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>billions of years of creatures becoming new creatures through "evolution"
>humans start recording shit
>everything stops evolving for some reason

really makes you think

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>everything stops evolving

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>human guided artificial selection of crops
>proof of evolution

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Exactly! I'm glad you understand now.

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let me know when that watermelon becomes a peach :^)

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How many hundreds of millions of years have you observed so far?

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but we've seen animals evolving even in the short time humans have recorded history

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inb4 slightly different bird beaks

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Peppered moth changing their coloration in reaction to changes in the environment caused by the industrial revolution

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Antibiotic resistant bacteria

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1) "billions of years" have not passed since humans developed writing.
2) Look up 'Peppered Moth' and 'antibiotic resistant bacteria'.
It "really makes me think" about how retarded faggots like you feel comfortable talking about a subject you know nothing about.

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You reverting back into a monkey

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>a moth changing color and bacteria's immune system improving is exactly equal to a fish growing legs and walking on land

the absolute state of evolutionary cucks

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Adaptation is not evolution.

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Sheep, cows, chickens, pigs, dogs, cats...
Shall we do plants? Let's do plants.
Corn, bananas (fun stuff, there), wheat, carrots, potatoes...
the list goes on.
Selective breeding IS evolution. Survival of the fittest demanded that those plants and animals yield to our wishes, resulting in what we see today.

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>Selective breeding IS evolution.
Except it's not.

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No it's not
Evolution implies speciation and we haven't really observed speciation anywhere (bacteria are kind of a grey area)

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Why are you the way you are? honestly.
Everytime I have my hopes up, you or some flatearther completely shatters it without even trying.

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It is EXACTLY evolution. Adaptation of superior traits is EXACTLY what evolution is. Or do you think those traits always just disappear the next time they adapt to something?

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>waaah why do opposing views exist?

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You aren't making any sense, anon. No, adaptation to environment isn't evolution.

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Yes we have, in many differen species and places.


Honestly I'm really curious as to what evidence you have that evolution doesn't happen.

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>waah why do you question things instead of blindly believing everything you're taught like me

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This is why we need to make intro to biology a required course for STEM, this is just embarrassing.

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You're just listing more examples of adaptation. Are you retarded by any chance?

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>(biology) change in the gene pool of a population from generation to generation by such processes as mutation, NATURAL SELECTION, and genetic drift.
Yes, it is. Evolution is the adaptation to environment over time.

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Can you redirect me to the post where i implied that?

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Do you know the definition of adaptation and speciation? Cause I am pretty sure you don't.
Speciation is the evolutionary process by which populations evolve to become distinct species.
Adaptation is a change or the process of change by which an organism or species becomes better suited to its environment.

Speciation is the result of accumulated adaptations. Species is a very mutable concept but in the biological species concept a specie diverges into two separate species when they can no longer interbreed due to behavioral or genetic isolation.

Really though you are just a troll, but a lot of really smart people can make stupid decisions based on silly information trolls like you disseminate.

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So we both agree that adaptation isn't speciation, and we haven't observed any speciation occur naturally. Okay.

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Selective breeding isn't evolution you retarded bastard. You can selectively breed a nigger and a white person and get some mulatto idiot - but the baby didn't fucking evolve from anything. You can't selectively breed a dog and a cat. You cant selectively breed an elephant and an ostrich. You can't selectively breed a chimp with a gorilla, or a human with either. You can't selectively breed a pig with a lion, a parrot with a pigeon, a snake with an eel, a shark with a marlin, a blue whale with a sperm whale, or a watermelon with a squash.

Are you honestly so fucking dumb you think mixing is related to evolution? If I pour red sugar powder into a glass of water and stir it, my fucking water didn't evolve into koolaid. If I combine white paint with blue paint and a little bit of green paint, my paint palette didn't fucking evolve into turquoise. If a red spotlight overlaps a blue spotlight, fucking magenta light isn't EVOLVING into existence.

Jesus everloving fuck you are such a retarded bastard that you think eugenics is related evolution. Gonna be honest with you, just because you weren't intelligently designed doesn't mean everything else wasn't. Don't choke to death on your swollen tongue.

