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Are lectures a meme?

Most lectures I "follow" (meaning: I sit in the back browsing /sci/ ocassionally scribbling down something) seem to be fucking useless. The teacherdude is always some insecure beta male who will just write down the same shit on the blackboard that's also in the book. Same lemmas, same theorems, and same proofs. If you're looking he'll give a non-trivial example that's not in the book.

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It's really more about the lecturer than anything else. Some lecturers will give you some neat tricks to really understand a subject which might be needed if you're stuck on something, while other (imo) worse lecturers just recite the book and leave it at that.
The latter lectures also have their place though since you might not need to read the book for that chapter since it's like listening to an audiobook.

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Pretty much this. Sadly good lecturers are rare nowadays and attending is just waste of time, unless you really REALLY hate reading books based on the subject.

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tier 3 university student detected

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Pay attention more to how the prof acts when he lectures vs. the content. You can often guess all of their "trick questions" and the kind of things they consider weighing more heavily when writing up the exam material based on how they act about it.

The "insecure beta male prof" will probably make some snarky comments about the content he thinks students have a hard time with and you can use that as the framework for what to know very well for the exams.

Profs who like teaching will teach the material well

Profs who teach like shit will project insecurities and if you go to lecture it'll at least help you guess what the tests will be like.

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In my experience, the only benefit of lectures was that the lecturer basically informs you of what will be on the test. They might not do it intentionally but attending let's you know the what to expect and thereby results in higher grades. This causes people to think that you learn better by attending classes.

Thid irritated the hell out of me in college. I learn much quicker by reading the book, at least for mathematics I do.

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I do better in classes where I am not forced to attend due to bullshit quizzes, because I have more time to read the book and study on my own. I show up to tests, ace them, and go on my way.

I'm sick of university being a daycare with bullshit attendance-based quizzes.

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>who will just write down the same shit on the blackboard that's also in the book. Same lemmas, same theorems, and same proofs
In a parallel world, the instructor didn't do this. Your alternate self created a thread bitching about how the definitions, theorems, and notation didn't line up, making all the exercises a pain in the ass and causing a huge disconnect between the exams and the homework.
Be honest, anon. Did you really read the book, instead of just skimming a few sections? You've already admitted that you didn't actually pay attention to the lectures, which means that what you're (foolishly) complaining about might not even be true.

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>tfw have to sit through useless old profs that can't make their monotone voice heard beyond the second row while this guy teaches to braindead turkroaches

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That sounds awful

My lecturers don't even touch a blackboard. They just put up slides where each page has like 1 sentence, a picture, and maybe a chemical formula or some other data, and the rest is them talking about cool shit for 80 minutes

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>calling anyone else braindead

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>le beta male
Oh yeah I bet you're super alpha, bro

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>anyone who says alpha/beta is automatically from /pol/
you realize people used those words on this site before /pol/ blew up, right? OP is still a fag, but you are clearly new

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Wasn't implying I'm a CSlet myself faggot, only that turkroach CSlets are braindead.

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Why the homophobia?

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This post is going to get at least 5 meta-ironic replies.

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why would you watch cs lectures if you're not a cslet?

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Lrn2meme fgt pls

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kys fag. you're just a attention seeking soyboy desperate for meta postironic validation.

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>More time
>Not sleeping all day and shitposting in between meals
How do people do this? I wouldn't leave bed if it weren't for quizzes and participation points

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>Are lectures a meme?

Technically, all language is a meme, or more accurately a meme-plex that survives by it's utility.

So, yes.

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Unless and until uni lecturers are required to take actual pedagogy training it’s hit or miss

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Lectures have unironically been a meme since they were first invented. It is just some dude standing up there talking, not actually teaching. It is just TEDx talk level bullshit. It is a lazy teacher/professor's way to do shit without needing to do shit.

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If you are in a class where the lecturer just reads the book chances are you arn't reading the book.

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Shit-tier lectures are the worst. If I have to sit through another lecture where the professor is clearly unprepared and just reads through his PowerPoint slides I am going to punch something. I can't wait to graduate this shitty university.

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should have studied early and wen to a better university

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what tier is UBC?

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>what tier is UBC?
Depends on your focus, very wide range of lecturer quality

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>be me
>Good IQ but ADHD as fuck
>Can't even watch a movie without getting bored and going on 4chan or wikipedia, how the fuck am I supposed to sit through a 50 minute lecture
>Attend lecture, even with good teachers I have no fucking clue what happened in class when my classmates understood things clearly
>Lack of good written material and horrendous time management skills when I do get a good textbook
Lectures have a special way of killing whatever interest I had in a topic and turning it into a chore

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Towards the end of my BS I just showed up to hear announcements and take notes on shit that wasn't explicitly stated on the slides. I also played that 2048 game during this time and got pretty proficient at it.

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