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>"The Planck Length"

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>The double slit experiment.

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>"due to quantum uncertainty"

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>"fictitious force"

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>"....our theories break down"

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>"Boltzmann brain"

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"pi appears out of nowhere!"

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>when transforming to a rotating frame of reference

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>"on this pale blue dot"

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>"bra–ket notation"

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>"the absence of evidence is evidence of absence"

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"some physicists believe....."

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When I hear any of these I immediately close whatever pop-sci video I'm watching. Why did we tell the normies about quantum mechanics?

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>there is only one human specie

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>gender is determined by your chromosomes

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if gender isn't determined by your chromosomes then why do the vast majority of people who are biologically male also happen to identify themselves as being male? Your move, brainlet.

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God isn't real.
Checkmate, christian.

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how does your reply even make sense as a reply to my comment?

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Dunning–Kruger the thread.

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I'm still waiting for his reply

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>long dash

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Now back to /ic/ with you

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Nice try brainlets, but it's perfectly clear you're all sub-190 IQ sub-humans.

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>Vast majority
Your own comment implies that chromosomes don't fully determine gender.

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So we agree that gender is not a social construction, right? That is, gender is heavily determined by your genes, even though there're outliers?

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did you just determine causation from a correlation?

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explain to me the cause of the correlation then

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>tfw 189 IQ
>tfw I will never understand Rick and Morty without that last IQ point
I can't even think of a clever way to kill myself.

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>"I don't understand the limitations of the statistical method"

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so you don't have an answer, right?

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Are you fucking retarded? I'm telling you that just because there is a correlation does not mean there's a causation. You ask me then what's the cause of this correlation, and I tell you it's hard to know because the conclusions one can draw from statistics are limited. Stop being such a fucking idiot, you self-entitled prick. Please never actually study any science, you would do a great disservice to whichever field you choose.

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>Are you fucking retarded? I'm telling you that just because there is a correlation does not mean there's a causation. You ask me then what's the cause of this correlation, and I tell you it's hard to know because the conclusions one can draw from statistics are limited. Stop being such a fucking idiot, you self-entitled prick. Please never actually study any science, you would do a great disservice to whichever field you choose.

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Suck my dick brainlet.

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I'm going to ignore all the name calling.
We can determine the gender of other species based on differences in chromosomes but somehow humans are special, aren't we? Just look at how retarted is the idea that animals can choose their genders while at the same time their genes ''want'' to be passed on. I also love how you think I wouldn't be a good scientist when you deny basic biology.

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Gender is just a matter of semantics. You want to call gender a social phenomenon, just define it as such. You want to call it a biological phenomenon, be clear that this is the definition you use. The debate is trivial. The problem in your argumentation is that you take 'gender identification', a social phenomenon, and argue that because it correlates 'biological gender', the latter is caused by the former. I'm saying that you don't have grounds to make this leap of reasoning with nothing more than a correlation. There could be other reasons why biological gender and gender identification correlate, which could all be biological, could all be social, or could be an amalgamation of both.

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*the former is caused by the latter

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>There could be other reasons why biological gender and gender identification correlate, which could all be biological, could all be social, or could be an amalgamation of both.
show me evidence that this is the case.

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I'm not the one making positive claims here. All I'm saying is that the conclusions you are drawing are unsubstantiated. The burden of proof is not on me.

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>when you bait some retards into "arguing" with each other with a stupid comment

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It is not just a positive claim. It is a rational conclusion derived from the scientific method

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>at the centre of a black hole

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>varg gif saved on computer
this tells me everything I need to know about you

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That's not a "gif".

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Get back to your containment board.

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>constant "is exponentially larger than"

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>your entire argument is wrong because you used one logical fallacy

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I find
>le grahams number xD

to be worse

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>Rayo's number

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>i cant into limits

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That's actually true though. Your argument is wrong if you use fallacious reasoning, but your conclusion may still be true. The fallacy fallacy consists of assuming that because an argument is fallacious, its conclusion is false.

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>Time travel

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Kill yourself

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um if we could like chillax with the homophobia that would be super cool

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What's homophobic about asking another man to suck your dick?

