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Hey goys, I was just trying to figure out which class would be better for me to take in terms of difficulty and long-term benefit. For my major in chemical engineering I need to fill a Lang/Phil/Culture requirement and Intro to Philosophy or Intro to Ethics are the only ones not related to studying about how The Straight White Man affected minorities or about religion.

Either way I've heard good things about both but I'm kind of leaning towards Ethics since I might be able to apply it towards future research projects, but philosophy might help me maintain a 4.0 to transfer somewhere else while also improving critical thinking.


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Neither will help you in your career in literally any way, but that doesn't matter since they can be really cool classes. Take whichever one has the better professor.

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Just take Theology.

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I would go with ethics, it's directly applicable to your career. You might actually use it.

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The Duality of Man
Good thinking on the professor, confused about ethics not being applicable. I should've clarified that it's biomolecular engineering, so kind of a specialized chemical engineering thing. My dream is to play with genetics of plants or use it to study diseases, so ethics could come in handy, right?

The closest thing that counts towards the requirement is Introduction to Religious Studies... I've done extensive studies on religion in the past but I'm not sure whether or not my opinions on certain belief systems would make me fail due to getting a professor that disagrees with me or something (I'm not an atheist/agnostic/follower of any Abrahamic religion though)

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take french, german, mandarin, or hebrew. aside from english, they are the most used business languages in the world. if you think that shits not useful, you work at a sub forbes 100 company and don't have peers in other countries who speak different languages. you probably don't even have a passport. academia is global, industry is global.

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Philosophy. Formal philosophy is about logic and brevity. Good for engineers.

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As a Hebrew speaker, this is a meme. Choose a language where you already know the alphabet.

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Who is this passive aggression directed towards?

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You need to know Philosophy to understand Summa Theologica.

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