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Why does /pol/ believe /sci/ is their friend?

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both /sci/ and /tv/ have been colonized by /pol/, if you don't like it leave

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Because their views are only legitimate when supported by science, which they aren't.

> But muh race realism!

Race and IQ are topics in social science and anthropology, not hard science. Scientific racism was already BTFO by biologists in the 20th century.

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I'm /sci/ and I support /pol/

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Attention seeking bullshit. Nothing else.

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If race is not real then all humans would look the same.

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They don't believe we are their friends. They believe that we are neutral enough (because in their mind we are all too busy jerking off our calculators) that if they swarm us with propaganda, they can sway us to their side of the political spectrum.

But it has not worked well for them. That is because anyone with an IQ with more than 2 digits is automatically left leaning. Maybe not democrat, maybe not socialist/communist, but just liberal which means that the moment we read their disgusting propaganda we get turned off.

So they got really mad that they have not recruited anyone for more than 2 years and now they just shitpost us out of spite.

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pol can suck my ass

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There are genetic differences between races that make people look different, but race in current usage doesn't mean anything. Irish people, for example, were not originally considered white.

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I'm right leaning and have IQ over 130. Your argument is invalid. Btw, go back to leftypol.

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Irish are white, all humans native to Europe and West Russia are white.

>look different
No anon blacks have denser tissue and bones than us.

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If I was you I would try to get a second opinion on that IQ. I would not put it above a rightwing brainlet to mistake 13 for 130.

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t. assblasted brainlet

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top kek

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>Irish are white, all humans native to Europe and West Russia are white.

So the Irish changed genetically because Americans deemed them white?

>No anon blacks have denser tissue and bones than us.

So what? What does having denser tissue and bones have to do with treating them differently than white Americans?

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>So what? What does having denser tissue and bones have to do with treating them differently than white Americans?
Its a serious indication of a high degree of genetic distance anon.
No anon the white is a collective grouping of Caucasoids dating back to around 30,000 B.C in the Northern Turkey region. So literally every European and West Russian that has existed is white.

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The bronze needs brains I suppose.

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source source source source
>stormnigging doesn't count

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We are neutral though.

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Ah, here. A perfect example of right wing retardation.

To make it clear to your little pea brain, remember that I said:

>Anyone with an IQ with more than 2 digits is automatically left leaning

That statement is not equivalent to saying
>Everyone who is left leaning has an IQ with more than 2 digits

P implies Q not the same as Q implies P
Remember that from elementary common sense 101 class, retardo?

Yeah, learn to not embarass yourself like this in the future. Are some liberals retarded? Yeah. But in contrast literally 100% of right wingers, like you, are completely fucking retarded.

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>trolling this hard

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I am neither left or right leaning. So I guess your dumbass can't explain that huh.

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Well, from how retarded you are I assumed you were right wing.

But the point is still stands, you are so retarded that you can't even into basic logic.

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>Its a serious indication of a high degree of genetic distance anon.

So? I'm not saying that blacks are not genetically different from whites. Of course different races need to be treated differently in terms of medicine. What is implied by "race" is that one race is inferior to another.

>No anon the white is a collective grouping of Caucasoids dating back to around 30,000 B.C in the Northern Turkey region. So literally every European and West Russian that has existed is white.

My point is that our definition of race has changed. The fact that the Irish were not considered white implies that we put race labels on peoples that we don't like, or that seems strange to us.

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>posting off topic threads is colonising

are you stupid? oh wait you're from /pol/ of course

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Because they have this strange delusion that science is on their side or something, when in reality science is politically neutral and favors neither the left or right. /pol/ just enjoys it when science reinforces their twisted political beliefs but will condemn it when it doesn't.

>literally the same statistical methods /pol/ uses to show differences in race also used to support global warming, and yet they continue to deny the latter

The extreme left and the extreme right are both anti-science as fuck and have no place on /sci/. Too bad we don't have any mods anymore.

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/pol/ was indoctrinated and polarized by a psy-op from some country we shall not name. /pol/ is a test bed for new ideas designed to control the thoughts of the masses.

