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Why do geneticists insist on denying that polynesians migrated to the Andes?

(Phys.org)—A French based research team has found DNA evidence in sweet potato samples that suggests that early Polynesian explorers visited South America. Those early explorers, the researchers write in their paper published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, brought the sweet potato back with them when they returned from their long voyages.

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Polynesians were literally everywhere. Those fuckers could navigate the seas like no other.

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i guess native americans arent so native huh

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Theres also evidence that andeans later went back to the sea - see, for instance, Kontiki. Ancient humans just went, and god damn were they brave to do so.

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They are though. America belongs to Amerindians the same as europe belongs to europeans. How is this hard to get?

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They don't. The consensus confirms that Polynesians brought some plants and populations, yet Andeans were already there.

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but there were polynesians there before the amerindians

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Can you find me a haplogroup migration map that shows the connection?

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>europe belongs to europeans

ill be so fucking glad when retards like you get completely outbred and we can finally have some peace

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I'm too lazy with my phone. You can just google it yourself: "rapanui america". And you can find research that literally confirms that polynesians reached America before europeans. But there were Amerindians there already.
These components generalize a lot. The ammount of polynesians were small compared to andeans, yet they can be studied. Also andeans also sailed to Polynesian islands, yet the expeditionaries were less than 1000 probably. Look for "tupac yupanqui descubridor de oceania". It compiles the most recent research instead of reading the incomplete and slow conclusions that are archived in wikipedia.

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>denies archeological facts
Try again, subhuman. America belongs to Amerindians the same as europe belongs to europeans. How is this even a question?

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We can follow some of the haplogroups, In the OP photo notice haplogroup B identifes a migration over the bering straight. While this was possible for haplogroup A, it was not for B, C, or D.

The whole point of this post was that I want to see some genetecist who admits that polynesians migrated to the Andes, I really do not know why anyone would deny this, but finding that no one will support it is beyond me.

It all comes down to dates, and I'm not sure why they are messing with dates of other finds.
OP Photo shows human genesis in Africa 200,000 YBP, but we have heidelbergensis man in Saudi Arabia 1,000,000 YBP.

I just want to know what the game is that they are playing. Why are they messing with dates and making it all confusing.

Is this an occultation?

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You can see in OP's link that they migrated there already. South-American natives have a slight difference of genetics compared to the other Amerindians, and this is explained by the Polynesian influence. Yet Amerindians were there in 15000BC already.

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Heidelbergensis doesn't belong to the Spaniens derivations. It's related to the neanderthal Homos.

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>I'll be so fucking glad when white people are gone

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Some science is iffy, this post is about that specific topic. I'd love to be certain of anything of the origins of species; unfortunately there is nothing even close to a consensus.

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I think the right one is the "right" one. Also, Amerindians have more neanderthal influence than europeans and asians. Were neanderthals in America already?

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A non-scientific consensus coherent term.

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I haven't seen anything on it. There were Two major migrations I have found. One is the 'Red Man' who migrated to northeastern Asia, and then were pushed out by the 'Yellow man' over the bering. Then later a migration over the arctic from northwestern Europe, but this happened later and doesn't have much of an impact. Lastly the significiance of the post, is wether the Haplogroup B migrated over the bering strait or via the andes (polynesian migration) and north into mesoamerica, and later into Florida.

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Any confirmed dates?

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Not really, but the Haplogroup A migrated prior to the Indian genetic modifier event and the mesopotamian modifier event.

>Anatomically modern humans (Homo sapiens) evolved from archaic humans in the Middle Paleolithic, at roughly 300,000 to 200,000 years ago. The emergence of anatomically modern humans marks the dawn of the species Homo sapiens, i.e. the species to which all humans alive today belong.

the Heidelbergensis man started around 1,000,000YBP and evolved until Anatomically Modern Human ~200,000YBP at which point I would hypothesize the Indian modifier happened. Wild guesses, puts the 'Red Man' in NorthEast Asia around 95,000YBP the bering strait migration would put the 'Red Man' in the Americas at around 85,000 YBP.

This is making the assumption that they left Prior to Behaviorally modern humans and evolved in tandem with the AMH.

Rock art arrives in Northern Calfifornia ~12,000 YBP http://www.calisphere.universityofcalifornia.edu/california-cultures/california-rock-art

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so when races dont exist its not racism when we dont want niggers and other subhumans in europe?

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>So when
Irrelevant. It's a non scientific non consensus nor coherent term. Try again.

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There were cave paintings from 24000BC in Alaska. Amerindians musr be a mix of those protohumans and humans. But I'm curious about how did that much Neanderthal DNA got into the Native gene pool.

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I've never heard of that. can you link me a source? 24k? that could have been a tribe running from extinction. Cro-Magnon, Neanderthals, and the European man went through terribly violent extinction wars.

