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How hyped are you for Mars colonisation?

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Because in my case, I'm hyped.

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Will I even be alive by the time that happens? Would it not be better to fix earth instead of living on mars in bubbles?

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>Will I even be alive by the time that happens?
For the first human going there - I reckon so

For a full-scale colonisation - dunno. Maybe not.

>Would it not be better to fix earth instead of living on mars in bubbles?
Pic related

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Come on, who wouldn't want to go here? Looks like prime real estate to me.

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>tfw ywn help create a new country on Mars, free from the shackles of the Earth

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>Earth fleet rolls up
>blast em with plasma railguns and electrolasers
>conquer the outer Solar System

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Mars colonisation is a fucking meme. What an insane expenditure for a shithole of a planet. Rotating asteroid habitats are the future of space colonisation and can be brought into geosync orbit with earth, not a nigtrillion miles away.

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We MCR now

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I'm probably a skeleton cyborg lich by the time we have made a fully functional town in there.

Yes, only cyborgs can be undead.

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>skeleton cyborg lich on Mars

Adeptus Mechanicus?

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Not very since terraforming it will take thousands of years. The only ones who will be living there before that will be scientists involved in the project and I have zero hopes of making it into the team since I am a simple manipulator of ones and zeroes.

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There will never be permanent settlements on Mars

- Mars doesn't have a magnetic field strong enough to keep a sufficient atmosphere from being blown away by the solar wind, or protect surface-dwellers from it.

- The surface of Mars is loaded with chemicals highly toxic to biological organisms.

- There's no viable energy source on Mars for doing anything major.

Any outposts on Mars would need to be about two meters under the surface, and near water ice at one of the poles. And small.

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>there are still people who believe space colonization will happen
Why does this delusion persist?

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>Mars colony


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>wanting to live in a low grav rock so far from the sun that it is never warm
I don't understand the appeal. Venus would be better and cheaper and orbital rings around earth would be better than either.

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>asteroid habitats are the future of space colonisation and can be brought into geosync orbit with earth
And how the fuck is that going to be done you stupid twat? How do you get a fucking asteroid to start orbiting the Earth?

We don't have to terraform it, we just need to get there. And then build a shelter.


>Any outposts on Mars would need to be about two meters under the surface
I read something where a scientist suggested building caves. There are lots of canyons on Mars, and you could build caves into the sides of the canyon. This is how humans used to live on Earth - in caves.

Caves on Mars would protect humans from cosmic radiation, and from extreme temperature fluctuations. It's the perfect solution.

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Well either it does, or we die out. It might take a long time, but it will eventually happen - or else we will just die out, which I don't think will happen.

>Venus would be better
Which bit is better - the 450 degree C temperatures, or the sulphuric acid rain?

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Venus is potential candidate only after massive space industry is available. Until then moon and mars and nothing else. Maybe some dumb useless rover on titan but who knows how planetary protection will go once the poolution starts piling up here and there.

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Thank you. Why get the public hyped for something they'll never see in their lifetime? Let's get hyped for the Moon. It's our most realistic stepping stone to the solar system, and a really good place for some trial runs that is close to home. I'm sick of the Mars meme, desu.

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the exact same shitposts
every fucking thread

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Cognitive dissonance. They're not shitposts--they're reality checks, anon.

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Venus is not a potential candidate. Floating colonies 50km in the air is a fucking stupid idea.

Mars is by far the best candidate for humans to go to. Yes it has challenges, but they're more manageable than on Venus.

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Not very because it's unlikely to happen in my lifetime. Landing maybe, but permanent colonization is waaay off. Even longer for terraforming to make it an actually desirable place to live.

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belter scum.

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gonna tint some sweet video from new mexico and pull in another 40billion buckaroonies. YAY MARS!

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when i upload some half ass crowley propulsion labs cgi, yall yell YAY MARS!!

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1. Landing will probably happen in your lifetime - at least I would say it's pretty likely, given how much both NASA and SpaceX are investing in it.

2. You realise that if we did, for instance, make a Mars base, then it would just be some scientists right? You realise that's by far the most logical thing that would happen first, before any sort of mass migration?

