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Powerful. Isn't it /sci/?

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Gave me a good chuckle

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But we are one race.
The variations in genotype is greater within the different "races" than between them. In other words we're the same.

Sure biological taxonomy is usually concerned about qualitative differences in phenotypes, but Humans are different so it makes sense that we use quantitative differences in genotype for just the Human race.

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but what about jews though

lizards and humans are pretty different

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>science is a conspiracy! The liberals and/or jews are covering up the truth on race! All the scientists are lying and only I, a 4chan shitposter, am smart enough to uncover the truth about race!

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It's not a conspiracy, it's just really obvious liberal propaganda. This doesn't have much of anything to do with science. He's an entertainer, not a scientist.

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And meanwhile, try telling an actual forensic scientist there's no such thing as race.

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So someone heard the phrase "race is only skin deep" and thought it was literally denying other physical differences like facial structure and made this image just to "correct" people? That's probably a sign of actual autism.

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>thought it was literally denying other physical differences
That's exactly what "race is only skin deep" means.

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Only very small distinguishing features can sometimes be used to identify race. For example, a small part of the nasal cavity on the skull, and a small area where the jaw attaches to the skull. That's about it. Even in that case, it's not that accurate. Craniometry is not a real science, and all those fake pictures you see on /pol/ with tons of skulls are forensic science.

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What about actual scientists working in genetics?

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Then why is it that africans are the only race that do not have Neanderthal DNA in their genes?

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>The variations in genotype is greater within the different "races" than between them. In other words we're the same.
this is a misquoted fact it's total nonsense

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Only absolute brainlets fall for pseudo-science and anti-intellectual rhetoric. Go back to >>>/pol/.

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Most Africans do have Neaderthal DNA. Only a portion of the population in central eastern africa doesn't.

The Neaderthal DNA also have almost no affect on us as humans.

>inb4 retards think neanderthals were super smart and "better" than modern humans

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It's not nonsense. It's observable fact. Take DNA samples from around the world, and measure how much variation there is between any groups, and within those groups.

It's a repeatable experiment.

Do you also believe climate change is a hoax, and the world is flat?

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I'm sick of this /sci/.

Some groups of people are clearly different and have different features than other groups of people. There is nothing socially constructed about it, I can see the differences with my own eyes.

If we can't call those racial differences what are we supposed to call them?

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>test for one allele, one loci
>ehmagurd, everyone is same

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You are implying that visuals differences are all that matter? Are YOU saying race is only skin deep? Is that why /pol/ is always arguing about "who is really white" based on skin color?

Are you claiming that you can sequence someone's entire genome by looking at them with your eyes?

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We can sequence an entire person's genome is less than two days and tests all alleles for entire populations

Do you really think you are smarter than the entire body of geneticists today?

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Basically this.

If we're trying to talk intelligence, I'd wager there's no specific bias towards one race that is more intelligent than the other, but more focused around the culture and identity built around an environment. But that's not /sci/ that's more /his/.

Regardless Bill Nye needs to hang himself ASAP

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Do you seriously think that the processes that diversified European magpies in span of ten millennia into two new species wouldn't affect hoomins separated for like quadruple this time?

Do you really believe that different populations undergoing evolution under completely different environmental and societal pressures would not be divergent?

Why it is that many seemingly sane people chimp out the second you dare to apply evolution to any human younger than Lucy?

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Different populations of people also have different brain sizes, so no, the differences aren't only cosmetic.

What is the PC way to refer to differences between groups of people?

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I believe observable evidence.

You are not just offering up a hypothetical situation with zero evidence. You are posing a question to which you are claiming you already know the answer, without making any observations.


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The differences in average brain size between population is very small, and almost entirely due to differences in diet and total body size.

The actual size of a human brain does not have significant correlation with things like IQ scores.

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There's no chimping out being done here, though. Hes just explaining that if one were to take (and this test has been done) samples of populations from around the world, there is more variation between two people in terms of total # of genes that are different within a population, than necessarily between populations.

Human populations are incredibly homogeneous genetically, and there's no scientific way to determine the cut-off point for different 'races', so race isn't an issue of science- it's a cultural and sociological thing. People just mistake that the genetic differences across populations are visually distinct means that there must be a large variation of genes, when in fact that's just not the case.

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yeah, like can you make the genetic distinction between the genetic properties of a lime and a lemon? just by looking? coz I'm a liberal and I can't.

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>I'm a liberal
No you're not and you people just making yourself look like buffoons when you say things like "I'm black/liberal and I believe in racism!"

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>What is the PC way to refer to differences between groups of people?

Opressions. An african skeleton may be found to have a smaller brain but that is transphobic. You should instead say that the african skeleton has more opression.

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Oh come on, East Asian people are manlets yet they have the biggest brains, on average, of all.

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no I'm a liberal. I don't believe in evolution and the supposed genetical differences between these "races". Any liberal out there is smart enough to see through that evolution is just a nasty propaganda carried out by aristocracy obsessed racist white people.

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Then show me this test and its results, because I can't wrap my head around how it is possible.

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There's no meaningful difference between "races" you brainlet.
Shifting the burden of proof doesn't put a lot of confidence in your argument.

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Races don't even exist. since evolution is a lie propagated by white supremacists, people are just different colors and have the same genetic identity. These are just basic scientific facts.

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Explain this TV show.

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Thats a brilliant way to make use of the blackface.

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You just don't understand how evolution works, and you do not understand the nuance of human genetics and human evolution.

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Racial divisions were determined in a time when people knew jack shit about evolution or biology.

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If there is no such thing as race, why do we still have affirmative action policy base on race?

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>trying to propagate the evolution meme
racists belong on >>>/pol/

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Because race is a social phenomenon and not a biological phenomenon. If you want to know more, go to >>>/his/.

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Science denial doesn't belong on /sci/

You are being willfully ignorant. I understand the truth doesn't align with your political and emotional beliefs. For people that claim to be superior because they are white, you sure are a bunch of idiots that do nothing but waste your time raiding 4chan.

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You seem to be very confused. I'm not white, and I totally understand your hatred towards white people. World would be much better without them.

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It means that superficial physical differences are irrelevant to what makes us human. I'm sorry you've been confused.

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Just stop pretending... it's making it appear that you have mental issues. When you people come here and raid this board, it's 100% obvious that you are morons spreading propaganda. You are not fooling anyone.

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>Implying people of color want white people extinct
For people that complain about people of color complaining about suffering real oppression, you sure complain a lot about suffering made-up oppression.

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If they didn't mean it literally they wouldn't have TV shows where they just paint a white guy black and have him "live as a black man." Don't dodge the question, how do you explain those TV shows if it's not literal?

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OK, what scientist would take the enormous risk of analysing genetic racial relationships?? They sure couldn't publish any of it.

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Scientists have already map out the genetic identity of different races of people.

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I am reading now the first article.
And I see that in the very first table circles representing shared and private variant sites.
Does this image imply that native populaces have at least 1/8th of variant sites specific to the continent, and up to 1/4th?

Isn't that quite diverse?

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>stop pretending
>you people
>spread propaganda
Pretending about what exactly? Can you back up your claims with some evidence next time you post anything?
I'll just attribute these bigoted prejudicial assumptions to your anger issues.

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It has been done in the past and is still being done. Just because you pretend research that doesn't align with your worldview doesn't exist doesn't mean it isn't out there.

