% identical? I'm not trying to say one race is superior or inferior to another, but why is it so terrible to acknowledge that race exists?

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also, the differences are minor and there is no reason to dive right into something like that in an introductory biology class

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I'd actually argue that pop sci has a potential to cause great harm. When you expose the retarded masses to easy answers and cool concepts that all carry the name of science you risk creating a religion where people start vehemently preaching about topics they really absolutely do not understand.

What's worse, those people completely trust in those cool concepts and get very disappointed when new research shows that they won't come true or were just flat out wrong. Do this over and over again and you create grounds for a whiplash that promotes anti-science groups like antivaxxers. A gullible and easily distracted ignorant person with very little room for the word "maybe" in their reasoning should not be exposed to concepts that get presented as facts while still being mere hypotheses at worst.

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it's a dangerous path. one day you're reading the New York Times about how Africans are more likely to get sickle cell and Swedes are more likely to get hemochromatosis. and before you know it you've got mein kampf under your pillow

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So you'd prefer an illiterate population?

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>slippery slope

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>Implying racism is science.
Shouldn't you be on /pol/?

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That's just culture you fucking racist.

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>can you point to one thing in that article that's false?
It assumes race exist.

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No it is fucking disgusting.

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It's not about that, kid

It's about teenagers and brainlets that repeat this shit just to look superior to others, just repeating shit they saw in some documentary.

I always LARP as an Idiot in front of them because they are annoying as shit

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Enough with the false-flagging no one is going to fall for it.

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They're still more likely to vote for increased funding to the sciences. Sorry if they dare to challenge your belief that you are the smartest person in the room.

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I honestly don't get why you would think that I am false flagging.

Seriously, do you actually believe race is a real concept, which has meaning in reality?

It is just arbitrary categories slapped onto individuals to make some /pol/-tard feel less insecure.
That it is all that it has ever been.

Here have some sources, the first one is especially important as it establishes what is wrong with the NYT article.

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not really, it's their arrogance that annoys me, and there's enough money for research no one in any Gov gives a fuck about some nerds calling for research budget increase

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People who vote on government funding for science are elected, you know.

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>there is no biological difference between male and female

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>being a good runner is culture
Why because blacks are always having to run from the cops lmao?

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It doesn’t mean differences in the races aren’t real and that we should ignore facts about biology

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>Why because blacks are always having to run from the cops lmao?
No, you racist pig.

It just so happen that black culture encourages more running, likely because of their ancestors living in areas where that skill was more important.
Partly you are right, racist cops going after innocent blacks in the thousands, is certainly a factor.

Do you think some white fucker who gets everything laid onto his feet by his parents feels the need to train his running?

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No biology involved.
Cultural differences are the cause between "racial" differences.

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>It just so happen that black culture encourages more running, likely because of their ancestors living in areas where that skill was more important.
So you admit that black people evolved differently than white people based on the environment of their ancestors, thus modifying their biology and making them better runners? Glad we can agree.
>no biology involved
t. Not a biologist

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>le nytimes meme
fake news
>le false dilemma meme
no-one said we're 100% identical
>le retardation meme
read or something senfam

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and? I don't see a correlation

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I imagine you're pretty used to that feeling by now.

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No evolution happened, or do you think it is evolution if your parents tell you that you should "study hard".
It is culture, that is transmitted not via genes.

>modifying their biology
Only in superficial ways such as skin color.

>t. Not a biologist
t. Probably a Racist

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>only in superficial ways such as skin colour
>everyone is exactly the same EXCEPT for the things I can see with my naked eye
>wood and steel are exactly the same, see they’re both painted green

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Not trolling. Race as we think of it is an arbitrary delineation.

Taxonomy is like classical mechanics. It gives pretty good results, but is fundamentally incorrect and is superseded by genetic classification.

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sex doesn't exist

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Nice straw men.
Skin color was just the most obvious example.

Sex as a social construct definitely exists.

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Oh yeah, super scientific ny times article.