3. Terraforming isn't needed. It's just a fucking dumb idea. Instead, technology is needed. Airtight habitats, and the necessary machinery to generate air and water. Then you're set.

Terraforming would be massively controversial anyway, because there will be a load of hippie cunts who will say "no we must preserve Mars as it is". At the very least, terraforming would not be the FIRST solution to inhabiting Mars. It might come later, if there are lots of people who desperately want to relocate to Mars, who outnumber any objectors to the idea of terraforming a planet. But it would be such a huge process, so it definitely wouldn't be the most immediate solution to the problems of living on Mars.

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>being stuck using solar panels on mars/moon due to "environmental issues"
I seriously hope you aren't doing this.

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>thinking the "colonization" will be a build up of society and technology
>not knowing it's an escapist plan for the M.I.C. where a large portion of the planet has been colonized for the last 40 years

We're basically going to be going to a near-Earth environment created and built many years ago.

Don't be surprised when humanity goes from stone age retards today to centuries of advancement nearly overnight.

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>Floating colonies 50km in the air is a fucking stupid idea
>Earthlike temperature
>Earthlike gravity
>Earthlike pressure
>4x the solar power you get on Earth
Muh acid clouds is a meme and Venus is unironically the best bet for human colonisation within the solar system

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You'd need to be 500ft underground to be safe from deadly radiation anyway. And where is the outpost going to dump the waste? It's not like you can bring it back to earth on rockets.

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An orbital station seems more likely to me than a ground base.

Terraforming IS needed for long term settlement. There's simply no point in settling a planet where you can't even walk outside with out a spacesuit.
Maybe a few small colonies of scientists would live like that, but not families and average people.

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That's why you build caves into the side of Martian canyons.

You're too stupid to be worth my time

Growing stuff requires space and soil, and the Martian surface has both of those things

I'm not talking about mass migration to Mars you fucking moron, I'm talking about scientists getting there and establishing a base



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Not hyped at all because the world is filled with morons parroting the same boring arguments and general negativity/skepticism/ignorance about "going to space"

In the 50s and 60s people looked up at the stars in wonderment. Now everyone looks down at their smartphone and wants to give moneys to refugees and (((ULA))) instead of Musk.

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What is the fucking floating Venus city going to do? No soil, no mining, and a constant struggle to keep afloat. If you have to contain and maintain a closed-off atmosphere anyway, you can just as well colonize some asteroid or moon.

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That flag looks disgusting, what were they thinking with the blue

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there would be mining though, Gas harvesting until enough gas is stripped away or technology improves enough to reach the surface effectively for mining

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>No soil
Hydroponics farms
>no mining
>a constant struggle to keep afloat
Earth air is less dense than the Venusian atmosphere retard, a balloon would stay afloat on Venus.

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>>no mining
You intend to ship thousands of tons of material across interplanetary space to build a flying city that will produce nothing of significant value, can't expand on its own and costs enormous effort and resources to supply and maintain? Who's going to live there, and for what purpose?

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If you are implying that the colonisation of another planet is something that will realistically happen in any other event than the potential extinction of humanity as a species, then we are on a different page. Forget things like economics and producing things, if SHTF and we need a planet to live on then Venus is our best bet.

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>Earth air is less dense than the Venusian atmosphere retard, a balloon would stay afloat on Venus.
That's not the only issue, you child. Even balloons needs constant maintenance. Venusian weather is tumultous and the atmosphere quite hostile. And you'd never be able to land to perform it in safety.

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Oh no! Maintenance! Dear god, how will we survive? I thought things were just supposed to work forever!
Modern day chemical hazard equipment easily deals with acid you rodent. Even better, modern firefighter equipment is made to withstand temperatures nearly five times hotter then Venus's surface.

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It's not going to happen in my lifetime.

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>a planet to live on
>live on
>can't even live ON it, have to float in a balloon
>no raw materials except vapor
>no metals for building
>no minerals for organic fertilizer
>no energy other than the sun
>no silicon to make solar panels from
>what are the balloons made of?
So somehow they are supposed to literally build a civilization out of thin air?