With that in mind /pol/ isn't invading /sci/. It's the psy-op program that's expanding their experiment to include non-/pol/ minded people into their experiments. Their goals are to re-brand their political agendas in a way that is palatable to the left-leaning people in the world. Because /sci/ is mostly left leaning, /sci/ has become their new test bed. Every reaction you make to a /pol/ thread on /sci/ will be logged and compared to reactions from previous /pol/ threads in an attempt to find which re-branding is the least offensive.

in short, your objections are making them stronger. IGNORE THEM AND MOVE ON

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If blacks are so irrefutably not different to the other races why not name a microprocessor designer who is black, or a luxury car manufacturer created in Africa?

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>What is implied by "race" is that one race is inferior to another.
Yes they are inferior COGNITIVELY inferior, only a naive fool like you that has never lived around blacks would even think they are anything like us mentally. Blacks are like an alien species in America based on how their average mental state is. Also all africans act exactly the same as american blacks even without hip hop cultural influence showing its genetic.

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>tfw too intelligent for bourgeois identity politics

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Science is what we use to prove that blacks are not as human as us mentally speaking, while the left censors science and uses it to promote their egalitarian madness.

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>if blacks are so smart name 10 smart black peoples!!!

holy fuck what are you even doing here on a science and math board with such a massive deficiency in logic

don't they have like a sticky on /pol/ that lists logical fallacies? have you ever taken the time to read it?

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I can't name a microprocessor designer who is white either bro

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You don't use science to prove anything though, you don't understand science and you never will. You just hold up random /pol/ infographics and normal distributions and point at them, as if that alone proves anything.

If /pol/ actually understood science they wouldn't hold half their current retarded beliefs. That's why they come to /sci/ to argue politics and not science.

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>Believing you have people wanting to be your friend.

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No joke, there are people who write scientific papers on the effect of /pol/. Just think, who's funding this research?

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Why is there so much talk about this? This board is for science, /pol/ is for politics. Who cares about the intersection? If they are posting far-right politics, then it shouldn't even be here. If they are posting science, that may end up validating their worldview, well I guess that is science that can be discussed, and if you find it so absurd then surely you can prove them wrong?

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>Hahah I'll just say you and your question is ridiculous so I don't have to answer something that blatantly disproves the concept of institutionalized racism! Gotcha whitey!

If whites don't design these technologies either it's also because the vast majority of whites are too intellectually deficient to take part in such demanding industries. It is pretty much an Asian dominated world now, can't argue that.

>my scientific curious ends where my college philosophical studies begin
Neck yourself.

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because they are like the ISIS of 4chan, they feel the need to try to proselytize everywhere they go and always come here to try to "redpill" us on climate change being a sino-Jewish conspiracy or about race and IQ. except /sci/ tends to know more about both topics than /pol/tards who get all their information from infographics

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Name a white person who invented any of those things 150 years ago. My, that is some fast evolution we underwent!

More to the point, these arguments are irrelevant. Until some specific gene or group of genes are discovered which determine intelligence, we cannot say for sure.

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Science doesn't ignore "race". However, making moral judgments about races is something that science isn't interested about, because there is no scientific way to prove superiority without assuming some value system beforehand. Also, we are still pretty far from having a complete understanding of himan interaction based on genes and neurology, heck, maybe it will nevet be fully explained by that. So yea, science does show considerable variations between spme groups, but it doesn't justify any attitude as to how or if should we categorize those groups. If a scientist has some moral beliefs on the subject, he cannot "test" thowe beliefs in a lab.

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Science is clearly not on the side of many right-wingers who believe in religion, and who actually deny evolution and the real age of the earth. And right-wingers are also totally wrong on climate change.

But science also does not back up the left-wing egalitarian agenda. If we looked at the world without bias we probably would conclude that there are significant differences between men and women, and also different racial groups.

I feel like this kind of nuance is too complex for most people. The common view is, Iif you are right-wing you MUST deny climate change, if you are left wing you MUST deny racial/sexual realism. In truth the left and right are like yin and yang when it comes to denying science that conflicts with their worldview

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Typically there's a lurking period people should observe before posting in a new board.

/sci/ has dozens of newfags fresh out of /pol/ making new threads and they're typically the exact same thing being reposted.