>t. Brainlet


This is also unscientific and can be explained by much more subtle (and accurate) arguments than what you dumbly call race.

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We are 99% identical though moron.

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>Skin color was just the most obvious example.
So what other genetic examples then?
For blacks there are:
>skin colour (obvi)
>curly hair
>brown eyes

>larger growth capacity for certain muscles
omg that’s RACIST

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We are 99% the same, why do you think any "substantial differences" exists.

Maybe blacks have a slightly higher capacity to grow muscles and that plays into their culture, that is LITERALLY irrelevant though.

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99% identical means not identical retarded faggot

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It means that all differences are superficial and meaningless, such as skin color.

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>Maybe blacks have a slightly higher capacity to grow muscles and that plays into their culture
>and that plays into their culture
You’re confusing culture with biology. Blacks spent most of their ancestry in the plains and jungles of Africa, and so therefore better performing muscle groups were more necessary.
That doesn’t mean that every black person’s genetics are the same, but on average their muscle groups outperform those of other races.
> that is LITERALLY irrelevant though.
Not when it comes to competing at the highest level, where every athlete is in peak physical condition for their genetics, and that is why more blacks win the 100m dash.

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Yes, it means 99% identical. As in, 99% of X and Y are the same. I would bet money that you have no qualifications.

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>>9457969 is for you.

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>Words pseudoscience people say that annoy you
"climate change"

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>You’re confusing culture with biology.
No, obviously both play a role in a human.

Again, maybe blacks have a slightly easier time developing muscles which is meaningless except in serious sports competitions.

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Yes. 99% identical.

Identical in everything but the most meaningless things.

IQ is a highly polygenic trait, why would you just assume that the 1% differences are "in the brain" and not in something like skin color.

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>>9457972 we agree breddah. I meant to reply to this incorrectly pedantic fuck.>>9457964

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>99% identical means not identical retarded faggot
Why the homophobia?

>> No.9458009

>Why the homophobia?
because fags are gay

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>superseded by genetic classification
>denies existence of race

fella, the perception and differentiation of human races by genetic classification is much more sound than by skin colour and appearance

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Hey guys, have you heard about terraplanism?
Sorry for the caps

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>he fell for the "why the homophobia" meme

>> No.9458158

>he fell for the, taking a joke serious meme

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I don't think you know what larp means

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Mfw this thread

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But I have sex like every other day?

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>Race as we think of it is an arbitrary delineation.

wow bud, I'm sure racists never thought of THIS! truly penetrating insight here

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Schools don't teach pop sci.
The average person doesn't need to know that some retarded shit like a higgs boson exists.
Cern just popularised it so people would think that it was a good thing to finance that shit.
"hurr we found retarded particle that proves my super cluster fuck theory is one step closer to the truth."
When physicists are more worried about experiments than math that's what happens.

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>When physicists are more worried about experiments than math that's what happens.

When that happens, science happens.

Daily reminder that experimental information is everything, when mathfags start playing science useless shit like string theory appears

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Strings theory is mathematical and scientific heresy. All those fags should repent or suffer the Eternal Fire.
The ultimate theory of the universe is pure newtonian mechanics.
Prove me wrong faggots.

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>scientific american
Not that guy, but going all out I see.

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Dialectical materialism.

Surplus value.

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Gonna need a source on that.

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Well actually the racists think its fundamental. Blacks and whites are as different as electrons and protons. I dont get your attack.

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>our physics break down
>this is almost like magic
>[really large number] WHOA!

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races don't exist though. even the most reactionary biologist will simply take a reductionist approach to explain things that are different between "races" by calling them some euphemism like "ethnic groups" etc. But there is no scientific way to divine humans into races, ask any biologist who has taken population genetics in uni. What you call a "race" is categorization based on historically developed socioeconomical groups. 2 black people can have more genetic variance between them than 2 white people. Anyone telling you anything different is either relying on debunked nazi propaganda, or doesn't understand genetics and taxonomy enough to begin with and is simply spouting bullshit layman "common logic"

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where the fuck do you live where diamat is popsci?

