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What do you do and how much do you make?


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nice. what do you do? how long have you been working?

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>math phd
>35 k

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> banker
> 350k

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Just enough to pay property taxes, insurance, and a couple utilities.

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PhD chemist
$97.5k with minor benefits but lots of stock

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>Postdoc research fellow

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>truck driver

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>NEET / tutor
>math, physics, and computer science on high school level
>17$ an hour, 400$ a month on average

It is livable for an eastern europoor. I am thinking of tutoring British and Australian students online. I have a wacom tablet and morning hours are afternoon in Australia, while I am only 2 hours behind Britain. The problem is that their tutoring websites require official papers and shit (tax, diploma, etc.) so I have no way to advertise myself for them. if I could charge 20 to 30 dollar and hour and teach 4 hours a day I could live nicely.

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>2 hours behind Britain
U fuking wat

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25 year old NEET.
4 - 6% yearly interest on a 5 million dollar inheritance.
Not sure what I want to study yet.

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>writing up PhD in machine learning

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Sounds about right

Kek. Doctorate chemist in private industry only making 95k/yr. Did you do your phd at devry?

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> theoretical thermodynamic bio-physics


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>Chef at Wendy's

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My girlfriend is majoring in gastronomy and I know that you are not a chef, you are cook. Stop stroking your dick.

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>being this much of an autist

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that explains how she got so good at swallowing eh lad

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Nothing wrong with knowing the terminology. It is not like I'm some snob elitist, it is just that when she has tests she reviews by reading it out loud so I've heard the definitions.

I know that chef is reserved for someone who is in charge of a kitchen in a formal restaurant and there is also the seus-chef who serves as acting chef when the chef isn't there and the executive chef who also has business responsibilities.

You fry shit. You are a cook.

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Just started last week. If I don't get a promotion soon I'm going to get a job somewhere else though.

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How new r u

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BC grad student
29k a year with summers

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>Math/Theoretical physics student
>Only whatever scraps my Shapeways shop earns me

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EE grad student, work on MOCVD.
Don't know exactly how much I make (multiple funding sources), but it's around 35k, including summer.

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It's a startup, hence the stocks you dingus.

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I just want that 300k starting dude can I make it?

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Wait what the flying fuck anon, i'm a junior in geophysics, please don't tell me after all this learning and PDE's that i'm only going to get paid 50k, do you work at a tiny company or something?

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>engineering estimator w/ HS diploma for utility company
>$100k/year w/ extensive benefits

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why would you constrain yourself to just learn how to solve like a tiny subset of PDEs? switch to physics before it's too late.

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Wait, the PDE's in strauss's text aren't enough?!
This is bullshit, what's the point anymore.

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>Software developer
>110k plus stock + bonuses

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>Started last week
>Promotion soon

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Boston College?

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lol how the fuck do you only make 52k as a geophysicist

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Work for the government.
I'm a civil engineer for the government, make $52k as well.

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>Laser scientist/engineer
>27 years old with Master's degree

It's a lot of fun but it can be exhausting. The work is physically taxing. I've developed carpal tunnel syndrome b/c of the really fine fiber optic work.

Also safety is iffy with prototype kilowatt class lasers. It's a product of the demand (we basically get blank checks to do skunkworks type projects). Other people at my lab refer to me and a small group of my coworkers as "laser cowboys" b/c we blow shit up so frequently. It can actually be scary/nerve-wracking, but so far the worst I've done is vaporize the hair on my arms.

but hey lasers are badass so there's that.

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you work in an office having to dress up or just typical hawaiian shirt and sandals to work deal for 85k a year? Cuz you wanna be comfy at what u do for that kinda money (although i would eat asshole for 85k a year as bio major)

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>systems engineer
>80k + good vacation

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>pure math

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But you start at 300k ...

