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>tfw aliens exist but it's physically impossible cross the vast expanses of space between us

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>not bending 3D space to travel faster

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>tfw this would work except all the bendium is in the large magellanic cloud galaxy

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its not impossible, it would just take too long

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You cannot prove that aliens exist.

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The faster u go the shorter the distance is. Lorentz transform it u dummy

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what are the odds of extraterrestrial life exist?

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99.9999999999999% ad infinitum...

But you cannot prove their existence.

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Einstein Rosen bridge...?

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If ayys don't exist it means either the creationistfags or the simulationfags are right because even if life is a one in a 10 billion chance we wouldn't be alone in our galaxy

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>when you find out we live in the middle of a empty void in space 200 billion light years in every direction

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The probability that all teapots in the universe exist within a spherical region centered on the Sun with a diameter equal to the diameter of the orbit of Mars, is zero.

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You can't really prove much of anything if your standards for what constitutes proof are stringent enough. Lambda-CDM (the standard cosmology model) assumes the Copernican principle, and us being the only life in the entire observable universe would conflict with the Copernican principle. We don't have any evidence that Earth is so radically different from every other planet in the universe that life would only emerge there and nowhere else. If you doubt life is anywhere else you'd probably want to have some sort of reason explaining why Earth should be the one special little rock where life emerged in one solar system in one galaxy out of two hundred billion other galaxies.

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>its not impossible, it would just take too long
How is that not the same thing as impossible? The universe is expanding, so everything outside of our local group would be impossible to reach even if you spent billions of years trying.

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>a reason explaining why Earth should be the one special little rock
Mars at one point had liquid water and oxygen atmosphere - yet never had a Genesis event. That alone shows Earth to be kinda special. I never understood why your theories require Earth to be not-special when it's the most special place humanity will ever encounter.

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>TFW aliens exist but they're probably hiding for fear of their own destruction

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we still have the whole local group to explore
doesn't andromeda have, like, a trillion stars?

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>build a giant spacecraft
>transport all the whites (maybe some qt Japanese or Korean girls) to Mars
>build a colony there
>let the niggers and shitskins fight each other back on earth.
>erase all earth history from society
>we wuz martians all the time and shiet
>100000 years later
>go back to earth with superior weapons
>Muhammad Tykesha throws primitive spear at you
>Vaporise xer with a huge laser
>make them build pyramids and shiet

It's not really visiting other aliens but it's the closest thing I can think of.

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Soon it won't matter. Google 2045 initiative.

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Not true at all, go back to preschool.

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>Mars at one point had liquid water and oxygen atmosphere - yet never had a Genesis event. That alone shows Earth to be kinda special.
No it doesn't. You're talking about 1 planet out of 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 that possibly could have had life on it but didn't. That finding doesn't make Earth special.

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>I never understood why your theories require Earth to be not-special
Because by definition "special" is much less common than not "special," so it makes more sense not to start out assuming the former is the case. It's the same reason why it was a bad idea to assume Earth was the center of the universe.

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Dumb, better to build strength for the coming war. Every planet in the galaxy could be cleared by Von Neumann berserker probes in the millions of years range even at sublight speeds and they could have been launched millions of years ago to monitor the development of life.

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Not using alcubierre meme warp drive.
t. 0 type Civilizationlet.

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>tfw we now have a way.

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Thus far every planet has proven your hypothesis wrong and proven my law/theory correct. This includes a planet in a goldie locks zone with liquid water and oxygen. But my assertion is more psychological though. That you ignore the self-evident and uniquely special qualities of this garden of eden of the cosmos because of a flaw in your brain/personality. We are the crucible, the point of origin, and life will only exist in these other world when we explore it and colonize it.

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>tfw this has happened before

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if its any extraterrestrial life its rather high
if its intelligent extraterrestrial life, its much lower

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Mars is much smaller then earth not a good example.

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you can't hide from any rather technologically advanced civilization. we're already conducting spectroscopy on atmospheres of exoplanets to determine if life may exist there.A civilization wouldn't be revealed to the galaxy with the few hundred years of radio and tv they made, they would be outed by their atmosphere billions of years before any intelligent life evolved

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It would be possible to travel for hundreds of years in a ship where the species could survive and reproduce, it would just have no purpose

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>mars brfo my theory so it dont count
That's not how science works.

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1 planet without life that maybe could have had it out of 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 isn't a very impressive collection of evidence against life existing on other planets.
>We are the crucible, the point of origin, and life
And you believe this because 1 planet out of 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 maybe could have had life but didn't? It's not like you've looked very hard for life yet, Mars is the planet next to ours, imagine if someone trying to mine for precious metals just checked the area of ground a couple feet in front of their house and then concluded precious metals don't exist because he didn't find any there.

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So based on this. We are fine and OP is wrong. Rare earth is correct. No hyperintelligent life past our level.

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That sounds like faith or a horrible gambling addiction, not science. Your mining analogy speaks to this. Old prospectors would ruin their lives on this false hope, very similar to a degenerate gambler losing everything. This is not empirical science in any way as i'm sure youre aware.

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Standard cosmology model assumes the Copernican principle. "Science" isn't on your side with this.

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Nice buzzwords

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They haven't dug deep enough to say whether life existed on mars 1 billion years ago or not lol.

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Not true at all. If tomorrow NASA announced it had found a habitable Earth-like planet 1200 light years away, possibly with life in it, how would we even begin to get there?

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Science has not given one inch of ground where it's not proven. You literally don't have a shred of supporting evidence to support your claim.
AI, plus hatchlings taught by AI at 30 years til arrival.

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Standard cosmology model assumes the Copernican principle. Can you explain why we should reject the standard cosmology model and replace it with your own alternative model? What specific reasons do you have for believing the Earth is so uniquely structured that it's the only 1 out of 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 planets that has life on it? I'm genuinely interested in what reasons you have for thinking this.

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>we'll just use something that doesn't exist and something that doesn't exist!

You're also glossing over the extreme difficulty of designing a ship that can survive that long without any moving part wearing down to powder, what power source, the method of propulsion, communication...

This is a trip of 1200 years at the absolute minimum you're talking about here

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>not entering focus 10 meditation states to contact alien consciousnesses and commune about the proliferation and sustenance of consciousness in the galaxy

beta cuck plebs

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He said "aliens," not "your own subconscious mind."

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>transport all the whites (maybe some qt Japanese or Korean girls) to Mars
>build a colony there
>100000 years later
>go back to earth with superior weapons

but they would win because "martians" wouldnt be able to walk on the earth surface due to the hevier gravity.

I thought this board was a none brainlets zone.

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them not being able to walk?, consider
>genetic engineering to produce stronger bones and muscles despite weaker gravity
>weighted clothes
>just simple weight training

you are the brainlet here. you can't even think of these simple ways to counteract the weaker gravity problem on mars. It's obvious that you are a faggot that got triggered by a stupid post on this site. go back to plebbit you faggot.

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I'm not gonna lie.
That burn was so hot I came.

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Yep and its coming closer to us slowly but surely. So not only do we have all the hundreds of thousands of solar systems in our own Milky Way galaxy to explore and discover but in the far, far, far future, an entire galaxies worth of new solay systems will approach our own, we won't even need to develop intergalactic travel!

Exciting, but very distant prospects.

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>no purpose

Wtf are you doing on a science board?

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But that's just 100% anon :^)

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Let's talk about this in 200 years old, shall we?

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>Implying we won't be extinct from global nuclear war by then

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this is a good thing, ayys are ugly and want to eat you

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By your logic, since we only can say for sure that out of 8 planets 1 has life, that means 12% of all planets in the universe are likely to contain life