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/sci/ why aren't you reading "Discrete Math with Ducks" ?

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I don't like DUCKS, because DUCKS are for faggots.

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Where I come from duck is actually a word we use against homosexuals. It is a derogatory term for gays like nigger is for blacks.

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Ducks are alright as waterfowl go. Its the fucking geese that are the real bastards.

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it has a lot of 1 star reviews and a lot of 5 star reviews. what's the deal?

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But I am reading "Discrete Math with Ducks"

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Did somebody said DUCK?

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Duck bills are wolf heads

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Better and cheaper books

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why didn't she just go with dicks like she was supposed to

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what the fuck?

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ducks aside, is this book actually as bad as everyone here makes it out to be?

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"Containing exercises and materials that engage students at all levels, Discrete Mathematics with Ducks presents a gentle introduction for students who find the proofs and abstractions of mathematics challenging."

this book is l i t e r a l l y for brainlets lmao

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where the fuck are you from?

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I go to oregon state and that would be heresy

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Rosen is the best discrete math book out there currently.

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This. I've been reading through it on and off, and it's done a really great job at presenting its material in a clear and concise way.

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