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That's not how science works. No one is stopping anyone from studying anything. People are studying human genetics all the time.


As far as trying to divide humans into race, it doesn't work. Here's a studying out of STANFORD published in SCIENCE that tried to divide humans based on genetics. Guess what? It doesn't work. It doesn't produce what you call race.


No one stopped them from publishing this. There is no conspiracy against you. You are just wrong, and you are not smarter than all the people working in genetics today.

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>(((Noah A. Rosenberg)))

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>Science is a Jewish conspiracy!

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b-b-but my gender studies professor said science can't be racist D':

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Do you know this isn't a conclusion he reached in a research paper? Do you know his assumptions have since then been proven wrong?

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I read about it on my favorite right wing conspiracy website so I know the the REAL truth!

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So you're saying that all races have identical intelligence? Oh boy this must be proven very recently, can you post the evidence for it?

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I knew it! Anyone who deals with genetics and evolution is a right winger white supremacist. I'm glad I don't buy into that whole evolution garbage.

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Don't shift the burden of proof. You're the one claiming your conception of race is scientific and there's actual difference in cognitive ability between your supposedly non-arbitrary categories.

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The people that deal with genetics and evolution don't buy into your pseudo-science.

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>How do you explain that reality TV is made for brainlets and has no qualms with profiting off race-baiting and fabricated social issues

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If intelligence is so important, why judge people solely based on IQ? Why does an irrelevant factor like skin color matter?

Oh that's right. You are an idiot who refuses to educate yourself and you're insecure.

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>Do you know his assumptions have since been proven wrong
>Don't shift the burden of proof.
You made this claim not me, and everyone is waiting for your supposed evidence that proves how all races have the same intelligence.

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So by your DNA map.
Are East Asians are honorary human?
While Niggers are not Human?

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No, it means race is purely superficial, ie it only causes cosmetic differences. Not that I agree with that, but you're just wrong about what it means

Nice b8

Learn to spell you moronic larper

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The "races" might have evolved with slight differences depending on their geographic origins, but our capacity for knowledge is the same.

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Well, there hasn't been a lot of investigation but many psychologists still accept at least that the data that black americans have in general lower IQ than white Americans. Obviously there's a lot of controversy in the results and interpreting them as well as factoring all environmental causes, but the data is still there. However, most psychologists agree that this shouldn't be taken as something to support racist policy in the sense that it doesn't justify in any way supremacist ideology

tldr The bell curve has been horribly misinterpreted by both sides.

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So by your DNA map.
Are East Asians honorary human?
While Niggers are not Human?

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Every cognitive tests such as IQ test, SAT, PISA and NAEP tests, show the same racial/ethnic patterns in test score distribution with Jews, East Asians (Chinese, Japanese, and Koreans), and whites showing higher scores than Pacific Islanders, Native Americans, Hispanics, and Blacks showing lower scores.

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>brainlets literally do believe race is only skin deep and that's why this TV show was made
Then you don't disagree with me.

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These people are idiots who do not read the papers they cite. They see on figure and think it justifies their views. I doubt the person posting can explain what is being analyzed in the PCA.

Here is the paper and some experts from it.


Patterns of human genetic variation are influenced by mating patterns, and the latter are in turn influenced by geographic and cultural factors (e.g., mountain ranges, language, religious practices). Consequently, it is not surprising that human genetic variation, while correlated with geographic location, is not perfectly clinal [37; 38; 39]. However, between-population differences can be seriously exaggerated if human populations are sparsely sampled.

Consistent with previous studies [37; 39; 40], our analyses demonstrate that differentiation among human populations decreases substantially and genetic diversity is distributed in a more clinal pattern when more geographically intermediate populations are sampled.

We also found that Iraqi Kurds have a closer relationship to European populations than Asian populations. These results increase our understanding of human population relationships and evolutionary history.

As observed in previous studies [4; 5; 7], we find that SNP and haplotype variation is highest in African populations, and that heterozygosity in non-African populations declines with geographic distance from Africa. This decline in heterozygosity has been interpreted as evidence for a worldwide serial founder effect originating in East Africa [4; 41]. While serial founder effects may explain much of the pattern of worldwide variation, we note two interesting deviations from the prediction of a linear decline in heterozygosity.

Not to mention this paper is evidence for OoA, which most racists deny. The paper flat out says why humans have such low diversity in the section "The out of Africa (OoA) bottleneck and the peopling of Eurasia."

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Are you really going to keep jerking me around like this? Prove your pseudo-science isn't a pseudo-science. Show me how a method of classifying race devised before biology was a proper science is scientific. Then show me how there is a real difference in cognitive ability between these categories.

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Those tests are not the same thing. Only IQ tests are psychometric. Test like the PISA and SAT are not "cognitive tests."

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Do you know how a principal component analysis works? All this picture shows is the majority of differences in genetics lay between the African population and the rest of the world. This supports a single bottleneck from humanity's origin in Africa.

Now the paper that this figure is from (https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/20643205) looks at a statistic called Fst, or the fixation index. Simply, this is the amount of genetic variation due to population separation. From this, the study shows that there is a global Fst of around 11%. In other words, about 11% of genetic variation is due to geographic separation. The remaining 89% is within populations.

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I'm not >>9132438
But I don't think you understand quite how stupid reality TV audiences are. Using them as the standard to judge all normies is just silly. Most people can see that the phenotypic differences between the average Black and Asian man aren't just about skin color.

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So by your DNA map.
East Asians are honorary human.
While Niggers are not Human.

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Can you name one cognitive test that the darker races excel in?

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What's your IQ?

Someone like Neil DeGrasse Tyson is worth more to society than everyone on /pol/

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Try looking at differences in attainment for blacks that aren't in America. In the UK, for example, they do fine

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I never said "all normies" believed in it. I'm just saying "race is only skin deep" is in fact a literal belief held by people. You probably know people yourself who believe you could paint a white man's skin to make him pass as an actual black man. That's why those albino black people pictures aren't just autism, they serve a real purpose for the people seeing them who are under that race = skin color illusion.

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Especially in Canada. I wonder what's so difference there.. hm. Really activates the almonds.

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>whats your evidence
>u-ur dum >:'O

this is exactly why libtards aren't allowed on this board.

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Evidence for what? I never made any claims.

I'm not the one who believes you think with your skin.

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not him, but if I'd simplify that Fst into, lets say, drawing MtG cards, where each player draws 89 from standardized deck they all have, and 11 cards from much smaller and more specialized decks shared between small groups of people with limited overlap between such groups, wouldn't it be possible for those eleven cards to give significant edge?

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They commit the most crimes in the UK too.

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Nobody claims that retard. The claim is that people who share the sub-saharan genepool have similar traits like low IQ, dark skin tone, etc...Everyone in this thread can see your childish strawman shitposts and how you avoid posting the evidence for your "identical intelligence" claim for over 10 posts.

You should leave before embarrassing yourself any further.

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same in Canada.

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Crime is a fringe issue, especially violent crimes.

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IQ correlates to crime.

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that fucking asian white supremacist!

>> No.9132614

They live in the worst places, usually in shit tower blocks. There are lots of whites there too, but there a lot more whites in the good parts of London

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He's obviously baiting you

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That really makes me flex my cortex.