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>>can't even live ON it, have to float in a balloon
So? Don't play semantics with me.
>>no energy other than the sun
What's wrong with that? We get four times as much solar power except it is always available.
>>what are the balloons made of?
Earth's air floats in Venus's atmosphere

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Yes, and what does that earth's air go inside of? I asked what the balloons are made of, not what is inside them. How are you going to make more balloons?

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Not the guy you replied to, but atmospheric mining. There isn't much silicon in Venus' atmosphere proportionally, but there's so much atmosphere that it balances out. I haven't run the numbers yet, but intuitively it should work.

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>Mars doesn't have a magnetic field strong enough

Not a problem: https://phys.org/news/2017-03-nasa-magnetic-shield-mars-atmosphere.html

Conveniently, this also will kickstart rapid atmospheric regeneration.

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>what does that earth's air go inside of?

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Stop replying to the brainlet, for it is beyond help.

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>Gas harvesting until enough gas is stripped away


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>sent from Earth

so when SHTF and your Venus blimp is the last bastion of human civilization, how does it build more blimps to allow humanity to eventually expand and recover? It doesn't, because it's a fucking blimp with no resources.

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It makes more sense to colonise Antarctica before Mars.

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colonization of mars is essential to fix earth - more resources.

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Why don't we take Venus' atmosphere... and push it to Mars

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The 450 celcius temperatures only exist at the surface, and the atmosphere is really only moderately acidic. Considerably so, but not insurmountably so. There is a layer in the atmosphere around 50 km from the ground that has similar temperature and pressure as in Earth's lower atmosphere, and where you could live in airships and go outside wearing only a lab suit and breathing mask. And then you could send robots to the surface mining for resources.

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I don't understand the need to colonize mars

Wouldn't a better idea be to start mining other planets and taking it's natural resources to simply improve earth

This might be a stupid question
but hypothethically
Can we artificially increase the size of the Earth?

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Also there's a ring region near Mercury's poles where only a few meters below ground the temperature is similar to ours, and on Mercury the solar energy flux is considerably higher than on Earth (500%-1000%), not considerably lower than on Earth as would be the case for Mars (60% + dust storms). Some guy has compiled a bunch of interesting information to argue for a colonization of Mercury in the following link:


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This one is actually more reasonable than fucking venus. More water too. Massive delta v costs though.
Face it. Mars is the only sane option.

>> No.9265253

>delta v costs
Depends on how much of a hurry you're in.

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There isn't any disaster man made or natural that would be more difficult to prevent than the successful colonization of another planet would be to accomplish. Likewise, there really isn't any material profit to be made from the colonization of other planets. Asteroids are way easier and more profitable to mine for a multitude of reasons. The colonization of another planet has only 2 potential benefits.

1- The scientific advancement from such an undertaking. Like going into space and going to the moon. We didn't come back with moon gold or set up moon bases, but the scientific advancements made from such an endeavor massively benefited all aspects of our daily lives.

2- Novelty. It'd be cool, that's about it.

So it really doesn't matter what planet we colonize. Making the effort and overcoming the challenges that arise is the reward in and of itself.

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We have the resources to do both. The either/or thing is a trick by various lobbyists to cut NASA and get money for their projects instead. The cost of space exploration is so little compare to what we spend on our oil wars in Africa and the mid-east.

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Im not against colonizing ANY celestial body in our solar system but the views on this are always pessimistic to a degree of stupidity or wildly optimistic due to a total lack of understanding of the difficulties of space travel. I think we should have the goal of colonizing, yes - but we need to have a realistic time line.

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For instance, we need to be sending robots to every orbital body that we can land on without thermal heating or a ton of delta v. The amount of robots we have out there is a joke, we need to be surveying as many rocks as possible. Mining companies need to have their engineers working on orbital extraction and smelting solutions, utilizing the resources at hand to expand operations once they get on site. If we start now in 100 years we could expand our economy by ten thousandfold

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im excited for new industries and opportunities to make big bux

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>We didn't come back with moon gold or set up moon bases, but the scientific advancements made from such an endeavor massively benefited all aspects of our daily lives.
Did they, though? Or are you including tangential and secondary stuff like computation and propulsion, which could and would have been accomplished otherwise, in time?

