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I recently got into art and have been reading about art history when I should be studying for my CS degree. I just can't switch off, focus on CS for a few hours and then return to do whatever I want in my free time because my mind will be focused on something else. Doing homework feels like a chore and I either rush or skip it. I feel like I need to finish studying one thing to a satisfactory degree before I can move back to CS again. But that's not really realistic because there will be always something to catch my interest.

Any advice?

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You actually don't like CS buddy.
It's time to dropout and rethink your life decisions.

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How many people studying CS actually like it? Stop with this "study what you enjoy" meme.

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Most people don't really like STEM, whereas all people need jobs and all jobs are for STEM graduates. If /sci/ is so smart, how come hasn't it solved this yet?

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>CSfags think everyone in stem hate their degrees like them
Holy shit, there's only one life familia, why study and even worse, work in something you don't like

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>why study and even worse, work in something you don't like

Because you have to make a living in order to survive? Not everyone is lucky to be interested in something that is also in demand or have rich parents.

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I've taken a few CS courses and although I had my fun in them, I generally find CS assignments to be a pain. Now on the other hand, I did a research project in my undergrad which consisted of mostly programming. That was fun because I was being paid to do and wasn't on a crunch to submit assignments for the sake of assignments. My work had a purpose to it. I can see myself having a programming job and being okay with it but I wouldn't enjoy getting a CS degree.

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People who do STEM don’t actually like it? That sounds like torture. I love calculations and modeling. If you hate your degree it just seems like you’re gonna be set up to hate every moment of your life. You should at least feel indifferent.

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