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we only catch the low-IQ criminals

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Sure it's possible, but one has to ask what edge? Africa is humanity's birth of origin, and as with all species when comparing a bottleneck to their origin, the origin has the greatest diversity of genotypes. If you're looking for an "edge" they lay within that diversity as that is where the vast majority of humanities genetic heritage lays. We are at the verge of gene therapy and genetic engineering, soon genetics will be at the will of the mind and I believe it is imperative to leave our libraries intact. I'm guessing when you speak of edge, you're also alluding to selective edge in a Darwinian sense. Remember that there are many ways to evolve and two common ones are mutualisms and antagonisms. We as a conscious biological organism get to choose which we embrace.

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Okay, but I doubt there are that many people who take that phrase literally. And those who do probably aren't the kind who browse boards dedicated to science and math.

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>t. retarded commie SJW

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Are you sure you're old enough to be browsing 4chan, let alone /sci/?

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>the origin has the greatest diversity of genotypes
That would be true if there were no mutations or recessive genes, which sadly is untrue. Also I am talking of edge that allowed certain people in certain places to kickstart civilization, or to upkeep it in times of hardships and advance it whenever possible.
If mutations and genetic diversity were capable to create inter-population changes so big that forensics can reliably ascribe deceased to 'race' with their skull shapes alone, then why it would be so outrageous claim that there can be neurological differences between populations with different spread of various allele?

>> No.9132675

>real science
Pick one.

>> No.9132685

>forensics is based on fake sciences
I think all coroners around the world would feel very sad if you told that to them.
And all the people who apparently had their dearest deceased mixed up too.

>> No.9132687

you're forgetting that not all genetic differences are equal.
Humans share ~98.5% our genome with chimps and ~90% with mice.
So the estimated values of 0.1 - 0.5% difference between human races is rather significant

>> No.9132699

Forensics aren't based on phrenology. No one whose opinion matters has taken this pseudo-science seriously for nearly 180 years.

>> No.9132702

And yet forensics CAN reliably determine 'race' of deceased victim having only his or her skeleton. Which means that there are some features typical to and most prevalent in certain populaces.

>> No.9132707

This is why engineers aren't in charge of just about anything. They ruin shit.

>> No.9132716

These differences aren't scientifically meaningful. It means society agreed on the definition of race, but it doesn't mean the concept is in any way scientific.

>> No.9132735

But this also proves that there are phenotypic and genotypic differences between geographically/socially/whatever separated populaces. Which means that it is entirely possible that there are neurologic differences between populaces. Does anybody study that? What if various groups of people expected to behave similarly have genetic baggage that makes such societal unity hard and full of hitches? What if people of Incan origin can get 'shellshock' easier than others? What if Japanese are more likely to organize themselves in hierarchy? What if Europeans are more prone to recognize and expect pattern repetition?

>> No.9132741

What's the criteria for this line of reasoning?

Does that mean Neanderthals didn't really exist and they were just part of the human race? We could breed with them too, after all.

What about other species that are closely related enough to interbreed? Lions and tigers? Donkeys and horses? Chimpanzees and bonobos?

>> No.9132769

Why most Muslim names are variations of Mohamed?
As Mehmet, Mohammad, Muhammad, Muhammed, Ahmed, Ahmud, Ahmad, Mahomet, Mehmed, Mohd?
Why can't Muslims be creative?

>> No.9132787

>phenotypic differences
We didn't group these phenotypic differences based on a rigorous scientific method. How many races there are and who fits where changes over time and there's never a consensus among racialists on the matter.
>neurologic differences between populaces
Races aren't a single population and there's a lot of overlap between them. These categories are scientifically meaningless.
>Does anybody study that?
Yes and it's been shown there's no scientific basis for racial classification.

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It's easy to tell which are Mongoloid and Negroid. I'd say race is only skin deep within a single "race group". Like dark skin Caucasoids (middle easterners/Indians) compared to pale ones (Scandinavians)

Pic related is an adopted albino Indian girl and her sister

>> No.9132807

Indian and European Hitler look the same to me except for eye color...

>> No.9132815

>Races aren't a single population and there's a lot of overlap between them. These categories are scientifically meaningless.
But these differences between populaces accumulate the further they geographically are and the more in-between populaces are needed to create one single continuous graph.
If science knows such concepts as 'ring species', then why same concept couldn't be realised within human populaces? When differences between neighbouring ethnicities is minor due to mixing, but the far ends of chain can be recognizably different, both anatomically and neurologically.

>> No.9132823

>That would be true if there were no mutations or recessive genes, which sadly is untrue.

What are you talking about? Recessive genes provide a phenotype. One example you've probably heard of is sickle cell, a recessive mutation in hemoglobin that provides resistance to malaria. This mutation is also deleterious, as when the mutant is homozygous, it causes sickle cell anemia. However, from this we learned that potentially altering the shape or the hemoglobin molecule itself gives resistance to malaria. Mutations are generated at a relatively constant rate so the number of new mutations in the bottleneck is less than the genetic diversity present in the ancestral population.

I'm not going to argue about differences in phenotype differences because it seems obvious that genetics plays a role. But our comparisons, especially in the field of neurology are far from proving links between neurology and something as abstract as cognitive processes.

>> No.9132868

>What are you talking about?
That local environmental circumstances can apply different pressures on populations, leading to bigger or lesser pressure applied to various recessive alleles. Just like people of African ancestry tend to have rather specific type of hair (you know what I mean), while among native Eurasian populations hair varies from straight to extremely curly.

Also pardon me if I was told lies, but apparently there are genetic differences between various native populations that lead for example to varying numbers of repetitions of certain gene, which are correlated with ethnicity, which lead to disparate effectiveness of various neurotransmitters.

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Can any race denial explain how groups(race) of people separated for more than 50,000 years have developed a completely equal distribution of physical or mental traits.

>> No.9132912

Where do you draw the line between one race and another? How do you figure out how many races there are and which population belongs to which race? One racialist holds up a set of traits to justify their classification and another holds up another set of traits to justify another classification. None of this is scientific.
>If science knows such concepts as 'ring species', then why same concept couldn't be realised within human populaces?
Because we can all interbreed. The differences between people are minor all across the board. People within the same race are often more diverse than people of different races.

>> No.9132914

I'm still not sure what you're trying to say by the first point. I'm not arguing that there's no physical or genetic differences among the groups we've defined as races, rather that the causes of differences are unknown and their effects on the human experience and potential are unknown.

I was unable to find anything about repetitive sequences and neurology beyond this: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4685448/ Spinocerebellar ataxias are neurological diseases caused by additional repeats in a stereotype sequence in genes. However I was not able to find anything linking such conditions to any specific ethnicity or race, which seems unlikely as the ataxias are though to be caused by epigenetic factors. If you find the study that shows what you claim, I'll be happy to take a look.

>> No.9132917

Cherry picking physical traits to justify racial categorization doesn't disprove the results of genetic investigation.

>> No.9132923

Evolution doesn't occur in only 50,000 years.

The differences are mostly due to serial founder effects as humans left Africa.

>> No.9132929
File: 250 KB, 433x598, IMG_0339.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why is it that subspecies are perfectly acceptable in other animals, but as soon as it's applied to humans, everyone looses their shit?

>> No.9132931

Because classifications are based on genetic parameters, and humans are too genetically similar to be divided into any groups.

>> No.9132932
File: 396 KB, 1440x470, RaceGenetic.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Here is the genetic realities of race.