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Pretty sure the initial colonization will be far too reliant on shared resources to establish a market economy. People don't seem to have realized that all space endeavors so far have been communistic. Hypercapitalist space colonization is a sci-fi dream.

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>muh star trek

Fuck off idiot

All it takes is for some one single company to set up a specific rocks their own once they see some profit in it and send their own miners to do the work

All it takes is for fuel and parts to be worth at least a 1 to 1 profit ratio before it starts getting done

Also just because multiple countries shared the cost at one point in time doesn't make it communistic you fucking spazoid

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Not in a naive sense of humans just magically living there just like in Earth, or "terraforming" for that matter (closed habitats FTW). On the other hand, establishing a large robotic industrial presence there does hype me. Robots that can progressively build more of factories and factories that progressively can build more of robots. Space launch capability from mars, data centers on mars (high latency long term backup/archival applications), etc.

>> No.9265420

>Asteroids are way easier
Funny the sort of ignorant retards that post things like this

Without cheap launch, and no the Falcon 9 is not a cheap launch vehicle even if they were doing 200 launches a year, you can't do that shit

Also it will always be costly while government bureaucrats run the programs

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You don't need to "build" caves. Mars had a active core with volcanic activity that could have formed natural, big and deep caves.

90 atm is the best, by far. A planet that can crush your nuts

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I'm a second-year mechanical engineering major. I am very hyped. The more shit we send to Mars, the better my career prospects look.

>> No.9265878

can be remedied with gene engineering, drugs, and exercise.

>> No.9265882

>procreating in space
Pretty sure this is banned
>one google search later
Oh, I guess not...

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This makes me moist. It's a shame that I'm not going to live long enough to see this in all it's glory, like a guy in the 1800s designing early phone lines realizing he won't live to see the explosion in telecom he's helping create

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Big ol' fuck you to the meta-nats!
المريخ Άρης Mars 火か星مریخ

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>Without cheap launch
>Government bureaucrats
There's the problem, we need a space lobby at least half as good as the fossil fuel lobby. Won't happen in our lifetimes.

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Not that hyped, not because it isn't cool but because unless there's gold in them hills (metaphorically speaking), humanity isn't going to make it a priority.

In other words, I'd be more excited about realistic plans to extract hydrocarbons from Titan, or [useful commodity] from [accessible location in space containing useful commodity] even though that's a lot less sexy than people colonizing something.

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what in the fuck makes you think we deserve to leave this planet?

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Meta-nats gonna nat, shikata ga nai

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It's not about deserving. Nature doesn't give free handouts to us because we're good boiis. We take what we need

>> No.9266231

what are you doing on this board

go back to pol or whatever brainlet cesspool you crawled out from

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>communism in space
Great. We're doomed.

>> No.9266241

fuck am i glad someone gets the reference.

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>Can we artificially increase the size of the Earth?
perhaps but not with current technology.
maybe when we get to finally take and harness the energy of the sun we can do it.

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what would happen if some kind of aggressive lifeform managed to evolve and survive on mars caves?.
like a silicon based slime that feeds on the iron, water and carbon particles?.

>> No.9266266

>what would happen if some kind of aggressive lifeform managed to evolve and survive on mars caves?.
>like a silicon based slime that feeds on the iron, water and carbon particles?.
That's some scary shit right there anon but fascinating too...how would these creatures attack though?

>> No.9266278

like some kind of jellyfish/hive attack, the moment they perceive the movement and the metal on the suit, they'll unleash a chain reaction that'll make their bodies like acid juices on the stomach and attack from everywhere since they are like super organized microorganisms, it'll be like a feeding frenzy you see on the creatures of the artic when some dead seal hit rock bottom.

>> No.9266332

Is that image real?

>> No.9266349

Yes, from the Opportunity rover

It was taken 3 years ago


>> No.9266355

That's beautiful. Thank you anon. You are one amazing individual anon, never forget.

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Who will be allowed to be "Martians?"

Who decides the politics?

Will it be multi-Cultural?

Will we bring Animals?

Will our human bodies change due to the difference in gravity and atmosphere?

Are we going to make sure no Specific animals or bacteria get to this planet?

What will the flag look like?

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>Who will be allowed to be "Martians?"
Well initially it will be scientists won't it?