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>anything related to space that instantly becomes a discussion on spacex and elon musk

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>he thinks differences between males and females are more than mere social constructs

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My professor talked about the Schrodinger wave equation yesterday. Does that count as pseudoscience?

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>hurr durr experiments in high-energies are hard
When you pheno fags catch up to us theorists, you can talk shit. You're not getting rid of string theory, ever. Better get used to it.

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yup, confirmed for meme degree

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Nevertheless human can differentiate with good accuracy between these supposedly non-existent races. Even by their weakest sense, smell. Race might not be useful notion for a biologist, but it's useful enough for a doctor.

>> No.9459531


It’s pretty ironic how these faggots create far more cancerous content than those they blame for shitting this place up.

>> No.9459554


Race does exist, you are simply misenterpreting or misrepresenting the term.

I’m not even disagreeing with your actual argument on a scientific level. But I find it pretty retarded that you would be so specific about this and then happliy put out sweeping terms like “race doesent exist”.

If you want to play that game with people then be more specific with your terminology. Otherwise you are doing nothing more than throwing out cheap bait.

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You are right, but with:
and the Boltzmann distribution
AKA quantum mechanics

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What's wrong with the word "cosmos"? Sometimes you just want to avoid using "space" or "the universe" for like the 9th time in a paragraph.

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Races dont exist, but species do. My interspecie friend Luan Pjung told me so.

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>everything is relative

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>White privlige

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Contrary opinion

The rise of pop science has been accompanied by the idea of science as rote memorization and digestion of factoids (with no real deep though processes involved other than keeping these in memory), rather than developing complex thought processes in reason and rationality that would be beneficial were you to participate in science

People are playing with science like it's trivia and feeling content in labeling themselves "science lovers" to the point of making the important parts of it: the process, the deeper mechanisms of science, trivial and buried under this excess of hype.

It's ironically anti-scientific and a system decay. It is lazy, and it feeds into people's egos.

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Sounds like high School. Fuck im glad its over

>> No.9461492

Pop sci is needed so the masses have a positive opinion on science and are eager to invest public funds into investigation

>> No.9461494


tl;dr I think it makes people think less, and be content with that. Or maybe it's just a brainlet trap at its heart and people who would be happily stupid on their own merit are contenting themselves with it so it's ultimately harmless, idk.

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It seems more like making a religion out of "science" (the heavily politicized version) in lieu of conventional creeds like Christianity

just another faith system with no stake but that in it

>> No.9461531

>You just want to argue.
why else would you post on a Mongolian basket weaving forum?

>> No.9461533

Well, every school of thought can be reduced to a religion (a set of beliefs without justification). You have to pick yours and make it survive I guess

>> No.9461546


Would you call not thinking and mindlessly ingesting whatever fact your favorite meme non-scientist or twitter account throws at you a "school of thought" though

It's encouraging a very lazy form of "reason", which when wielded by the wrong person can be dangerous. If you don't think and let an authority "think" and present things to you you grant that authority power over you.

Rather than being rational yourself and being able to deconstruct what people try to tell you or construct ideas and insight.

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>those sources

>> No.9461566


>race is a social construct
>you can literally see it, all of it. Different colors, eye shapes, head shapes, nose shapes, but it is a social construct
>It is all in your head

No one agrees with you. Your sources are people insecure about the concept of race because difference is scary.

>> No.9461577

>If you don't think and let an authority "think" and present things to you you grant that authority power over you.

This is what we actually do and how humans had worked for millenia, we let a minority do the thinking and leading and everyone else just obeys

>Rather than being rational yourself and being able to deconstruct what people try to tell you or construct ideas and insight.

Yes, but the rational path only leads you to death, nihilism, everything can be deconstructed if you think hard enough. Maybe the truth is that we are nothing but a bunch of people shilling each other to convince and rule the public opinion.