>> No.9132937

We apply it to humans. It just so happens we're the only subspecies to have survived. Scientists used to think there were different subspecies roaming the Earth, but later found out the genetic differences between populations are too small.

>> No.9132939

Do you have a source for that picture?

>> No.9132942

I wouldn't draw lines between races anywhere, because in opposition to dogs or cows humans didn't undergo intensive artificial selection, and as you said yourself few broad races don't cut it due to too much of corner cases.
But inability to create broad categorizations doesn't mean there's no considerable differences between specimen from geographically separate population. Just as the fact that some kinds of yellow look orangish and some hues of orange look reddish doesn't mean that we can't recognize red from yellow.

>> No.9132945

Science 22 February 2008: Vol. 319. no. 5866, pp. 1100 - 1104

>> No.9132949

>Why can't Muslims be creative?
Because their religion tells them not to think

>> No.9132957

Figures. You idiots can't read your own sources.


>These results, however, say nothing
about the origin and distribution of human
phenotypic variation. The observed population
structure can be largely explained by random
drift at neutral loci.

This is a paper with evidence for OoA, and doesn't say anything about race. Not once.

>> No.9132968

>I'm still not sure what you're trying to say by the first point.
That just like sickle cell disease is abnormally common in Africa due to red blood cell parasites, some environments might offer little window for differentiation of some physiologic trait, while other can allow for much bigger diversity.

>If you find the study that shows what you claim, I'll be happy to take a look.
I don't think if I'll get a chance to present those to you, ever if I were to found the place I was shown them, but I'll try to find them and keep them around.

>> No.9132970


If race isn't skin deep, then how come albino south Indians can look indistinguishable from albino whites?

Literally knew a south Indian girl with vitiligo, she told me she was often mistaken for Italian.

>> No.9132971

Sickle cell is also common in west India. You can't use single cases like that to try to divide humans into groups.

The only part of people that has significantly differentiated according to environment is the immune system, which is to be expected.

>> No.9132973

If race doesn't exist...then...what if we make an ACTUAL new race of cat-human hybrids and other fantasy races so that the world has something else to hate on.


>> No.9132977


>the kalash are white Indians
>Euros are white Europeans
>they're not all that distinguishable from each other

that picture doesn't mean what you think it means.

>> No.9132982

I am not dividing populaces due to sickle cell disease.

I am saying that different environments can and will suppress different aspects of phenotype with at different rates, so the genetic diversity increase is not constant everywhere.

>> No.9132984

He's also ignoring the huge overlap between Europe, the Middle East, and Central Asia.

>> No.9132993

Yes I agree it is possible certain environments allow for more generation of diversity. If we're looking for physiological trait differences, it seems strange however to subdivide the entire African population into one group when contains the most diverse groups of people in the world. There's more evidence to support grouping all of the rest of the world as a single race such as the "out of Africa" race versus grouping even portions of Africa as a single race. Yes, African groups contain similar phenotypes such as dark skin, but this is to be expected of evolution, especially with the intensity of the African sun.

>> No.9132994

Genetic diversity has not increased in humans, it has only decrease. There were large bottleneck events in early human evolution 100-200 kya, and after humans started to leave africa we began to lose more diversity due to constant founder effects.

Small changes in things like the immune system do not imply large changes in overall patterns of human genetic diversity.

>> No.9133006

Wtf I love albino Indian girls now

>> No.9133016
File: 306 KB, 502x841, Nobel.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

With liberals in control of everything, its is not politically correct to talk about race in scientific papers.

>> No.9133019

Even if overall diversity of mankind had decreased due to cataclysms and population shifts, the still whenever a cataclysm is not happening diversity increases due to mutations.

Of course Africa is ripe with various ethnicities and other tribal remnants, but it's also mostly harsh environment, unlike the terrains migration waves had to go through. And obviously lets not forget about possible interbreeding with other humanoids like H. Neanderthalensis, who would also have their share of genetic diversity.

>> No.9133028

You're not born human, you become human by joining a civilization. That's why hard niggers from South Africa aren't human.

>> No.9133029

Cool religion bro

>> No.9133031
File: 16 KB, 367x388, 1500209126234.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is that the only fallback you retards have?

>It's a liberal/jewish conspiracy! It's a coverup!

I have a better idea... you're idiots who don't understand genetics and can't read scientific papers.

>> No.9133036

>the still whenever a cataclysm is not happening diversity increases due to mutations.
Not faster than human population growth.

>> No.9133040

Regardless if the genetic variation was developed in rough or calm environments, it is still genetic variation. Same with Neanderthal genetic remnants. All valuable to study, all part of our genetic library. Are you trying to imply a link between environmental harshness and direction of genetic evolution?

>> No.9133041

We are all the same species, but that doesn't mean race doesn't exist.

All dogs are the same species, but there are many breeds, most of which are more closely related genetically than human races.

>> No.9133044

Dogs have more genetic diversity than humans.

>> No.9133054

Have you been to London recently, or looked at the recent demographic figures?

Whitey don' live there no mo'.

>> No.9133058

Given the fact how many little fetuses die in miscarriages because of lethal mutations, I don't think there's a problem with not enough mutations to upkeep the healthy levels of genetic diversity in populaces.

>"Yes I agree it is possible certain environments allow for more generation of diversity."
I am implying that African biomes allow for less generation of diversity.

>> No.9133074

Do you have evidence for your claim though? Africa has the highest proportion of genetic diversity and as far as I know, the human genetic clock has been fairly consistent throughout the evolution of modern humans. Additionally, if it's the environment that prevents generation of diversity, wouldn't this only be an argument to improve the environment of those living in these harsh regions so they can generate more?

>> No.9133078

It helps prevent victim cultures from realizing that the most popular baby boys' name in the country is Mohamed.

>> No.9133109
File: 43 KB, 593x594, Stop Racism.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9133142

Africa has high mean temperatures and low gradient of their change, and those high means are close to human body temperature.
Africa has several deadly illnesses spread via insects which to this day can cause local pandemic.
Tropical Africa, due to it's climate and flora, offers moderate amount of foodstuffs all year round, and savannah offers abundant game, requiring hunters to only follow migratory routes.
Together with other factors like existence of big predators relying on running or environment favourable for bacterial life this creates strong selection for certain phenotypes, and while diversity within boundaries of phenotype dominant in certain biome can and will be great due to mutations et cetera, there's no need in populace to adapt to less stable environment and thus deviations from the most successful phenotype will be repressed, as for example I brought up before the hair of native African populations is in great majority tightly curled, because it is advantageous over other forms of hair, thanks to greater ease of keeping necessary hygiene.

>> No.9133173

show me what you mean stop trying to manipulate data to conform to your stereotype

>> No.9133183
File: 1.67 MB, 4000x2250, ALDH2_rs671_genotype_frequency.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No, there are literally people who say "wow you're only concerned about melanin LMAO". And you try and explain "actually, race is about unique ancestries, with many different traits inherited, both cosmetic and much deeper than that too". But they won't look at the issue dispassionately, because they're idiots.

No, race is far more than just visual differences. The different races have different prevalences of diseases, for example. Picture related is the global distribution of "Asian Flush" - a condition that is UNIQUE to East Asians (when they turn red after drinking alcohol). It is thought to have developed as a random mutation in a Chinese man many generations ago. It is also thought that these genes have stuck around because they might also protect against certain diseases.

