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How can someone be this intelligent? Is he the von Neumann of our generation?

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Trolling on /sci/ is a lot harder than on other boards, mate. You need to try harder if you want to succeed. Read the posts written by me and learn.

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You like Neil deGrasse Tyson? Name 5 of his discoveries.

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>trolling on /sci/ is hard
>>9132254 has over 200 replies
Really makes me think

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Part of the issue with trolling on /sci/ is often, like in a large portion of that thread, there's valuable discussion started by anons with each other, ignoring the bait. You'll get a few responses seriously addressing the troll OP, but then it usually turns into everyone laughing at the idiots and discussing ideological differences or taking shits on each others' field, saying that X is better than Y at understanding phenomenon Z.

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>Is he the von Neumann of our generation?
No, he's more like an idea man. Just like Sagan.

pic related.

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He's not the best scientist, even tho he is brilliant. He's easily the best Science communicator of his generation. Equal to Sagan, Einstein, and Russel.

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No, god no he's cringy and awful.

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Cool thread! I also like to false-flag!

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I'm waiting for the day he says that genders don't exist

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>quantum mechanics
>special relativity
>turing machine
debate me you fucking racist

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Yeah like IQ differences between races you acknowledge it or not.

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Umm, no sweetie. You don't have to acknowledge that because it's racist

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I love the "Umm, no sweetie." meme, correctly captures the haughtiness and condescension of the idiotic SJWs.

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>dedicate your life to increasing scientific literacy of the general public and sparking an interest in STEM fields for children
>be hated by neckbeards and nazis because you are black

really activates the almonds desu

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what a dumb and vague statement. not all science is "true" by definition

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Your statement is dumber and vaguer. Elaborate.

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theories and hypotheses are "science" and the they are not true by definition.

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Theories are true until the opposite can be proven, hypotheses are mere assumptions until proven.

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People don't like him because of his arrogant attitude while lacking the scientific clout to back it up. Him being black is irrelevant.

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>Theories are true
>Guesses are true


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Gotta admit, he's important for making liberal normals respect science.

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>I'm waiting for the day he says that genders don't exist

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He is one of the Dumbest Physicists. But He is also the smartest Black.

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Theories are NEVER true, you can't "prove" a model of the Universe, all you can do is demonstrate that the facts are adequately explained by a theory, or not.

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Sagan 2.0

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I don't think it usca race thing I think it is more a he isn't a PhD and has no remarkable discoveries or theories to his name and Neckbeards are jealous of his fame but are too autistic to realize they couldn't do what he does because of their autism and complete lack of social skills and charisma.

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It is like an electron of an atom. Even if you don't believe it because you exactly measure its location and momentum, it is still one exact place moving at an exact speed regardless of whether you believe it is or not.

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>be arrogant stamp collector who talks out of his as about topics he knows nothing about while pretending that his opinions and philosophical musings are science and thus true and above questioning
>still be defended and loved by the IFLS crowd and lefttards because you are black

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>activates the almonds
you know you cant say that anymore right?

almonds is slang for nigger and activate is slang for whipping

'activates my almonds' literary means 'whips my nigger'

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some of those urban dictionary websites are vulnerable to definition bombing, and very few of their definitions are backed up by more than wesayso

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the man posted on twitter something stupid about batman being blind if he really were a bat, despite bats being blind is just a myth

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>'activates my almonds' literary means 'whips my nigger'
>you know you cant say that anymore right?
activate my almonds senpai

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He's not wrong but his definition of science in this context is wrong making the statement fucking retarded.

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The thing about science is it's always wrong. It will always be wrong. The point of science is to discover the truth by whittling away the fallacies that surround it till what is left is what appears to be true. It's an a never ending process. As our tools and knowledge improve we can whittle away more and more with finer detail but no mater how close I don't think we're capable of revealing 100% of the truth of the universe. The pursuit of this end goal is in essence what science is and is NOT the information gathered along the way.

The idea, or concept that "science" holds infallible truths is a dangerous one that turns science into a new-age religion, in stead of pursuit of knowledge, and turns scientists into preachers. Black science man wants to capitalize on this idea by being a science preacher who gives random trivia to uncultured swine and presents it as "the gods only truth." This man isn't a scientist. He hasn't made an scientific discoveries or contributions to society. NDT is a VERY dangerous man and people underestimate the damage he's doing to society.

When people are conditioned/brainwashed, either by religion or science preacher men, to accept truths that they're fed by superiors with out understanding or checking the information themselves it creates a very dangerous situation. All you need is 1 bad person in a position of authority. Or 1 meme idea to spread around with nobody fact checking or understanding how it works. This is why anti-vaxers and flat Earthers exist in todays age. They've been conditioned to accept as fact any information that sounds "scientific." NDT is contributing to this phenomenon. Again, dangerous man.

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He has the fist scientist to successfully synthesize Watermelonium-925

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Neil degrasse tyson is the cringiest human being on this planet with his "i like it big" jokes and retarded tweets and is solely responsible for the "i love science dude science rocks bro" people you'd find on 9gag and reddit

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>Turing machine

Really takes your mink

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>taking the b8

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you sound like the type of person who likes "I fucking love science" on Facebook and recites Big bang theory quotes to sound smart

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He is an actor?he is in many movies.not a flat earther at all..

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He does have a PhD though?

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