They don't understand or care about the science or the accuracy of the science of what they're posting. They just saw something "sciency" and decided it belongs on /sci/.

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There is no objective evidence for your subjective claims. As I said in >>8861755 , IQ tests are not real science, since they don't test for intelligence. Please tell me how finding patterns in shapes determines if I can make discoveries in physics.

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It's mostly b8 and shitposting newfag. It happens in all slow boards.

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>evolution can determine physical characteristics and traits
>evolution cannot determine mental characteristics and traits

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If you cared to find NatSoc/Trad anons who have read more than the Turner Diaries etc., you would find a population that is pro-environmentalism, pro-human, and pro-science.

It irritates me that summerfag retards post "le global warming is a kike theory" threads, without knowing anything about anything. Nazi Germany pioneered animal rights, sustainable forestry, environmental protection, etc., in addition to making incredible advancements in rocketry and mechanical engineering.

Don't listen to the shills, Trad/NatSoc /pol/ has always been pro-/sci/
t. brainlet

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Spoken like a true mongoloid. Please neck yourself you fucking pussy.

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Are beliefs are not retarded, you are just insane because you refuse to race reality at the simple fact that blacks are not like us at all except being the same species but other than that they are mentally very different from us.
IQ test? This is by observation of blacks over the decades since they have been freed and how they still behave which is the same as their feral african ancestors who first came here 500 years ago. Anyone with a brain can tell blacks are dumber than white people by just being around them in an area filled with them.

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/pol/ believes they are ideologically superior
/sci/ believes they are intellectually superior
/trv/ believes they are most worldly
/fit/ believes they can lift
/ck/ believes they are all Iron Chef
/mlp/ is the only board that is reality based in that you are all a bunch of little horse asses.

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>cry about infographics and statistics about race
>use infograps and statistics to (((proof))) man made climate change

Stupid leftist (((scientists)))

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nice nice n1ce

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>horsefucker coping
It's sad

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>Anyone with a brain can tell blacks are dumber than white people by just being around them in an area filled with them.
I hang out with them all the time.

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If you are black then it means you are programmed to find the stupid behavior of other blacks as "normal" hence why intelligent blacks do nothing about the degenerate cultures their own people create but instead waste their intellect on hating white people.

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If I wonder if evolution has effected isolated groups of human beings differently and may lead to possible differences in physiology and behavior....does that make me a /pol/tard? Seems like a wild claim.

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But are they dumber? I can recognize this without being an asshole and treating then differently, but the majority of my black friends aren't really smart.

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>>my scientific curious ends where my college philosophical studies begin
>Neck yourself.

>/pol/ thinks accusing others of reading books is an insult
Why am I not surprised?

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Yes but that's called "Preparing the bull" and not really something to brag about in public.

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except it's increased 300% since Trump rose to power and it's all blatantly /pol/ shitposting.

>It happens in all slow boards
Do you even 4chan?!? GTFO imposter!!!!
seriously, leave

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>having black people as friends
Its like you guys want to get murdered, blacks base tribalism over everything meaning they can kill anyone who isnt black regardless of how close they are to them. You should be worried about your black friend's black friends knowing where you live or what place you work at and so on...

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I'm white.
Nah not really. A lot of them come from poor areas (the kind poor white kids don't come from) and they have some trauma from that.

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>evolution can determine physical characteristics and traits
>evolution cannot determine mental characteristics and traits

It probably can, but we don't know. You're making your observations that non-whites are less intelligent and that means we should kill/deport them all based on just looking around and saying "oh they didn't invent this that means they're objectively stupider!" when we didn't even fucking invent it until recently. A Chinese person may very well have looked at Europe 2000 years ago and come to the conclusion we were fucking apes, the Romans certainly did. But look at us now.

You're also assuming that Africa is some kind of stone age PVP arena that never progresses. They have cities, they have sanitation by and large, but there are problem areas such as Lagos caused ironically by the same human population density crushes caused by everyone moving into the city at once looking for jobs that Britain experienced when it went through the industrial revolution. Right up until 1860 it was not unusual for people in London (in fact at one point it 1000 people/week) to die of diseases like cholera that effect Africa in exactly the same way because they didn't know it was caused by drinking dirty water.

