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>Now, I only graded a random selection of the problems I assigned

Why are math professors so lazy? It rustles my jimmies every time.

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Grading is the most tedious shit.

Except if you are doing it in groups. Then it's hilarious to share the banalities that get written down

t. T.A.

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Professors do that because they know most students are lazy and don't do the problem sets in full. Grading it that way makes is so that the professor can choose to grade all of the questions he knows people won't do because it takes time, is harder, etc. Chances are they will post up the solutions to all of the questions anyways, so theres no need to be upset. Also, you can always go to their office to ask if you did the problem correctly.

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It's not so much that I'm worried about getting things wrong, since I usually just look up the answer afterwards to check my works, it's more the fact that I spent 3 to 6 hours working everything out, and double checking my work, only for them to spend 10 minutes spot checking it.

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I get you but you have to place yourself in their shoes. They have shit to do (read: research) that they would rather do. Grading takes forever when you have a class larger than 10 students. The homework you do is for your benefit no matter how much time you spend on it. As long as you know what the solutions are it shouldn't matter whether the professor grades it all in scrutiny or not.

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It's not like we pay tens of thousands of dollars for an education. I mean, think about the teachers for a moment! You should know what you're doing anyway before you go to university, so why would you need proper grading?

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> You should know what you're doing anyway before you go to university, so why would you need proper grading?

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ITT: whiny bad students

While I would never do a partial grading like in OP, I should add that grading is the absolute worst part of the job. Most instructors go into teaching because they love teaching, not because they enjoy the heartbreak of grading papers from assholes that you did your best to instruct, and who ought to have learned the material, but who chose not to. At best grading is soul-crushingly monotonous and time-consuming, at worst it is murderously infuriating.

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most of that money is wasted on administrators.

Maybe it would be nice if the university would hire a grader to look at your homework. But really, a professor should not spend hardly any of his time grading calculus homework. It's a waste of his talent.

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ITT: shitty professors blaming students

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>But really, a professor should not spend hardly any of his time grading calculus homework. It's a waste of his talent.

Given that low level classes like calculus are the ones with the most students, it makes sense that those classes are the most profitable. Technically your main job calculus grader. The university then allows you to indulge in less profitable hobby topics like algebraic topology out of the kindness of their hearts.

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The funny thing is, this is a summer class with 5 students in it.

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Homework is done for YOUR benefit. It's not done for the teacher, you brainlet

If they got you to get off your lazy ass and solve the problem, then they succeeded. What they do after that point (check it or not) isn't as important

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What's the point of grading anything then? Exams are also done for my benefit, and they succeed so long as they get me to attempt to solve the problems on the exam.

University should really just give out participation degrees, right?

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>University should really just give out participation degrees, right?
what do you think a degree is? you participated in classes and your performance was deemed acceptable to receive certification for it. if your work is unacceptable, you don't. tests are what set that bar for acceptable and unacceptable.
i really dont see what your issue is

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>Why are math professors so lazy

actually brainlet its really smart, not lazy.

you don't know what problem he is going to grade. He might just grade the problem that at first glance looks the most wrong. The point is you still have to do every problem to the best of your ability and the professor gets to cut down on the time it takes to check your work. Frankly I think graded homework is bullshit anyways. Professor should just show you how, and teach the material. Then the professor might recommend some practice work for you to do if he feels generous. Then the midterm and final exam sort out the losers from the people who deserve to be in the program.

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>>University should really just give out participation degrees, right?

That's literally what any degree is, have you ever heard the expression "Cs get degrees"?

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yeah but that's stupid, because it's work that can be done by a grad student who gets paid much less.

I guess they could pay professors to do menial labor like collecting garbage around campus too, or checking the parking lot to see if everyone has a permit. It would make about as much sense as grading calc homework

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in my first assignment as a TA, i worked hard to grade peoples' homework in a signal processing class

a third of the students took their paper but didn't even look at the work i did grading the papers, i know because they made the same mistake when the same material was tested

and a third of them didn't even pick their graded work up

never again
i'm redpilled now
you students are fucking shit. when i was in undergrad i grinded for my 3.9

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>shitty professors
they can't make you faggots do the homework and read the book.

>this professor had just ONE JOB, i mean GEEZ all he has to do is make me passively master a whole chapter of material in 50 minutes just by watching one lecture
>he can't teach OMG i tried to do the homework and the answers didn't just jump off the page at me
seriously kys or at least drop out

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You people are pathetic.
You spend $100,000 on Harvard education you could get for $1.65 in late fees.

You don't do problems so teacher can pat you on the head; you do them to learn the subject. 90% of math is in the homework.

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pure math majors are fags

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I graded for 90 students last semester. If I spent 10 minutes a student, I'm going for 15 hours (not even counting inputting grades). The math department doesn't want to pay me for 15 hours a week.

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That is cancerous reasoning

> I don't care if you get it or have better shit to do, do all the problems anyway you lazy shit

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Do your job mate, I'm not paying the bloated tuition to watch some failure phone-in his efforts and give a bimbo good marks just so you can get ass in your office

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Ask him if there is a mathematical way to predict which problems he grades so you can just do those and get a good score.

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Their job is to do research. They don't need you for shit. You are expendable and if you don't want to someone else will pay the tuition.