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Since when did NASA become a fashion statement for normies who don't give a shit about space or science?
Everywhere I look at my university people are wearing this shit and don't know the first thing about NASA. It's pretty annoying.

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>never stepped foot in harvard

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Why do you care what people wear?

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Since the beginning. You should not take fashion lightly. Fashion is the most important thing in life. It decides many important things and let me tell you something: Any and all outfits are fashion statements.

When a person first sees you the only thing they can extract from you is that which they see: your outfit. You can tell someone something about you without even opening your mouth. And not only that but it also influences your conversations. Let me give you an example with the NASA shirt:

>A person first sees you with a NASA shirt
>immediately they can tell you watch Rick and Morty, paid 8000$ on ebay for a pack of sezchuan sauce like a moron, and have a pickle up your asshole
>they walk up to you, deciding zoo animals like you were meant to be interacted with
>you have a short conversation, which then slows down and the person has nothing more to say
>not wanting things to turn ackward they try to come up with a new topic to talk about
>they see your NASA shirt again
>they ask you "Hey, nice shirt. Are you a physicist or engineer"?
>then you have to say "N-no I am a middle school drop out uhm... 300 IQ though haha so I guess I could be a physicist if I wanted to but I am too smart for physics, I would rather study the deep philosophy of shoving pickles up my asshole"

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For reasons.

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Is the picle thing some kind of reference?

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No, it is just that Rick and Morty fans love pickles.

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Makes sense.

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To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand Rick and Morty. The humour is extremely subtle, and without a solid grasp of theoretical physics most of the jokes will go over a typical viewer’s head. There’s also Rick’s nihilistic outlook, which is deftly woven into his characterisation- his personal philosophy draws heavily from Narodnaya Volya literature, for instance. The fans understand this stuff; they have the intellectual capacity to truly appreciate the depths of these jokes, to realise that they’re not just funny- they say something deep about LIFE. As a consequence people who dislike Rick & Morty truly ARE idiots- of course they wouldn’t appreciate, for instance, the humour in Rick’s existential catchphrase “Wubba Lubba Dub Dub,” which itself is a cryptic reference to Turgenev’s Russian epic Fathers and Sons. I’m smirking right now just imagining one of those addlepated simpletons scratching their heads in confusion as Dan Harmon’s genius wit unfolds itself on their television screens. What fools.. how I pity them.

And yes, by the way, i DO have a Rick & Morty tattoo. And no, you cannot see it. It’s for the ladies’ eyes only- and even then they have to demonstrate that they’re within 5 IQ points of my own (preferably lower) beforehand. Nothin personnel kid

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Have you ever thought maybe they're studying science?

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It's a homage to this

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I know for a fact that many of these people aren't studying science.
Most are sitting around the liberal arts section of the school

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This is actually a very well thought out post.

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>is it better to drive the Porsche ?
>is it better to watch someones Porsche on fire?

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God damn you are an insufferable faggot. NASA isn't your secret club. Have you ever even worked for/with NASA in any capacity? Probably not. You just want to feel superior to others because your supposed intellect is your only redeeming quality

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I go to a liberal arts school and people have NASA stickers and shirts like CRAZY

At one point there were packs of 1000s of NASA stickers just around the school. It got to the point that everyone writing their sociology midterm paper was doing on with a macbook with a NASA sticker.

It truly is cancerous in some parts of this school...

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Literally everything that normies do amounts to social posturing or just random shit that they have no intent behind (i.e, something is popular so ill automatically like it).

Just forget about it, they're basically bipedal ants.

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dude ants are legit af, humans can only dream of that level of industry and social unity. normies are just trash

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Wear a Kerbal shirt to counter them.

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Why do people where any shirts that advertise bullshit? They are just trying to signal their interests, superficial or not, to those around them. Is this hard to understand, OP?

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Nasa's last resort to get people to fall for their bullshit before people wake up to the reality that space is fictional. LEGIT!

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Can relate.

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>space isn't real g-boy, don't waste your time looking for its untold riches

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Don't judge a person so easily. They might love science.

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they might even fucking love science xD

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>I go to a liberal arts school

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What if someone just likes the NASA logo?

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Maybe they're people who study in a stem field but are so embarassed by autismos like you that they have to hide

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I am baffled at the fact that idiots found that post to be true, anyone with brain cells to rub together would realize it is a troll post, yet multiple individuals on youtube made videos based around that statement.

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Or they just like space, who knows but I do see your point

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The meatball logo is aesthetic, so I don't think it's too surprising that it's become a trend.
I only flaunt the NASA apparel that I got for free from internships: a padded backpack that still smells like mothballs and a sticker.