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Look at that little chimpanzette, laughing mouth full open, not having learned social skills.

>> No.8861951

If only threads that mention "Race and iq XD" were bannable.
It's that god awfully annoying to see.

>> No.8861952

sure but not enough to make them hugely different in tens of thousands of years

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Because Trump was such a meme result and it has ultimate shitposting potential? All the nazi stuff has been here almost since the beginning.

>> No.8861956

So your just a racial egalitarian nutjob who hangs around negro genetic outliers and wouldnt dare set foot in areas of the US with the AVERAGE BLACK like black majority cities in America. I know your kind very well so scared to go to places yet talk about black people being the same as us.

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The irony of a stormnigger accusing anybody else of tribalism is beyond delicious

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That's right, everyone's equal and exactly the same, that's why with current forced mass migration carried out on Europe there has been an explosion of intellectual growth and develop-oh wait, there's only a 70% increase over the previous year.


J:\[03] Documentary\[02] Archive & text\[01] Archive\[03] Foreign Politics\[02] Germany\Berlin Gripped by Fear as Acid-Throwing Cyclists Target Women MmTOD\index.html

Thank goodness for diversity!

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You cannot trust blacks that is my point.

>> No.8861963

This. If blacks are civilized, you should have no trouble to walk in a Detroitian ghetto.

>> No.8861964

And what exactly have you accomplished as a person that gives you bragging rights? The inferior man here is you. You use your racist ideologies to distract you from your own failures. You've never accomplished anything of worth, so you take credit for what men other than you have accomplished by putting yourself at the same level as them on account of your race. In reality, however, you know you are nothing. You will live a miserable life and die with as your last thought the clear realization that you could have never been born and the world would have been no different. Do us all a favor and kys.

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Because we hate the identity politics seeping into our lives but /pol/'s confirmation bias only lets them see us hating left wing identity politics.

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Just chat up some friendly African Americans next time you take public transportation, surely nothing will go wrong right?

>> No.8861974

Bingo, blacks as a majority are psychotic fiends who should be caged and I dont give a shit how many smart negros you know because those smart negros would get the shit beat out of them by the feral majority for sport.


Oh wait never because you will cling on your encounters with genetic outliers to ease your brain to never be aware that a wild breed of man is among you everyday in America.

>> No.8861976

No dude. I lived in a literal project, public housing, with a black family. One guy had bipolar disorder. One guy was a college student studying compsci.

I also have work-related projects in East New York and Brownsville (ironically named) and walk through those areas a lot. I don't want to be there at night of course, but neither do good black folk.

And it wasn't some sort of program, they invited me to live with them after my parent's house got wrecked in hurricane Sandy.

>> No.8861977

I grew up in a small town in Pennsylvania that was plagued by poverty and the meth epidemic. If you think my average neighbor was any better than a hood rat then I guess I'm jealous of your insulated suburban upbringing.

It's almost as if environment has a significant effect on behavior and aptitude

>> No.8861978

I suspect it's really bored engineers. They are the biggest shit posters in /sci/. If they think it has no practical value, they mock it. Plus they work in the private sector and not academia so "Muhhhh Trump".

>> No.8861979

Look at this leftist faggot. The thing is that niggers wouldn't even be capable to attend university, where similar technology is invented, without affirmative action.

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please tell me this is pasta lmao

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Genetic outliers, the average black is so cruel that they will laugh at you while you are dying. If a negro shows kindness it means they arent the average black at all blacks are fucking jerks.
Thats why rural white poor guys have crime rates like Chimpcongo or Bodymore right?

Use your critical thinking retard, if white poor humans were as bad as niggers then white poor areas WOULD HAVE HAD NIGGER LEVEL CRIME ALL THE WAY BACK IN THE 1800S.

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Your comments will be cataloged an analyzed for future manipulation of the public.

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With SJWs shitting up science, expect a /pol/ spread.
/pol/ will reclaim this board, you have been warned /SCI/

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Being racist does not make you a right winger. I am a right winger in the proper definition of the term, not some reactionary idiot. And what university do you attend, if you even go to college?

>> No.8861989

that's cute

plz go back to your board for whiny little children who like to cry a lot

>> No.8861990


You're using Islam, something that only came about in 700AD and has pretty much the same practices we had in 1600 as an argument as to whether Arabs are intellectually inferior?