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Any reason you arent triggered by the america belongs to amerindians part of this post?

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same fucking faggot that autistically defends amerindians superiority over Europeans in every fucking single thread. Go fuck off you little fucking spick. The only worthy races for this world are the asians and europeans

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(64:6.9) After crossing over to America from China, the northern red man never again came in contact with other world influences (except the Eskimo) until he was later discovered by the white man. It was most unfortunate that the red man almost completely missed his opportunity of being upstepped by the admixture of the later Adamic stock. As it was, the red man could not rule the white man, and he would not willingly serve him. In such a circumstance, if the two races do not blend, one or the other is doomed.

I love my Amerindian Brothers.

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Amerindians are literally asians.

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im part amerindian (cherokee) ask me shit
no im not "IM 5% CHEROKEE LULZ !!!" my grandma was actual cherokee

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Wow I thought amerindians were in america I guess they live in asia now huh

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And that's why race is a retarded concept. They're literally Asians that migrated across Alaska and weren't isolated for that long.

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Bluefish caves.
The european man was the cro magnon. The rest are immigrants.

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right, it might be 5% cherokee and 12% other tribes

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No you freaking retard they are the same racial group as east asians, thats why they look like east asians.

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>from china
Only 3 skulls on a cave support this "theory".

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Europeans existed long before Amerindians so a European race makes sense.

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>denies consensus
Amerindians had a higher development rate compared to europeans. Deal with it.

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The Bering strait theory?

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wow 2018 still believing in race wew lad!

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>not believing in race in 2018

just how pseud are you?

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The haplogroup origin obviously.

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What is the alternative?

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What was the alternative of all physics theories before they were demonstrated scientifically?
The 3 skull poor sample source is admitted by researchers. A poor inductive based research deserves to be doubted and criticized.

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Human migrations are complex and people have been fucking each other for thousands of years. Races are just manmade boundaries to try and group similar ethnicity together. Ethnicity is very real but there's no hard and fast racial groups.

If you've taken an evolutionary biology class (which I doubt you have) you would know that even species are not so easily defined all the time. Hybrids (horse + donkey = mule) or ring species (can only interbreed with geographically adjacent populations) make the lines fuzzy. That doesn't mean humans and bears aren't different species, just that boundaries aren't always clearly defined

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There is no kool-aid left for the rest of us. You drank it all.

You are proposing that a Mongolian, and an Congolese are the same.

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No you moron, I am saying all Africans are SIMILAR to each other and so are all asians but you can't divide everyone into white/black/hispanic

Are Abbos and Ethiopians both just "black" when there's a vast genetic gulf between them? Are Finns and greeks white? Are Samoyeds just asian?

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Name calling makes you look to have a weak arguent.

of course not. there are human aboriginals. There are colored races centered from north of India, and there was a genetic uplifting centered in Mesopotamia.

I agree, we are very mixed now, however not many Native Amerindians ever made it to Africa, and until the white man arrived in the Americas, there weren't many Black men who made it to the Americas.

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>Were neanderthals in America already?
I thought they were isolated to europe, denisovans were situated to the east.

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The point is that it's poorly sustained, and it should be considered that it is wrong. Can we agree?

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You haven't defended your case for racial boundaries at all, you've only reinforced my case.
> there are human aboriginals. There are colored races centered from north of India, and there was a genetic uplifting centered in Mesopotamia.
Is English not your first language? Because you really need to word this better.

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I agree we have forgot our racial boundaries. I use the point of the Saami people, who aren't 'white' but skin is white.
White, Oriental, Black, are smearing tricks and only make the situation more complicated. Also, I believe strongly in race mixing. How better to eliminate genetic diseases than to mix it out.

the boundaries don't exist as distinct as racial supremacists would like them to, but I am no racial supremacist.

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>believe strongly in race mixing
You can't stop it though. The most intelligent will always rule over the less intelligent.

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intelligence is influenced by; biology, sociology, community, ecology, culture, and innate genius.

Race is only a subset of biology, the bias that it provides can be argued and identified, but its not everything.

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What's makes a person white? I'm Irish and as far as i am able to track my family would have been treated worse then field niggers for a lot of history. Now I'm a white dude and I'm part of the problem. What's with this? How does that happen?

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White is the 'Blue Man' think germanic hoardes, mixed with the human aboriginal 'think heidelbergensis man', and the uplifted stock from mesopotamia and the Caucasoidals from eastern europe through central asia.

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You're too retarded to post here. Go home.

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What's makes that the case though? Why does that make me "white" like other people are "white" when my great grandparents would not have been seen as part of the same group as other "white" People? Why weren't my grandparents "white" too? That's my race isn't it as a "white" person?

