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what are some powerful equations

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0 = 2

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your mom + me = you

come home son

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0.99999... = 1

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1+2+3+... = - \frac{1}{12}

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π = 3

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P = UI

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thanks, engineer

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1+0 = 0.5

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What slow down there slugger we know we just aren't as smart as you, leave some intellect for the rest of us

edgy as shit

Any constant looks important if you extend it into multiple pages

the equation that gets every brainlet into a twist

dude -1/12 lmao

>>9179192 said it best

extra meme'd

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[math]\int_\Omega d\omega=\int_{\partial\Omega}\omega[/math]

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[eqn] \delta \mathcal { S } = 0 [/eqn]
It's sooooo elegant you guys.

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Not an equation, but powerful nonetheless:
If [math]\phi: G \longrightarrow H [/math] is a group homomorphism, then
[math] H \cong G / \text{ker}\phi [/math]

"The First Group Isomorphism Theorem"

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>generalized stokes theorem

You're a small fry.

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Such shitty rendering on the font compared to the picture. Makes it look like a poor attempt at making this seem overly illustrious

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>not the isomorphism theorems for universal algebras
wanna know how i know you're a brainlet?

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1 + 2 + 3 + 4... = -1/12

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e^pi + i = -1 + 0

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look at this https://ncatlab.org/nlab/show/Stokes+theorem
>the standard model of particle physics is just a special case of stokes theorem

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That's... highly misleading

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Let me be more specific. Differential forms and related subjects (along with a whole lot of Lie theory and ) allows us to write down possible components of the Action in a manifestly covariant (and gauge invariant) way, and to relate the quantities to one another. Simple application of Stoke's theorem allows a theory with a small subset of these possible terms to be solved exactly in the classical regime. These are useful for studying vacuum field configurations - among other things.

The standard model is all of those possible terms in 4-dimensional spacetime that keeps the theory *renormalizable* which cannot be understood through these means. Stokes theorem has nothing to say about why terms like

[math]c_6\int d^4x \text{Tr}(F \wedge F)\phi^2(x)[/math]

shouldn't be included in a low energy effective action of the standard model.

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You've been cucked, physishit. He cucked you by fucking your slutty equation in the pussy and then in the ass.

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Not an equation, but inverse function theorem is goat.

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>autistic garbling

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[math]G_{\mu \nu} = \frac{8 \pi G}{c^4} T_{\mu \nu}[/math]

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always liked it

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I've got it tattooed on my leg kek

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[math]\lim_{J\to\infty} \frac{J}{s}[/math] is pretty powerful

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Why would you do that to yourself?

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pics plus timestamp

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Being pedantic is a brainlet mechanism.

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P = NP

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hey there ape

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>Using SI
Wew lad.
Heisenberg equation > Schrödinger equation

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calm down satan

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i wasn't feeling well setting c=1 man...i could also just write [math]G_{\mu \nu}=\kappa T_{\mu \nu}[/math]

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>not natural units

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again read above

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It's not pedantism, you just chose the thing that you get taught in high school. It's like answering this with, say, fundamental theorem of calculus, when Stoke's theorem exists.

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people = shit

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nigger detected

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thats just his slave branding, carry on fellow citizen

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kek im white

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People who write exp{...} should kill themselves.

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>doesn't say what W is

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It is beneficial to use exp(x) instead of e^x when the argument is really long. When you do e^(something) latex tends to write that something in smaller text, making it harder to read.

In calculus the worse you will deal with is shit like e^(3x^2) so you are good but in real math like number theory the arguments of the exponential get fucking crazy and it would be madness to write that as e^(something). Same reason we do log instead of ln. Looks clearer when you have shit like loglogloglog instead of lnlnlnlnln

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It stands for Wombo

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>We do
Actual mathematicians do. You do not

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Log likelihood

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In gaudy color for added beauty.

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[math]{a}^{2} + {b}^{2} = {c}^{2}[/math]

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Neil Degrasse Tyson + a popsci culture = a board which constantly shits on some guy who is, at most, pretentious at times all because a group of people worship him because "oh look black man doing science!"

I call it the /sci/ equation, powerful no?

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Qen/e0 = int(E.A)

even though I have no fucking idea how it works

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first of all learn how to write it dude:

[math]\oint \vec{E} \cdot d\vec{A} = \frac{q_{enc}}{\epsilon_0}[/math]

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it should be e^pi * i = -1

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4 is very important

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ah yes

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>Not the cosine rule
The fuck outta here

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came here to post this
U did alright m8

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>be faggot
>have never done anything of substance or meaning in my life
>get by on 'lol i am le smarty gifted genius boy' meme as my only source of self-esteem
>use my superior intellect to choose the ideal, most interesting, substantial, personally-meaningful thing possible to permantly ink on my skinnyfat appendage

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lol this is good

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i would respond to your post but i don't want to dignify it with a response

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>Americans in charge of notation.