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>1987 + 30
>Not wearing the NASA worm logo

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Oh yeah it used to look like that

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yeah and in contrast you know everything about NASA, you're unique anon.

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Better than Che Guevara, I guess

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It's ok just buy a Roscosmos shirt, and when you see someone wearing a NASA shirt ask them how they get their astronauts to the ISS and screech at them

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He's an asocial autist, and like many of his kind he's too stuck up his own poopy ass to understand having more people interested in something equals more funding.

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I would actually do that

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when women got ahold of it

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>based antposter

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worm logo is best logo

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Me too, in fact I am buying a shirt now.

But I admit to some disappointment that the logo is such an obvious steal from the NASA logo -- why does Russian space program always want to copy the US program?

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ULA gets their engines from Russia, so it's all just being fair.

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Fair enough, "always" was a bit tot much. Still, Buran and that logo are pretty shameless.

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When did this board become r9k

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I have a worm logo hat. My shirt is the modern logo though.

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tbf the eagle is desgined with americans in mind

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The Nasa thing is partially high fashion these days, its less along the lines of your typical shit like >>9231265

I can't explain exactly why but it does help that the logo is actually an amazing piece of design and before now it wasn't super popular.

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That lander as designed to carry one cosmonaut to the surface for an EVA that would have lasted seconds, cutting way back in the need to carry consumables, etc.

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They're glorifying science because they think science is cool.
>Religion is the opiate of the masses
It's just another way of keeping the American public busy to keep them from realizing that their democracy is fucking dead which is why "lulbertarianism" only works in fucking US and literally nowhere else in the world.

Science is the new religion. People keep talking about it, they keep following it, they cover themselves in science news that they don't understand (sometimes they do but it's irrelevant) because lol science.
No one gives a fuck that the US is trying to keep the middle east under control by funding terrorists so that they can have petrolium sold by the USD. Why care about the blood your nations spills when two neutron stars just collided? Which one is more interesting; sand niggers dying for money or literally 2 mountain-sized atoms colliding?
Now before the "ima voltaire-type antitheist and i can tell that u im above all religion and science is literally the salvation to everything" nerds attack me, I realize how different religion and science are. But it's still like saying "Black nationalism is different than white nationalism". Yes they are different. But they're still the same shit.

Europe has historically been better at science than the US. Why don't you see this "glorified science" culture in Europe? Because in Europe people actually care about things that matter, and only scientists care about science. In the US people think science is the ultimate salvation (especially Democrats are guilty of this, but Republicans are just as stupid for literally denying science), when in reality science won't change jack shit.

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fuck you just blackpilled me

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>PhD in Science
>any meme I want
>300k likes on faceberg

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Since the 1970's, from Texas so

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>science won't change jack shit.
then explain modern civilization. god damn your cynicism is disgusting

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>Everywhere I look at my university people are wearing this shit and don't know the first thing about NASA. It's pretty annoying.
They do know the first thing about nasa. your not nearly as intellegent as you think if you truely belive people dont know about NASA. everybody knows what NASA is and how they have to pay big bad putin just to get their bois in the ISS. normies who wear this shirt are probably smarter than you, and even if they arent, "nerdy" things being stylish is a met benefit for our culture.
i have two shirts like this, im pretty sure your that black guy who asked me if i was into aerospace, and when i told you i was doing Electrical engineering you were dissapointed.
Let me tell you something. Nasa is a shell of its former self, due to politics, and it deserves some normie publicity before it dies

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>dude ants are legit af
qweenposter detected

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Because NASA actually has a great logo unlike literally any other space agency.

>looking at you, Australia

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>Science is the new religion
I like a lot of things you have to say about how US media uses science as a distraction (on par with celebrity scandals, sports championships, or whatever else is of the moment, and ultimately irrelevant), but Religion is fundamentally different than science, and claiming they are the same is misleading at best, and anti-science at worst.

Science is ever expanding, and incorporates new understandings as they become available, are peer reviewed, and are incorporated into other, existing systems.

Religion (with extremely few exceptions) is dogmatic, has a few sacred texts, and purports to explain the otherwise unexplainable.

Science may or may not be cool, and it is often presented as yet another distraction, but it is nothing like religion.

Thank you for following my blog.

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It won't change shit in the political sense, anon. You won't solve the migrant crisis by crashing particles. You won't expose world elite by tweeting about SpaceX. So forth.
In the next 50 year we may be semi-robotic, semi-immortal, use quantum computing for vidya, and all that other good stuff. This doesn't mean we'll be free from our chains (I swear I'm not a Marxist)

Hence why it's the "new" religion, anon. People are smart enough to understand that religion is blind and that we need to be more pragmatic, but they aren't clever enough to see how the elite can easily use science the way they've been using religion.
How is "keep being a good lad and work for us, and you'll earn your place in the skies" different than "keep being a good lad and work for us, and you'll get to find out about the fabric of the universe"? The only difference is science is actually real, and as you've said it grows. But from a utilitarian perspective it's the same shit as religion. At least for the masses.

