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The missing Malaysia airplane was transferred to Mars.

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$10,000 Dragon rides, open to the public.

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That the amount of butthurt on /sci/ haa reached a critical level, allowing him to fuel the MCT on hate alone

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Falcon Heavy launch date

Relaunch of a used First Stage

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aliens confirmed

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That ITS developmemt has been put on hold due to the recent tank failure
Contributing fuel

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Space suit design possibly

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>we popped a test article tank during testing of whether or not it would pop

>pack it up and go home, boys. IT'S over.


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Launch date wouldn't be anything more specific than the target month, considering even Falcon 9 launches tend to slip a bit.

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>announcing something that has already been announced

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Does Elon have enough money to buy a small country?

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hyper loop 2, with a vengeance

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Hyper Lube....
By god.... I know how I am going to get rich now.

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Hopefully this. Something to do with Falcon Heavy.

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He's getting married and divorced again

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There are some speculating on plebbit that him and trump are going to team up to go to the moon.
Or he is going to reveal some space suits because some rival private space agency did it on colbert or some shit.


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MMAA make Mars alive again?

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Anyone know what happened to his beta moment video? Can't seem to find it anywhere.

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Free Dragon rides for leftists

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Big moon anniversary coming up -- somebody ought to do SOMETHING to commemorate. Time is pretty short, though.

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Great. Now drumpf will waste money on stupid moon landings like that other conservativetard gangrich or whatever.
Guess he's gonna use it like they did in the 60s to divert attention from the atrocities committed in Vietnam. Luckily it won't work that well these days because the world is connected.

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Oh god just fucking die. What atrocities is Trump committing? I voted against the orange turd and even I'm not this vehemently anti-Trump to the point of delusion.

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so what did he announce

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~5 hours to go yet
kys senpai

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pls be falcon heavy/dragon 1 circumlunar shot
pls be falcon heavy/dragon 1 circumlunar shot
pls be falcon heavy/dragon 1 circumlunar shot
I need some new moon fapping material PLEASE

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they'll announce nasa has announced the discovery of new exoplanets

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Dream on, Mars Man

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More than likely something boring and uninteresting

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Trump is cancelling climate change, we're all gonna go live on Mars(it's already been terraformed) with clean fission

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>hey'll announce nasa has announced the discovery of new exoplanets

but the marketing and production values will be much better than at NASA's announcement

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>clean fission
>not clean coal

do u even MAGA?

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is there a stream?

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Successful field tests of the EMdrive

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Tf is that

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is he half an hour late, or am I misunderstanding what PST means?

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His prior tweet was on Roller coasters being awesome, so clearly Space-X will be ditching rockets and witching to a roller coaster based launch system with a wicked loop.

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Nah, it's just Elon Musk in charge of schedules.

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he is late, don't worry

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Elon Musk announced that a private customer has ordered a Dragon 2 flight for a circumlunar flight using a Falcon 9 Heavy.

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>Call me Elaine Musk
oh jeeezus

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gtfo. if he pulls this off i will be legit impressed.

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Well, they've fucking staked themselves out. Gone flay a circumlunar manned flight next year on a rocket they don't have yet in a capsule with no manned flights yet. Ballsy, anyway.

Godspeed, hubristic space man.

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So converting from Elon Time to Real Time Moonflyby 2020?

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Please take a camera that can photograph Apollo landing sites, just to let us hear how conspiratards react.

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conspiritards are going to claim that this is a hoax too. their primary argument hinges upon humans not surviving in outer space or some shit.

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1st to predict that the two passengers will be these enormously irritating fuckwits.

Also, get you bets down now for diversity array.

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All they need is a Falcon Heavy with a Dragon 2 on top, so expect a lot of delays.

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>Space X makes its crew roster a diversity spectacular full of shitskins and SJW's

>they all die

haha, people need to be reminded of how dangerous space flight is.

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>conspiritards are going to claim that this is a hoax too.

Well, yes, but their evidence will be entertaining, as they come through ever-more-fine levels of detail to find something that defies all explanation!!!

>Look, the view out this window does not match the view out the other window.

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I think he means the MEMEdrive

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well they're filthy rich.. so they are probably jews or saudi princes

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It says they were approached by private citizens, so I think it's either white or arab billionaires.