[eqn] \oint _S \mathbf E \cdot \mathbf S = \frac{Q}{\epsilon_0}

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>complains about notation
>posts broken retard screeching

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forgot the closing tag.

[eqn]\oint _S \mathbf E \cdot \mathbf S = \frac{Q}{\epsilon_0}[/eqn]

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and the d.

[eqn] \oint _S \mathbf E \cdot d \mathbf S = \frac{Q}{\epsilon_0}[/eqn]

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lol rekt

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[math]P = \frac{dW}{dt}[\math]

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[eqn] P = \frac{dW}{dt} [\eqn]

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What's this PDE represent?

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how did you make the integral larger??

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it's euler lagrange, the solution is a function which extremizes a the functional

[math]S[y] = \int L(y,\dot{y},t)dt[/math]

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[math]\delta S =0[/math]

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this is just a restatement of the pde in the op.

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I'm black.

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ik isn't is more beautiful that way tho?

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Shouldn't the fundamental nature of things be.... simpler??

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Sets are not expressions you stupid.

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It calculates electrical power and it spells pie. Can an equation be any more powerful?

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>implying we've found the true fundamental nature

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[eqn]80085 = 80085[/eqn]

check mate

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>The standard model is all of those possible terms in 4-dimensional spacetime that keeps the theory *renormalizable* which cannot be understood through these means. Stokes theorem has nothing to say about why terms like
are you saying that stoke's theorem is limited because it doesn't predict physics?

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holy shit kill yourself

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quads don't lie

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If you don't understand this, you need to get out of /sci/.

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[math]\rho (\frac{\partial \textbf{v}}{\partial t}+\textbf{v} \cdot \nabla \textbf{v}) = -\nabla p + \nabla \cdot \textbf{T} + \textbf{f} [\math]

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that's Einstein's field equations!

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Well duh, it's chapter 1 of the bible.

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Could physics be any uglier?

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That's fucking disgusting

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it's the partition function of the Standard Model

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What is it like to meet someone who would do this in real life? Do they just spew autism all over you?

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I wanna fuck christ-chan so hard that she converts to pagan worshipping of my penis!

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>muh equation

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P(A|B) = P(A) P(B|A) / P(B)

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i2 = -1

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this is the most powerful sequence

0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34 .... 1.618, this is where you find God

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>implying it exists

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>not using the covariant derivative or hermitian conjugate symbols
>not using Feynman slash notation
>not grouping together the weak isospin charged objects into matrices and vectors
I you don't get that this is an obvious joke way of writing the Standard Model Lagrangian you don't belong here. It would make it funnier though if someone could expand this further by forgetting Einstein summation too.
a kind of neat summation of what we experimentally know for sure at the moment.
Remove it and work out before you get too old.

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[math]\varphi[/math] is not the limit of the Fibonacci sequence, my mentally-impaired friend.

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then how does 1+2+3+4+,,,=-1/12?

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nice b8

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[eqn]L_{{{\text{o}}}}({\mathbf x},\,\omega _{{{\text{o}}}},\,\lambda ,\,t)\,=\,L_{e}({\mathbf x},\,\omega _{{{\text{o}}}},\,\lambda ,\,t)\ +\,\int _{\Omega }f_{r}({\mathbf x},\,\omega _{{{\text{i}}}},\,\omega _{{{\text{o}}}},\,\lambda ,\,t)\,L_{{{\text{i}}}}({\mathbf x},\,\omega _{{{\text{i}}}},\,\lambda ,\,t)\,(\omega _{{{\text{i}}}}\,\cdot \,{\mathbf n})\,\operatorname d\omega _{{{\text{i}}}}[/eqn]

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It's the limit of the ratio of consecutive terms [math] F_{n+1} / F_n [/math]

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No it doesn't...


That's impossible, adding positive numbers will NEVER get you a negative result

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whats that all about anon?

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Radiative transfer equation, I presume. Every field of science that uses is tends to write it slightly differently..

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Euler's one

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Holy shit so much cringe in a single post

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>>9189990 is on the money. Search up "The Rendering Equation" to learn more.

