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Why are college math classes aimed at calculating shit?

I want to major in math but I don't want to do a fucking shitty calc cycle
I don't want to ever have to calculate with numbers
I hate that college majors are these massive surveys . I just want to specialize already

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They're not

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I feel the same way. Discrete Mathematics is a more interesting class than Calculus.

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It's really annoying that the math major is front ended with ""practical" math so you can't get the good stuff until you're about to graduate

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What are you talking about? Besides the entry level calc, diffy q, linear algebra and prob/stats courses (which aren't really "math major" courses as they're also required by other stem degrees), the rest of your courses will have little calculation, unless you're going for an emphasis on application.

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Those classes alone are already impossible

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>t. cslet
do an algebraic geometry course and then we can talk

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>math, calculating
Math is about anylisis, proof, and the manipulation of data, not "calculating"

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I don't get the CS hate. I'm theoretical CS I don't know what your problem is. CS is more than just programming

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>I'm theoretical CS
Sure you are, freshman.

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I'm a 4th year. I'm currently thesising

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>College math classes
>Just calculating
What are you smoking?

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>Why are college math classes aimed at calculating shit?
There are classes where you tell a Computer how to Program, they are a lot of fun.

Nobody calculates things themselves, it is a skill with the same usefulness as being able to eat a large amount of Pizzas at once.
Meaning, that at best it is a party trick, at worst highly cringey.

Computers aren't called computers because you have to calculate things for them.

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I wish there was an entire degree that did not have any kind of practicality in mind and it was all just proofs.i hate following formulas and doing raw number crunching but that's what's front ended in a math program because I guess we're too stupid to box on anything more?

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>I wish there was an entire degree that did not have any kind of practicality in mind and it was all just proofs.
I suppose I am quite lucky with that.
Aside from a few things in my first and second semester I never had to calculate such things in my math classes.
Just some meme CS / engineering classes, which was always completely and utterly boring.

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>see a number
>brain shorts out
>tfw can't solve any math exercise

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i mean there is still tiny bit of calculations involved in algebra. like finding out the order of conjugacy classes in S_n and such. Anything that involves combinatorial arguments is going to involve calculations.

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I don't want to do combinatorics or probability or counting . I'm just incapable of it and dislike it

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you should look into program verification (assuming u are in CS). It involves both algebra (without calculations) and logic.

Give it a try.

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You are free to learn maths outside of college.

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