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hey /sci/ what do you think of ideas like the Law of Attraction?
especially when it comes to altering one's reality

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this is about as real as ghosts and demons

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>Psychologists and New Ages Thinkers
Alarm bells start ringing
>You attract good or bad experiences based on your thoughts
Your mind doesn't affect reality; to think it does is absurd. Confirmatory bias may cause you to notice more of the good or bad if you think that things are going to be that way, but the same amount of food and bad experiences will still occur; only your perception of them will change.
>It's better to trust your emotions than over-think a decision
This is poor advice

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I believe there is some plausibility to the idea. It is more or less what /pol/ calls "meme magic". For example, I have come to believe that my permavirginity is because I often fall victim to my depression and post shit like ">tfw still a virgin" in those kinds of shitposting threads, thus further perpetuating that circumstance in my reality. Like a self defeating mindset, if you look at things from the point of view that you'll hate them then you probably will. Ultimately about as testable as anything related to religion and superstition though and I'm just a somewhat spiritual person in general, so there's bias involved.

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2 types i have seen. One is "you should focus on the good in your life rather than the bad" usually with the promise that it will bring more good into your life, but which is good advice regardless

The other is latent schizophrenia

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ITT: brainlets who can't into reality manifestation through quantum waveform collapse mediated by one's connection and unity with the universal source of consciousness

brainlets... when will they learn

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Your brain is more powerful than you give it credit for, but the "Law of Attraction" is just a meme being touted in order to sell self-help literature. This all started with "The Secret". Stay the fuck away from it.

The best lesson to take away from it is:
>don't count yourself out

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Let me put it this way... Its not a coincidence that the global elite are all into occult symbolism and weird kabbalah shit.

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It's all about Will. In 2017, the only frontier is you.

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>It's better to trust your emotions than rationally come to a logical decision

Into the >>>/trash/ it goes.

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Magical Thinking 101

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its definitely possible for thoughts to influence your own subconscious and conscious actions. not really /x/ at all. it isnt affecting the world directly, but it just makes you more likely to seek or avoid things. really basic idea imo.

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>>It's better to trust your emotions than over-think a decision
>This is poor advice
its not actually, although id say instinct instead of emotion, but there are studies that have shown that for some types of decisions you get better results if you make them quickly vs overthinking it.

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do i have to be Jewish to get into Kabbalah?

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Come on

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Good things
Avoid bad think,guilt or negative self judges.
Avoid I don't want X to more precise I want X
Start single focus and allow self critics non toxic
Mental tricks use successful or wise people.

Bad things
Universe love you
Magical think
Buy books,conference and couches
Cult like organization.

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retarded af, if you think this is even remotely real you are a brainlet