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If I want to study CS, which science should I focus on?
Bio, Chem, or Phys?

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Just focus on your female classmate's pusssy, and you will still be more successful than 99% of this meme board.

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You can use your knowledge in physics to create a physics simulation or something. Idk how knowledge in biology and chemistry would help with CS

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CS shouldn't even exist in colleges. You don't need to learn higher level math for it and especially not fucking sciences. You guys are just getting bamboozled for your tuition.

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Can you clarify "CS"? Is it Computer Science? Because only physics makes sense, and only marginally. If you want to study CS, pick up The Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs and work through it.

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>You don't need to learn higher level math for it

Automata theory isn't higher level math?

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biology, specifically neurology

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>muh set notation


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Bioinformatics is where all the jobs and money are.

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Neurology + CS + maths = reverse engineering of the brain = artificial intelligence = god field
But AI may be a meme with no advancement in the futur so be carefull.

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top kek. Read a fucking AI book. The field is already over 50 years old and there are still many important problems left.

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CS guy here. Automota Theory is really easy. I'd not call high level math.

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All three have interesting applications. For physics computer modules are indispensable, but most physicists already know how to code so unless you're doing it for interest it's not really cost effective. Chemist's often don't know how to power on a computer and there's a bunch of really cool computational chemistry stuff you can do. Probably most niche but undersaturated market. Idk what bioinformatics is but lots of people talk about it so that seems like another emerging field but Fuck bio so I can't comment.
Just do whichever you're interested in

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The one you want. CS gives a banging salary no matter what science you choose.

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Electrical Engineering and CS double major is your only option. Also why didn't you include mathematics? Physics, chemistry, and biology isn't required nearly as much as mathematics is in any CS course.

All of the shit that you need to do with programming is already found in a library for whatever language that you desire to utilise, and if you are asking this question because you actually desire to deeply study the field, then you are already boned.

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