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I stand corrected, I wasn't saying evolution isn't true. But is reproductive isolation really the only requirement for speciation?

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Chill out dude, you're gonna aggravate your brain damage

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>humans start recording shit (5000 years ago)

A billion years = 1000000000
5 thousand years = 5000

5000 / 1000000000 * 100 = 0.0005%

.0005% of evolutionary history. So why is it surprising that we would see so little during our limited period of time to observe? On top of that, humans are generally regarded as the sixth extinction event. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Holocene_extinction

So it is really no surprise at all...

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Yes we have, that list included several instances of speciation.

More so evolution =/= speciation. Evolution is change in a population over time due to selective forces. Even humans have evolved significantly with increases in height, penis size, and resistance to disease.

The mechanism exploited by humans for selective breeding is evolution. It's like saying oxidation doesn't exist because humans just use combustion fuel in a gas tank for energy. Also your metaphors are weak, each of them dealing with single attribute items with no ability to change naturally.

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> Even humans have evolved significantly with increases in height, penis size, and resistance to disease.
Are you fucking kidding me...

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Is it really evolution when it's artificial selection? It's not at all like what usually happens. And there's the species problem.

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Hey guise, from now on evolution just means growing up. We can now observe evolution naturally.


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Actually we've forcibly evolved dogs and livestock pretty incredibly over a short period of time

Also some crops, insanely

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>evolution =/= speciation

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Sure, why wouldn't it be? Humans are an animal acting on their environment - how is it different?.

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>Except it's not
Except it is

>Evolution is change in the heritable characteristics of biological populations over successive generations.

That. Is. All.

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Well... I don't know about the penis stuff...
But we are certainly taller. Over 150 years, humans in industrialized countries have gotten about 4 inches taller. And people in the Netherlands used to be really short in the 19th century, but now they're really tall.

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Nah, you're just fuckin stupid. You can selectively breed a purebred husky with a purebred pomeranian despite both lineages being removed from each other by 300 years and having no similar traits beyond being fluffy dogs, or a purebred labrador with a purebred poodle despite 500 years of seperation and significantpy different traits between these examplea of dogs compared to darwins misinterpretation of finches. Mixing has nothing to do with evolution.

I'm only aggravating your own.

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Evolution is not a 'view'. You don't have a choice in believing in it any more that you have a choice in believing that the earth circles the sun. If you had ever read a book you'd know that.

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>breed horse with donkey
>get infertile mule
>"mules evolve from horses and donkies"
I can't wait til Apple ID starts incorporating genetic analysis to unlock your phone so we can selectively prevent all you mongs from accessing the internet

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The thing about dog breeds is that these aren't evidence of evolution. They're evidence of mixing. You can only mix dogs with other dogs, so you have to have dogs in the first place. Same goes for humans. Humans can't breed with anything other than other humans, not even apes or chimps that otherwise appear extremely similar to humans. Why? Because humans and apes are unrelated. Humans and apes have always existed, unrelated, as different creatures created by God. One didn't evolve into the other, nor was selectively bred from the other. Humans could only ever breed with other humans, so there always had to be humans in the first place, and same goes for every other walk of life and species. Most if not all dog breeds are domesticated mixes. Many have different traits, attitudes, aptitudes, purposes, but they can still crossbreed because they are the same walk of life, just like a large skull, flat faced white person can breed with the smaller skulled, jutting jawed, monkey-like black-skinned subhumans, where whites have been selectively bred for their features and blacks selectively bred for their obedience. None of this says one creature can, over time, transform into an entirely different creature. There is no way humans will ever spontaneously or over-time develop wings for flying as Angels, or fish tails like Mermaids through breeding. No way for a fish to develop arms and legs. No way for a lizard to develop feathers. No way for any of these creatures to crossbreed and introduce the beneficial mutation to each other's species.
Fish beget fish beget fish beget fish, ad infinitum. Dogs beget dogs, apes beget apes, humans beget humans, and god begat them all different.

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ITT: retardation

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>why isnt billions of years of evolution available for me to observe in a 3 minute you-tube clip?

