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>Be me on university lecture
>Professor is ``proving'' a theorem
>I realize what he is telling us is straight up bullshit
>I immediatly stand up in the middle of the lecture
>Tell him that what he means by proof is only valid if we take the axiom of infinity for granted
>The rest of the class turns silent the moment I spoke
>Professor is speechless
>He says there is no reason to not accept the existence of infinite sets
>I yell at him that putting an adjective in front of a noun does not in itself make a mathematical concept. Cantor who turned mathematics into a bad joke declared that an infinite set is a set which is not finite. Its like declaring that an all-seing leprechaun is a leprechaun which can see everything. These grammatical constructions do not create concepts, excepts perhaps in a literary or poetic sense.
>Professor is visibly nervous and starts shaking
>He has no arguments and tells me to leave the lecture hall for disturbing the class
>The rest of the class stands up with me and says that if im expelled from the lecture they will leave too
>Professor starts crying and decides to leave the lecture hall in tears and ashamed
>Everyone starts clapping for me and chanting my name

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>atheists are autistic

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>this thread again

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I did not give you permission to post material from my memoirs.
consider this post your one and only DMCA. any further transgressions and I will sue you.

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Someone should assassinate Wildberger before it's too late.

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Honestly I need to read Cantor (and not internet posts, wikipedia, or even secondary sources). Certain things about infinity have bother me for a long time. Namely we use the word to describe completely different concepts (like a never ending summation vs a repeating decimal) and pretend it is the same fucking concept. I don't think Cantor looked at what I care about, but sets are important, and he obviously is hugely influential.

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All you need to read about is ZFC. Cantor has the ideas and intuitions

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>I woke up shitted and peed

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Because infinite series are series which has more elements than final limits,... Apologize to your profesor.

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>I can't into ZFC
...bcoz run out of fingers and toes to count on?

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delete this
he is my hero

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That class grew up to be Jesus Christ. I grew up to be Anne Frank. Oh, and that professor's name? Joseph Stalin.

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Cannot be a series if there's no beginning and end. It cannot be separated into finite parts like series because that creates a beginning and end.

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Jesus you are that retard from the other thread who thinks infinity has anything to do with "beginning and end" kys

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