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>GM at home improvement store

Dropped out of college at 20, now I'm 28 running my own store

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IP and patent law, 179K

>undergrad in micriobiology
>masters in genetics and bioinformatics
>law school only for patent, ip, reg, trad, copy

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>PhD in math
>-1/12 starting

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hey lance

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>federal gubmint job
Pretty good to be honest

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chemical physics student

Don't know what to do after graduation. Might just live in parents' basement.

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i think you forgot a 0 there

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>ER physician
>$270k yr

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hello newfriend

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I just graduated in May and it's an entry level position, but I'm not working in O&G. We act as consultants for engineering, demolition, and construction projects. The experience is great though and I plan to relocate to Texas and use my experience to get something in O&G.

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shiddddd boiii realistically how much time a day do you spend meticulously diddling the fiber optics?
also why are you getting burned just stay out of the beam lmao

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>software engineer
> ~500k if i work 6 months out of the year, i average about 360k

who you know > what you know

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damn son

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Graduate student, 28k after taxes

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I do not miss being a gradstudent slave

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>postdoc in QI
Why the hell do I stay on /sci/?

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>Quantum Physicist at Demiurge

get on my level, cucks

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>job title quantum physicist
quit larping pussy

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>math and philosophy masters
>patent law

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what the fuck?

what do you do exactly?

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>directional driller at schlumberger Asia
>415k a year

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>government gibmedat

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doing fucking what?

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>Canadian plumber
$12,585 canadian dollars per day

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coding html for websites

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>skip class

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huh. i'll be 26 when I'll finish my masters and I'll make 63k.

not bad for finance

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bro how into leadership skills

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>fast food worker college student poorfag
>$8.50 an hour

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EE co-op

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>Electronics tech

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AU $130k + Bonus if production on target

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>associates in english literature working as a barista in starbucks 15 hours a week
>4.4 million dollar annual salary + benifits

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you have to work more than 24h but nice joke still

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How do i achieve this

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So you make $-1/12

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undergraduate research assistant, earning nominally 13 dollars an hour but my last check was less than a hundred dollars for a pay period containing about 50 hours

so I guess just under 2 dollars an hour, technically

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tip top
it all checks out

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>undergrad research assistant

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Yeah, you get paid to work on some project a professor doesn't have time for. If you do a good job, you'll be able to get a strong letter of recommendation out of it.

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>work on some project a professor doesn't have time for.

anon, if he had any interest in it, or could make any $$ out of it, he'd do it himself.
you're just there to carry the materials and make coffee

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Not him, but I've done research before and I'm doing it now and it's not like that.

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nano ur robot

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>what do you do?
probably lying

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I did this during the summer

if you never did it, then maybe you're of the brainlet persuasion

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>Math major
>any job I want
>300k starting

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>eating the shitpost
fucking newfags

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>switch to an even shittier field

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>Aneasthetist consultant

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That's very low. You should feelbad about yourself

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Pure Maths PhD student as well as Particle Physics PhD student. Around 40k a year and have teaching duties pushed back til 2nd year.

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Can I ask what you did your PhD on?

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is there any metallurgy-related private R&D down under? I imagine your job is more like production oversight/optimisation

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>What do you do and how much do you make?
College physics professor
About $35k
You know, because our society really cares about science and education and stuff. That's what everyone tells me all the time, how important education is.

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Commercial Diver
50-100k, depending on how much I chase work

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Create games on roblox
$500-1k daily

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who /makegoodmoneyfornotreallydoinganything/ here?

i make 95k$ a year and only do like 2 hours of actual work a day. most of my time is spent just walking around or reading emails. mechanical engineer btw.

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Nearly all my transactions are done through local trade now.

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yeah i get drunk and type words into a computer and i make more in a week than most people do in a year that's why my monkey superiority complex kicked in and now i refer to anybody that makes less than i do in a week as "little people" which is super true go slave your life away for an entire year to barely match what i make shitposting and masturbating

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>Software Dev

high labor demand amirite

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should i get a phd lads?