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>Science is ever expanding, and incorporates new understandings as they become available, are peer reviewed, and are incorporated into other, existing systems.
>Religion (with extremely few exceptions) is dogmatic, has a few sacred texts, and purports to explain the otherwise unexplainable.

It's like you've never taken a theology class and are talking out of your ass about a field you never studied.

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>science won't change jack shit.
what the fuck is anything, what the fuck is a gun, a missile, a building, an arch, a baloon, a parachute, an airplane, a submarine, a bomb, a radio, a loudspeaker, a windmill, a boat, a car, a helmet, etc. I can keep going indefinitly. there are a million reasons why you are retarded and your super contrarian post is retarded.
Science does not mean whatever the fuck you seem to think it means. the dumb, slave-owning farmer who invented the cotton gin used science to do this, despite modern formal education, because thats not what fucking science is. once these machines were replicated (mostly by hand through reverse engineering(thus patents became a thing)) , the southern US was unmatched in their ability to export cotton in large amounts for cheap for decades. the gun makes almost anyone capable of killing (ie. child solidiers in africa), airplanes allow hand bombers to lay waste to above-ground defence, forcing the need for bunkers. radio allowed goverments to tell their citizens exactly what they wanted to hear without question (for a limited time, before the next innovation). you are infinitly stupid, i am impressed that someone would dare to type and post something as simply wrong as this.

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>religion is blind

Atheists have been using that strawman for thousands of years. Get a new insult.

>People are smart enough to [have my opinion]

Unlike the dumb asses that dare disagree with me, am i rite.

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Just because someone is STEM doesn't mean they can't take interest in a humanity, autism-chan.

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>It won't change shit in the political sense, anon. You won't solve the migrant crisis by crashing particles.You won't expose world elite by tweeting about SpaceX.
how can you be this dense? math is a science. if you forced politicians to acknowledge crime statistics, this could solve the migrant crisis. thats still science. changing shit.
people talk about science that doesnt matter because they find it INTERESTING YOU FUCKING RETARD. they are not constantly worried about politics like you, learning scientific facts makes them happy, they have an average lifespan of 70 years, they live in a relatively safe america. they dont foam at the mouth over the global elite, because they arent gonna do shit about it. your original reply is the equivalent of "football is the new religion" "video games is the new religion" function y="x is the new religion hurr durr"
religion is religion. science is science. most people dont invest themselves in politics. (YOU) are really fucking dumb.

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>theology class

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>global warming

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>NASA wasn't created for political purposes and the scientific advances were secondary

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>he needs fairly tales to find joy
>he thinks they are actually true
>he thinks he will get a new life
fucking lol

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Didn't know theists existed in this board. Sorry for offending you anon.

>hurr durr people like it, also science makes better politicians anyway
Politicians literally don't care about statistics. Why would Australia start doing drug checks on Welfare recievers, if stats show it doesn't do jack shit? Because they don't care.
Best way to get good public approval is to pretend you're changing something when you aren't. Haven't you played Democracy before anon?
Also "people like science because they like science" is not an argument anon. People like many things because they like them. How does it prove that people aren't being manipulated to enjoy these things? It's not really hard to see that people's interests depend on their enviroment, otherwise "generation gaps" would not exist.

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Who let this Jewish brainlet in here?

>> No.9239512

>Didn't know theists existed in this board
being a christcuck is the new edgy fedora thing

>> No.9239517

The first part is actually serious, some anon added to it.

>> No.9239522

But isn't it a /pol/ack thing? I know some people are turning back to Christianity "to preserve our morals and protect our culture (from Islam/Judaism) even though the belief system may not make sense" and shit, but I never knew /sci/fags would fall for that meme.

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4chan is my secret club

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How do you know they don't know anything about NASA? And why does NASA being cool bother you? If normies think NASA is cool then maybe they will affect political change in the future and make space great again TM

>> No.9239534

Knock it off with the edge

>> No.9239541

You can have those things with any religion not just Christ. You can have those things as an atheist too but most atheists are cynical af

>> No.9239546

/pol/ spills onto every other board. anyway, religion aside, i have seen plenty of people on /sci/ who are blatantly anti-science. im not sure why they even come here

i know plenty of people who work for NASA and all of them would see it as a positive that people think its cool and wear their shirts

being atheist is not edgy anymore, at least not on 4chan

>> No.9239557

>Also "people like science because they like science" is not an argument anon.
holy shit man, a valid quote would be "people like science". go and read it again. Im saying people arent into acience shit because they want to change the world. interest in science (the way you have an issue with) is no different from interest in basletball. people wear golden state jersies, and they have never been to new york, nor do they think about the socioeconomic ramifications of basketball. their are people who want to be left alone, people who wont leave you alone, and people who dont care either way. the majority are the latter, you seem to be the second. get a new hobby that doesnt involve shitposting.