We have every reason to believe that these genetic racial differences also affect intelligence and other such things. Did you know that Asians have the largest brains on average? And they score the highest on IQ tests. Blacks have the lowest cranial capacities, and score the lowest on IQ tests.

>> No.9133185

Honorary White Phenotype

>> No.9133187
File: 50 KB, 480x480, 2 + 2 = I_I_I_I.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Blacks have the lowest cranial capacities, and score the lowest on IQ tests
That's everybody agree.

>> No.9133189
File: 32 KB, 400x382, Edward Witten Big Ashkenazi Brain.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Did you know that Asians have the largest brains on average?
No! Ashkenazi Jews have the lagest brain & Highest IQ on Average.

>> No.9133197

Found the Jew who is angry he doesn't have neothal genes and made up some bullshit like a Jew knows how

>> No.9133204

Apart from liberals, it seems.

I'm not sure about Jews, maybe you're right, I have no idea.

>> No.9133209

I made a case for accepting the discussion of human sub-species genetics on a /g/ thread about youtube censorship,

As I recall my last visit to "sci" made a case for understanding the hubris of interpreted-versus-actual word definitions, and the real meaning of bias implications, using the hot button of racial disparities.
I showed how both mainstream sides (yes, both "extremes" are mainstream, and they're both extremes) AND the middleground whom ultimately sway the public decisions are so totally controlled by media forces that it's impossible to truly move forward in a positive way.

I was reported and the thread deleted after a few posts of some fanatical decrier refusing to take a rational analytical approach to discussing human mental differences for the sake of the actual discussion, which was a case for understanding how the masses are influenced by biased agenda.

I would remind /sci/ that the emotional aspect of the human brain is a mammalian instinct, and the cerebral aspect of the human brain is where logic can be allowed to override the mammalian instinct. I would remind /sci/ that for many, ultimately their mammalian instinct is to their blood relation family above all others, and if you've ever been in any kind of social interaction with people you'd find this self-evident.
But men are easy to trick, and even easier we follow along the group for the comforting idea of exclusive safety.

Now, is anyone capable of have a real, unbiased, rational and analytical discussion about human sub-species genetics and behavior, or are the lot of you highschool age pseudo-intellectual posers?

I'll start:
Seeking the easy and comfortable lie that we're all the same solves no problem of teaching people to accept hypocritical obvious differences.

>> No.9133223

Why are white albinos so fucking hot?

>> No.9133279
File: 552 KB, 1244x2553, jews2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yes Ashkenazi Jews have the highest IQ and are over-represented in Ivy league universities. They have taken a large chunk of the quota from the white race quota in the Ivy league universities..

>> No.9133350

Do jewish teachers teach their jewish students this? That jews are the same as the goyim?

>> No.9133352

>forensic science doesn't exist
You don't belong on this board. You obviously just want easily-digestible pop-science factoids and pseudo-science woo that validates your political leanings.

There's this place you might like, it's a page on Facebook called "I Fucking Love Science." You'll love it.

>> No.9133415
File: 34 KB, 413x395, lol.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

But science shows that race exists... so what are you talking about exactly?

So you admit race is real? Also you don't mention the prominence of the jaw.

These posts are absolutely golden.

>There's no meaningful difference between "races"
Apart from:
>hair texture
>skin colour
>facial structure
>prevalence of diseases like Sickle Cell Anaemia and Asian Flush
>prevalence of different blood types
>prevalence of epicanthic folds (skin fold of the eyelid, very common among East Asians)
>cranial capacity
>prevalence of certain genes (e.g. the ones that cause Asian Flush - but also tons of other genes too)
Yeah apart from those - and many, many, many more - there's no differences whatsoever.

>> No.9133523

>But science shows that race exists... so what are you talking about exactly?

No it doesn't. Read the thread.

>> No.9133527

If there's no such thing as race then how come Tumblr is telling people to check their white privilege?

>> No.9133528

Yes it does. Read my post. And make an argument, if you have the intellectual capacity to do so. Oh, whoops, looks like you don't.


>> No.9133534

Science isn't about shitposting with conspiracy theorist. You only "argument" is that science is a conspiracy against your politics and everyone is "covering up" the truth.

>> No.9133548
File: 90 KB, 720x394, Nasir al Mulk.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Why can't Muslims be creative?
Idk but having a golden age of physics, astronomy, medicine, math, philosophy, architecture, etc seems something only a very creative people would do

>> No.9133577

You do understand that an argument of authority is the weakest argument that you can make right. Claiming that a Nobel prize winner once said something doesn't prove anything.

>> No.9133593

that picture is bias, it makes it easier to determine which is which due to the pattern: whites in the top row, Asian in the middle and black at the bottom.

>> No.9133595

It's because they are not far of normal and our minds prefer the normal

>> No.9133596

Race can be determined by looking at genes

>> No.9133665

No my argument is that race is a biological fact because scientific evidence shows this to be true.

Or you can call it "populations", as today's geneticists do. Doesn't matter, it's the same thing, only that they use smaller groups than the traditional races. Essentially by a population, they mean an ethnic group.

Ssh, stop speaking science! Science is a construct of privilege white male shitlords! It's not true!

>> No.9133673

No in terms of intelligence
Aboriginals>Incas>Ashkenazis>Chinkies>Whites>Arabs>Pajeets>non-Incan spics>Blacks

>> No.9133675

causation and correlation,dear.
You might want to read about the difference between these two. It'll be a great step towards intelligence.

>> No.9133722

see, the problem is that a race is a precise and defined term. and that scientifically speaking there are no humans still alive known to be of anoher race than homo sapiens sapiens.
So by talking of race you are wrong. And no, rigour is not mere elegance.

>> No.9133730

That's actually quite a good point

>> No.9133735

The 98.5% comes from ignoring a shitload of differences like replications, inversions, etc. Same for mice. That's not to mention that unless you know where the gene sequences are different, you can't make any statements about significance

>> No.9133738

>implying the age didn't consist of advancements from the Persians

>> No.9133743

what is currently observed of the different "Races" of humanity is less based on the hard dna differences and more based on the rna and local environmental/social constructs of both societies and regions. Minor genetic traits like sickle cell anemia and little to no tolerances for alcohol and milk are minor genetic differences that subsist because of the environmental and social constructs that exist even today. The only factor that would allow for a different race to "Actually" be a different race is if one group was genetically incapable of having viable-multi-generational offspring with another group. Neanderthals genetics were close enough to ours to be sequenced in but were considered genetically to be mostly non-dominant traits that all but went away. Same with all the other RACES that we have literally fucked and breed out of existence while advancing technologically, socially, and adaptively more rapidly.

>> No.9133751

societal factors seem to be almost the greater factor right now for human evolution as it is. Environmental factors are being actively fought/adapted technologically for. We are breeding different types of plants and animals in only one generation that would have taken us centuries to do with the old methods. We are developing technology that allows us to do things that would have been considered magical just last century or even fifty years ago. Of course we are also speeding up natural geological processes while doing all of this, the largest factor not being oil or technological pollution; terraforming of all ariable land and cattle ranching being the largest factor, followed by road and structure building. Globalization also tends to increase population mixing and homogenization rapidly with both higher and lower social groups more rapidly mixing and breeding. South Park had the right idea of where we were heading with global population appearances.

