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Launch tread? Launch tread


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Oh shit, I totally dropped the ball on this one and didn't even know it was happening. Thanks, OP!

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Np, anon. With all the re-shuffling and aborts the latest days, even my launch-tracker app is having trouble keeping up.

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Dubs and it explodes during flight.

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Oh shit, they brought back the Technical Webcast:


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Is it just me or does the colors look a bit off?

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Christ that engineer chick was smoking hot.

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I wonder why they didn't start the webcasts earlier before the fueling and all that shit.

Weather looks great.

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How do I manage to browse /x/ without getting mad at the sheer stupidity from flat earthers?

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Oh man, I almost missed it! Thanks!

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by stopping being a child with weak emotions who gets upset because of other people

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Yes, plus I'm having really shitty connection or something, it keeps dropping out, buffering, and stuttering even on 144p. Anyone else having that problem? I normally record the launch at 1080p without any problems.

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So it's not just me, it's GoyTube having problems?

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Space waifu!

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elon certainly has a type ;D

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Probably their live cast hookup.

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Same with me, somebody at SpaceX might have messed up the encoder setup

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yeah the CRS contract manager

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Christ 1080p looks like shit.

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The technical cast doesnt seem to have problems

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>that fucking flip and boost-back

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I'm having problems with the technical one too.

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I keep needing to F5 youtube.

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Americlaps applaud the plane landing.

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The future is now

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>Stage 2 still at launch pad

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I wish theyd use the long range camera the whole time. Follow it up and then back down in one steady shot.

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>webm of landing

Terrible video stream though.

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they do that for the secret payload launches. Go re-watch the x37b launch; really beautiful shots

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This image always makes me happy

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Not today worst girl.

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first time musk & shotwell in the control room?

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Fuck me that's a long flame

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no, they're usually in there

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He can't keep getting away with it!

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Two more launches this year—if everything goes well, it will add up to a total of 19 missions in 2017, with 100% success rate.

Great improvement over 2016—8 successful missions, 1 failure.


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>Not posting the thicc overexpanded plume

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2 more? Nice.

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Just one left this year, the Iridium launch Dec 23 from Vandy. Zuma is scheduled for Jan 5.

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You're right, oops

18 launches then

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Wish I could see it in person

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any Florida anons hear the sonic booms? https://twitter.com/gpallone13/status/941696354270752768

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christ, that webm is spooky

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dream on mars man

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from the post launch conf -

pad is in great shape; all of the new equipment worked perfectly

dragon and F9 performed exactly the same as a new booster/capsule

NASA will look into using more re used boosters in the future, no details available right now

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This gives me anxiety, like watching a waiter who's about to biff

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Try it with more Sousa.


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This is the fakest shit I've ever seen. Elon is scamming the fuck outta you all.

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You know it's true.

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When's the last time you saw a movie with special effects that looked that real?

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stop trying to troll, it's not even funny.

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Jeff pls go.

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It's sooooo realllllll

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It's pretty great, isn't it? SpaceX is blowing hollywood out of the water, AND they get to put stuff into space. Real is way more fun than movies and their stupid $20 tickets.

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I honestly don't know what that gif is supposed to show me

is that the point? you see if you weren't a troll and were actually retarded, you'd pick a better gif, maybe one of an early ASDS landing where the feed cuts out due to vibrations. That's what the "real" retards post

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They get to pretend to put stuff in space, and they don't even have to do it convincingly. Well played!


>I honestly don't know what that gif is supposed to show me

Yes you do. You know it looks fake as fuck.

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>They get to pretend to put stuff in space, and they don't even have to do it convincingly. Well played!

Yeah, the Stuff is a clever ploy. It's the perfect cover for the humans and human life sustaining cargo that they're actually sneaking up there, and the machines work so well that people doubt it's even happening in the first place. It's the perfect plan!

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If a 2D graphic of a rocket nozzle pasted over a graphic of the earth getting smaller and smaller is all that's required to convince you their in space, then more power to you.

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A testament to the quality of their launch vehicle lighting; it looks too even to be three dimensional, and it perfectly convinces people it's fake. Marvelous engineering!

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>company apparently has smart enough engineers to land a rocket
>isnt smart enough to stream a decent quality video from their rocket
hmm its almost as if those rocket landings are fake

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They don't need to make it look convincing for people to lap this shit up. All that's required is people wanting to believe it's real, and they'll ignore any rational part of their brain that has an opposing view.

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Rationalism is the key to sustaining any delusion.

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stop feeding the troll fellas

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That's certainly true if that "rationalism" is purely biased to one side only. True rationalism is about considering all sides without bias, and forming a conclusion based on that.

No private enterprise has gone to space. Richard Branson said he'd be doing tours of the moon in 2014, what's happened to that? Now Musk wants to go to Mars? This is fantasy. What's Musk actually done? Created expensive electric cars and Paypal? Bitch please.

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could be argued that Zuma counts as 2017, since it was planned and setup almost entirely in 2017

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Wow, look at all those people with their computers doing nothing. This is theatre ladies and gentlemen.

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Looks like the Russian Web Brigade's tactics have been ultra successful in getting an online grass roots ignorance campaign started against all western space programs. Remember that the next time you say "NASA is fake!" or "the Earth is flat!" You are being led by the nose.

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Russia and the US work together, they're not stupid. They pretend to be enemies to fool people like you (unless you're working for them).

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This is the most deluded thing I've read ITT.

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Then it's working. You only have to look at Russia's Coat of Arms. Two mirrored eagles representing the US and Russia being one and the same.

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Other than Soyuz, Russia is having trouble getting its own rockets up lately.

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um... lol

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just give me my Heavy launch already!!!1

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It will always be six weeks away.

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