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It's gotta be some very, very rich guy -- I'm guessing Spielberg and plus-1.

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Cameron, and they're gonna film it in IMAX High-Definition 3D 64 FPS digital

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>It's Zuckerberg and Bezos

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UAE sending somebody to practice for their Mars colony trips?

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Oh shit that's from the old lego game hahaha.

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When we return to the moon, and we will, and we eventually locate these landing zones, watch these people still not be satisfied but instead claim that things were placed there in advance of a mission to the moon that would photograph old landing sites.

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That's way better than anything i imagined. Kudos to Musk.

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That actually makes some sense.

Anybody else recall Spielberg tentatively booking space for an IMAX camera on a shuttle flight -- iirc, he was going to try and shoot Earth-from-orbit footage for adding into the end of CE3K.

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Since the 00's these people have taken to the flat earth theory, because we already have pictures of the landing sites from orbit thanks to the Japanese.

Because they've been confronted with this evidence, they've taken to discrediting all of space and saying it's a hologram.

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bet you Trump is going to give him some gubmint dough to help meet the 2018 launch time.

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I don't think Cameron would actually do this, but then again, he did go to the bottom of the trench...

So it's a distinct possibility. The plus one in this scenario would probably be some insane camera man looking for a Pulitzer.

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>they've taken to discrediting all of space and saying it's a hologram.
>flat Earthers
>moon landing deniers

It continues to amaze me that people can seriously believe this shit, even when its current year and we have spacecraft going up to the ISS on a monthly basis and are a year or two away from crewed flight into lunar orbit.

I just hope they film this lunar orbit flight a lot, record everything, cameras everywhere, its such a rare opportunity.

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that makes zero sense

>> No.8708450

>some insane camera man looking for a Pulitzer.

Cameron's that guy, trips confirm.

Launch and lunar orbit is most certainly safer than crushing depths at the bottom of the sea with shit visibility.

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I'd believe this but I'm doubtful he has the money. My money is on a couple of Saudi Princes or Silicon Valley billionaires.

>> No.8708457

how so? Musk has a track record of being able to nab subsidies for his ventures.

he also has met with Trump in the recent months, and Trump has expressed an interest in the moon as well as mars. a successful launch is an achievement for american exceptionalism and proof that corporatism can get the job done.

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Close enough.

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Are you refering to the "the rocks and hills in this photo vs that photo"-tread that we have up here now? Because fuck me, that is one dumb idiot

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kek, that was the best possible way to announce it

>> No.8708465


James Cameron is worth almost 2 billion dollars.

>> No.8708467

private citizens though

>> No.8708469

Because it's a private contract between private citizens and a private company. Spacex is already supposed to fly the Falcon heavy and the Dragon. Trump will surely come up with some crazy moon/mars mission, but that one is not it.

>> No.8708470


He has shitloads of money from Minecraft's sale

>> No.8708471

didn't he say he wouldn't fly on the first go to mars?

>> No.8708472

>Trump will surely come up with some crazy moon/mars mission, but that one is not it.

>implying he wont take credit either way

>> No.8708473

its a song lyric

>> No.8708474


Too fat.

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>a successful launch is an achievement for american exceptionalism

Somebody whose slogan involved making America great again would be potentially a big fan of a return to the moon 50 years after Apollo did the first flyby. So depending on who the two passengers are, I could see a little Presidential interest here.

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It is the heavy lifting rocket isn't it?

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Cameron seems like a possibility

they call it the falcon HEAVY for a reason.

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Still too fat.

>> No.8708481


He's Swedish not American

>> No.8708482

Was not specifically referring to that thread, but reading it before reading this one reminded me of how much fun it would be to take some good photos from lunar orbit that really, clearly showed the landing sites.

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Cameron sounds very plausible. He is an adventurer, has the money to do it, and he will film the moon, sell what he is filming and might even end up with a profit from that movie. Question is who is No. 2?

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Is that a Fedora?

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He should have read out the wrong announcement and then been handed the right one, as a tribute to the Oscars last night.

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>it's pence with a fence
>he's going to create a barrier preventing fags from ever leaving Earth

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>2 guys will live in that can for 1-2 weeks

kek, where are they going to shit?