>> No.9133807


And Jews. And Near Eastern Christians. Also, a significant amount of significant figures were haram (see drinking alcohol and incorporating Non-Abrahamic Greek works). One even went so far as to praise the Ancient Greek gods and scorn Islam.

>> No.9133812

>my sex junk is so oh oh oh

>> No.9133852


>One thing I've noticed is that a lot of much more "lay" people who glance over at population genetics tend to mistake Human genetic diversity, which is real, as validation of discrete races based on racialist models from the 18th-to-20th centuries or even current models ("Black", "White", "Brown" etc.).

>> No.9133884

Incas were superior to europeans though.

>> No.9133904
File: 8 KB, 423x377, Redskins.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>We Wuzzing Beaner posts even here



You got whooped in /his/ and you'll get whooped here.

>> No.9133909

What's YOUR IQ?
Someone like James Watson is worth more to society than everyone in Africa.

>> No.9133911

>post-genocide populations
So you accept Inca superiority?
Then to compare both modern populations we should put europeans under 90% death cataclysm, murdering their elite and middle-class, assimilating the rest of the priviledged classes, and put the rest of the low classes to work on toxic mines for 400 years with a life expectancy of 30- years as slaves, while assimilating or killing the rebel or enlighted ones, don't you think?

>> No.9133976
File: 102 KB, 800x460, nobel8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

But more than one Nobel prize winner say the same thing.

>> No.9134000

This is a fake quote.
Some quotes from /pol/ are not real

>> No.9134002
File: 39 KB, 500x500, 1501112582620.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]







>> No.9134022

Yes. You're the real winner. Please prove all of us evil racists wrong and live among people of colorful minorities.

>> No.9134028

What other sources do you want and what for?

>> No.9134055

I was mostly referring to your picture.

There's no point in arguing about scientific definitions of race anymore. you're absolutely correct in that there is no meaningful way to categorize humans into discrete races, and it comes down to differences in admixture instead of genetic drift.

However, the term 'race' as it is used in political and social discussions means something different.
It's mostly about phenotypes that cluster together in order to accrue a benefit in competing with other such groups, and it can easily be replaced by concepts based on castes, aristocracy, classes, religion, languages, history, and even simply myths.

The idea of us being one race, one people and fairly living together is simply a naive illusion, as are ideations of supremacy.
Practically speaking, you will always be a part of this competition for power and resources, no arbitrary definition of moral standards will ever change that.

Classifications like race will always be around, sophistry around it's definition and reduction to absurdity will never change that.

Just think about that before you vote to potentially allow hundreds of millions of people access to your resources and social security benefits.

>> No.9134060

Bill Nay the political gay

>> No.9134406
File: 14 KB, 220x240, smug.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So what you're saying here

is that race is a social construct?

>> No.9134424

It's not a social phenomenon you idiot.
Go look at the transracial adoption studies or the self recognization studies. Even when all environmental factors have been controlled, black people perform worse than any other race. There is absolutely a genetic predisposition for intelligence, and to disregard the massive amount of evidence is just ignorance on your part, nigger lover.

>> No.9134430

Incas were superior to europeans though.

>> No.9134432

Feel free to disregard evidence faggot.
He's saying that there are people afraid of losing their position because of the safe space environment created by political correctness.
That is not a "conspiracy", that is what's happening in world. Jesus you're such a fucking idiot.

>> No.9134434

That doesn't disprove my point.
I've already disproven your point. Got an actual argument or what?

>> No.9134441

I'm not that anon, but good for you so we agree.

Have a nice day.

>> No.9134469

In this thread :

White nigger brainlets arguing about their (mis)conceptions of race with an Aryan masterrace Anthropologist and get their asses handed to them.

>> No.9134502
File: 129 KB, 427x417, 1503605330990.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Incas were superior to europeans though.
Incas didn't have a writing system.
Mayas & Aztecs had writing system.
All natives didn't know how to make wheels & carts/chariots.
All of them were BTFO by Europeans.
Mexicans are rape babies (Spain father DNA + Native mother DNA)

>> No.9134518

Too many text walls and not enough math tbqh. My brain can't handle all those letters unless it's a formula.

>> No.9134534

If you read a paper and fail to comprehend its content you're the actual idiot.

>> No.9134548
File: 12 KB, 300x224, race.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>black people perform worse than any other race
Blacks excel in running though. I read somewhere its because they have longer legs than all other race of people.

>> No.9134568

>writing system
15000 years of offset, yet precolumbian cultures already developed it.
Precolumbian cultures already had the wheels. Wheels are useless without horses as the first general use and spread of the wheel was under a cart.
Natives beat the Inca. Eurangutans just kept backstabbing each other even their own kind.

Incas were superior to europeans. History demonstrates it. Get over it, monkey.

>> No.9134576

Apes such as gorillas are physically stronger but dumber than humans.
Just as Blacks are physically stronger but dumber than whites.
Blacks excel at Running, Basket ball & Boxing. Does that require either brute physical Force or height.
But blacks sucks in spots that require more skill. For Example Whites Excel in Swimming while East Asians Excel in table tennis.

>> No.9134579

Incas didn't have writing system or wheels.

>> No.9134589

15000 years of offset. Meanwhile europa 15000 years ago was literally a swamp shithole.

Inca superiority is a historical fact. Face it, chimpo.

>> No.9134683

There is not a single white hut on that list and Canada is one of the whiteset places in earth. Just goes to show how deeply rooted institutional racism is.

>> No.9134702

There is not a single white person on that list and Canada is one of the whitest places in earth. Just goes to show how deeply rooted institutional racism is.

>> No.9134963

/sci/ is no more
sci is the new /pol/

>> No.9135096

All races are different genetic populations. Each one have they own allele reservoir. The lack of some alleles in this populations made the difference between the races. So there is a scientific backing in this classification.

>> No.9135197
File: 417 KB, 956x863, 1498748226326.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9135800
File: 48 KB, 500x436, i-6505999ec389c9cb434f204f598809d8-race.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9135818

Stop ressing these threads and posting them every day. Raiding is not going to change the truth. You are just an idiot that does not understand the picture you posted and you're just spamming it thinking it supports your pseudoscience when it doesn't. Your autism is not going to change the world around you. Science is not a conspiracy against you, you're just an idiot.

>> No.9135823

Why is that you /pol/ idiots refuse to even read your own sources.

Read the sentence after the underlined one. Look at the table and notice how low the Fst values are for humans compared to the others.

Why don't you actually educate yourself and read the book you're citing.

>> No.9135824

Did you realise that a black person is telling him the answer?

>> No.9135836

Actually, some of us have Neanderthal DNA, others do not. This is far more prevalent amongst Asians, and far less prevalent amongst blacks.

We're not all specially identical.

>> No.9135839

>Only very small distinguishing features can sometimes be used to identify race. For example, a small part of the nasal cavity on the skull, and a small area where the jaw attaches to the skull.
what otherworldly magic guards other traits, such as e.g. instincts from varying the same way?

>> No.9135844

Physical appearance is an anatomical trait that can be governed by a small number of genes.

Behavior is a complex trait that is government by a large number.

You can't assume the two are connected. Differences physical appear does not imply differences in behavior.

>> No.9135846

Are we pretending racial distinction isn't done by select physical traits now?

