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I'm great with algebra but I hate calculus. What are some branches I can move into which require little calculus and a lot of algebra

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Food service and retail.
Suck it up champ.

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Discrete math

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Any engineering field thqh famalam

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This. I have three engineering degrees (EE, CE and ME), and I haven't needed to differentiate or integrate any function in years.

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Anything involving a cash register

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>>9108636 >>9108656
Mc Donald's Cash register (this job requires arithmetic calculations)

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I use a LOT of calculus in Chemical Engineering, done 3 modules focusing solely on it.

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>t. BSc.
. PhDs in Engineering have to use much more math than calculus.

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>>9108636 >>9108913
Discrete Mathematics (Combinatorics, Graph Theory, Matrix Algebra, Mathematical Logic, Set Theory, Cryptography, Number Theory, etc)

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Algebraic Geometry too!

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If you're great with algebra you should be great at calculus I, II, because everything is just a simple concept interspersed with algebraic manipulation. What do you even mean "great with algebra"? What does that entail?

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Algebraic geometry doesn't make any fucking sense unless you're familiar with manifolds, which definitely require calculus.

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>what are some branches I can move into
Large hardwoods like oak, hickory, and walnut are the best for treehouses in my experience tbqhwu
Of course this depends on what kind of habitat you live in.
What kind of trees do you have available?

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That egg grosses me out

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This is the shittiest book. I fucking hate this book and it's shitty jokes. I'm fucking triggered.

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>I fucking hate ducks and their shitty jokes
fuck you too then

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>great with algebra
what do you mean?

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Brush up on your trig and calculus will be easier.

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Maybe you should stop hating calculus

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Computer Science. I've only directly used calculus once so far. Everything else has been using things derived from calculus.

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>Matrix Algebra
is that even a thing? or is it just elementary linear algebra for brainlets?

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You don't need to know much linear algebra to handle matrices in a computer.

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