Jesus would laugh at you if he knew how dumb you are.

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If evolution were real there shoud have been a speciation or mutation difference for coastal cultures by now that lead them to develop webbed fingers and toes to be more apt at swimming, yet no such trait exists specifically unique to ancient or modern coastal people. The structure of human form has in fact never changed, and anything resembling a chamge through mutation of extra limbs or conjoined digits has never been beneficial, resulting in childhood death before passing on the gene, infertility from passing on the gene, or submissive trait where fertility doesn't pass on the gene to be represented.

All things that should point towards evolution simply do not.

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>yet no such trait exists
It's a radical technology known as "Boat." Turns out technology can respond to environmental problems faster than waiting for random mutation and sexual selection to take a few hundred generations for a specific trait that's not actually that useful outside of anon's overly specific hypothetical situation.

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You're implying humans have used boats before discovering fire, and not realizing you're implying it.

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Technology we've had for less than 200yrs
>stops evolving
Evolution happens over thousands of years

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>a species HAS to gain traits related to their environment even if they aren't necessary or beneficial

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Well, if you don't believe in evolution sure.
If you do believe in evolution, you're parodying yourself.

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So did darwins finches ever change into anything but finches?

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>If evolution produces large changes over large amounts of time, why do we only see it producing small changes over small amounts of time?

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Why do you think the body shape of eskimos is so different from that of sub-saharian africans?

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>You can selectively breed a nigger and a white person
>You can't selectively breed a chimp with a gorilla, or a human with either

Which one is it?

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>You can't selectively breed a pig with a lion
Of course you can't, and evolution tells us why you can't. Don't call people dumb when you're dumb enough to argue against an idea you know nothing about.

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Itt retards say "selectively breed"

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You motherfuckers need Jesus

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Get cucked

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Holy shit, have they even infiltrated /sci/?

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wtf is this post

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and I fuck a nigga bitch
never went to school cause I was always from the bricks

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Dude I agree with you but you're making all the wrong arguments. The height difference in humans is easily explainable due to dietary enhancement, not necessarily selective pressures (although there definitely are some of those too)

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>Brassica oleracea is a plant species that includes many common foods as cultivars, including cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, kale, Brussels sprouts, collard greens, savoy, kohlrabi, and gai lan

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Not an argument.

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The point is, X makes more X, Y makes more Y, Z makes more Z.
X[math]_{ab}[/math] can mix with X[math]_{c}[/math] to result X[math]_{abc}[/math], but it will always first and foremost be X. X doesn't mix with Y, Y doesn't mix with Z, and Z doesn't mix with X. If Z existed with features that defined Z[math]_{qr}[/math] where [math]_{q} || _{r}[/math] would be beneficial features for X, there is no conceivable "evolutionary" method for X to acquire [math]_{qr}[/math]. X cannot mix with Z, so the [math]_{qr}[/math] mutation cannot be introduced to X. X will instead only ever be X, and only produce more X with features like [math]_{abc}[/math]. If an X[math]_{abd}[/math] mutated, surviving to fertility to pass on the trait, an ecology of X[math]_{abcd}[/math] could arise or even eventually replace all extant X[math]_{abc}[/math]'s, but first and foremost will still be X's.

X[math]_{abcdefghijklmnopstuvwxyz}[/math] exists, and
Y[math]_{abcdefghijklmnopstuvwxy}[/math] exists, even despite near identicality of traits, X and Y would still not mix.

The only support for evolution, even if it's misattributed, is the idea that things can change with enough time. However things do not change into other things, and this is what also defies evolution. X's will never become X2's, or G's - the method of acquiring significantly enough mutated traits even in a controlled group would still allow any X[math]_{abc}[/math] to mix with an X[math]_{gfhpbsy836z907}[/math]. No accumulation of mutations and traits, provided they did not outright defy fertility for the specific X's sole existence, would be sufficient enough to change such a complex X away from an X into a G.

The human form may change ever so slightly in skin color, facial and skull structure, height, build, but will not change significantly enough to ever become or have ever been something that wasn't or isn't "modern human". Ancient apes did not slowly change to adapt standing upright.