I should clarify I don't think mass immigration from cultures that are very different is a good idea. And neither does the British government, but they need immigrants to fulfill unfunded liabilities, mostly pensions because the UK birthrate is so low. And if you actually look at the figures, the suggested 300,000/year we need to fill that is fairly close to our net immigration.

Now the government had almost succeeded in solving the culture problem, but the alt_right saw to that one with fucking brexit.

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>implying poor whites are "civilized"
How about you try to make friends with some of your white brethren who aren't from your upper-middle class neighborhood? I'm sure they'd love to get to know you so they can borrow some money to buy more heroin and a nicer cardboard box to live in.

>> No.8861992


Libfags do the exact same thing but in the other direction. They cling on to people like le black science man to prove blacks are all articulate, intelligent individuals.

>> No.8861996

What a huge faggot.

>> No.8861997

Holy kek lol

>> No.8861998

>But science also does not back up the left-wing egalitarian agenda.
Not for long goyim.

>> No.8862000

70% increase in acid attacks.

Also, trying to find the French study over the decline in IQ due to mass replacement migration. I am not interjecting those words either, that is the term used, REPLACEMENT MIGRATION.

Also I grew up with poverty trauma too (white father who attended high school in Compton walked out just like many blacks do) but I still enjoyed and math and sciences while growing up.

>> No.8862003

Nice unintelligent emotional response.

>> No.8862004

I live in a 95%+ white country. I got my place in uni for having so great high school grades.

>> No.8862008

>That's why rural white areas are just like dense metropolises CHECKMATE

At least make the comparison apples to apples. We'll all be waiting on your data with baited breath

>> No.8862011

So you go to a shit university. Just as I thought.

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File: 949 KB, 1024x1024, murder_rates.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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Back to /POL/ oppressed white men.

>> No.8862015

There are as many white trash as there is niggers in academia. And even if whites are poor, they aren't violent ape like creatures. And the statistics matter, there is no city in earth that is nearly full white and has terrrible crime records.

>> No.8862018

Where are the gangs of white teenage thugs attacking humans for sport?

Where are the white gangs terrorizing communities for fun?

Where are the white students constantly stabbing and beating up eachother in school all the time?

IN YOUR BRAIN because your a crazy libtard that has no clue what the average black is like at all. If you think dimwitted rural whites are like them.
Niggers cause high crime wherever they exist anon, there are many suburbs in America that are too dangerous to live in because of niggers.

>> No.8862022

Well at least you cant get in just by being a nigger. We dont have them on hard sciences.

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>Most black people are stupid and violent criminals
>The ones who aren't stupid and violent criminals are still bad because they're black

Someone please tell me this is a troll. There can't be people on /sci/ who are actually this retarded.

>> No.8862027

Fuck off faggot. Talk to me when you get into an Ivy Plus. But we all know that'll never happen. Keep working towards becoming nothing you waste of space.

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File: 184 KB, 720x504, 1440952043162.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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File: 263 KB, 600x842, Britain's 2nd youngest suicide Asian is keyword for Pakistani Afghani.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yeah because those people are going to totally work and be caretakers for the elderly white folk when the entire media, educational and social establishments are mass propagandizing against whites. I totally trust Tyrone Muhammed to not throw acid on my face or cut my neck while I sleep.

>> No.8862033

Yes, there are few civilized blacks. But nobody of those are critical to our society. We dont need them. It is stupid to cherry pick from a bad crop, just get rid of them all.

>> No.8862034

Most blacks are not criminals, they are latent criminals meaning they have the potential to be criminals due to how their brain works. Blacks have been congesting the prisons since before segregation there is no doubt this race is criminal minded on average. Look at the fucking shit American niggers created with their freedom the most uncivilized crime worshipping culture in human history. If you have ever been in public schools which contains the most average black teenagers you would be horrified at how they seemingly have no moral compass at all crime to them is as natural as shitting in a toilet you have to explain why stabbing someone over an insult is wrong or why robbing people is wrong.