>> No.8708496


No idea actually. Probably custom on a linux kernel?

>> No.8708497

And who is No. 3. Since there has to be someone else in the craft, someone with space travel experience.

>> No.8708499

EVA suits have toilets build into them. They could wear those.

>> No.8708501

>Question is who is No. 2?

Clapper loader.

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He will announce that there is no matter in space, making propulsion impossible.

He will tell everyone to stand on the floor and jump.

Then he will tell everyone to hang from a pull up bar and jump.

Then he will tell everyone that they're morons for not understanding that shooting hot air into a matterless vacuum does not actually make you move.

There are no molecules and there is no atmosphere for rocket exhaust to hit, so what do you expect to happen?
Rockets are operational only as $3 billion desk fans in space.

>> No.8708507

kek, he meant the thing in the middle

I think it's a joystick or whatever it's called

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You could say he's a real LUNAtic

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Probably in bags like Apollo crews did. Hopefully we get another argument over who accidentally let some of their shit out of the bag.

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what do they do while traveling? do they have to stay in their seats for the whole ride? what about private talk? sex?

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Since people have been flying missions sine the 50s, presumably they have sorted out where to shit. Guys flying on ISS or MIR for months or a year must shit at some point. So I don;t thing that is an issue, other than how horrible it can be in a space capsule if somebody gets gassy, or, God help them, comes down with diarrhea, which has happened.

Fun fact, Apollo guys left some bags on the moon containing, among other debris they did not need to carry back with them, some lovely poo and wee.

We fucking claimed the moon more clearly than just planting a cheapo nylon flag. We excreted on that bastard.

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Maybe one of the two has such experience? In any case, they'll need some training.

I hope one of them will be a Russian -- after all this time, a Russian should finally get to the moon.

>> No.8708520

There is a special vent hole in the spaceship, you put your ass to it, open it and the vacuum of space sucks out your shit in less than a second. It's very convenient.

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It will be this woman (Cristina Stenbeck, Swedish-American, ~$550m net worth) and her Nigerian-Somalian boyfriend.

At the apogee of their flight they will begin a surprise live stream of the interior of the capsule. For one whole hour the world will bear witness as the couple engage in the impassioned throes of our species' first confirmed act of extraterrestrial love-making, as Cristina's husband and four children proudly look on. Musk himself will provide running Twitter commentary in his characteristic wry, understated style, taking note of points in the copulation where performance optimizations can be undertaken for the next event. I hope they will conceive a child.

>> No.8708524

Why would the pilot of the spacecraft want his astrogation display to show the ground track of his orbit? It's not like we can't render 3d trajectories nowadays.

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>> No.8708530

>what do they do while traveling?
Better take some movies on their tablet.

>do they have to stay in their seats for the whole ride?

No. Apollo guys didn't.

>what about private talk?

Works in space, so why not?


Yes, please.

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>> No.8708532

I bet Pornhub and other porn networks team up to make the first lunar orbital porno. Real question is who gets to fuck in space?

>> No.8708536

oh carlos

>> No.8708541

>Instant anal prolapse

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>Musk himself will provide running Twitter commentary in his characteristic wry, understated style, taking note of points in the copulation where performance optimizations can be undertaken for the next event.

"I think he's attempting re-entry, sir..."

>> No.8708545

dream on, mars man

>> No.8708546

so why set up livestream if you won't show up for it?

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>> No.8708552


That was just the USA Today.

Neither SpaceX or Musk setup a stream, he just did a teleconference.

>> No.8708554

This is now official:
Elon Musk is just playing Kerbal Space Program career mode IRL.

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>> No.8708560

>what do they do while traveling?
One of them controls the spacecraft, pays attention to roadsigns etc. the other one turns the pedals.

>do they have to stay in their seats for the whole ride?
Only during takeoff and landing, and sometimes when there's turbulence.

>what about private talk?
That's absolutely forbidden, because in space there is no sound, so if you tried to talk, an alien would burst out of your chest.

Sex is okay, and actually encouraged.

>> No.8708561

Really makes you think.

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File: 55 KB, 954x325, sls Table 2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How can SLS even compete?

>> No.8708567

I hope he tries to scream while in space to settle once and for all if anybody can hear him. Especially if it is Cameron.

