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How effective is this method in determining who exactly a person was in racial terms? How many times has this worked, and what percentage of cases has this worked?

I'm wanting to know because I keep hearing people say that race is only a skin color, however race can be also determined by bone structure as well.

Is this standard procedure for forensic anthropology in the US, and if so, how effective is it? I heard that it can be confusing to identify a mixed race individual by simply looking at the lower jaw bone, but does it work? I know this is a very politically incorrect question to ask, but I want to hear an experts side of the story.

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I actually have a very detailed training manual for forensic anthropology. I'll take some pictures and post them at some point

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there are a metric fuckton of differences between the races, a common one to point out being that blacks have higher bone density (ie they sink in water). The biggest problems when it comes to researching these types of differences is that it is a cultural taboo in the western world, the whole equality and diversity thing means pointing out that we aren't carbon copies makes you a racist.

asia is a great place to look for these kinds of research papers, because quite frankly they don't give a fuck about western social trends.

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Apologies for their being sideways. They are showing up as vertical on my file explorer, not sure how to fix it

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And I think thats the most the book says about race/sex. I can also dump the cause of death indicators too if anyone is interested.

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tl;dr or gtfo

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>Are there differences in skull characteristics between races?


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>race not biologically constructed
>show skulls differences based on race

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It has been shown that racial classification of skeletal morphology only works accurately if you are looking at a skeleton from the same population that was sampled in order to find the racial characteristics linked to that population's race. In other words, what these methods are really finding is the morphology of a population, which only coincides with race when the subject is of the same population and thus the same race. This is expected from the modern anthropological view that only populations are the true source of genetic group variation, not races.



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Those are literally the only two reliable differences we know about. The nose and parts of the lower jaw.

The rest of the "muh skulls" stuff is BS. Phrenology is not a real science.

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morphology doesnt mean shit. Look at molecular data, even better nucleotide differences, all that will dictate morphology anyways.

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so we're not one race the human race?

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You can believe in whatever fantasy you want

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I don't see why skull shape's correlation with race is so controversial. Nobody would argue that there isn't a link between facial features and ethnicity, and those race specific facial features are because of the bone structure. Doesn't mean if the slope of your forehead is 2 degrees off that you're some sort of mongoloid.

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We are, because interbreeding has made sure of it. Think of a situation where you release a group of dogs of different breeds into an area, after a thousand years (more than the amount of time needed actually) you won't be able to distinguish any breeds from the population.

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Because it's not correlated to race. It's correlated to population genetics.

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Irrelevant as your entire eurangutan race will get wiped out of the earth's surface. Get extinct'd subhuman.

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But interbreeding is only heavily encouraged and promoted in only white majority countries. Africa will be still blacks 1000 years from now, Asia will be still Asians 1000 years from now.

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largest genetic clusters in human population = races

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Each genetic cluster delineate into race.

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>largest genetic clusters in human population = race
What does "largest genetic cluster" refer to?

Why are these not the "largest genetic clusters?"

In reality, biologists know that human populations form clines, and cannot be objectively delineated into races.


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Meant to attach pic

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Is the Middle East white?

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a native Peruvian who lived in the 15 century

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that German skull is so aesthetic

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Where does skin color appear on your graph?

Can you just show me these "largest genetic clusters" without referring to arbitrary characteristics? Because if not, you are just showing me clines, not races.

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It's wrong tho.

Inuits have the biggest skulls.

The pic cherrypicks skulls to show how the german have a big skull...again...

Truly pathetic.

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Currently they are classified as white in America. From 2020, they will have their own classification.

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