>> No.8862038


I understand that /pol/ has become really annoying, and there is a real right-wing backlash, but I just don't think you can call yourself a scientist if you think that race has no impact on anything. It just blatantly goes against basic observation. And not even talking about anything like superiority/inferiority, just basic physical facts like different skull structure points to something beyond "race is a social construct". It is clearly not.

>> No.8862039

Pretty hard on himself only to come in second.

>> No.8862044

Wow, did you got in to study african culture, nigger?

>> No.8862046

Indeed we wont need civilized niggers, they should all go back to Africa and aid their feral brothers too bad their feral brothers will kill them though.

So many of these "smart" negros from Africa run from their lands yet talk nonsense about how blacks and whites are the same yet they outright refuse to go back to their african home because they know how dangerous and psychotic the average human in their race is and how hopeless it is over there but refuse to admit it.

If you think Black American cities are violent, places like Lagos and Capetown make them look civilized in comparison.

>> No.8862049

>it's a serious indication of a high degree of genetic distance

Not that anon, and really late, but you do realize that things like tissue density and bone density can be the result of only a few mutations right?

People think that the size of the mutation is proportional to the size of the genetic difference, when in reality, even point mutations (one nucleotide out of thousands) can have a large change on the overall organism.

Sequencing human DNA has told us that racial lines are impossible to draw without being arbitrary as fuck or going just based on appearance and skin color, which in itself is really flawed. That's because there're so many areas that overlap, that it becomes a question of "Okay, how do we draw the equivalency lines for race?", for which talking about genetic difference would land us with hundreds of different races most likely, or end up changing our perception of race- Brits wouldn't be the same race as Frenchies, Japanese wouldn't be the same flavor of Asian, there's no real way to cut it that isn't based on social norm and cultural differences.

Hence, why people say race is a social construct. As memey as it sounds, it is.

>> No.8862051

>Where are the gangs of white teenage thugs attacking humans for sport?

>Where are the white gangs terrorizing communities for fun?

>Where are the white students constantly stabbing and beating up eachother in school all the time?

>IN YOUR BRAIN because your a crazy libtard

>that has no clue what the average black is like at all.
I've grown up with several. Chances are, I've met the "average black" but I have yet to have a negative experience with them that doesn't involve watching fights on the internet

>If you think dimwitted rural whites are like them.
Try meeting a dimwitted rural white person and then come back to me.

>> No.8862052

My very thorough and accurate explanation for why /sci/ hates when /pol/ posts here, in only 3 words.

kruger dunning effect

If you don't know what this is means, STOP POSTING!!!

>> No.8862053

Niggers have low IQ, deal with it nigger lovers.

>> No.8862054
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>Blacks picking on Asian students because they appear meek and submissive
Guys blacks are totally as peaceful as us, but make sure to keep ratcheting up white oppression hysteria and don't bring to national attention the still ongoing police ambush killings, black on white racially motivated crimes like the Fresno triple homicide last week. Nope, only white on black matters!

>> No.8862055


This is a science board. Posting daily mail articles or YouTube videos of single events isn't evidence and isn't going to be considered evidence. If you want I can start posting articles about racist attacks against muslims and poles as well. I'm not because that's fucking stupid and emotionally childish.

>Yeah because those people are going to totally work and be caretakers for the elderly white folk

Well that just proves you don't know what you're talking about, because the point is to bring in more young people to pay tax to pay people to look after the elderly, hence why I said "unfunded liabilities".

>when the entire media, educational and social establishments are mass propagandizing against whites

Bullshit. Absolute bullshit when you consider the odd black/white couple on TV a genocide. This isn't /pol/, get the fuck off the board and go back there if you want meme arguments. This isn't your little echo-chamber, its for science and mathematics.

>> No.8862062

Race is iffy on close genetic groups like all Europeans but ANYONE CAN TELL THAT BLACKS AND EURASIANS ARE DIFFERENT.
Antifa is not a random pack of savages its an organized group not the same as most black gangs which are really just feral packs of black teenagers who lived long enough to become cancer to their communities. Africans from Sudan do the exact same thing in Australia they form gangs and start terrorizing people for no explained reason at all.
>Try meeting a dimwitted rural white person and then come back to me.

Your hatred of low wit white people is expected of a leftist cuck, but if you bring up dumb black people you freak out.