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intelligence is fixed with about 80% genetic influence at age 25 for males. it is absolutely not influenced strongly by your culture. if this was the case people born on farms couldn’t be rocket scientists. intelligence is an inborn trait and is extemely heritable, more so than even height is. Niggers and spics are stupid because their ancestors got fucked over with selection pressures. That’s it. There’s no agents to blame. Just random noise and physical mechanisms. No accountability. Being a nazi doesn’t make sense because Jews and nogs do what they do without being able to control it; just as whytes are destructive narcissistic degenerates because of physical mechanisms and nothing more. You all built a razor trap lock box you’ll never escape. Enjoy it!

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>intelligence is fixed with about 80% genetic influence at age 25 for males. it is absolutely not influenced strongly by your
Citation needed. Not saying you're a stupid lying nazi or something but it feels like this is the type of argument someone like that might make without reasonable evidence.

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In colonial America the Irish we're indentured servants. You call that worse than 19th century slavery?

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Donald Trump is president, claim dismissed. And I'm not even one of those Fuck Drunkf people, I just think his IQ is literally around 90, he's quite retarded.

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One of my ancestors, according to the records I've found, was bought as a slave specifically becuase it was cheaper to buy an Irish slave than a black one. They supposedly had three "milato" kids with a black slave later.

That's what im talking about.

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>Fuck Drumpf, and I'm not even one of those Fuck Drunkf people
what did he mean by this

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Actually Amerindians had a higher development rate compared to europeans. That would put them superior to europeans.

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You have autism, go to a /pol if you want to talk politics.

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I don't. You are the one who's talking about politics so much that you have to bring your opinions on the president up.

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See, you're confused. You seem to think I made the post you originally replied to. I did not. You failed to ignore the political post, therefore you want to talk about, therefore you're on the wrong board. Go away.

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I'm not one to criticize the records you have, but your description is almost verbatim of old debunked propaganda. I'd be skeptical.

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I wouldn't be surprised if it was less than tyre, we are talking about large amount of time here. That's just what's been presented to me as true and what if be referring to by saying they were treated worse than blacks contemporarily.

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Hey jackass race is nothing more clusters of ethnic groups into one genetic subdivision thats why we call ALL EUROPEANS A SINGLE WHITE RACE AND ALL BLACKS A SINGLE CONGOID RACE. If you cant actually understand what race is you need to get off this board.

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Human intelligence is just like animal intelligence its based on the environment meaning race determines intelligence as different races have different environmental prressures.

The very fact we have TWO races that behave like unhinged childish psychopaths that ALSO LIVE IN TROPICAL RAINFOREST climates and then we have TWO INTELLIGENT IMPULSE REGULATED GROUPS that ALOS LIVE IN TEMPERATE SEASONAL CLIMATES proves the idea that intelligence isnt controlled by race is horseshit.

The fucking fact dog breeds dont have equal intellect debunks this wishy washy feel good nonsense.

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Go back to /pol/

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Thats all you can do shut your ears to the truth about humanity. We are animals fool so we are nothing more than slaves to our environment slaves to natural selection and evolution. Cry all you want that Mazumba will never amount to shit and be a psycho who slices up people in Mali for no rational reason but thats just how it is. Some humans were meant for civlization others are meant to be wild animals.

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Go back to /pol/

Spout your alternative facts over there.

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you can only hide for so long retard

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You're a fucking mongoloid. Kill yourself sub-human.

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So you are subhuman if you believe humans can be broken down into genetid subdivisions and that their base behavior is tied to these divisions?

No anon thats called thinking rationally.

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The subdivisions are biologically arbitrary. You can break it down so many different ways and always find statistical trends. Having behavior tied to skin color makes no biological sense. To deny that race is just a social construct in 2017 is retarded-tier.

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The correlations you are seeing are not even there to be confused for a cuase but you still think youre the smart one.

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>behavior tied to skin color makes no biological sense.
>skin color
Please be joking anon, you must have seen an actual african before and notice the many physical differences between it and you.
No you think you are the smart one, you are acting like a typical holier than thou libtard who is enlightened he doesnt see race.

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This is /sci/. Africans are undeniably human. Stop bringing your retarded biases onto my pure board. If you want to complain that you see people who aren't white there's a containment board just for you.

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Yes niggers are human but not the same type of human as Eurasians fool. Support blacks all you want it ends in them mutilating you very painfully like in South Africa or Zimbabwe.

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>retarded bias
Do you even live around black people?
No then shut the fuck up because you know a damn thing about how blacks act naturally when whitey isnt around. I call them "it" because they behave like unhinged wild people. My bias are not retarded at all you have the retarded bias because you use empathy as a form of reasoning instead of logical facts.

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This is exactly the type of autism that should be sent to /pol. You don't belong on a science and math board

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