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Is drinking water out of plastic bottles a bad idea? I've recently taken the conscious effort to not drink much tap water cause supposedly it's absolute dog shit in America. Many people have also admitted to flushing pills down toliet's to me. So at this point I'm wondering since like 90% of us piss out plastics anyway should I make an effort to buy and set up an reverse osmosis filter with a glass tank for water or is it a waste of time and money ? For every one gallon of water you waste 4 gallons of tap water I hear. Is our plastic exposure concerning at all?

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Most American water is fine. The EPA forces communities to test and treat the water. My town sends me an annual report showing the exact PPM of various minerals and chemicals.
New York City is noted for having especially good water. American water is probably among some of the best in the world. I could tell you foreign travel horror stories....

Be wary of bottled water -- not because it's inherently bad, but because they lie about sources. The labels may say "Natural" or "Springs", but several companies have been forced to admit they just pump it up from the water table, just like your local water utility does. A few outfits have even been caught bottling tap water and marking it up 50,000 percent.

If you're really worried, you don't need to go with reverse osmosis. Some companies sell pitchers with filters. Others sell filters you can screw onto your faucet.

Plastic bottles also break down, leech chemicals into the water, harbor bacterial if you refill them, and clog landfills if you just throw them away.

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>American water is probably among some of the best in the world.
It's shit
t. netherlands

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I went to the Netherlands and got traveler's diarrhea. I also banged four lovely women.
t. Jamal (Jamaltown, USA)

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At least it's safe. "Montezuma's Revenge", "Delhi Belly", et al.
I knew someone who nearly died in the MIddle East. Bacteria aren't mentioned in the Koran; therefore, they don't exist. If water (even if it was scooped out of the gutter) LOOKS clear to the eye, it's "pure".

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Ask yourself, "Does this ingredient or leached chemical improve or maintain my health?" and go from there.

>Most American water is fine.


Do some cross referencing of different maps for different contaminates. Just one map out of any of those is cause for deep concern.

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>Just one map out of any of those is cause for deep concern.
If any of those maps were accurate. Half the ones I've seen are glorified population density maps.

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>glorified population maps

Do you remember when they used TEL in gasoline? Where do you think all that lead went?

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Is the TEL contaminating my groundwater? Why don't we ask some crazy paranoid people on the internet to find out? Instead of some smart people who do the same test in a bunch of different places to figure out the real facts.

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Yes, yes it is!
That's why lead contamination is correlated with population density, dingus -- there were more cars driving around in those areas using leaded gasoline.

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>he isn't weekly supplied with Zamzam water or glacial melt water in a silver barrel

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Buy a filter if your'e so concerned

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Story time, anon. I used to be just like you. I would actively avoid tap water and anything I thought might be contaminated foodstuffs. I was frail and dehydrated most of the time. The benefits of staying hydrated and eating enough vastly outweigh the risk of the long term effects of micro-accumulated toxins. I used to get sinus infections and stomach pain all the time. One day I said fuck it and drank as much water as I could. Started eating whatever I wanted. I felt amazing. The point is that the tiny amount of heavy metals is ultimately less bad than exposing your muscle tissue to more plastic than it is already getting. You can get most of that stuff out with an activated charcoal filter anyway. And a lot of counties don't even put fluoride in the tap. Or you could collect, boil and filter rain water, but you'll have to eat a ton of microgreens because tap water has trace elements that actually benefit your body.

Tl;Dr tap is polluted, but at least is regulated. Bottled is almost certainly worse.

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>Bacteria aren't mentioned in the Koran; therefore, they don't exist.

I hope you're joking and don't actually believe entire Middle Eastern nations think bacteria isn't real.

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the price mark up is obscene
reuseable stainless steel is the way to go

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>Started eating whatever I wanted
This is awful advice for most Americans.

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>Is drinking water out of plastic bottles a bad idea?
Economically speaking, yes. The markup on bottled water is fucking rediculous.
Invest in a decent filter and get a reusable water bottle that doesnt break down into carcinogenic sludge in the daylight.

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You probably got ass worms from the whores.

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>glorified population density maps.
>more pollution where more people are

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I am not really trusting of the tap water in my state (I live in New York for example). I also am too lazy to buy water in plastic bottles all the time just because I hate carrying it around with me, plus I forget to buy it for the house in time and I always run out. So I did buy a water filter for my house just because A) I am trying to stay hydrated and B) I cut down on my plastic waste a lot. I know that there are a lot of options online so I checked out this cool article that kind of compares all the filtering systems (you can check it here: https://purewaterguide.net/ ). It's super helpful since I am not a pro in water filters but it kind of explains the pros and cons of each system and allows you to chose the one that fits you the best. I ended up buying an under the sink one since it felt like the best solution in my case. So maybe consider that as an option?

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I really feel that an investment in a reverse osmosis water filter is worth it. It removes almost every impurity present in water. You may also check out other water filters which are effective in removing chlorine and fluorde from water.


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