>> No.8708568

SpaceX and James Cameron are pretty genius.

>Be James Cameron
>Huge adventurer
>Technologically adapt enough to be trained an astronaut
>Make a documentary about the whole trip in 3D and 4K
>"A small step for man", coming to a cinema near you in 2019
>Make >1 billion with that movie
>End up making a profit with the trip, while making history of being the first private citizen going to the moon
>Movie of course shines the best possible light on SpaceX
>Incredible marketing campaign for SpaceX
>Everybody loves Cameron, everybody loves Elon, everybody loves SpaceX
>Next step: Mars

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File: 123 KB, 683x1024, elon-1349658492957.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Drax-tier evil plot confirmed.

>> No.8708570

Post yfw Martin Shkreli is going

>> No.8708575

by being able to enter lunar orbit

It's probably a few literally who Chinese billionaires

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File: 18 KB, 480x360, sweden yes.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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File: 70 KB, 500x375, 1465615725148.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

nobody's falling for your bait, cunt bucket.

>> No.8708580

>Cameron sounds very plausible. ... Question is who is No. 2?

Ron "Apollo 13" Howard?

Or it's Ron and Tom Hanks.

>> No.8708584

>It's probably a few literally who Chinese billionaires

I doubt it -- with China having their own space program, I can't see their government letting them go fly with somebody else.

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>> No.8708588


What if it's Cameron AND Nolan?


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>nasa announces it wants to do a lunar flyby in 2019
>a few days pass
>spacex announces a flyby of its own in 2018
Shit's getting real

>> No.8708596

Well, good job anon (even if it's dragon 2 obv)

>> No.8708597

Didn't he already go to the Marianas Trench? Sounds like a safe bet that he'd go as far in the other direction as any human has gone before. No2 might be harder to guess, unless it's just someone to help him film shit.

>> No.8708598
File: 20 KB, 233x251, dark sandwich.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Can't be Nolan, space is not dark enough.

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File: 1.48 MB, 245x250, 1464475699080.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

lmao the entire flight audio is him shitting on poorfags and libtards

>> No.8708602

Space Race 2.0

>China announces 2017 moon flight next week.

>> No.8708606

>by being able to enter lunar orbit

one launch every four years
>one launch every four years
one launch every four years
>one launch every four years
one launch every four years
>one launch every four years

Wooooo, lunar orbit, so impressive, so useless.

>> No.8708608


I'm beginning to think NASA had some insider knowledge about the SpaceX announcement. They're already sweating over a president and Republican Congress who would be very happy to cut more of their funding.

>> No.8708610

I-Is this the "meme magic" I've heard so much about?

>> No.8708614

Some Russian more likely or an Arab

>> No.8708619

ironically to how right brain ded republicans are, science departments get more budgets when they are in power

>> No.8708620
File: 44 KB, 714x750, moonr4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

SLS can be modified pretty easily to carry a lander. It's also pretty much designed with the mission of having humans visit an asteroid for the first time.

>> No.8708623
File: 64 KB, 857x629, china launch vehicles.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

pic related

Originally designed for 1 mission per year, infrastructure max of 2 missions per year, NASA currently looking into 3 missions per year.

>> No.8708625

Maybe they are sweating, but I'd think the current President is much more likely to want some space spectaculars than the previous several.

>> No.8708627

At what 10 times the cost? More?

>> No.8708629


Isn't spaceflight haram?

>> No.8708631

Are you retarded?

>> No.8708633

Are you implying that SLS's existence is contingent on being cost-effective?

>> No.8708635

So Musk is going to do Trump's dirty work by "getting rid of them" ;)

>> No.8708637
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>> No.8708638

since the arabs announced they will fund space shit, I guess not anymore

>> No.8708640
File: 781 KB, 1157x1205, en.wikipedia.org_2017-02-27_22-43-17.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.8708641

The moon and stars are mentioned in the Koran, so probably OK.

>> No.8708645


Yes, but Trump is most receptive to branding and memes, and largely campaigned on "cutting costs". Popular news coverage will tell him that NASA (not to mention ULA) = old/expensive/big government, whereas SpaceX = cheap/innovative/private. Who do you think he'd rather give money to?

Musk hasn't stuck around on his advisory panel for nothing.