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But nobody said you won't earn less later

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PhD often means that you're research focused, unless an engineering PhD is just a totally different beast that I just don't know about. If you're into research it's an okay idea, especially since your main investment is time so long as your degree is funded. Otherwise go make money you silly asshole, an engineering degree is a ticket onto the dosh train as long as you didn't get straight C's.

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Companies will pay a lot of dosh to make sure they have patents on their shitty stupid kits and other garbage. Patent law can be pretty lucrative in the sciences because of this.

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>Doing research themselves every day

You have no idea how labs at research institutions work, do you?

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>Ph.D. student in geosciences
>any intro lab I want
>$23k starting

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get a masters, go do industry for a few years, and then ask yourself that question again.

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pure math
non finite amount of us dollars

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>math grad student
>21k per year

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construct geometric displays with lumber


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nice af

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How did you meet your connections?

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What do I study at uni sci
I can study literally anything including postgrad assured med and dentistry
I like Math and Physics and I don't like or dislike chemistry too much I could get through it just to get through med if need be
Fucking hate bio except for really specific parts of it

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>physics undergrad

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ME or EE
I wish I did that and then decided after graduating if I want to pursue a PhD. I'm doing biochem, and I enjoyed pchem and ochem but hated the memorization and pipetting and having doubts if I want to do that for another 4 years

Should I go for a second degree in engineering sci?

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Timezone, he lives in eastern europe which is 2 hours behind britain in terms of time conversion.

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>Math grad student
>$2000/month spending money, tuition and insurance covered by school

>weed dealer

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Electrical Engineer

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ChemE. Starting my first job in a few weeks salaried at 61k. It's on the lower end for the city I'm in, but it was all I could get.

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>thinks cash is the only valuable asset
you're going to go far in life, kid

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lmfao all that effort and you're still wrong

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Math PhD student
TAship pays just around $20k/year

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sounds like you're living the dream, friendo

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you're clueless

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jesus christ are you the king of grad students?
fucking lord i'm jelly

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>falling for the contribution to science meme

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>archival studies
>I only get contract work sadly, so fuckall

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>a truck driver is getting more than someone with a PhD

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>Putting food from a bag/box onto a grill and heating it back up to assemble a burger or dropping them into a frier until a timer goes off.

You're less than a cook.

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Holy shit looking at all people with physics degree, I'm getting scared of going for a PhD degree for physics, should go for Mechanical engineering or electric engineering? or keep my dream for a physics PhD degree?

>> No.9205518

I love mech engineers at my place. They literally fuck off for most of the day and you have to wait till tomorrow to ask them the specifications for some goddamn application that is pretty copy paste because they are no where to be found somehow.

>> No.9205525

physics is a worthless meme degree.

>> No.9205548

network admin and devops

>> No.9205561

I should note that this is in Iceland, and payed in ISK, so ~650k ISK per month.

>> No.9205607

>went for math meme degree and wound up teaching at community college
>33k with no benefits, have to teach at 2 schools and make a 2hr commute twice a week

listen up i know some of you little shits in my classes go on 4chan and if i find out who you are youre gonna be receiving a big fat F in my class for shitposting

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Blue team & forensics

>> No.9205741

>Topological Data Analyst

>> No.9205768

HVAC controls programmer and web front-end developer

>> No.9205788

>Management consultant
>80k + bonuses

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>ywn be american
>ywn win fat stacks with just an engineering degree and no experience
>mfw doomed to win 10k a year and that if I get a job

who /thirldworld/ here?

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Me, also doing pure mathematics (Brazil). Fuck me in the ass.

Hopefully I can do my masters in China next year. My friends told me that it's easy to get a scholarship and I won't have to pay for a thing. Today, China looks like paradise if we compare it to bananaland.

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>Code Monkey

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S.T.E.M. is a meme.

And you suckers fell for it.

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art major 700k just started

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