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Truly the patrician taste

>> No.9239582

>>he needs fairly tales to find joy
"let me tell you about your own reasoning"
>>he thinks they are actually true
"he actually has an opinion different from mine, how contemptible!"
>>he thinks he will get a new life
No, "many are invited, but few are chosen" ~ last Sunday's reading.

>> No.9239584

that image makes religion look like a good idea. yet you still dont understand why people made them, do you?
Ill give you a hint
while christianity has caused scientific stagnation throughout history, it has USUALLY been a net benefit on the living standards and principles of common folk, protecting the weak from the strong with "sin" and promoting good behaivior with heaven. That was its design you moron. religions are a psychological government that can see you at all times if you believe in them, much more effective than the kings decree that thievery shall be punished with death, was the kings decree that "thou who steal shall suffer in hell forever, it is said here in the holy book!"
your sad, lonely, dumb and you have no empathy for others. you should just be glad go isint real, im sure he wouldnt take kindly to you taking out your insecurities on those you feel to be intellectually inferior to you. The truth is many people know there is no god, and in adulthood, chose to stick by religious principles because they appear to be good for society as a whole. clearly this didint work out with islam, however.

>> No.9239587

>Didn't know theists existed in this board

4chan is a Christian website. You should browse >>>/reddit/, it's more your speed.

>> No.9239623

>let people be retarded in their own way
How about no. American pop culture (including the """elite pop culture""" from places like Reddit) is retarded. It's like you fags don't even realize what your non-democratic nation is doing outside, or even inside for that matter. Literally the 2017 political debate in the US has been "Your party is corrupt" "No, yours is!".
Maybe you don't realize this because you're American but nothing about American politics is right.
>anon just let me be ughhh
You don't have to read my posts faggot.

>> No.9239644

>"he actually has an opinion different from mine, how contemptible!"
not contemptible, just pathetic
>No, "many are invited, but few are chosen" ~ last Sunday's reading.

>yet you still dont understand why people made them, do you?
yes i do

>your sad, lonely, dumb
lol ok

>> No.9239645

>while christianity has caused scientific stagnation throughout history

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA, no. Read a history book ffs.

>noble lie
>being so smug about rehashing it

Yeah because people have never ever read Plato's Republic before. Thank you for telling me this band new novel idea.

And why stop there, what's to say that medicine isn't a lie told to control people who are about to die. Giving them false hope in placebos so they wouldn't do rash things like try to assassinate corrupt world leaders since they will die regardless. And history is a huge scam to inspire people to be patriotic and support their countries with taxes and military service. Science too could be deceiving us into false hope for trans-humanism immortality so we will gladly March For Science.

Oh I pity the feeble minded pathetic fools who aren't as woke as I am. Thank you internet, only now could these counterculture ideas be spread.

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>Everywhere I look at my university people are wearing this shit and don't know the first thing about NASA. It's pretty annoying.

SJWs virtue signal on twatter and by protesting without knowing what they want to accomplish. Anything to help people in need without doing the hard work to actually help people or identify the people in need.
New Atheists intellectual signal by worshiping science. They wear science paraphernalia, watch and quote Big Bang Theory and Rick & Morty, and buy A Brief History of Time to display unread on their bookshelf. Anything science that doesn't involve actually learning about anything.

Welcome to societal decay.

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File: 2.99 MB, 540x400, ISIS CLOCK MAKING DEMONSTRATION.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>People still think he is a genius and innocent victim

>> No.9239695

i really can't blame the kid, he was like 14. we were all probably pretentious and douchey at that point. seems like his parents had bad intentions though

>> No.9239733

you fucking 16yr old mongoloid, religion enforced laws and organised society before police could offer good deterrent and will continue to be a solid moral foundation for gullible people atleast until your graduate highschool. hopefully we wont need it by then ;)

>> No.9239735

>not contemptible, just pathetic

You're showing contempt.