>> No.8708646
File: 361 KB, 645x545, twitter.com_2017-02-27_22-46-37.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No reaction from Richard Bronson yet

>> No.8708647

Does anyone else think this style of control surface is extremely counterintuitive? Surely physical buttons and switches all within arm's reach of the crew would be safer and more effective than this integrated IoT mess (assuming they'll control via remote control on their suit or whatever)

>> No.8708648


>> No.8708654

He won't go around giving money just for PR, he doesn't need that. He will cut taxes and regulations, which will help the private companies a lot, so they will get to launch more. And that's how he is going to make space great again.

>> No.8708664

He is probably having a JUST moment.

>> No.8708666

Yes, because it has to be sold to Congress.

>> No.8708668

Russians sell their own tickets.

>> No.8708670


>> No.8708671

>SLS can be modified pretty easily to carry a lander.
Easier said than done seeing as NASA doesn't have any current plans to actually build a lander beyond some rough concepts.

>> No.8708673

or landing!!

>> No.8708675

>look up
>that's the moon


>> No.8708676


>> No.8708678

That's not how it works, retard.
SLS is a congress pet project.

>> No.8708685

Yeah, but given that this proposal was out there in 2005, I think they probably are not going.

Given the problems USSR had with getting "Cosmos" probes that were just unmanned Soyuz capsules stripped down for a moon flight to get there, I'd not out my money and my one and only life in their hands until I see them do a successful test flight or two.

Of course, for me that holds for NASA and Musk as well.

>> No.8708687

Dream on Mars Man

>> No.8708688



>> No.8708689

Congress doesn't care about cost.
Congress cares about making jobs.
Aerospace contracts are like fucking catnip for congressmen.

>> No.8708691

That would be something they might actually try for -- and they have an extra year before the anniversary of landing to get ready.

A new space race would be a wonderful thing -- nothing gets things revved up more than godless commies maybe getting there first.

>> No.8708692


>> No.8708693

Successful crash

>> No.8708695
File: 264 KB, 1750x1750, Apollo-11_nasa_533.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nor did they last time, until somebody told them "Do it!" and threw the necessary money at them.

>> No.8708696


They can't afford even one mission a year because they can't afford to build anything for it to launch. That article is four years old, but NASA hasn't gotten any better in that time.

>> No.8708697

It's the same as the Europa clipper mission.

People complain about it launching on SLS, but they don't realize the mission would not even be happening if the senator who's pushing it didn't support SLS

/sci/ is brainlet when it comes to politics

>> No.8708703

>tax cuts will help private space flight

you actually need to have revenues before tax cuts will do shit

>> No.8708704

They got the first rate leader now, will turn things around,best ever, believe me. Many such cases.

>> No.8708708

The plan has always been to build the rocket first, and the payloads later.

The reason constellation failed is because the tried to develop Ares 1, Ares V, Altair, Orion, and moonbase shit all at once on a $3 billion budget

By your logic we should cancel ITS because there is no clear funding path to its completion

>> No.8708709 [DELETED] 
File: 40 KB, 632x279, 1479170437634.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Honestly why does Trump talk like that?

Is he retarded?

>> No.8708710
File: 461 KB, 1050x700, red vs blue.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>/sci/ is brainlet when it comes to politics

A lot of /sci/ are also /pol/, so yes.

>> No.8708712

Not sure if the Chinese will just sit back and watch a (smallish) private company leap frog their own space program.

It could force the Chinese government to announce a manned landing earlier then expected.

>> No.8708713

I think he just does it because he knows it pisses you off.

>> No.8708717


No, just unintelligent.

>> No.8708720

Because he has the mannerisms of a small child and he's always been so spoiled that nobody has ever dared try and correct him for fear of damaging his ego.

>> No.8708721

Are you retarded or just trolling? Satellite owners pay to get their shit launched and that gets taxed. Spacex pays salaries that get taxed. Their subcontractors pay taxes as well. The transport companies that ferry their stuff pay taxes. Literally everything is getting taxed. Low taxes always means more opportunities for private companies.

>> No.8708727
File: 14 KB, 720x352, the race is on.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

have we started the race?

>> No.8708728
File: 846 KB, 1250x1747, china space program 2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Tell me who is more CAPITALIST!!!! than Musk, right?