>> No.9135864

That argument undermines the differences in dog breeds

They're still "dogs," but obviously different. Same species, different breeds.

Still totally capable of getting along, as long as the right mentality and trainings are implemented. Be a good doge

>> No.9135875

>Behavior is a complex trait that is government by a large number.
this is a self-serving dogmatic assertion. in reality both are fucking complicated and there's not much research in the genetic basis of human behavior, because leftists.
>You can't assume the two are connected. Differences physical appear does not imply differences in behavior.
for all I care physical differences can all be random vanity things i.e. results of sexual selection. but they signify rather good reproductive isolation, which in turn allows other traits to diverge. your assertion is that no, those other traits cannot possibly diverge.

>> No.9135882

There really is no objective definition of race.

It is just a broad categorization of certain types of characteristics but the real objective definition each person is his own race.

Each person is a 100% unique and non reproduced varation.

Evolution is not a sentient force of change as many retards believe, it is just what happens when people mix

>> No.9135888

No, with right wings in control of everything, "science" is a shitty justification for any facist social construct you want to impose on free minds.

Brotip, if youre obsessed with thinking race is superior then you will find evidence that brain is superior.

Does the fact that certain races have been systematically opressed for thousand of years have any effect on composition? of course not! that would mean actually having an brains and making real science which is much much out of the reach of most right wing cucks

>> No.9135892

>Evolution is not a sentient force of change as many retards believe, it is just what happens when people mix
evolution is what happens when the genome of a population is reproduced imperfectly. people mixing is very specifically not evolution.

>> No.9135911

That's not what I said. Just because skin color has diverged does not automatically mean complex behavior has diverged.

Unfortunately for you, we can measure overall human genetic diversity.

That is not how evolution works. You can't "reduce the genome of a population." For one, a genome applies to one organism. Population genetics looks at collections of genomes. It can't be "reduced" either.

>> No.9135913

Evolution is the slow change of one species into another species through various mechanisms including natural selection, sexual selection, genetic drift, mutations and hybridization.

>> No.9135917
File: 89 KB, 962x573, 1503982718704.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>>9135800 >>9132254
Race can be determined biologically & genetically.
Race isn't just a social, race is essentially biological.

>> No.9135918

We evolve as taller people, in part, by consistently breeding with taller people. There's a gene responsible for growth, but what actually alters it?

It's a little but of both: people mixing AND evolutionary mechanisms.

>> No.9135919

Someone already tried posting that.


If you don't understand science and you can't read scientific papers, don't make scientific claims. You're just going to have to accept that you don't understand the material.

>> No.9135921
File: 283 KB, 992x1104, liberal_science.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>race doesn't exist
>but racism, a social construct based on something I claimed doesn't exist, does exist and it's the biggest problem in the world
This is what liberals seriously believe

>> No.9135923

Racism is the political belief that races exist and should be treated differently.

God isn't real, but religion still exists.

>> No.9135924

>That's not what I said. Just because skin color has diverged does not automatically mean complex behavior has diverged.
that's not what I said. what I said is that your ilk dogmatically asserts that behavior termed 'complex' cannot possibly diverge.
>That is not how evolution works. You can't "reduce the genome of a population." For one, a genome applies to one organism. Population genetics looks at collections of genomes. It can't be "reduced" either.
I never said 'reduced', I said imperfectly reproduced. you hear voices that tell you what I said, don't you?

>> No.9135928

There's no one gene responsible for height. It most likely several genes and epigenetics will probably play a role as well. Not to mention nutrition (which only affects phenotype).
Mixing is part of evolution, there can be sexual selection happening or genetic drift.

>> No.9135931

>Evolution is the slow change of one species into another species through various mechanisms including natural selection, sexual selection, genetic drift, mutations and hybridization.
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Evolution#Mechanisms yes, I know, wiki, but wiki is a leftist fortress. lno hybridization mentioned as a mechanism.

>> No.9135935

I'm not sure there's a gene responsible for growth; we'd see much larger variance in height than we do if it was the doing of a single locus. Traits governed by single genes show wild extremes, usually even binary - can or cannot digest lactose, that sort of thing.

>> No.9135938

Either way you clearly have know understanding of how evolution works, or the proper definitions of basic scientific terms.

Your very assumption that behavior is completely genetic and only your misguided idea of the nature of evolution are the only things that can explain the world show how little you know.

>> No.9135940

I guess I meant gene flow by hybridization
I guess sexual selection falls under natural selection
And I didn't mention recombination (gene hitchhiking) - which I would group with mutation because it happens at the gene level

>> No.9135952

Depends on your definition of God. Moses sent people forward telling them to declare "I am sent you."

>> No.9135953

Or rather, told them to say that I am sent them. In the Old Testament it's quoted as "I am sent you."

>> No.9135959

No, there is no one species into another, that is a simplification. The only objective definition you can have is if breeding is possible, nothing else.

other than that, each person is individually his own species he may have variations that no other person have, you cannot determine something that everyone belonging to a "race" has, not scientifically at least

>> No.9135964

yes, but there is no "le ebin race of tall people" theres a variation of people's heights, each person is individually unique and may have shorter or taller children even if some of them have some genes that makes it more likely to have taller children that can quickly be reverted or mutate.

As long as we are living organisms that don't have hard coded copy protection mechanisms in our reproduction methods there will never be any reliably consistent characteristics between humans.

Each human is just an imperfect self reproducing machine that more or less follows a pattern that may change at any given moment

>> No.9135968


wtf I hate minorities now

>> No.9135970

The average male height in the Netherlands is 1.838m. That's significantly taller than Indonesia at 1.58m.

>> No.9135972


>I only care about the mean feild result durrr.

Wow what year is it get with the times Quantum Mechanics was established many decades ago. It's the current year.

>> No.9135976

Humans also don't self-reproduce, fyi.

>> No.9135979

Except for in the process of meiosis. If you were referring to that, I gotchu

>> No.9135993

>Your very assumption that behavior is completely genetic
I did not say that anywhere. this is how I know you are a mental midget: you cannot read what I wrote and must make up shit that's worth attacking. get lost.

>> No.9135994

the post I was originally replying to said mixing of people was evolution. so was that a stupid thing to say or not?

>> No.9135996

>Racism is the political belief that races exist and should be treated differently.
that's fine, then. I say races exist and should not be treated at all in any way, individuals should. that means no quotas of any kind.

>> No.9136000


Your mom doesn't reproduce anymore either.


>> No.9136006

not for lack of trying tough

>> No.9136008

The binding and created variation of molecules creates new molecules. That's what people mixing does, it creates new molecules. Different forms of molecules. That's evolution brah

More specifically it creates change. The word evolution carries a positive connotation, but change isn't always positive. Still, it follows E^2 = (pc)^2 + (mc^2)^2

>> No.9136011

>The binding and created variation of molecules creates new molecules. That's what people mixing does, it creates new molecules. Different forms of molecules. That's evolution brah
no comment can do justice to this shit.

>> No.9136013

Its obvious that was just for the sake of political correctness

>> No.9136019

>humans are made of matter


like, seriously, how retard can you be to think this brings any kind of information to the discussion.

this is a science board, if you can spell the word science you already know this.