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I'm gay

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the size of your dick

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>gender is real

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You have to go back

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>"Multiple Worlds Theory"

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I like to imagine it's the same guy making all these brainlet wojaks.

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>"atoms never actually touch"

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Lost it. Reminded me of the beginning of Cat Soup.

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"String theory"

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>"Mathematically assuming that the universe is a hologram"

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>"more variation within than between"

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>Banach-Tarski paradox

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Nice troll lol

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just because they are dumber, look different etc doesnt mean they are a different species. we are still able to bread with them which makes them a different race

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We were able to breed with h.neanderthal either but they are not the same specie are they.

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Part of my inner /pol/ would like to think that a neanderthal had mated with a proboscis monkey that gave birth to a lineage that would ultimately become the modern day jew, explaining their massive noses.

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>The 2nd law of thermo...

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They are a true work of art, I'm honored to live at the same time as a person capable of this

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>"free will isn't real"

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>Loader's Number

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>Zero gravity

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You dare insult the Big Headed One?!

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>the cat is either dead and alive at the same time

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nice tumor faggot

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why the homophobia?

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why the homophobia?

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You'Re a soyboy, aren't you.
>gibbe da boipucci fag :)

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No, not at all. I just think debates about gender are trivial given that each side of the debate defines the term differently. I also prefer to talk about my research rather than waste my time discussing identity politics. Define gender however you like, it doesn't change anything about either biology or sociology. The debate is on both ends fully political, not scientific.

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wow, aren't you eddy!

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>[math]\Delta E \Delta t \geq \frac{\hbar}{2} [/math]

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Why did you post a picture of a white man?

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>global warming

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I agree with this. Gender can't be on a spectrum if it isn't real :^)

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> >global warming

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>> >global warming

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Why do you brainlets always shit on philosophy? Philosophy majors get paid more. Are you just jealous?

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>'science' isn't politics

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Maybe this dude is blessed with super broad shoulders?

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>science is 'politics'

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>「science」is and/or is not 「politics」

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>[math][[P(s)\wedge \neg P(s)]\vee[P(s)\vee\neg P(s)] ][/math]

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>Someone predicted future events correctly; therefore they must be a genius!

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>although the best predictor of intelligence is pattern recognition and the ability to predict the future, this person who did precisely that is NOT INTELLIGENT

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>math is not a science

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>math is a science

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>the fermi """"""""""paradox""""""""""

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Here's the whole sex/gender debacle in a nutshell.

Sex is a biological category determined by chromosomes and sex organs. It's mostly just male and female with a few exceptions that are literally mutations, but there's really nothing wrong with that so let's move on.

Gender is an abstract, insidey, cultural, fashion thing to which we never should have applied the same words, male and female, to in the first place. Some fucking retarded decided to categorize gender as male and female.

Now, we are literally just conflating the two things, and everybody on both sides is fucking stupid.

No, you cannot alter your biological category by how you feel inside. That said, the notion that gender can be understood in terms of the male/female dichotomy is also stupid, and there's really no logic to being upset that a biological male would want to operate superficially as feminine as any female has ever been, and vice-versa. It doesn't fucking matter.

It's purely a semantic problem, and if people on both sides recognized that, the only problem would be people getting triggered over something that merely weirds them out, like homosexuality. We need to acknowledge that this conflation of both terms and ideas is a mistake, and then just stop caring because it doesn't really matter in the end.

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Show me your reaction pic to this

>> No.9344274

Holy shit, I thought I was the only person in the entire world (hyperbole, but you get my point) that didn't buy into either factional bullshit.
So glad, anon, so glad.

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>mfw people are still falling for this obvious bait

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wow I'm saving all those brainlet pics

>> No.9344334

>I'm smarter than both sides u guize
But your whole argumentation is strictly the left-wing position, lad. Not saying you're wrong or anything, but making the point that "the two should be separate notions" is already taking position on the argument and opposing the conservatives.

Also it's not just semantic, it is a choice of society.

