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>can't echolocate

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>gib echolocation

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>brainlet can't apply synesthesia as a mnemonic system

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>look like an autist making click sounds

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>don't look like an autist making click sounds

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I'm really good at making clicking noises with my palate. Seriously, I can do it almost as fast as a dolphin. I'm actually bored enough to try to learn this now.
Thanks OP

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I use scat music to echo-locate so that people think I'm just a hipcat being hip and cool with his tunes.


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control the pitch, pretend you're making music.

Hell if you got good enough could you invent a language using only clicks? Is this how dolphins communicate?

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I believe that there is an african tribe that does this.

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I can use it in my own home at night when stumbling around to do use the bathroom at 2am. One time I actually cleared out all the furniture and everything to make a bare room for doing painting and shit. Holy hell it really fucked with me due to the complete sound change. I never noticed what was going on until that happened. Now I know.

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>language using only clicks


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Yeah, maybe you can use it to echolocate yourself a gf, huh?

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I don't need more unattended rugrats terrorizing the local countryside, anon.

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Too bad English isn't more of a sing-songy language like some of the Asian languages, only actually musical than what they do,

Can you imagine communicating like this all the time?

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is there an organization to develop humans with abilities like that

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I believe there might be blind people who can do it perfectly after lots of training. But an organization? I don't think so, anon.

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In one of the "Old Man's War" series of books, someone is blindfolded and tied to a chair. They use their hearing to create a map of the room via echolocation and their BrainPal creating an unknown advantage that allows for escape.

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yeah, just stand outside your nearest bat society and emit a supersonic screech

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