>> No.9239736

no that's just your interpretation

>> No.9239738

>the feeling that a person or a thing is beneath consideration, worthless, or deserving scorn.
>synonyms: scorn, disdain, disrespect, scornfulness, contemptuousness, derision; disgust, loathing, hatred, abhorrence

>> No.9239743

i know the definition. i did not show contempt

>> No.9239755

tfw you search this shirt to buy it and it is a baby's shirt....

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leave the clock alone ;_;

>> No.9240236

Didn't astrophysicist get cucked and shamed by feminists coz' he wore a shirt with scantly clad women on it despite it being a gift from a female friend? Also NASA may be infected by SJW thought and it makes me want to lay my head down on a train track.

>> No.9240476

>petrolium sold by the USD

Seriously, buying into the petrodollar conspiracy bullshit? We at war in the middle east because Israel wants to destabilize all the countries in ME&NA and AIPAC owns both political parties.

>Europe has historically been better at science than the US

Because before the internet and the telegraph, being physically near to the action was a massive benefit. Then everyone fled during WWII.

>> No.9240482

It's to signal to politicians to gib moar monies to nasa for votes.

>> No.9240488

Clock was a kafir, it must go qutil

>> No.9240500

>but Religion is fundamentally different than science

Religion is just a different field of study like history or music.

>Religion (with extremely few exceptions) is dogmatic, has a few sacred texts,

So are many things. This is what Hitler said, this is what a rondo is, this is what Homer wrote, communism means this, etc.

>Science is ever expanding, and incorporates new understandings as they become available,

So is everything else, religion included.

>are peer reviewed,

Only in the popsci fantasy world. Many paper are never read, and those that are are rarely tested.

>and are incorporated into other, existing systems.

Science is not a theory of everything.

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>try to list accomplishments of science
>list engineering accomplishments instead

pleb plz

>> No.9240510

>math is a science


>> No.9240517

>engineering isint a field of science

>> No.9240526

Science models the world
Math transforms models into models
Engineering takes models and designs real world things

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Spotted the Dawkins fanboi. Tell me more about how subjects you know nothing about are total bullshit.

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>while christianity has caused scientific stagnation throughout history

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>What do Theologians study?
Sacred texts, Dawkins, you illiterate buffoon. It's a subset of Sociology, they study the social control that most defined the history of humanity.

>> No.9240547

>even though the belief system may not make sense

Have you tried studying it? Just because your parents couldn't explain their personal flavor of Protestantism doesn't disprove all of religion, Christianity or otherwise.

>plenty of people on /sci/ who are blatantly anti-science

They are call trolls, just stop taking the bait. No one believes in a flat earth or finitism.


Except it didn't and many people ignored it when it stood in the way and only came back to it latter in life.

>> No.9240550

I have also noticed people wearing NASA clothing as of recently. Its the same reason any clothing brand becomes popular. A few people, the people who set the trends i suppose, started wearing NASA clothing, maybe to try show off their alternative taste or maybe to prove they know something about science. These people (the trendsetters) are basically who your average normie dreams of being. So now every normie is wearing NASA clothing and trying to be cool and up with the times, to fit in you see.

>> No.9240552
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>every religion is sola scriptura
>every religion is Confucianism

>> No.9240556

It's literally Ackmed's fault

>> No.9240560
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Well, one of the good things is that this means the dumbass normie crowd who would normally be contributing to Xtra-Large Hoodie Construction Corp. and Grillz R Us are now contributing a bit of their McDonalds bucks to something at least mildly worthwhile.

>> No.9240667

My parents were theists anon. And sorry but in order for it to be disproven, it needs to be proven first. Nothing about the abrahamic religions (and most other religions) are provable, as you know. So I decide not to believe in it at all.

>> No.9241139

God damn women.

>> No.9241246

Nothing about anything that isn't mathematics is provable as well. Everything in real life is just an argument.

>> No.9241249

Even maths depend on a set of axioms that are taken for granted.

>> No.9241262
File: 50 KB, 488x398, Religion math.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If you're a filthy non-Platonist.

>> No.9241942
File: 430 KB, 808x805, VERY ANGRY PINK WOJAk.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Religion has been a constant since the inception of civilization, possibly earlier.
>Even disregarding that religion isn't "real", its creation, history, and implementation is a complex and detailed view of human psychology and the thought process that attracts so many humans to these deep and cherished views on life

I hate this dude so much.

>> No.9241975
File: 169 KB, 972x628, Theology 2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Why should he know anything about religion, he has only spent the last several decades going around ranting about religion and authoring books on the subject.