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>The planck length double slit experiment due to quantum uncertainty and fictitious force our theories break down. Boltzmann brain pi appears out of nowhere when transforming to a rotating frame of reference on this pale blue dot bra-ket notation. The absence of evidence is evidence of absence, and some physicists believe there is only one human species Dunning-Krugar TREE(3) can't into limits because entropy and time travel. Multiple Worlds theory never actually touch because string theory mathematically assuming the universe is a hologram Banach-Tarski paradox consciousness particles the car is either dead and alive at the same time the fermi paradox

>> No.9344374

Whats wrong with bra-ket? I find the name fairly autistic but they are pretty intuitive to work with. Im in QM1 though so maybe it gets worse?

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>this entire thread

>> No.9344585


>Some fucking retarded decided to categorize gender as male and female.

Yeah, what a retard. 999 out of 1000 times gender expression and biological sex correlate but who cares about that? Some retards.

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>humanity is descended from koalas

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"Ancient astronaut theorists believe..."

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Why the homophobia?

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>"I'm pickle riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiick"

>> No.9345189

You are one of those brainlets whose mind has warped "Correlation doesn't imply causation" into "Correlation means no causation".
Some people claim differences between the sexes cause difference in gender, okay let's have a look at the data. Wow there's a 99,9% correlation and the remaining 0,1% have mental health issues and a 40% suicidality rate.

>> No.9345198

Because society makes them feel like they are arn't welcome

>> No.9345204

gender has been used to describe people only since the 60's by feminists

>> No.9345590

this is correct

>> No.9345628

No it's because they get depressed their genitals no longer function because their body wasn't meant to work without all the correct parts.

>> No.9345886

why the homophobia?

>> No.9345900

/sci/ is one of the few board where people are willing to mock "GO BACK TO POL THEDONALD POLTARD" types. really tells you a lot.

>> No.9345910

go back to /pol/ spammers are worse than the handful of /pol/ crossposters

>> No.9345926

I think /pol/tard-owners are individually louder than the "/pol/tards" themselves, in that there are more /pol/ users crossposting & spreading /pol/ rhetoric in any given board, but individually they're less loud and likely to consistently go at an argument for hours or ruin a thread than anti/pol/ types.

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>many worlds interpretation

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>"And once we invent FTL warp drives..."

>> No.9346833

>we don't ruin threads!
>*keeps defending pseudoscience and racism
Go back to pol

>> No.9346873

There is nothing wrong with any of these, you're all just brainlets with no understanding of physics.
>I immediately close whatever pop-sci video I'm watching
Maybe you'd not get so triggered by perfectly sensible physics if you picked up a textbook (or research paper once you've got through the entry level stuff) instead of watching pop-sci.
It is in linguistics.
There's a lot of bait, but I'd wager that's mostly the gender stuff. There are loads of ideas in maths and physics that people refuse to accept for whatever crazy reason.

>> No.9346875

That's right, though. That's what a fallacy is: a fault in your logic.

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>tfw too smart for this thread

>> No.9347856

If you truly were too smart, you wouldn't have made that post
Did you know that it is usually brainlets who believe that they are "too smart" for something - simply because they don't even realize the extend of a problem

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>> No.9347923

The true normie filter.

>> No.9347936

I wish Feynman could surf 4chan.

>> No.9348348

>There is nothing wrong with any of these, you're all just brainlets with no understanding of physics.

Thats not the point, its that brainlets use the terms like candy because it makes them sound more profound than they really are

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half of these went to my fucking anime girl folder goddamit

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why the homophobia?

>> No.9348511

why the homophillia?

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Who in the fucking FUCK is making all of these brainlet memes

I swear to God they're multiplying faster than I can keep up

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I don't have anything stupid to quote, I just wanted to share this image

>> No.9348570

Explain this image.