Hey, China you reading this? YOU BEEN CALLED OUT, BITCHES, WHAT YOU GONNA DO???

>> No.8708732

Pretty excited for this, but we still need to get the Falcon Heavy up and running and normal crewed flights going first

>> No.8708735

companies like spacex have so many capital losses and so many government subsidies that they pay an effective negative tax rate

further tax cuts are a completely retarded & ass backwards way to fund spaceflight, you're essentially trying to push a string

larger subsidies could help make their effective tax rate even more negative, but that doesnt sound like something a republican would pass

>> No.8708746

>muh government subsidies

yep, you are retarded

>> No.8708757

i get the impression that you're NEET with little income and zero assets so you dont have any clue how the tax code works

>> No.8708790

so what are the chances this thing actually flies in 2018?

>> No.8708795

I'd say low. Even if Falcon Heavy meets the current launch date, there's still a decent chance that Dragon 2 will see delays. In addition Space-X has a large backlog of commercial missions they need to fill. I'd be surprised if it flies sooner than late 2019 or early 2020.

>> No.8708801


To be honest given that this announcement is being made so close to the proposed launch date (22 months at most), I'm thinking Musk is actually confident they've got their shit together on this one.

>> No.8708805

Because he's a New Yorker.

At least he's consistent with it, Obama loved to start talkin' like a nigga as soon as he was in front of a black crowd.

>> No.8708811

Won't they need to test this unmanned first for the heat shield alone, or are they going in dry?

>> No.8708818

Hasn't SpaceX been refitting the ISS for some time now? I guess they have experience with it.

>> No.8708828


>> No.8708837


Anon is saying that presumably their cargo missions have provided the necessary test data for proving heat shield viability.

>> No.8708843

IIRC lunar reentry is somewhere on the order of 27,000mph compared to 17,000mph for leo so they are not really comparable at all

>> No.8708845

>no sound because vacuum
>turbulence in a vacuum
come on now brainlet you can do better than that

>> No.8708848


Indeed, I agree.

>> No.8708865

First flight this year

>> No.8708870
File: 65 KB, 490x604, 1481243467701.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That is exactly what it is.

>> No.8708872
File: 38 KB, 278x296, 1479617287260.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>ywn get paid 70k/year to do shitty journalism on space news

this is rich
>the mission is a direct threat to nasa's orion (even though it won't even go into orbit let alone remain there for 3 weeks)
>So how will NASA feel about this? (even though it says right on the spacex page that nasa has been working with spacex on this for months, and in fact actively encouraged and gave support to spacex)
>By putting forth the idea that its Dragon spacecraft could essentially fly the same mission as Orion for much, much less than the government (even though it literally cannot do the same mission at all)
How do people that are this retarded even breathe let alone get a job reporting on this stuff?

Also why is it always "us vs them" with these reddit spacex nutters?

>> No.8708882

Just like with Red Dragon the critical item for this mission will be crew dragon readiness, not FH.

>> No.8708883
File: 228 KB, 499x499, 1472259067020.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is this the [space] race war Kek has been trying to warn us about?

>> No.8708926


If the mission in question is reduced to fly-by vanity projects (entirely conceivable with this being the US government), SpaceX will do.

>Also why is it always "us vs them" with these reddit spacex nutters?
Console wars are a helluva drug.

>> No.8708937

That's... um... are you okay with everything else in that post?

>> No.8708942

>If the mission in question is reduced to fly-by vanity projects (entirely conceivable with this being the US government), SpaceX will do.

>> No.8708954


If Washington loses its remaining will to invest seriously in manned space exploration, piggybacking on SpaceX for cheap trans-lunar missions with no lander component will provide the same PR outcome for less money than SLS.

>> No.8708964

Sorry m8, in the real world people use mechjeb. Human error just isn't tolerable

>> No.8708979
File: 137 KB, 340x340, 1462646233072.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>praying towards mecca in space

>> No.8708982

>If Washington loses its remaining will to invest seriously in manned space exploration
This won't happen unless the dollar collapses or something extreme like that

NASA's deep space (SLS/Orion) budget is only 1/6 of their total budget rn

>> No.8708998

Why don't they just slow down on approach with RCS thrusters

>> No.8709007

dragon 2 has like maybe 1000m/s dv, nowhere near enough

>> No.8709008

then add more powerful RCS thrusters

>> No.8709011

Slowing down enough to make a Lunar return reentry as slow as a LEO reentry would add a few km/s of Delta-V to the mission.