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How's the weather in Retardistan?

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Fish in many seas have halved in size over just a few generations due to overfishing. Only those that were small enough to swim out of the net procreated.

I think you just don't know what evolution actually means.

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>The traits of watermelons change from the exterior influence of humans
>A habitat cannot influence a species similarly
Wew lad, take a breather and get back to me

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Well, I was sure in favour of evolution being a reasonable theory. But your lack of cognitive skills makes me think that evolution is wrong, God made us all and in your case simply mixed the parts wrong.

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I didn't know that coastal cultures literally live in the water. Oh wait, they don't.

I am beginning to think that there are people in this thread who cannot think for themselves at all, instead only parroting some bullshit they read on some flat earth society website.

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Not yet. But they evolved from dinosaurs

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Humans have been recording for <500 years.
>Billions of years.


Because we have been recording for one two-millionth of history.

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ITT: What happens when people think that evolution is some kind of driving force that rivals god instead of a mere consequence.

If retarded Darwinists didn't mythologize the whole issue of evolution to the point where a casual popsci reader thinks evolution is an actual entity that mutates animals in a precise manner to make them more suitable for an environment we wouldn't even be having this discussion.

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Okay I call the 1st one a watermelon and the 2nd one a peach. the names mean nothing :^). something changed into something else which is what evolution is. shift the goal posts all you want you won't convince anyone.

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Evolution is not mutation.
The watermelon doesnt change into a different fruit. Its still a watermelon. It can still crossbred with what watermelons uses to be. Its the same walk of life.

Take a whippet and get back to me.

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Dinosaurs were killed by a meteor. Any not killed by the meteor directly would have died from beig cold blooded and the sun being blotted out, no access to meat, or both.

You can't have your cake and eat it too, so which is it. Dinosaurs evolved into birds or a meteor killed the dinosaurs

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Oh i'm sorry werent the retards in this thread trying to prove that beneficial mutations have nothing to do wit environment? Better go watch some old reruns of bill nye and neglect suicide for one more day.

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>meteor killed the dinosaurs
yeah the big stupidly huge ones
>dinosaurs evolved into bird
yeah the small raptors did infact evolve into birds


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>He unironically believes this

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Cold blooded animals require heat, among food, to survive. Meteor big enough to kill the big dinosaurs would have covered the sky in debris and blotted out the sun. Goodbye heat. Goodbye little dinos.

Here's a better idea to wrinkle your babysmooth brain, what happened to all the great ocean dinosaurs? Why did they die out?

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Are you someone else or are you now contradicting your own argument? Please elaborate on what you mean here.

Mutations themselves are random, but those that give an advantage are passed on (their carriers are sexually successful). They are not beneficial in and of themselves but only on relation to the environmental pressures. How is this hard to understand?

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So you believe leaf and stick insects just happened to end up looking that way via random mutations that were beneficial...

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Really makes you think is my meme from the Benghazi video.

>Who edited the talking points? (Benghazi?)
Also, everything relevant about evolution is in my paper

>The Truth About Evolution

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>Cold blooded animals require heat, among food, to survive. Meteor big enough to kill the big dinosaurs would have covered the sky in debris and blotted out the sun. Goodbye heat. Goodbye little dinos.
Most species died, but not all species. The ones that survived were the more adaptable ones that didn't need large amounts of resources.

>Here's a better idea to wrinkle your babysmooth brain, what happened to all the great ocean dinosaurs? Why did they die out?
Are you retarded? The ocean is an incredibly delicate and interconnected ecosystem. Extreme cooling and loss of sunlight is just as devastating to the food chain in the ocean as on land. We don't just see large species going extinct in the K-Pg boundary, but also several species of plankton. Not to mention that volcanic activity was causing extreme ocean acidification even before the meteor struck.

You are quite literally the dumbest poster on /sci/. Your posts are trash without exception.


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>ocean acidification
Oh its this retard again.

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I-is this satire?

>> No.9440189

No. I don't believe it, I know it.

Only a fool ignores all the evidence around him.

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why is intelligence even selected for survival when some many lifeforms do so well without it?

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