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Is anyone else's brain filled with a constant barrage of bullshit? I can't quiet it down and I'm losing it
There are too many things to think about

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1) Attempt suicide
2) get admitted
3) get seroquel
4) get sedated
5) get rx for 3)
6) pay using disability
7) ?
8) kys

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Alternatively choose a single aspect of reality to focus on, e.g. color or shape and do that for a little while

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Yes, I have this. It's called ADHD. It's like listening to the radio when it isn't quite set right

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god damn it I'm too old to just be learning this

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Unless it's something I really love or something that is presented with the utmost clarity by a great mind I'm an easily distracted nut case.

Thomas' Calculus must be a great text because it actually captivates and focuses my attention so I can learn and get 100% on university calculus tests.

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This^ absolutely.
Normaly my mind and thought processes wonder all over the place, only focusing if i concencrate enough.
But there are certain moments of clarity. It can be a good book, some interesting topic or problem. Sometimes i also wake up with clear mind for most of the day, others i am just mess of thoughts.

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I hate this

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I can help you quiet down Senpai~

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Im studying Calculus II right now and my brain seems to go on semi-on mode when Im sleeping so I start doing math unconsciously. It sure messes up my circadian rythem.

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unironically meditate

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Yes. It is called self doubt.

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Try meditation. No joke, I've been trying it for a few weeks now and it helps. There's apps you can download for guided meditation.

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this. Also read the book The Power Of Now. Yeah you might think it is some spiritual bullshit but it really helped me disconnect myself from my destructive thoughts. Like you said, it's like the head can't shut up and it can be really stressful. Read the book and meditate. Being able to have peace is worth so much

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My mind is an uncontrollable mess. Most of the time I don't get shit done until something catches my interest, then it's a fucking runaway train. It's finals week and I've been obsessively working on analytic number theory even though I'm an ee major and I don't know basic shit from my classes

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> bullshit

Funny way of saying...shit...I shouldn't say it

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focus on being calm, do something difficult
you can't afford to be anxious and retarded if you're forced to do something hard, you can't spare the mental resources

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I swear I get this sometimes, instead of dreaming I just see algebra and I always wake up like I havent slept at all.

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ADD/ADHD. I have this, I combat the fuckery of my brain by consuming 8+ cups of coffee a day.

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It doesn't get better.

But you can make it easier to deal with. You'll need to understand three things: statistical mechanics (disordered systems), category theory (structure), and complexity science (the border between the two). These will give you a framework for unifying all the things you want to pursue so you can simultaneously study everything that captures your interest.

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Literally today. Writing my chem exam and my mind started going everywhere. I couldn’t even focus properly. I’m trying NoFap some say it helps, is this ADHD? I’ve had this since I was in middle school. I only focus and concentrate on topics I enjoy (physics and math)

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