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I am really sorry to do this to you guys, but i'm gonna drop on you, possibly, the hardest puzzle you guys have ever seen. i hope your ready for this one! post your answers in comments ;) good luck

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Already solved it

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please post the answer. im curious to see if you got it right, so quickly.

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How does a lowly eng-en-queer approach this problem?

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Sounds legit

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All i can say is..... Dont take the numbers too literally

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You got the answer? :)

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cos god knows i dont. lol

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wow......... wtf have i just looked at

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this is less like a mathematics problem, and more like an IQ test problem or a riddle.

A mathematics problem would be clearly defined.
I'm not even sure what they're asking here.

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>path of least resistance
Where do I start? Where do I end?

>the rest are holes
I'm going to go out on a limb and guess the numbers are those that are given.
But does that mean the holes are the black squares or the squares with - in them?
The problem with this puzzle, is that it can be interpreted in a variety of ways and no one could be faulted for interpreting it that way.
The reason being is that they didn't give enough information to even define the question. It's "look for the needle in the haystack." Not use your mathematical ability to find the answer.

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tell me if one of these is correct

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samefag btw

I assumed that this was some sort of system of equations

I was too lazy to solve it, so I just took averages

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honestlu, i feel exactly the same about it. im no idiot myself, but I have no idea. i figured, this here, was home to some of the most intelligent people on 4chan to help me figure it out.

an air force qualified cryptographer spent 3 days putting this together. i have no idea where to begin.

The only slighjt thought I get are, what if you plot the numbers on the right into a graphm and see where the lines intersect?

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Sent them off, but im not holding my breath with them. lol. no offence dude

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That's exactly what this puzzle reminded me of

I'm positive my solution is wrong. I wouldn't be surprised if there's a coded message in the numbers. Akseli and ehe for instance seem particularly suspicious.

You probably need a computer to solve this.

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What other hints did he give you?

You'll have a much better chance over at stackexchange
4chan is all brainlets or ignorant high IQ teenagers. Stackexchange is where the actually smart people go.

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This post is too short to contain the answer

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the only hint we got was "dont take the numbers too literally"

I know this person well...... she wont give anything else away

>Akseli and ehe for instance seem particularly suspicious

i know, right? i dont understand at all!


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"it is all in 3 dimensions"

that is all was said

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So, here's the information I glean from this.

The numbers in Y-Ehe are all divisible by their order in the list. 45 is divisible by 9, 40 is divisible by 8, at cetera. By taking the other multiple, you get the list: 4 4 5 6 4 4 2 5 5. It's somehow pretty to say out loud.

There is no functional relationship for the given values in Y-Ehe and the given values in X-Akseli because 24 appears twice in Y-Ehe, and 15 appears twice in X-Akseli. However, if you graph them as coordinates, you get a portion of the night sky that's present at and around the constellation Perseus. It's in pic related if you tilt your head slightly counterclockwise and graph with Y-Ehe on the x-axis and X-Akseli on the y-axis.

The numbers along the negative-slope diagonal have the values of their coordinates, though it's fairly obvious.

The term "resistance" is not defined in this problem, and it is therefore insoluble.

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You really seem like you are on to something here, please check my last message and see the hint i was just given, aparently "it is in 3 dimensions". i feel that if anyone can solve this, its you

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tried that, not quite, mate ;)


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We don't care.

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least resistance could possibly mean lowest numeral or shortest path/connection.

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X-akseli is x-axis in Finnish

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The numbers in the x-akseli add up to 194 same as in the y-ehe. Don't know if that helps.

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What is question there? Find path of least resistence? From where to where? Can i go from 1 to 1? or do i have to do shit.
What happened to clearly defined problems?
Its basically this, i interpret this problem same as author therefore I'm correct, while you interpreted differently while within constraints of given written problem are wrong because well you werent mind reader...

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Some answers here

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