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Name one important contribution females have made in science and mathematics (you can't).

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The second one

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I said important

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First compiler was built by a female
Discovery of HIV

Bye, op

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She is an honorary man though. I am talking about the contributions of normal women. Like, the contributions of your typical cumslut bitch that watches HBO and romcoms. Emmy Noether literally looks like a man in a dress. She doesn't count.

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Both Marie Curie & Pierre Curie won Nobel Prizes.

Although She was the just Pierre Curie's assistant.

She helped Pierre Curie as assistant, not as a main researcher.

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Can you name any scientifically contributing Chad?

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So far, nothing of value has been stated

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Being this retarded... sad sad "man".

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>Can you name any scientifically contributing Chad?
Elon Musk.

Not exactly a chad but still chadier than 90% of STEMlords

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WTF has this half a retard actually contributed?

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>>9248470 >>9248485
>Can you name any scientifically contributing Chad?

The Womanizer Richard Feynman. Nobel in Physics.

This Womanizer Nobel fucked more girls than all other Nobel winners combined

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Hmm, I see. But I still think those are all honorary men. Like, look at Maryam Mirzajani. She literally looks a man. She is an honorary man.

Please give me an actual woman. Like a girl that wears dresses and skirts or at least shit like yoga pants and other basic shit girls actually wear.

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Define "important contribution". Otherwise you will arbitrarily decide what is or isn't "important".

>inb4 "the definition of important contribution is a contribution made by a man"

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Important contribution: (non) Paper or individual theorem people still talk about of to this day (not necessarily use, but at least remember fondly and hold in high regard).

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>Like, look at Maryam Mirzajani.
>She literally looks a man.
>She is an honorary man.

t. Diversity quota lesbian

She won Fields medal just because SJW's pressure for diversity.

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I mean, maybe. We don't know. But that is not the topic of this discussion. But you can go make your own thread for that, I don't mind. Seems like a possibility.

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No. In order to make an important contribution to science or mathematics, you have to be autistic. Since autism is likely a result of overexposure of male hormones in the womb, there can be no (((females))) who make an important contribution to neither science nor mathematics.

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Name one important contribution OP has made in science and mathematics (you can't).

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So like.....programming the first space shuttle's navigation computer? Boxxy the queen of /b/?

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>Name one important contribution females have made in science and mathematics
Satisfy the sexual needs of Male Scientists.

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>hasn't yet suppressed his sexual needs for the advancement of science

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>hasn't yet suppressed his sexual needs for the advancement of science.

But how will we pass on our big brain PHENOTYPE genes?

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Feynman was a Chad

Newton & Tesla were literally Virgins

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>Newton & Tesla were literally Virgins
*Newton & Tesla DIED Virgins

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Ada Lovelace - wrote the first computer programing in 1842
Grace Hopper - wrote first compiler for the Navy in 1952

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You think Chad would be friends with Xavier?

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ld got MSc in math thinking noether was a man.

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Who? Which Xavier? Saint Francis Xavier?
X-men's Professor Xavier?

Young X-men Xavier was arguably a Chad though.

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>First compiler
no it wasn't you dumb cunt, why do people repeat this myth? Alick Genie made the first compiled language, autocode. also the language and compiler that grace hopper was involved in was just some minor business language that was dead and superseded within 4 years.

also compilers aren't science and mathematics, more like highly-optimised engineering.

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well, they kinda gave birth to every single scientist and mathematician

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Way to move the goalposts

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>who is marie curie

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>Feynman's eccentricities included a refusal to brush his teeth, which he advised others not to do on national television, despite dentists showing him scientific studies that supported the practice

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You're just jealous because no one thinks you look like a man.

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But is true. Otherwise, the solution is trivial. We all go to university. We all have female professors. They all have short hair, small tits, no ass, wear no makeup, etc. They are men. They are honorary men.

We are talking about actual women. We are talking about scientists who do their make up every day, wear little dresses or skirts, watch romcoms, etc. Like actual women.

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Kovalevskaya Soph'ya
The first in Russian Empire and in North Europe woman-professor and first in the Earth woman — professor of mathematics (received earlier this title of Mary Agnesi never taught).

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Lisa Randall.

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Ok anon you gave me a good giggle

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your idea of actual women is not most women

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Well, how would you define actual women?

What I am really getting at is feminine women. Women who you would most likely want to fuck. Like, have tits and ass that are clearly visible. Wear feminine clothes. Use feminine accessories. Etc.

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Nigger there were women teaching math in ancient Greece. There's more history than what happened in Russia less than 200 years ago.

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Science is pretty feminine. unless you're inventing guns

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>Science is pretty feminine.
What does this mean?

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you don't kill people, you do peaceful, thoughtful excercises. men are just there for killing and fucking

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Hmm, I think you may be on the wrong website.
Also, science invented the nuclear bomb and anally raped Japan. Doesn't sound too peaceful know huh?

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>Hmm, I think you may be on the wrong website.
you're on the wrong board, back to /k/
also, see >>9249413 "unless you're inventing guns". nukes obviously count

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What about when US scientists invented crack to sneak it into black communities and attack them? What about when US scientists invented AIDS to attack gays?

Drugs are not weapons. Diseases are not weapons

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Poisoning is the preferred way for women to murder, way to prove my point.

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>We all go to university.
I seriously doubt that you are

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>every woman who made any contribution in maths or science is a honorary man, therefore women haven't made any contributions, so women can't be scientists or mathematicians and men are superior to women

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No. Bring me a female scientist with big tits and a big ass and then I will have to accept that is 100% a woman.