>Will our human bodies change due to the difference in gravity and atmosphere?
Due to gravity yes - but who cares. Even on Earth, your muscle and bone are less dense if you don't use your body strenuously. So that's the whole reason they waste away in microgravity - because you don't need them. You lose bone density in microgravity because your bones aren't being used to support the structure of your body.

And also you regain that bone density when you go back to the environment of Earth. Yes, going through the adaptation phase is painful and uncomfortable (when you're going from gravity to microgravity, and the reverse too). But who cares, it is how it is.

Obviously the Martian atmosphere is not breathable to us so we need to take some machinery that can generate oxygen, of course.

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File: 1.74 MB, 1433x2294, Filler Days.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

History goes in cycles, anon. Our sense of wonder and hope will return.

Along with genetic alterations to lower time preference.

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>tfw resource scarcity, lack of infrastructure, and poor ability to convert chemical energy to work would lead to slavery far beyond what you experience on Earth.

Make no mistake, most of us are little more than slaves as it stands, but on Mars it would devolve to brutal physical slavery. After the "we have to work together to survive" group dynamic and unifying ethos fizzled and faded, you'd find things had shaken out into a vertical power structure. And it'd be just like Earth, and worse.

Sorry, you're human. Therefore you're trapped and practically designed for slavery, by nature.

>> No.9266815

Not very, Mars doesn't have anything we need, it'd be a struggle to justify continued support.

>> No.9266884

It will only be scientists who visit Mars initially

But one day, maybe there will be a big demand for people to go and live there permanently

Let's say rich people want to go and live in peace - they might well be willing to pay to go and live on another planet, away from crime and whatever

Who knows how things will turn out. I am sure we will colonise it one day though - why wouldn't we? Humans have been conquering land for our entire existence. We've already been to the moon. Do you really think we're just going to stop expanding and colonising? Why the hell would we?

>> No.9266914

>Let's say rich people want to go and live in peace
Overall, rich people are already the population most living in peace. Insulation from poverty means insulation from the bulk of spontaneous crime.

Nah. The only way rich people are going to pay to leave would be individual factors (justified misanthropy, frontier spirit, whatever), or more likely, improbable survival on Earth. ie, ecological, economic, or societal collapse. Any of these things occur, and money is no longer power and control. There, you'd be better off somewhere. Plutocrats have done this many times throughout history, give up some to avoid losing it all. Good ol' Teddy Roosevelt being a good example. Many Roman examples as well, though they were more short lived.

New eras, new cultures, same old patterns. Time and technology as yet only provides the means to be the same things in new ways.

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Have you seen the movie Elysium?

Basically lots of rich people move to a space colony. It's idyllic, it's luxury, they have all the best technology. And they're away from the plebs on Earth, who are left to fight amongst themselves. And the Earth is all polluted and shit.

Maybe that will happen in the future.

>> No.9266953


This. Getting excited about colonising Mars is like getting excited about colonising the Sahara.

>> No.9266959

Well quite obviously this won't happen, because it's now the 21st Century. The people who go to Mars will be rich people from Western nations. They're not going to be practicing slavery for Christ's sake.

I don't know why you're saying "this" when he's completely wrong.

And no - if colonising the Sahara was just as exciting then we'd pumping millions and billions of dollars into doing that, wouldn't we? And yet we're not. But we ARE pumping billions of dollars into Mars missions. Funny that, isn't it?

>> No.9266965

>But we ARE pumping billions of dollars into Mars missions.

Not into colonisation. We spend a few billion here and there on the occasional probe because it's interesting enough to be worth a look. But we're not really spending anything on colonisation.

If we could terraform Mars it might be worth something. That idea of placing a magnetic shield at the L1 point to cast an artificial magnetosphere over the planet, thus allowing its atmosphere to regenerate, was interesting. But in its current form Mars is a derelict rock. If you were arriving in our solar system from another star system you wouldn't give it a second look.

>> No.9266967


There isn't one, not really. It's important to keep this in mind, it's virtually hard vacuum right to the surface.

