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What's the minimal amount of math you need to actually use it in the real world?

calculus II?

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Arithmetic, do you not know how to count apples and oranges without calculus?
Any math can be used in the real world, it gets more complicated and complex the harder the math gets.

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I use vector calc in my daily life

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>Any math can be used in the real world
only if you can imagine a use for it

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Maybe simple addition.
Donald Trump hires accountants to figure anything more complicated.

To be minimally functional, the usual four operations, plus percentages.
Requirements go up steeply in most STEM fields.

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That is why math is beautiful.

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Basic algebra and some geometry

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for most normies just calc. derivatives come in handy for finance and stocks. but that said it's pretty much useless to try and apply math to the stock market without programming skills.

but if you're into shit like building things (or it's part of your job) the mare minimum is calc + linalg + stats. trig is also an extreme must have as it makes tons of geometry problems babby tier easy.

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Outside of basic arithmetic, absolutely none.
The meme of forcing people to take years of math like pointless algebra and wasting all that time is so stupid

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Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division.

If you want to make 3D videogames, you'll also want to know what sine and cosine are, as well as radians.

other than that you dont even need to know PI accurate to a single integer. Most math has no practical usage and is a brainlet feld full of autistics.

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Nice b8

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>derivatives come in handy for finance and stocks
in what way?

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You're right. I knew a cashier at a grocery store who could do absolutely no arithmetic. You ask for $10.00 cash back and she wouldn't be able to add 10 to the total of scanned items, but she could use the calculator on her phone. She wasnt even mongoloid, just an average american highschool student having been educated in the obama years. Absolutely no knowledge of math is required to get by in modern society.

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The derivative of the price is a good way to see how the market is moving. Helps spotting when to buy and sell when daytrading.

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how do you take the derivative of a price?

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The price graph.

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are you retarded

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fuck you

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B-but dont you need an equation? Or do you just print it and draw a line or something.. sorry calc1 brainlet here

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depends on your job.
many people can get by with just arithmetic and basic algebra/geometry. if you are a simple layman chances are you dont even need to know the pythagorean theorem.

if you deal with finance, linear algebra, calculus, and statistics are all helpful.

in almost all STEM fields, a decent understanding of calculus is a minimum as well as trig.

in my opinion, a perfect knowledge of a given field of pure mathematics is less useful than a decent understanding of it with the ability to apply it to real world problems.

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the numbers 0 - 9

what + means
what - means
what x means
what รท means

how to use a calculator

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by definition the derivative is the slope of the graph. if you have a list of data points that are the graph of a stock price, you can just take the slope between two adjacent points and that's your derivative.

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Two words: Computer Graphics.

That is the field where literally everyone goes "oh shit all the math that i thought we would never use is actually used here!"

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Someone can do the derivation for you and you don't need to know calculus


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