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What would alien technology look like?

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How the fuck should I know?

Just kidding, I do know. It looks like plants.

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>What would alien technology look like?

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perhabs like that...

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as unknown as their biology

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biopunk like?

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rgb lighting on everything possible

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They will have devised a more efficient nutritive method, essential for long space travel with limited carrying capacity. In tandem, they will have devised more efficient biowaste treatment processes that could very well attack the problem at its source: think nanobots or programmed cells in your kidney that convert your pee and poo into harmless, reusable products. If not there yet, they have waste tanks in their suit that collect the waste directly deposited, and they can mount full tanks to a waste treatment machine that converts the products into useful material, like more nutrients.

I dig it.

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pretty much anything
or nothing
this questions is too vague

what manner of aliens are we talking about?

for all we know aliens don't use any tech and are just like sentient waterbears or something.

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that's a drow

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It will be elaborate combinations of simple machines and electronics. Duh.

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No moving parts
. Arthur C Clarke

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Might not even be electronics...Might be a whole new way to create and gather information....

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You chucklefucks may have foregone commenting at all. What is this garbage?

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They would value functionality first, and aesthetics second. Unless they have some spifitual belief that good or adaquate functionality gives rise to good/favorable aesthetics, such as in biology. I believe they would employ a lot of biomimetics for their functionality.


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They would have discovered some new quantum force that moves objects through the force of its field alone, where you can manipulate objects from a distance through the quantum field. They could also have wormhole technology and create mini wormholes in their starships so fleet command can give machine instructions to the starships from many parsecs away. They would also be able to manipulate gravity, and send information and compute things in the form of gravity.

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Organic and or completely solid state.

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Aliens make zerker probe. Humans are that zerker probe. Humans = alien technology

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You're quite correct.
Sad thing is, this is one of the more SENSIBLE queries posted on /sci/. Anything's better than another flat-Earther!

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Biology is way too wasteful.

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Everything is probably just some particle plasma in a supercooled cube and theh do everything by just manipulating quantum states.

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>where you can manipulate objects from a distance through the quantum field
We can demonstrate with our current level of technology that this can't be done.

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>our current level of technology
>relevant to aliens

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Because all biology we know is designed by chance.

A biological system built from the ground up would not suffer from being just "good enough".

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>A biological system built from the ground up would not suffer from being just "good enough".


The human brain still outperforms any computer in existence in general pattern recognition, but runs on only a few watts of energy. We've still got a long way to go.

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>DUDE if there are aliens out there, they HAVE to be super advanced because Hollywood told me so

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>science is perfect! nothing can be real beyond it, not even aliens! humans know everything there is to know because SCIENCE, and SCIENCE IS ALWAYS RIGHT!!!

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>science is perfect! nothing can be real beyond it
but that's true though

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Stop posting anime and read for a change


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>no-teleportation theorem states that an arbitrary quantum state cannot be converted into a sequence of classical bits (or even an infinite number of such bits)
hol up, so you sayin there is an uncountable number of quantum states?

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I never implied any of that.
Figures you post anime, although most Japanese kids are probably more intelligent than you.

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Invisible, ubiquitous
They are technology

It would be everywhere, part of the organism or used as permanent life support/improvement system

Just like protein, enzymes and hormones operate your body now

Brain-tech barried would be long solved
They're all interconnected, if not part of the same hive-mind superorganism

That is, if it's not just an AI that has destroyed its maker

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You should write books

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It's funny how what is allegedly the smartest board on 4chins is still faithfully duped by space opera tropes from the 1950s.

Once an advanced civilization successfully traverses the distance between any two points in the universe ONCE, it needs only to transfer information from that point forward. And to do this, you only need to send a universal assembler a few grams or milligrams in size to your destination to get the ball rolling. It will simply build whatever it needs at the destination (starting with a communications array), and request data from its parent or parents after that.

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Save this before they get to me

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I'll give it a thought ;)

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They don't exist

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Bold claim
Prove it

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In order to ailen civilization exists
>There must be certain pattern among atoms can be interpreted as organism
>There must be certain pattern among organs can be interpreted as cell
>There must be certain pattern among cells can be interpreted as animal
>There must be certain pattern among animals can be interpreted as interpretation
>There must be certain pattern among interpretations can be interpreted as language
>There must be certain pattern of language can be interpreted as science

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They would likely make plain, unassuming tech that might look more like a sealed container to our eyes. Manufactured by something with precise automation no doubt, alot of those things would probably be like the equivalent of black boxes in that they perform a function without ever requiring any kind of maintenance or opening them up.

Almost everything they made would be built out of superhard and durable materials, with any vulnerable materials coated in something superhard on a nano scale (a protective patina). Structural failure of materials due to heat or simple kinetic damage would be unheard of. Devices would probably have internal repair contingencies too, able to fix minor faults that could be anticipated. This is the epitome of a throw away culture, but who knows they may have robots specifically designed to deconstruct damaged/broken items and separate all the materials for proper recycling.

They would probably communicate with other devices wirelessly just by proximity. Using a super high compression algorithm (as opposed to encryption) the amount of data necessary to be transmitted could be vastly reduced to the point where the wireless communication could be very low powered (a "noisy" connection with only 1 or 2 bars).

No cables would be required. Wireless energy beaming could be used, in a targeted-beam fashion attributed to a supercomputer pinpointing the location of each device in realtime and aiming the beam at its receiver.

Any weapons technology aliens used would probably be based on utilizing the firepower available from a ship or drone, and targeting it remotely via tunneling electrons. In other words the Phaser the aliens are holding is just a glorified laser designator and it probably doesn't function when a friendly ship/drone isn't within range. This would also allow it to cause Vehicle/Artillery scale damage to whatever they used it on.

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<---- It would look like this picture here. Because there are no aliens.

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They would make the most aesthethically pleasing technology possible, in order to tighten their bond with God and all of His glorious creation.

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Crystals. Crystals everywhere. For data storage, for displays, for computing, even for energy.

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>People from 100 years ago would have no fucking clue what they were looking at if you showed them an iPhone

>We'll have some vague concept of what an alien technology capable of interstellar travel looks like

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If we're honest it wouldn't take someone from 100 years ago very long before they understood the phone, from a user point of view. They're still humans and some of those people from 100 years ago are still alive and do know what the phone is.

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It's really not. Metabolic efficiency is way higher than machines iirc, and beside that, you need to spend a lot of energy to carefully regulate a body consisting of trillions of cells.

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Ingest DMT.

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0s and 1s,

or incomprehensible at this point.
(outlying ciphers)

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Like a shitty gaming PC.

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Like a weather balloon

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My hope is that aliens will wind up being sort of endearingly goofy in their tech design.

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No it isn't. Science is a process to arrive at the best conclusions possible under the circumstances. At it's best, it is self-correcting and leads er closer to "perfect understanding," but you can never be sure you've arrived there.

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Alien transportation system 9000

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>operate your body




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I've seen monads in places you people wouldn't believe

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difficult to answer by your frame of question, it's like asking whats the hair color of humanity.

which species at what point in time in their evolution?

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As seen in "Asobi ni iku yo!" :-)

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Ball bearings are ball bearings no matter which advanced alien civilization manufactures them.