Anyway poor whites are not the same as blacks end of discussion. Live in a black majority area for 2 years then come back to me now shut up already.

>> No.8862064

Great comeback. Please, when you kill yourself, would you mind thinking about the fact that I'm at MIT and you aren't?

>> No.8862067


>> No.8862068
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>a bunch of little horse asses.
Just what this thread needs 2bqh. It's not /sci/ related so who cares.

>> No.8862071

>leftist cuck
Go back to >>>/pol/
Go back to >>>/pol/
For fuck's sake,
Go back to >>>/pol/

>> No.8862072

>white genocide not real
You ever notice how bashing white people suddenly became a thing recently?

How about the mass immigration from the middle east and Africa into Europe?

Oh wait your a leftist lunatic and probably a jew.

>> No.8862075

After you fuck off to Reddit.

>> No.8862076

Yes, everyone can tell that because there are a few mutations between blacks and Eurasians that create skeletal and skin differences, which in turn end up having a greater affect on appearance than other genetic differences do.

But there's nothing distinguishing the few mutations that cause those skeletal differences, and the few mutations that cause differences in metabolism between certain countries in Europe, or Asia. They're all just mutations selected for in their given environments, and if you want to draw the line on 'number of genetic differences', you'd end up with more distance between a lot of Europeans than you would between a Brit and an African.

>> No.8862077

Confirmed leftist cuck.

>> No.8862079
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oh boy

>> No.8862080

Wow, look at this bad boy, he is in MIT! That means I cannot argue with him becouse I attend university in Europe!

>> No.8862083

Hey, why don't we pay attention to money vs crime instead of race vs crime?

Wouldn't it make more sense to see that in areas of poverty, whites and blacks are a lot more likely to commit crime, and that the correlation could very well be that black people are historically poorer due to the environments they grow up in as an artifact of segregation and slavery?

Maybe, just maybe, our ill-advised programs to try to bring black people out of poverty aren't the result of an evil jewish conspiracy, but rather a well-intentioned but poorly executed plan to try to mitigate the inherent flaws in society that are caused by the kind of upbringing people are given?

Instead of allowing the people in charge who actually profit from shitflinging based on race rather than trying to address economic problems, wouldn't it be better to have a renewed focus on education?

>> No.8862085
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Right, there is totally no move against whites in any way shape or form now, nor is it politically incorrect to seek out a "softly worded" destruction of an entire race of people everywhere on Earth.

>> No.8862087

>skin mutations

How about their smaller brain volume?

How about their much small frontal lobe area?

You are just in denial, race can be drawn when the distance is as big as africans and eurasians.

>> No.8862088

hahahahaha! He goes to a Euro uni! I bet you're in Eastern Europe too! Get on my level butch boy.

>> No.8862091

No. Poor areas that are white, doesn't have nearly as much violence as poor negroid areas.

>> No.8862094

If you honestly believe blacks casually murder eachother because of poverty you are so sheltered its not funny at all.

Explain why the Caribbean is a violent shithole?

Brazil? Poverty?

Belize? Poverty?

Africa? Poverty?

Last time I checked its actually wealthy people who tend to be more on the sociopathic spectrucm due to those kind of traits being great at accumulating fortune so nice try leftist shitstain.

>> No.8862095
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>We dont need them. It is stupid to cherry pick from a bad crop, just get rid of them all.
That's exactly what America did with the Europoors to become the greatest country on Earth, faggot. After we're done shipping the black niggers back to Africa, we're shipping you white niggers back to Poorup, and you're going on the first boat.

>they have the potential to be criminals due to how their brain works.
That's true for literally any group of people. But if you're saying it's especially true for blacks, you're going to have to show some evidence, kiddo.

Hint: infographs, especially unsourced ones, are a fucking joke

>> No.8862096

But that's just it anon, the smaller brain volume and frontal lobe areas are only present in some populations of people with black skin color. Others are a lot more genetically similar with regards to brain volume and brain physiology to the average population from Europe.

Sure, you can then draw population lines and say "This race here" by citing brain differences, but then it's hard to keep track of, and you can't tell without scanning brains, and it's really messy and impossible on a societal level to implement any kind of analysis.

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