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Weekly reminder that race is a determinant of intelligence

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race isnt a determinant of anything, because it isnt real

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>NS has nothing to do with intelligence aptitude or temperament
ive never claimed such a thing
tell me why you dont know about developmental plasticity, polyphenisms, epigenetic inheritance(especially pertaining to cognition) and have no empirical evidence besides arbitrary metrics with virtually no descriptive power for comparing separate populations or even individuals within a population.
>implying the concept of species isn't also illusory
race isnt even supported by empirical evidence like species as it is a defunct term drawn by arbitrary and anecdotal boundaries. you are silly and cant troll gtfo with your lazy ass pictures

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saying "race isn't real" is disingenuous.
no, there are no scientific criteria that put up concrete and definitive barriers between ethnicities, but that does NOT imply that there all ethnicities are the same.

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saying "ethnicity is real" is disingenuous.
no, there are no scientific criteria that put up concrete and definite barriers between individuals within an ethnicity, but that does NOT imply that all people within an ethnicity are the same.

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This is what filthy cucks actually believe

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butthurt nonpost
don't reply to me or my posts with that vacuous nonsense ever again.
those two things are not comparable

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Cuckity cuck cuck cuck

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that's just pathetic

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You should advocate to have some low income housing put in your neighborhood

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Cuck cuck, mothercucker. Cuckadoodledooooooooooooooo

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So what would we expect to find if race were real?

Huge disparities in technological advancement? Crime rates? Intelligence?

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What if we found out that our eyes are real

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actually it was pointing out a serious flaw in your reasoning, if you are going to try to explanatory reductionism, finish the job fag

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>I can't actually address the points being brought up so I'll pretend as if I was trolling the entire time

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Race is a determinant of
>skin colour
>general strength
>bone structure

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I'll address your mom's points if you know what I mean if you catch my drift if you understand my inuendo

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the implication of "there are no concrete boundaries between people nearby" is that "there are no group differences between people far away"
there are measurable and obvious differences between people who originated thousands of miles apart. no i am not saying every single person who claims to be part of an ethnicity is 100% the same, and that's not even a qualifier worth making.

you made a nonpost because you falsely equated two words that have radically different meaning in your reductio ad absurdum.
i don't hink you put any thought into your post at all

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>Race is a determinant of skin color

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that's a different poster you retard

The problem is how /pol/tards use the term race. Nobody says that different ethnicities and populations don't exist, but it's ridiculous to bundle all people that look white or have """"""white characteristics"""""" and bundle them as the same "race". Because it simply doesn't work that way, many whites have completely different evolutionary histories and hail from different populations. Genetic differences between populations do exist, whether they're significant enough regarding intelligence is something that we don't know and we won't get to know for some time. although it will happen eventually. It's difficult enough finding people from a shared population let alone comparing them and asceratining if they're genetically dumber.

Bundling all dark people as niggers and calling them dumb and aggressive hardly qualifies as "race realism". The people you've chosen are simply too different to bundle together.

So all in all, it all depends how you define race. Race as a term used by people of the colonial era and tryhard trendy alt-rightists on a mongolian wall-painting forum is meaningless and null of any scientific significance.

So instead of yelling loudly and calling people cucks, you could try to set up a fund to conduct population genetics research, which would be arguably more useful.

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Some dudes still can't figure it out though.

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Fucking hell /sci/ is such a normie board


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So answer the question; What should we expect to find if race is a legitimate boundary?

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We should instead categorize people by how bad their farts smell. Mine are pretty bad. I can't even do it in public.

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>Better pretend I was trolling again

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Ur just mad cuz you're a low-H2S fartlet

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Race is a S P E C T R U M

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>I am a skeptic whomst useth zetetic and critical thinking to address issues in a rational way.
>What race? It's all a social construct by salty /pol/acks. Race is nothing [citation not needed].

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you're on the spectrum

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Ethnicity is arbitrary as fuck as well. Two groups can be exactly the same but be considered two different groups or the reverse.

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they can be, but so far that hasn't happened

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Tutsi's and Hutu's.

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>class conflict is racial conflict

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just because you can't perceive, or pretend the differences in balkan people don't exist, that doesn't mean they don't

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Ewé and Mina

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What part of my post did you not understand? There's no if, race can have many definitions. If you go by the /pol/ definition, then "race" is NOT legitimate boundary, it's been PROVEN to be meaningless with the advent of population genetics. No ifs, no buts.

If by race you mean ethnicity, then we could find that certain black populations that have shared ancestry have less intelligence-correlated genes than white American populations with German or English ancestry, as long as both populations are well defined. And correlations are just the first step. The proper way would be to map all the genes contributing to intelligence one way or another, assay their biochemical role and effect size, and then start comparing between populations. That is how a "racial realist" course of research would probably look like, if that's what you're asking. But we don't even know most of the intelligence correlates yet, so it's still a long time away.