>> No.9241983

>Astrology has been a constant since the inception of civilization, possibly earlier.
>Even disregarding that astrology isn't "real", its creation, history, and implementation is a complex and detailed view of human psychology and the thought process that attracts so many humans to these deep and cherished views on life

>> No.9242009 [DELETED] 

I mean, there are so many legitimate real subjects to study like Intersectional Feminist Theory, LGBTTIQQ2SAA+ Studies, Islamic Communist Glorious Political History, and African American Studies. But Theology is the one true fake subject because [math]\color{green} {\rm { >religion, ~lol } } [/math] ergo it's bullshit.

>> No.9242016

But Astronomy already is in university. It's name just changed like alchemy did to chemistry or natural philosophy to physics.

>> No.9242022
File: 96 KB, 540x790, Theology 3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I mean, there are so many legitimate real subjects to study like Intersectional Feminist Theory, LGBTTIQQ2SAA+ Studies, Islamic Communist Glorious Political History, and African American Studies. But Theology is the one true fake subject because [math]\color{green} {\rm { >religion, ~ lol } } [/math] ergo it's bullshit off the bat.

>> No.9242024

At least learn some fucking history. Alchemy and chemistry were two different, competing schools of thought. Alchemy didn't become chemistry. People just stopped doing alchemy because chemistry was providing better results.

>> No.9242028

Disagreeing with theologists is one thing. Pretending theology isn't a valid area of study is just stupid. Dawkins has gone off the deep end of fedora-tier ranting.

>> No.9242029

By that logic, theology should have been replaced by philosophy. Theologians are the laughing stock of philosophy.

>> No.9242052

Astronomy isn't Astrology though.

Ranting and writing books doesn't make one an expert on a subject, just someone who rants about the subject.

Theology actually is worth some study, because religion has a very real effect on our daily modern lives, whether fedora-tippers like it or not. It may not speak to anything real in the empirical sense, but it can definitely serve as a tool for predicting where masses of people believe to be true, and that can have a big effect.

Dawkins has been off the deep-end for a while now, IIRC. Dude has a serious vendetta against religion, but all he does is polarize people and provoke conflict.

Theology and Philosophy are subtly but notably different. Philosophy tends to be about finding logical proofs in ideas that can't be tested, or defining odd bits and bobs like freedom. Theology is a field that specializes in "Here's this book everyone's read and thinks is totally true, here's what they think this old dude on mushrooms meant to say, and here's how they express that belief."

Theology actually ends up closer to sociology in the end.

>> No.9242163

>Dawkins has gone off the deep end of fedora-tier ranting

He has always been like that.

>> No.9242510

>Philosophy tends to be about finding logical proofs in ideas that can't be tested, or defining odd bits and bobs like freedom.

Theology is exactly like that too. Theology tends to be about finding logical corollaries and ramifications of ideas that can't be tested, or defining odd bits and bobs like justification.

>Theology is a field that specializes in "Here's this book everyone's totally read and thinks is true, here's what they think this old dude meant to say, and here's how they express that belief."

No, that's american protestant bible study.

>> No.9242640
File: 87 KB, 693x770, DMYf2u5VoAA90KN.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9242642
File: 115 KB, 1199x483, DMYieGRUEAAvh_8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9242650
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>> No.9243531

You're at war because you radicalized Islam during the cold war you fucking faggot, so entire generations would denounce communism as it's anti religion.
The US has been stirring shit up in the US ever since the Brits left the place. Why do you think they support am independent Kurdistan?

>> No.9243541

It was all the Brits, they betrayed the Arab uprising in WWI and double-dealed the Zionists, they drew up the shitty middle east boarders, they tricked us into overthrowing Iran's democracy in 1953, etc.

We've been dealing with their bullshit.

>> No.9243550

The Brits were terrible, I know, but compared to what the US has done it's pretty mild.

>> No.9243563

We're not doing it willingly. You think people who work in Intelligence know what they're doing or why they're even doing it? You think they have control over their actions and can even fathom the prospect of standing down? What ivory you live in.

>> No.9243596
File: 53 KB, 960x693, 1508444303671.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>do you think they have control?
Are you that dense? Why the fuck do you think they're attacking Assad? Because "they don't know shit"? They know perfectly well what they're doing. They need to remove Assad, like they removed Gaddafi. Because Assad is a strong leader.
>inb4 "b...but chemicals!"
Literally no evidence that Assad targeted his own civillians. Yet there is heaping mounts of evidence on all the ethnic cleansing/relocation Kurds are busy with. Yet the US still supports them. Do you really think they do it because they don't know better? Or could it be that a puppet state in ME is exactly what they need?
Fucking follow the news. /sg/ is a good start, believe it or not.

>> No.9243639

>Why the fuck do you think they're attacking Assad? Because "they don't know shit"? They know perfectly well what they're doing. They need to remove Assad, like they removed Gaddafi. Because Assad is a strong leader.
So yes, your attitude and statements directly answer your questions because my assertion was one about the nature of autonomous behaviors.