>> No.9348573

Even worse
>the people that think the revelation would somehow mean different races are above/below each other
I acknowledge that there are differences between the races but I'm still very opposed to race hatred and think we should just celebrate these differences instead of either trying to cover up/eradicate them or think of others as "subhuman"

>> No.9348638

>white heritage warrior
>oriental fight style
Kek, i was waiting for him to brandish a heavy sword while drinking some norse mead

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>find a good science/popsci (the two are fairly distinct from each other) channel
>they start making politics videos
It doesn't even matter if they take my side on it, they're fucking dead to me

>> No.9349424

VaginalSauce is very good. Haven't seen him go pol

>> No.9349437

Africans are mentally subhuman it means they behave more like primitive homini like erectus or ergaster than any Eurasian human like us or arabs or asians.

You can be opposed all you want, it wont stop Tazum from slicing your limbs off with a machete you stupid cuck.

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> believing in a Planck value

Hahaha, fucking normie. Planck length, width and depth would be the smallest single value, but Plank itsnt a value but a concept. I dont care who says otherwise.


I believe in God, dont you or are you stuck in a loop? I was 13 when Brief History of time came out...me and Hawking believe...but your brainlet picture said more than I could.

>> No.9349444

The Africans weren't sagging their loincloths and competing to be the least productive before all of this, though
At least half of their negative traits probably come from one intelligence agency or another

>> No.9349446

>*proceeds to talk about "Dark Energy" like we know a single fucking thing about it*
It's literally "whatever the fuck makes the universe expand lmao"
It's a fucking placeholder until we figure out what the fuck actually makes it expand

>> No.9349448

Most african tribes had little to no clothing, and dont go HURRR IT WAS HOT, south east asians invented clothing of their own.

>> No.9349456

I'm not saying they're fucking genius (generally they're actually retarded, in the literal sense, based on what we define as retarded)
I'm just saying we don't HAVE to treat them like fucking shit
And then some contrarian (You) came along and said "BUT ACKSHUALLY"
I'm trying to argue AGAINST political correctness here by saying it is not necessary to promote the lie that we are all the same, while you come along and start unironically arguing with what use to be seen only in strawman arguments
You Zionist stooge, go back to whatever sea of filth you came from

>> No.9349458

>Most african tribes had little to no clothing
It's not like they needed to. They had a different concept of nudity, so they didn't feel they have to cover their bodies unlike other cultures in distant regions.

>> No.9349464

Hes a sellout though. He completely faked his trolley problem episode that just came out.

>> No.9349469
File: 65 KB, 1092x1037, lXSWGjR[1].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Wanted to start a humorous meme thread
>devolves into /pol/ autism

Should I delete?

>> No.9349481
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Shut up, Akko. You are canonically retarded.

>> No.9349487

No one said the word fully until you just now. That's moving the goalposts.

>> No.9349488
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I used to think that...then I saw the shape of the universe and now know thats totally bullshit.

>> No.9349490

Judea came from egypt

Distant lands.

We Wu-rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

>> No.9349491

Wrong. There's not even a statistical link between bullying and suicide. Why would there be a link between trannies not "feeling welcome" and suicide? Trannies have mental problems and they need help to become normal. The problem lies with them.

>> No.9349492

Yes because they are dumb animals like erectus or ergaster.

>> No.9349539

I'm from /pol/ and even I can't stand these faggots
They're just as annoying as the people yelling "BAK TO \POL" over literally nothing
If I wanted to discuss politics I would go back to /pol/, I am here for sciencey bullshit not neo-nazi rants
Honestly I don't even like the Neo-Nazis in /pol/ either, their entire ideology seems to be "whatever backs up 'white=good nonwhite=bad' is what I believe now"
Honestly maybe this thread will stand a chance on /r9k/, there are similar threads to this all the time so it could work

>> No.9349545
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how long is this shitty meme going to last
a year or two more when it gets replaced by something else?

pepe is already dead by the way, from what I can tell

I know there was a really shitty one from 2-4 years ago that died as well but I forgot which (thankfully)

>> No.9349562


>> No.9349570

no, I do not think that was it

>> No.9349692

why not?

>> No.9349721


Also, how the fuck is it not causation? Being a male is determined by the presence of a Y chromosome in humans. This is a FACT

>> No.9349768
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>> No.9349847
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>Zionist stooge

Thats odd...I feeln the same way but am a Buddhist in peace time and Jihadi in war time.

Also, peace be with you, or not, you have options.

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