>> No.8709012

It can be done, whats the issue

>> No.8709016


You aren't paying attention to how thirsty this White House is for budget cuts. A few billion dollars for building a perceptually lousy make-work rocket is low-hanging fruit.

>> No.8709019

Man this shit is so retarded it's getting out of hand.

First people asking if anime is haram, now spaceflight, what the fuck... Do you think it's written in the Quran that spaceflight is forbidden?

>> No.8709023


>> No.8709025

None of which changes the basic math of "tax cuts = more money for business" which is a thing businesses like. However negative the effective rate is, negativer is even nicer.

>> No.8709026


>Do you think it's written in the Quran that spaceflight is forbidden?
Not literally, but I assume it's quite easy to derive every sort of prohibition from any of the Abrahamic texts.

>> No.8709036

>You aren't paying attention to how thirsty this White House is for budget cuts.
Trump is a populist moron; """"budget cuts"""" are the last thing on his mind.

>> No.8709039

That is up for interpretation buddy. Muslims literally slaughter themselves over for merely interpreting words slightly differently. What is forbidden is already established in Islam, what "might" be forbidden is up for modern scholars of different sects to decide, not the religion itself.

>> No.8709042

Building and launching the SLS is not an 'investment' idiot
What will we have at the end of the billions spent? Oh right, absolutely nothing

>> No.8709047

Do you? I might normally agree, but I wonder if the timing of the NASA "Maybe we go orbit moon in 2019!" plays into this.
Musk is going anyway for no extra taxpayer money" is likely to kill that already fairly unlikely trial balloon, whether Musk actually ever launches this mission or not.

Seen in that light, it may be significant that the names of the supposed clients were not announced.

>> No.8709048

There is gonna be 10%+ cuts across the board
except for military
Expect NASA to get cut in half or something big like that.

>> No.8709054

Well its not for like 2 years, no surprise the names aren't mentioned
Dnno how many people would spend 50+ million each for a week long joyride in a shitty capsule

>> No.8709056
File: 355 KB, 994x1498, Elon Musk, mother of Dragons.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.8709062

>What is mass, and why is important in space missions?

>> No.8709064

A heat shield that can handle the higher reentry speed is lighter than the propellant needed to get rid of a few km/s of Delta-V

>> No.8709066

I see, makes sense

>> No.8709072


Go read the headlines on the administration's 2018 budget proposal from the last 24 hours. If it ain't defense-related, it ain't worth shit. And bear in mind that even Mnuchin is only saying health entitlement will stay where they are, not go up.


>What will we have at the end of the billions spent? Oh right, absolutely nothing
You mistakenly believe that the average taxpayer understands R&D expenses, or for that matter remembers that such investments were made at all.


Right, I see what you mean.

Funny enough I was the anon who was earlier saying that maybe NASA announced when they did because they knew Musk had a surprise coming up.

>> No.8709074

Across the board cuts will not be applied evenly to any and all expenditures. For example, he wants to build a wall of some sort --so the expenditure in the budget for bricks will go up, something else will go don a bit more to compensate.

I don't see any reason to expect the administration to glom onto manned space missions-- but a return to the spirit of Apollo sounds like something that a maker again of greatness might grab hold of.

Will he? I tend to doubt it. But he has surprised me a few times already in his political career.

>> No.8709081

>so the expenditure in the budget for bricks will go up, something else will go don a bit more to compensate
that's not how the national budget works, idiot

>> No.8709094

plz no mr trump

>> No.8709096

It's a bit of a surprise, since it is likely a "Look how fucking rich I am" dick-waving and/or PR thing for somebody.

Without naming the customer, this may be no more significant that the 2005 Russian lunar round-trip in a Soyuz for whoever bought a seat. They said they'd sold one seat already when they announced it. I am no historian, but I don't recall hearing that they ever actually followed through.

Of course, maybe this is all on the upand up, and there are reasons the client wanted to keep their name a closely held bit of information for now.

