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You have 15 minutes to post any justification that the axiom of infinity or one of its equivalents is wrong. I'm waiting.

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We can observe infinity in real life; for example, God is infinitely powerful and good.

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Atheists are retarded, news at 11.

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Let ZF\I be the set of axioms of ZF without infinity. Add another axiom: "No set is bijective to a proper subset". Proof of independence and consistency is left to the reader.

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The statement is not true until you prove it, so I'm waiting

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I won't hold your hand. It's well known from basic set theory classes that without the axiom of infinity you can not construct N or any other infinite set. It is easily shown that a set is finite iff it's not bijective to any proper subset. That's all you need.

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>without the axiom of infinity you can not construct N or any other infinite set.
Oh well, without ridiculous axioms you can't make up ridiculous things that don't exist in real world, and to make any sense of stupid concepts as infinite sets you need to assume counterintuitive axioms

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