>evidence of science is good for my fantasies:
>evidence of science is not good for my fantasies:
well, science is a subjective construction and you have to take into account several social factors to analyze and interpret the results

these fucking right wing cucks, every god damn time i wish they would get laid

>> No.9136024

That's why I clarified with "it creates change." Conception is the binding of molecules, although I can see your point when food taken in by the mother creating differentiation comes into account. It's not just people mixing creating change

>> No.9136031

>hazing the masses completely to the point of even not knowing where they came from

>> No.9136199

Can we make /sci/ just /math/?
These constant /pol/ bait threads are getting out of hand.

>> No.9136487
File: 9 KB, 276x182, 1502687594324.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


most of them are by one guy, or at least a group of people. for all purposes we'll refer to this person (or group of people) as an entity (he, since he is the defector pronoun when talking about a hypothetical and unspecified person.

this entity seems to be trying to directly combat the prevailing opinion on sci that race exists and that there are significant differences between populations of people in regards to social predispositions and intelligence. he's doing this by posting bait threads directly challenging the idea of race or by posting off topic replies to threads from the point of view of those he opposes so that he can combat the specific claim he wants. in a sense. in essence, he's larping as one side then swooping in from the other to provide a swift rebuttal against the exact points he chooses.

>> No.9136493
File: 36 KB, 247x358, nice.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Except that due to the higher concentration of people with basic scientific literacy, the prevailing opinion on /sci/ matches that of geneticists and anthropologists that race doesn't exist.

>> No.9136513

Ok so race is like species? Because species aren't well defined either but we use species in science.

>> No.9136563
File: 2 KB, 97x96, images (1).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


im not going to get into the argument about race, but i abhor your attempts to sway a board's stream of thought by such constant and prolific effort.

your insinuation that the prevailing opinion on /sci/ is the opposite of what is really is is straight delusional. and if it APPEARS to be the prevailing opinion, it's only because YOU are intentional trying to make it seem that way, which I've already determined to be your strategy.

>> No.9136572

I want /pol/ to leave, this has gone too far. Are you actually citing a TV show to argue the meaning of a commonly used idiom? Holy shit. Get out.

>> No.9136590

It's the 'prevailing opinion' of the vast majority of scientists as well, especially those working in genetics.

The only response to this I ever see is "it's a liberal conspiracy to cover up the truth!"

>> No.9136609

Two things must be acknowledged:
-Not all genetic differences are equal, ie, differences in behavior, mechanical characteristics, physiology, and intelligence, will not manifest as some sort of sum of absolute difference. Populations with greater genetic variation could result in trivial differences, whereas slight and specific differences could be profound. Many pathways might not even be used, making changes irrelevant. Of course this goes both ways.
-Certain populations are very strange outliers

Race obviously exists, and certain clustering of traits does appear to bias behavior, belief, and psychology. Aptitude remains less clear.

I also suspect Europeans were engineered. Perhaps by aliens, or a species that came before us. Near as I can figure, we were probably pets, or designed to purge the entire planet. I mean look at it. Everywhere else in the world, brown and black hair. Brown eyes. Very low incidence of any other phenotype, about on par with other mammals. Then you have Europe. Where for some reason, you had a rapid emergence of different hair colors, eye colors, skin /dermal characteristics, facial morphologies, indefinite expression of lactase. And on top of it, we're extremely susceptible to mindless expansion and hierarchical control. Almost as if we were created to be pets, playthings, slaves.

You look at ancient depictions of the tree of life, and it often has 23 branches, each forking in to at the ends. These stories of course trace back to gilgamesh, and even further.

>> No.9136640

Anon /pol/ and STEM are 2 peas in the same pod.

>> No.9136645


Race has never been the real problem.
It's a culture thing.
Brown or white or yellow skin doesn't make people act a certain way, but where someone comes from dictates the culture they've grown in, and when culture and race happen to be in the same area (Asian people typically live by an Asian culture) it's an easy identifier for what that person could be like.

I would never assume that a turban and a beard make someone a rapist, but if people with turbans and beards typically come from a place of, for lack of a better term, "Rape Culture", it's about as unreasonable as it is politically correct to think that that person might be more likely to rape someone than someone from a different culture.

>> No.9136664

Are you joking? Things I've seen on /pol/:
-All college is "liberal brainwashing"
-climate change isn't real
-historical events recorded by thousands or millions of people never happened
-Out of Africa theory isn't real
-liberals or Jews are hiding the "truth" about race

That board is nothing but conspiracy theories for dumb violent far right wingers.

>> No.9136707

>So someone heard the phrase "race is only skin deep" and thought it was literally denying other physical differences like facial structure and made this image just to "correct" people? That's probably a sign of actual autism.
>denies deeper differences than skin
>there's more
>that's not what we meant
>there's differences in brain size, shape and brain regions among the races
>"race is skin deep"
is this board even remotely scientific minded?

>> No.9136738


you're moving the goal posts. you never contested the fact that the prevailing opinion on /sci/ is that race exists.

>> No.9136742

>Because race is a social phenomenon and not a biological phenomenon. If you want to know more, go to >>>/his/.
His doesn't know anything about genetics. They can't explain genome clusters or anything hereditary because they know anything about it or evolution

>> No.9136750
File: 17 KB, 547x308, 1-1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Read the sentence after the underlined one. Look at the table and notice how low the Fst values are for humans compared to the others.
>Furthermore, Lewontin has never adressed the fact that there are many species with recognized subspecies which have Fst values lower than Humans. As can be seen below, I was easily able to find 8 other species with recognized subspecies which have Fst values no higher than humans. In fact, it isn’t hard to find researchers in the nonhuman literature taking any Fst value greater than zero as evidence that a population is a subspecies. See, for instance, Lorenzen et al. 2007 and Williams, Homan, Johnston, and Linz, 2004. Given this, it is clear that most biologists do not use Lewontin’s criteria, whatever exactly that is, for subspecies. And given that he has never made any argument for using it, neither should we.

>> No.9136768

>liberals or Jews are hiding the "truth" about race
>Scientists Measure the Accuracy of a Racism Claim
>In a 1981 book, “The Mismeasure of Man,” the paleontologist Stephen Jay Gould asserted that Morton, believing that brain size was a measure of intelligence, had subconsciously manipulated the brain volumes of European, Asian and African skulls to favor his bias that Europeans had larger brains and Africans smaller ones.
>But Dr. Gould himself omitted subgroups in his own reanalysis, and made various errors in his calculations. When these are corrected, the differences between the racial categories recognized by Morton are as he assigned them. “Ironically, Gould’s own analysis of Morton is likely the stronger example of a bias influencing results,” the Pennsylvania team writes.

(((Gould))) lied about cranial measurements, and left-wingers lie about and suppress data on race

>> No.9136854

This is a Science board. Race Deniers (and all other kinds of creationists) are not welcome.

>> No.9136862

They're brainlets anyway for measuring skull size instead of brain volume

The two correlate to each other by 0.31-0.34

>> No.9136865

And /pol/'s obsession with Anglo straight foreheads is a joke since people with significant THAL DNA have superior ubermensch slanted foreheads

Feels good having the phenotype

>> No.9136886

Being a mixed breed makes me feel superior.

Genetically superior. As in, intrinsically biased towards superiority. Not akin to the herd like the controllers, not the herd itself, yet not free from the herd either. Just apart. Slave in the same way a leaf is directed by the stream.

>> No.9136897

>starts with "we are all one people"
>then briefly explains how we're not because we've been on different continents for long enough

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