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Can we use genetic engineering to make willing slaves? Like design their brain biology to make them actually want to offer themselves sexually, sweep the floors and do back breaking work to please their masters? Kinda like a controlled state of stockholm syndrome or williams syndrome which basically means you intensely and unconditionally love literally everyone (https://news.nationalgeographic.com/2017/07/williams-health-love-genetics-books/).

and to prevent abuse you could disable the pain center and sadness/fear parts of the brain so they literally spend their entire days in eternal happiness.

Is it possible? Would the world eventually accept it since they're incapable of suffering?

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>disable the pain center and sadness/fear parts of the brain
>slaves constantly walk into traffic

Joking aside, this is stupid. Brains aren't so simple that you could just switch off all the stuff you don't want without any consequences. At best you might be able to get something with down-syndrome level intelligence.

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This sounds pretty benign but also like something humans couldn't pull off with human nature being human nature, maybe this has already been done by an advanced alien civilisation.

>Would the world eventually accept it?
Senpai, you cannot get people to be even half reasonable about fucking anything. If they felt the worst possible pain in the world 50% of people would support it and the other 50% would be against it. Not necessarily at those percentages.

For example, eating meat, we know animals feel pain, most people on the planet support it and the most effective way to stop people from eating meat, is by making vegetarianism trendy and cool to people. Not because animals suffer and die.

Also, she is cute, but it was slightly inappropriate to post a picture referring to american slavery in context of a hypothetical slavery thread even if your hypothetical version is benign.

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>Genetic engineering
Just give them a loan so they can feed their children

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Every race has been enslaved in the past, you actual nigger

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Why even bother using living organisms? We'll probably make androids that can fill this role sooner than we can do this kind of complex genetics modification

Plus androids would have various other advantages, like not getting diseases

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Yes, but we will probably never reach that level of technology.

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How much jewish DNA do you have?

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t. libertarian

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People already flip out when virtual (imaginary) characters are subject to much less heinous moral slights than slavery. Bringing something like that to life would probably provoke an even more extreme reaction. If not from people who think androids should have rights, then from people who think having an android slave in the house is teaching kids that slavery is ok.

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>Can we use genetic engineering to make willing slaves? Like design their brain biology to make them actually want to offer themselves sexually, sweep the floors and do back breaking work to please their masters? Kinda like a controlled state of stockholm syndrome

That already exists anon. We call them "employees". Think about it.

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Because slaves are a general purpose tool. They don't need to be programmed for a specific task. You just beat them until they do it.

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He wants human slaves because he is a sociopath
We already have robot slaves. Cars, plows, factory machinery, etc.

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>human slaves
niggers aren't human

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Litterally just women

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It might be easier to grow humans with brain stems only, then attach some sort of electronics package to make the body perform basic tasks. Would be way more expensive than just having regular slaves. We are moving towards a slave society anyway, where the producers are serfs and the landlords are free. Give it 50 years.

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Hahaha, no that's not possible, don't waste valuable time thinking about it when you could be working paying taxes. :) Those roads aren't going to build themselves! Those poor people aren't going to feed themselves!

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>It is caused by a very small genetic deletion, about 26 to 28 missing genes on chromosome 7. There are some serious symptoms...
>average IQ tends to be around 50.
>They think they found THE gene that makes them overly friendly.

Whelp I'll have to add it to the list of shit to put in my neko girls.

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>inappropriate to post a picture referring to american slavery in context
Where the fuck do you think you are boi?

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Faggot, the chinks are doing it now. Once you know what gene you want knocked out it's rather easy.

Actually a simple knock out is easy compared with full on editing or additions. And a knock out is all we have to do in this case.

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>country without government roads
>the roads are shitty worthless dirt paths and even when it's a broken down piece of shit road you still need to pay a toll booth to use it

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>muh human nature
>can't be done because ya know human nature
literally ever fuck hypothetical thread some fucking nigger comes in here. For no fucking reason and says nah it won't work because muh human nature. No reason other than human fucking nature and people are unreasonable whatever the fuck that retarded shit means they might offer up some retarded shit like this post but usually its just hurr durr muh human nature go fuck yourself you retarded nigger . And even worse they don't fucking specify what part of the hypothetical they this isn't "human nature" slaves? We have had them in the past. GE humans? Some people say yes some say no. you can't just say human nature and have because 99% are like that. Fuck you get bent die of aids

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more like goblin, them teeth

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That is an image of a girl with Williams syndrome. There are several common facial features they seem to share.

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It seems like it is not the friendly/love gene that cause them to look like goblins but one of the others 25 missing genes,

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Here's a crazy thought.

What if...

What if we use robotics to make "slave" machines...

And genetic engineering to make all humans perfect titans in mind and body?

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I toyed with that idea in a short novel I never finished.
it was about a dystopian tyranny where the robotic soldiers used by the ruling megacorporation weren't actually robots but modified humans under a severe regimen of drugs and brainwashing to basically function as robots.
They were given some form of heroin to make them dependant on the fix only the megacorp could provide, also their backpacks would inject dopamine wherever they complied with orders and thus were addicted to following them. Among other things...

Thanks for the thread OP I think I will get back to it...

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Why the fuck would you want a human slave? To satisfy your need to be superior or something? Human slaves are very inefficient compared to a robotic slave. Your entire post screams 'i wanna whip some niggers and fulfill my sociopathic urges'.

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Can you stop babbling and say something coherent?

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