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>Rosalind Franklin

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no, bring me a male scientist with godly v-taper and toned abs and then I will accept it is 100% a man. Otherwise all scientists are honorary women

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Just google that mathematician guy who is also a football player. He is currently a Ph.D. student at some big university. If you google him you will find him. He is black and very buff.

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>being a ph.d makes you a major contribution
my aunt has the biggest hips and ass in my family, has a ph.d.

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>has a ph.d.
In what?

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Nice real science kek

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if you spend all day in a lab doing experiments I would consider it a science, yeah

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Marie Curie & Rosalind Franklin

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I guess I would have to agree with you on that. So please post pictures of your aunt so that we can confirm that she is indeed not an honorary man. I mean, anyone could lie on the internet.

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>oppress demographic
>wonder why they haven't achieved as much
good meme

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>women have been oppressing men since the beginning of history
>men have achieved literally everything

Hmm, I think your meme is incorrect.

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Most of those aren't even in science you pseud. Go on, try to pick one who is an actual scientist. I bet you don't even know yourself. Back to tumblr.

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>Most of those aren't even in science

Most but not all.

>try to pick one

Answered your own question.

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>people still taking this mouthbreather seriously after he was disproven in the first post and started spamming le honrary meme like an actual /pol/tard

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>Like, the contributions of your typical cumslut bitch that watches HBO and romcoms.
they contribute nothing...just as the male retardos, that watch HBO, think being vegetarian is an accesoire and shit... can't say "all women are dumb"...most are..true story bro! But if they arent stupid cumsluts they can contribute just as much as men do... but sadly most of them don't and I see a point in that 98% of women are dumbsluts, while men are "only" 75% dumbsluts that are as concious and smart as a rock


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lovelace was pretty good

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Most people seem to forget that all those countries that produce great research and get Nobel prizes went through two huge wars and cold war, all those were circumstances that prevented women to do more science. In the beginning, very early, Nobel prizes were given to Mme Curie despite the times, and that shows that before the bad times, women did more research and they would have gotten far more. But then the wars came.

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If I posted my aunt I'd take the risk that someone recognized and outed me. noty

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They have given me erections in lab

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Then your aunt doesn't count. Exactly that is why we are only counting famous/public scientists. You were the retard who brought their own fucking family into this kek.

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No there weren't

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oh no.

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>>women have been oppressing men since the beginning of history
what happens in alternate reality doesn't have any bearing on this one anon.

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Yes, there were. The history of civilization is long and nuanced, not some stereotyped drama.

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Men oppressing women is as much alternate history as women oppressing men. You always need some retarded and backwards mental gymnastics.

>Look at this ancient civilization! Women did not have to work. Upper-class women got to own whole states! Women could spend their entire life in luxury while producing nothing! It was the husbands who worked for the women! As you can see... THESE WOMEN WERE OPPRESSED


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Seems pretty based to me.

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Jesus fucking christ. I am sorry, but this is an honorary man (maybe even an honorary goblin, who knows). I mean, she's so fucking ugly.

When we say women we mean: Attractive women, big cute faces, big tits and a big ass.

I mean, I do not even consider ugly women to be women (sometimes not even people). I don't really have to deal with an ugly woman in my life. I see them as subhuman. Most of us do. We get away from them. Please post actual women, thank you.

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speak for youself faggot.

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Every great scientist's mother was a woman. Without them, there would be no great scientists at all.

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i have two current female professors. one is middle aged and fat, the other is a young scrawny hippie that teaches various writing classes. you do not go to college do you

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Surely you jest. Most women look pretty average. We have very little sexual dimorphism in our species, so many even look «like men».

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The greatest female scientist was Carl Sagan.

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What do they call your brand of autism? Because I don't recall Newton looking like a porn star either.

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>spents time with ugly women
The one who suffers is yourself

Retarded. Female professors are honorary men. I give these women the same respect I give to male professors. I treat them as my equal because they are. They may have vaginas, but I would never even try to seduce them (or accept their seduction), as we are equals.

Average is also cute. When I say, women, I say
1) A face does not look deformed. Is at least somewhat pleasing
2) Tits are clearly visible, which means she has strong feminine traits
3) Ass is clearly visible, which means she has strong feminine traits

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>forgetting lain

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i also have no attractive male professors. i have never had an attractive male professor. you should have noted in your original post that you're looking only for *hot* female contributors. you fail to realize that to a person (male or female) that are either geniuses or has contributed heavily to the math/science department are not going to focus on their looks dumbshit.

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>you fail to realize that to a person (male or female) that are either geniuses or has contributed heavily to the math/science department are not going to focus on their looks dumbshit.

No homo but there are many attractive male scientists/mathematicians. Feyman looks really cute, and Tao looks cute. My main question is why are all the women who contribute to science ugly as hell?

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On a tangential note, did anyone else find this guy distractingly handsome during the Spacex Falcon 9 launch 8 months ago?


Like, damn.

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>an honorary man
L0Lno fgt pls

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She looks more than a man than a woman. Tbqh I would not fuck her. I would treat her as my equal. Please give me female scientists who I would fuck.

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This chick is absolutely retarded on that PBS thing and is really good at making me cringe.

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...by you.

>> No.9250507

She's trying really hard though. Please be patient, she has autism.

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Are you sure you're on the right board? You're not lost? Because your definition of a woman is rather dubious, where a simple XX chromosome would suffice.

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>where a simple XX chromosome would suffice.
>chromosomes define gender

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Hudson versus Vasquez

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>pol is a containment board for truths that make me feel bad

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