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File: 481 KB, 2880x1800, Screen Shot 2017-10-31 at 06.10.52.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You're spending billions on rockets than go to Mars, otherwise known as the Space Launch System

And SpaceX receives government funding I believe, and they're building the BFR in order to go to Mars - and they want to terraform Mars, pic related.

But terraforming of course is a very long way off - it is still the case that NASA and SpaceX are BOTH currently working on spaceships intended for travel to Mars.

And mate, for fuck's sake, nobody is saying Mars is going to colonised TOMORROW are they? For fuck's sake, obviously we're going to send scientists there first and all that shit. There might not even be a permanent base there for 100 years. But we will investigate and explore it won't we? And who knows maybe there will be settlement there at some point? You say it's a uninteresting rock, but do you know what people love more than anything? Land. Space. And Mars has that. Yes it's not ideal in many ways, but as technology gets better, it will become easier for us to make Mars habitable, whether it is by living in artificial habitats with spacesuits and everything, or whether it does involve terraforming.

>> No.9267284

One of my top 5 science fiction favorites.

>> No.9267285

We landed on the moon and went back, not really colonizing it. But yes I suspect in the future, about 200 years from now we will have at least one shitty moonbase

>> No.9267299

>More like a mars collision, I doubt we'll land soft or something stupid.

>> No.9267740

what would happen if we threw phobos and deimos on mars?, implying it hit the planet of course.

>> No.9268500

I ran the numbers before. If you're looking to get an Earth's worth of mass to balance out the gravity, you pretty much need every spare asteroid and space rock out there. Not just the two moons.

>> No.9268507

Do you think anyone's already there? Like if NASA could get people on the moon then certainly some billionaire who wanted to live on Mars could make it happen, it's supposed to have water and everything you need to live there already and it's just a rocket trip like with the moon, only you'd need more fuel, which obviously isn't a problem if you're a billionaire.
You could set up a neat cavern mansion and wouldn't ever have to deal with Earth plebs again. I can't imagine out of all the wealthy people not ONE of them has ever done this.

>> No.9268565

No, they're not. You fucking idiot.

>> No.9268567

>give up billionaire life to hide out in some cave millions of miles away

I mean, it'd earn you a Wikipedia page at the very least...

>> No.9268930

And yet the delusional cucks of the 50's speaking of "human brotherhood" or whatever insanity are the ones directly responsible for our inward focused dying societies

>> No.9268933

It'll produce new material out of the atmosphere to expand the blimp/build new lifting containers
Mining/dredging of the surface brings everything not available in the atmosphere

>> No.9268983



Division between humans into arbitrary constructs is what is holding us down from growing as a species.

Until we solve that we won't be going into space.

>> No.9269028

The constructs undergo evolution, same as species, same as races, same as tribes. They *are* the growth.

>> No.9269041

All of you faggots should check out this guy channel, he is the least memeist hard scifi channel on youtube. also a collection of oneil cylinders around a planet with be the future of colonization.


>> No.9269048


>> No.9269082

Over the last 50,000+ years, evolution has produced superior and inferior races of humanity. It is your kind who wish to destroy the obviously superior ones for the benefit of the inferior
True progression will require strict eugenics

>> No.9269095

How can we unleash the power of the magical negro if we keep genociding them in the streets of Baltimore?

>> No.9269210

>ou lose bone density in microgravity because your bones aren't being used to support the structure of your body.
The answer is spinning sleep chambers, unless entire stations and habitats can be made to gyrate.

>beds of the future will be oversized washing machines

>> No.9269215

Every colony we ever built has been because of one of two reasons:

>there was money in it
>you were driven from your home

The first seems to be out. So shit will have to hit the fan first before humanity will conquer the stars.

>> No.9269515
File: 2.01 MB, 267x200, laughing.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>he thinks there's no money in mining Mars

>> No.9269598

what about Benjamin Banneker?
wasn't he a kang n shiet?

>> No.9269805



>> No.9269855

Once I get my double barreled shotgun, I'm ready to murder demons, go to hell, and then murder even more demons, just so I can get permanently banned from hell for eternity.

>> No.9269934
File: 2.51 MB, 4400x3400, Concept_Mars_colony.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

All we need to do is build some fucking habitats there and we're sorted.

>> No.9269996

heavy socks and make them always wear weights on their heads

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