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>923 and 33 are the two most important numbers in free masonry
>Illuminati founded in 1776
>United States founded in 1776
>1776 is used to calculate 923 in free masonry look up what this means yourself
>The last eclipse like the one we just had was in 1776
>9/23 is 33 days after the eclipse
>The next one is 7 years away
>Tribulations in the book of revelations last 7 years
>Revelations written by the free masons
>Revelations is not prophesy it is an eyewitness account of cyclical event prob caused the floods in the bible and Epic Of Gilgamesh just a theory
>The pyramids mark this exact date not just the Egyptian ones but all over the world including Antarctica
>Free masons built the pyramids
>Israel founded in 1917 because of the faked holocaust in order to fulfill biblical prophecy and match the dates precisely for 9/23

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didn't say it was full blown retard, it is progressive to phi which is why 1.618, sorry trying to sound smart by insulting someone for explaining something you don't understand was such a fail for you

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>Not knowing 1.618 is φ

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Euler identity
Reimann equation
What's the other one

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*riemann zeta fcn

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It stands for [Why]. As in, why things are the way they are.

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Please explain to a literal retard how this is supposed to predict anything.

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A classical field theory is defined by some action [math]S\left[ \varphi \right] = \int {{\operatorname{d} ^4}x\mathcal{L}\left( {\varphi ,\partial \varphi } \right)} [/math], where phi is the field, in the sense that you can use the principal of least action to derive the equations of motion of the theory.

A quantum field theory is defined by a path integral [math]Z = \int {\mathcal{D}\varphi \exp \left( {iS\left[ \varphi \right]} \right)} [/math] in the sense that all amplitudes can theoretically be given by something like [math]\left\langle {\varphi \left( {{x_1}} \right)...\varphi \left( {{x_n}} \right)} \right\rangle = \frac{1}{Z}\int {\mathcal{D}\varphi \exp \left( {iS\left[ \varphi \right]} \right)\varphi \left( {{x_1}} \right)...\varphi \left( {{x_n}} \right)} [/math].

This procedure is almost always perturbative, so the integral in the picture has a cutoff k<lambda for renormalization purposes. Although the gravitational portion can't be renormalized and only works at low energies.

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>ywn find a general solution

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Obligatory Taylor Series

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Yes, that's why string theory has such a simple description. It essentially boils down to:
>0) Replace states by operators
>1) Integrate over geometries
>2) Sum over topologies

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The standard model isn't particularly pretty, but writing out the full Lagrangian like that ensures that it looks as ugly as possible. If you think of the standard model in terms of the underlying geometry and symmetry with certain matter fields you can avoid all of that complexity: the standard model is an SU(3)xSU(2)xU(1) gauge theory with three generations of massive fermionic matter. Isn't that a large part of what makes mathematics beautiful -- the ability to take something of incredible complexity and reduce it to a few simple principles?
The choice of gauge group is rather arbitrary, which has spurred theoretical physicists to look for even simpler models underelying the standard model, such as grand unification and, ultimately, string theory. You're essentially concluding that algebra is ugly because one can write down ugly, bloated algebraic formulae, instead of seeing the beauty underlying all such formulae.

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Thats actually kind of a neat way to imagine the bible

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>God called the light "energy" and the darkness "matter"
nice heresy

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2+2=5 by dostoevsky

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op = faggot

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[math]\ddot{\sigma_{r}} = \frac{m\phi_{v}}{\frac{(\partial{v}}{\partial{r}}}[/math]

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- Free energy = negentropy - kullback liebler divergence.

Potentially the most powerful equation in all systems science.

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Very important linear algebra theorem
A = \int_{\sigma(A)}\lambda dE_\lambda

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>linear algebra

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nice arithmetic with letters faggot

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just use [math] dE_\lambda = v_\lambda v_\lambda^T d\mu[/math] where [math] \mu [/math] is the counting measure and [math] v_\lambda [/math] the eigenvector for [math] \lambda [/math]
and you get a linear algebra theorem :^)

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Stroke's theorem

>> No.9195577

>because of the faked holocaust
ah /sci/ isnt full of brainlets

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Whats that pitchfork symbol? And the weird L? and the backwards 6? And the fancy D? and exp? All amplitudes of what? what is the motion of the theory? what is k<lambda? What is renormalization?

Other than that, totally got it.

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for sure entropy > 0

most fundamental of all laws and the reason why we can use quantum mechanics is that it makes c the 'base'

>> No.9195933

op here
i made this thread when i was high af like i am rn lol
thats why i used "powerful"

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What units will W have? I mean like meters-per-second or miles-per-gallon or something.

>> No.9196154


Joules (energy)

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[math]\text{Piggot=} \lim_{x\to\infty} \int\limits_{faggot}^{x} pig(x) dx[/math]

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[math]\vec{F}=q\vec{E} + q\vec{v} \times \vec{B}[/math]

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only good one in the thread

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And this

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420 = 69

>> No.9198262

[math]\hat{H}| \psi(t) \rangle = i \hbar \frac{\partial}{\partial t} | \psi (t) \rangle[/math]

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ah, the lovely [math]\mathbb{Z}_2[/math] arithmetic

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A non-convergent series can be rearranged to equal anything.

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0 = 0

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*conditionally convergent

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