The other thing I can tell from your post and the general discourse in this thread is that /pol/ isn't doing well for itself right now. Someone should probably fix that.

I could reciprocate, I could accept the topic being here for just the tail end of this one thread, I could engage your argument and try to pretend I'm somehow contributing to some obscure social movement that will save the world.

Or I could be realistic and remind you that this is /sci/ and if I'm going to continue this discussion, I'm not going to be responding from a political context. Science either informs our decisions or it doesn't, and that's what I'm here to discuss.

>> No.9243662

The Brits and Frogs are responsible for all the wars in the last century. Merica didnt do nuffin.

>> No.9243671

It's Israel, not the intelligence community behind it. Numerous former intelligence heads have called out Israel's influence and have only been meet with "anitsemitic nazi!" as a response.

>> No.9243675

>/pol/ isn't doing so well
/pol/ hasn't changed at all. Regardless, /sg/ is much different than /pol/ but I know you don't know the difference and don't care either.
>I refuse to talk politics because it isn't science
Then you're irrelevant to the future. Any scientist can replace another. If Einstein never existed somebody else would take his place in the upcoming years. Politics isn't like that. History can not be rewritten.
Also, the latter statement on your post makes no sense given our current situation. You don't seem to be aware of the thread you're in.
Anyway, a simple "I don't understand middle eastern politics so I won't get into it" would be enough anon. Just remember that educating yourself is the better option, always.

Brits fucked shit up. The US and Russia capitlized on the chaos. US especially did willingly create radical Islam through a process which translates to Green Generation Project which took place in the 70s and the 80s.

>> No.9243727

>don't care
I'm not your run-of-the-mill shitposter. I do care, I just care how it's discussed. If I didn't care, I wouldn't have responded at all. I lose nothing by not talking about the intelligence game on /sci/.

>because it isn't science
There's a science to politics and there's politics itself. I'm not going to pretend to engage you on that level. You'll talk politics in a way that makes sense to you and I'll talk about politics in a way I choose. If we can find a middle ground, some commonality that drives the dialogue forward, so be it.

Anyway, the post directly above your explains in exacting detail precisely why I'm not going to engage you today. The fact is you care too, and it's why you're responding. You're doing the standard /pol/ thing and trying to persuade me to engage, trying to hint that there are greater things on the line than I'm aware of and ultimately working towards your eventual dismissal of, "Well it's your fate, so your loss."

The problem with that is that I simply don't agree. We don't see eye-to-eye. Whereas you see scientists as replaceable and knowledge as a mere commodity that comes and goes as the times, I see every step in the development of life-altering technology as an irreplaceable good without peer. Even if genius is common enough to be replaceable, the good it spawns isn't. That won't come from anywhere else. It has to be done, or we end up with the rot you put at the forefront of your life.

And whereas you think the people who really changed the world worked for awareness and bringing justice to the people, I see politics as a game, a waste of time, and everyone who engages with it to be as relevant as all the others who once did. In other words, I see you as replaceable. And I think I can argue well for why I think that way and provide many more reasons for why politicians are all the same and all equally replaceable than you can for why you think scientists and researchers are.

But that's not what I'm about.

>> No.9243741

>>9243727 (cont)
I'm not telling you all this to elicit some sort of response, or to convince you of my side. I'm not telling everyone, "Hey guys! Look at this thread! /pol/ is invading and promises to destroy the quality of this board forever!" Because I don't think that. I'm not trying to shut down this discussion, force you to go back to /pol/, or to stop any debate you're still engaged in. You're keeping to yourself, keeping to this thread, and only discussing topics that are relevant to bring up. That's not cancer. That's good. That's debate, discussion, and constructive content in general.

Sometimes, /pol/ makes interesting arguments, and the /sci/ perspective on those topics is easily something that /pol/ might or should want. But I'm not your average shitposter and I don't want to speak for the board.

Instead, I want to show that even hot topics can be discussed scientifically.

I'm explaining this so you can understand how we're different, why we're different, and why it's important for us to stay that way. That, I think you can understand, regardless of any political ideals you hold to or any opinions you have on what's happening in the world today.

