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I've decided to make a card game where the player is a brilliant scientist and is trying to create various inventions. These inventions should be considered "impossible" for humanity right now. So far I've came up with

-Antimatter Rocket

-Space Elevator

-Fusion Reactor

-Dyson Sphere

-Quantum Computer

-Time Dilation Device

-Wormhole Generator


-Faster than Light Drive

-Hard Hologram

I have 10 ideas but I'd like to start out with 20. Does anybody have ideas for 10 future inventions that are far beyond human creation. Jetpack and Laser weapon are not good examples because we technically can make them, we just haven't mass produced them yet. I'm looking for 10 truly futuristic ideas that are "impossible"

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Perpetual motion
Freeze ray
A machine that would make my parents proud of me
Reinmann's hypothesis proving machine

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- Hyperdrive
- Antigravity field
- Terraformer
- Freeze and Heat ray
- Warp drive
- Energy weapons
- Jump drive

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>>-Wormhole Generator
>>-Faster than Light Drive
>>-Hard Hologram
>>Perpetual motion
>>Reinmann's hypothesis proving machine
>>- Warp drive
>>- Jump drive
those are the only ones that are basically impossible with current technology, everything else is just an engineering problem.

>>-Antimatter Rocket
it's a matter of making enough antimatter, which is an engineering problem. a cubesat propelled with antimatter might be launched next year.

>>-Space Elevator
we could build one on the moon, making strong enough materials for one on earth is an engineering problem
>>-Fusion Reactor
H-bombs are fusion reactors.
>>-Dyson Sphere
we could start the process of building one today.

>>-Quantum Computer
we have quantum computers, they're just not better than regular computers.
>>-Time Dilation Device
anything with mass does this
>>Freeze ray
is possible, just an engineering problem. Laser cooling exists
>>heat ray
>>- Energy weapons
being field tested by various militaries, engineering problem
>>- Antigravity field
again, also an engineering problem, we can make one, it'd just need to be very big and wouldn't have much of an effect

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shrink ray. We have no fucking clue how to make a shrink ray.

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Grey Goo
Mind transfer machine
Self-aware slime molds
Memory implanter/changer

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