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>get in relationship
>grades go down from 90s to 70s
>dont get accepted into the masters program that I wanted
>gf just left me

Why did I fuck up so much? Why are relationships so fucking leeching? Is this why there are so few productive people in the world?

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Why did you post this on /sci/? Did you want sympathy? I have girlfriends all the time and I'm where I want to be. Fucking fag.

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Better she leaves you now than when you're pursing your Ph.D.

Relationships are not leeching OP, just pick a better girl next time. Someone who wants to make a family with you and not just be with you since all her bffs have boyfriends.

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Comes to 4chan, brags about GF, calls OP fag.

>Anon confirmed to be fake and gay.

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>Is this why there are so few productive people in the world?
Ultimately, yes.

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Have you learned your lesson?

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Well yeah but I don't know what to do. What do people do when they don't get into the masters program they want?

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Oddly, I left my girlfriend at the beginning of this semester and it made things much more difficult. Did she leave you because you were clingy? Were you way too focused on her?

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She left me because I tried to pull things together toward the end of my degree so I focused more on schoolwork and she decided I wasn't spending enough time with her and she wanted other things.


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By dating an emotionally mature woman who understands that she isn't the only thing in your life.

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the worst part is she said she fell in love with me because i was so passionate and driven

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Wow, I'd be fuming mad if that was my situation. Fuck her. But honestly, I left my girlfriend because that's what the situation was. I was spending too much time with her dealing with her bullshit that it was affecting my school, so I cut her out. It was a messy breakup though and it made me perform a bit worse this semester, but still probably was a better choice in the long run.

I hope you bounce back.

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to be honest, she probably wasn't that into you and was using that as an excuse.

If she left you because you were knuckling down to study more before your degree ended then she only saw you as fun or a short term prospect.

if girls actually like someone they don't break up wit them for that reason.

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Mods where the fuck are you? 404 this shitty thread!

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You picked a shit gf mate.

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Well, sounds shitty but you're young and hopefully you realize that your relationship probably had an expiration date anyway. Most do until you're pretty much settled, which if you want a PhD will probably be a loong time from now.

Also this >>9333946

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>be me
>get rejected from every Ph.D. I applied for
>all of them
>Took a masters at home uni as a backup
>I know I will do good
We'll just see what happens when I apply for Ph.D. again two years later

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(continue from) >>9333964
Also, masters degrees are cool, but it sounds like you think your life is over because you didn't get the one single school you were looking for. There are other schools, bro, and having a masters from university of bumfuckliterallywho is not nearly as damning as having a Ph.D. from university of bumfuckliterallywho. It's just a masters degree.

A lot of kids I graduated with took on a masters right away, not because they were planning to be career researchers, but because they didn't have a guaranteed job and wanted to get a boost on top of their bachelors degree

I hope you didn't apply for one and only one masters program.

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>he fell for the woman meme

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