>> No.9243763


>> No.9243772

I interned for NASA and got a cheeky little shirt from one of our trips to Plum Brook Station, where the largest vacuum chamber in the world is

I hate seeing normies walking around with this logo, but maybe I'm just salty. I also dislike NASA now because they work so fucking slowly

>> No.9243830

So your points are
>nice b8 m8 but im not stupid lol
>scientists are irreplacable bcuz the good they do is real
>politics is childs game and a distraction
Here are some facts anon. If Einstein hadn't discovered Relativity, someone else would have. Maybe years later, but eventually someone would. Yet the right wingers who took place in the Iranian revolution; if they didn't exist Iran would probably be a communist state for decades. No other person would be able to bring back the Islamic Iran we have today.
Politics is the only thing that matters, anon. Science isn't an abstract thing; it's a tool. Science is a part of the power politics we have today.
Syrian Civil War is a once in a lifetime experience. You call our actions petty and irrelevant, yet the right activists in the right time can make all the change. Iranian communists started a revolution and accidentaly created an Islamic state. Ghandi starved himself and planted to seeds of modern India. Some low life burned himself and started the Arab Spring. Some Turk living in the failing Ottoman empire fought against the colonists and created modern Turkey. Some German guy wrote a book and unintentionally created the ideological split we see between countries today. So on and so forth.
Nothing on this list would be the same if it weren't for the right people in the right time. Can you say the same for science anon? I doubt it.

>> No.9243835

>we're different
I'm not a /pol/ poster anon. My main board is /sci/ and sometimes /r9k/ (those guys are nice company). I only visit /pol/ for /sg/. Every other post in /pol/ is about irrelevant issues the american media wants people to think about.

And my point is, anon, that to say that "politics is irrelevant" is a big mistake. Science influences lives and makes them better, yes, but the right power politics can directly save lives.
For example, no one gave a flying fuck about the Burma genocide which started happening mid 2016. Media catched up on it late 2017, a year later, and still nothing is happening. Do yourself a favor and read the human rights violations report on Burma published sometime late 2016. They have interviews with women who had their children and husbands murdered in front of them, and were later raped by the soldiers. Science will keep growing always, but nothing will bring back the lives that are lost.

t. Physics student

>> No.9243847
File: 22 KB, 277x296, Autismo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9243861

>politics is childs game
No, it's an adult's game. Children are innocent.

Unless you're from some other timeline, that's not how facts work. A hypothetical is the very opposite of a fact. I'm not saying this to be pedantic, I'm saying it because mere argument isn't going to convince me of anything. We base our studies on evidence precisely to avoid getting lost in nonsense hypotheticals that might not matter in any conceivable way.

>if they didn't exist Iran would probably be a communist state for decades
That's a far more tangible, statement, thank you. The reason it's tangible is because politics is a primarily deterministic system. What that means is, you only care about what's happening in the world today because you can see what effect it's going to have long term. It's not even necessarily about the injustices happening right now, it's about everything on into the future. There is a very real degree to where you can predict what will or would have happened, to the degree that you can justify intervening to stop it. This is politics at its basis, so it is _primarily_ deterministic. It couldn't exist otherwise.

>You call our actions petty and irrelevant
I never said that and I don't think that. I was only explaining my cynical outlook on the nature of politicians to exhibit the fact that we don't see eye-to-eye and don't need to. I don't consider politics petty, or I wouldn't care. I do care.

>Can you say the same for science anon?
Absolutely. Do you think science doesn't have an equally intricate history with many players who changed the game forever? I don't want to believe that you seriously think that, so I have to dismiss that argument as a strawman. Again: It doesn't matter what's replaceable or what's not. What matters is that there's any shared basis for us to have a mutually constructive dialogue. Regardless of what state the world takes, only we can decide how we want to interact.

And nothing you said was bait.

>> No.9243885

Knowing doesn't affect change, and the current methods of affecting change are evil in their own ways. >>9243563 still applies.

>your attitude and statements directly answer your questions
>primarily deterministic

I have no problem with Iran becoming communist, or having become communist, or anything else Iran does. To even pretend that I can do anything about it only causes the political engine to screech and moan and do things that it claims represent me, but really don't. There is no small amount of evil created by trying to ignite movements that shape the lives of thousands.

In short, it's not mine to govern, and to pretend I should have a stake in the lives of peoples who did not ask for my help is evil on its face. It's a game not because it's trivial or irrelevant, which it isn't, but a game because it never ends and someone's always trying to "win."

The only truly winning move is not to play.

>> No.9244949

>It couldn't possibly be that anybody besides me is interested in things
>Obviously all other people who project an interest in a subject I am interested in are merely pretending. It couldn't possibly have anything to do with a desire to be identifiable to other people who share the same interest, or to express something important to them

Op, are you one of those /x/ posters that thinks you're the only "real" person in the universe?

>> No.9244958
File: 46 KB, 225x225, SHITTLERICK.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9244969

Solipsism makes sense though. Sorry you're just a figment of my imagination, it's not your fault

>> No.9245213
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>Solipsism makes sense though

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