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No genetic definition of race, and trying to divide humans by genetic similarity and difference does not reproduce race. For example, all PIE people are too genetically similar to one another unless you try to divide the world into over 20 races, but even trying to assume the number of races is arbitrary


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Human genetic diversity is not clustered, and only shows a small decreasing gradients as populations got further from Africa.

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No the implication is that individuals do not function at the group level as an actual entity.
Sure you can have a group of individuals sharing similar characteristics, that does not make the group of individuals an actual functioning entity capable of being rationally treated as such. It's a mereologically ass-in-9 assumption.
Sure you can measure the difference between ethnicities but that is all you are measuring, complete abstraction.

>two words that have radically different meaning in your reductio ad absurdum.
That's not what the word radically ought to mean.

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you're conflating group behavior with individual behavior

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>group behavior
>implying groups are agents capable of behavior

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that's not what i meant and you know it

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No I really don't. Groups cannot behave, you can measure the behavior of a group but it is the individuals behaving, not a group that has been synthesized by drawing arbitrary boundaries around individuals.

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>behavior of a group
>group behavior
same thing. you're making a semantics distinction to misrepresent my point.

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Like I said you can measure the behavior of a group but that doesn't make it an actual thing.
Both group behavior and the behavior of a group are the same thing in this context, I'm not arguing about semantics, I am denying that these groups are actual, ontological entities. They are arbitrarily formed concepts that are heuristics at best and illusory most of the time.

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if something that can be repeatedly and consistently measured isn't an "ontological entity" then i dont' know what your definition of existence is.

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I'm a leftist who firmly believes that there are differences between the races in terms of intelligence, temperament, and physical abilities. To me, that is absolutely obvious.
The problem I have with it is that some people pre-judge people based on those assertions. It's hard not to, I know. But I believe we should all at least try.
And in the eyes of the law, we should of course be equal - but we aren't.
I don't know how to reconcile the current system. I just don't know. Many think affirmative action will do that. I think it does help at least a little bit...but then you are potentially taking away opportunity from someone else who may have worked harder, and it's all BECAUSE OF their race. The counter-argument is that the other races end up growing up in shitty places with shitty schools and a shitty community, where it is difficult to focus on learning the skills you need to survive outside of that community while you grow up.
It's not like we can hit a reset button and suddenly make everyone start with $0 and see who rises to the top...

I don't have all the answers. But I must acknowledge that both sides might be partially correct....

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>I'm a leftist who firmly believes that there are differences between the races in terms of intelligence, temperament, and physical abilities.
Then you're an idiot leftist. How does your political orientation have anything to do with this scientific problem? There are many posts in this thread that explain why "race" in its current form is scientifically meaningless yet you ignore them all.

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>mfw you aren't a Cartesian rationalist
This is why we need to teach our children epistemology

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>"race" in its current form is scientifically meaningless
But your race is a reflection of your genetics...
Your genetics can predispose you to have a certain temperament, creativity, intelligence, athletic ability, etc.

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>But your race is a reflection of your genetics...
But what is my "race"? Is an Ethiopian Black and a Black Caribbean the same race because they're black? Is an Anglo and a Slav the same race? Or a German and a Greek? Or a Chinese and a Korean?

How do you draw the line? You can't. That's why population genetics exists and is so popular today. People can only be categorised by small homogeneous populations, not vague all-inclusive races. It's the only way you can compare genetic characteristics between groups of people. And then you have to actually research the different genes, which has not been done yet to a satisfying extent.

Read the thread. Read the links.

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>But your race is a reflection of your genetics...
No you are a reflection of your genetics. You race is some bullshit synthesis of a group of biological organisms genetics
>protip: races aren't born after two races fuck

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It's a reflection of a few external visual genetics... If I crispr'd a white dude to have more melanin, kinky dark hair, wide nose, etc. You would now say he is black. That's the problem.

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Not just genetics mind you, there are a lot of epigentic codes as well

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This. Jews will always be intelelctually superior to everyone else.

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Yeah, nobody ever considers epigenetics

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Why don't you all just wait until there's only one race and everyone on earth is a lovely shade of caramel :) xox

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>This is supposed to be scary
First of all I don't give a fuck. Second of all that wouldn't happen.

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Genetics doesn't work that way. Genes don't magically disappear from the population for no reason.

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every thing is 'arbitrary as fuck' and a 'social construct'. You can debate race all you want but you can't prove that current social policy is any more valid. We've been throwing money at blacks for 60+ years, nothing's changed when a small round of eugenics could've improved their situation drastically

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If he presses both, he has an alibi

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>4chan filename
sure thing, bud

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