>> No.9461602

>differences between individuals demonstrate race
Yeah the lactose intolerant race, the long nosed race, the squatting race...
Race is not science.

>> No.9461636

>event horizon

>> No.9461646


No, the categorization of like features across large subgroups of humans

this must be the hottest meme of the day on /sci/ because there's apparently 3 threads discussing it

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>> No.9461650

like skiiiiin colour?
and what else?

>> No.9461654

>categorization of features
Which still doesn't prove that race is science.

>> No.9461668


Nothing is a science, everything is subjective and sociology taught you very well, toss the books out

>> No.9462179

Why Joseph Smith?

>> No.9462326


>> No.9462336

>t. Not a biologist
That's a compliment.

>> No.9462340

>/pol/ is now false flagging to make themselves look better

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>> No.9464236


>> No.9464299

>everything is relative
not everything, just your cousin wife

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>2 black people can have more genetic variance between them than 2 white people.
perhaps but the 2 black people also share traits that the white people do not have because theyre not black. Yes within races there are thousands of ethnic groups that vary, but you cannot deny that they share more similarities with each other than they do with members of other races. Now we can get into the semantics of why the current definition of race is inaccurate but that doesnt change the fact that human genetic diversity exists and that people who evolved in similar locations evolved similar traits.

>> No.9464335

Skull Shape, Bone density, IQ, gestation time, brane size, various other morphological features such as length of limbs, fat distribution, Fast/Short Twitch muscle distribution. It's absolutely absurd to suggest that race is quite literally skin deep.

>> No.9464338

is phenotypuc and genotypic difference not enough to categorize? Why is it enough for animals and not for humans, who are also animals subject to Evolution

>> No.9464341

T. Mor variation withun dan betwwern retard

>> No.9464346

>Lewontin's fallacy
dude, if you look at the right loci, you can put a genetic code into the correct race every time.
Your argument is old and not accepted anymore.

>> No.9464354

I agree that what you describe is a real phenomenon, but I wouldn't blame it on popsci.

Essentially, you're right that for most people, the idea of "science" is pretty much the same as "pharmacological research": an accumulation of independent facts like "study says 75% of women prefer a pet chihuahua".
However those responsible for that are mostly mainstream journalists and polemicists who use that form of authority argument to further their points.

I believe popsci runs contrary to that tendency. For all the meme value things like pop quantum physics have, it shows to the audience that there IS something conceptually deep happening. And that it's not just a bunch of metrologists doing boring measurements in a white room.

>> No.9464359


Because success or failure of the spacex approach to rocketry will determine whether we will have actual space industry and settlement or continue with putting grossly overpriced tiny tin cans into orbit? It is by far the most important thing going on in spaceflight right now.

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File: 114 KB, 659x582, human genetic diversity - 3D PCA.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


you can call it "race" or not but the fact is that humanity is no magical exception when it comes to evolution and has already begun to diverge genetically

pic related

>> No.9464376

Why do you science cunts get so mad about pop science? Is it because you are autists and afraid that normal people might revolutionise science? I may not understand the numbers of physics but learning about AI allows me to potentially contribute more to the situation than any of you with my intiutive ideas.

>> No.9464378 [DELETED] 

Science is for everyone you fucking cunts
You deserve physical violence precisely because handle it

>> No.9464379

Science is for everyone you fucking cunts
You deserve physical violence precisely because you can't handle it

>> No.9464382


nice try,

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File: 1.07 MB, 3941x1687, 1516987357926.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9464500

reminder that it's not okay to be white (or gay)

>> No.9464504

Because there is no rigorous definition of race. It's like arguing about "depukw" which I just made up, but I never say what exactly "depukw" is.

>also why do people so vehemently disagree with the fact that we aren't all 100% identical?
Are you 100% identical with your full siblings? Are you of the same race as your full siblings?

And no, not even monozygotic twins have are 100% identical when you look at their DNA

>> No.9465649

So youre not debating its scientific validity youre debating the poor definition of race?

>> No.9465817

he is an idiot
stop responding

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