Still, it is worth watching what happens with this with at least a smidgeon of skepticism.

I am not calling anybody a liar, but I do note a pretty obvious motive to make this announcement that does not require it to be true.

>> No.8709104

He doesn't need the SLS to return the spirit of Apollo. He is against endless government spending, and he is for encouraging private US companies. I can see him killing SLS and giving more money for contracts with private companies. NASA should stick to making robotic probes and space telescopes.

>> No.8709108

True enough -- but that kind of sidesteps the point that a heat shield to reenter at those speeds really hasn't been tested by reentry from LEO. Before I rode the damn thing, I'd want to see it actually make a reentry at lunar velocities.

I'd hate to experience an "unscheduled disassembly event" or even an "anomaly" with my raggedy ol' ass as the test dummy.

>> No.8709113
File: 396 KB, 2048x1152, Falcon 9 boostback trajectory.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

By conventional logic, that would be a massive waste of propellant, but then again the F9 first stage does a reentry burn which would be similarly wasteful in principle so I wouldn't put it past them, I suppose....

>> No.8709114


I hate this so much, but I am saving it anyway.

>> No.8709116

Yea It could just be setting the narrative for cancelling the SLS

>> No.8709118

and thats why you're not a billionaire

>> No.8709119

>Funny enough I was the anon who was earlier saying that maybe NASA announced when they did because they knew Musk had a surprise coming up.

As plausible. Or, for yucks, maybe they both heard that the Chinese are about to announce they are accelerating their schedule, or something.

Or, in the best tradition of government skullduggery, maybe some clever space advocate "leaked" to both of them that the other was about to make an announcement, forcing each to make an announcement they otherwise would not have made. This shit can get Byzantine...

Or, maybe they are both on the up-and-up, maybe it is just Steam Engine Time, and the moment is right for everybody to want to try a moon shot again.

>> No.8709122


I am presuming that Anonymity was a stipulation by SpaceX for any number of reasons.

Let's just look at the most likely one:


If the people who bought the seats are forced into anonymity, then they can't go to the press.

>> No.8709125

Yeah, it actually is. With the note that Congress gets to pee in the punchbowl to improve the flavor to their liking before passing something, if they can now go back to regularly passing budgets at all.

>> No.8709129

see >>8708872

>> No.8709132

I could see him dong that, or going all-in on Make NASA Great Again.

Remember he likes to play his cards close to his vest, and likes to hide his real goals until he gets you to agree to them.

It's a negotiation strategy he likes.

I absolutely am not predicting what he will do, nor what Congress will do in response all f which is getting sort of off-topic for /sci/ anyway. But I am not convinced at all that anybody else can predict what will happen. We'll see.

>> No.8709135


Yes, I concede my speculation is completely vacuous.

>> No.8709137

They could easily land the Dragon 2 on the moon with 2-3 falcon heavy launches
So yea, it is a direct competitor to SLS which won't even be doing anything before Trump is out of office.

>> No.8709148

Meh. Ablative heat shields are amazingly rugged. I can't think of a single example, manned or unmanned, which ever suffered a catastrophic failure of an ablative heat shield (though there have been several Russian fuck-ups where capsules failed to separate and reentered head-first... yet even with those the crews amazingly survived).

Parachute or retrorocket failure seems a lot more scary. Also I don't trust Shuttle-style radiative heat shields... but Dragon's is ablative.

>> No.8709151

>They could easily land the Dragon 2 on the moon with 2-3 falcon heavy launches
so a completely useless gimmick mission (that would require development of an entire new upper stage or service module) vs 1 sls mission which would be cheaper when dev costs are considered for the """"alternative""""

>> No.8709156

There is no lander at all being developed for the SLS/Orion so no, it can never land on the moon

How many BILLIONS will be spent before the SLS does anything?

Give Musk a fixed price contract, 1 billion dollars for putting an American on the moon
And another fixed price contract for the first shipment of ISRU equipment to the moon via the ITS

>> No.8709166

as I said, it would be a useless gimmick mission

go back to kerbal space program you retarded moron

>> No.8709172
File: 597 KB, 888x1244, 3c631c22467283.563131b71ad6b.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

We'll see whos laughing when the lunar base is up and running

>> No.8709182

>as I said, it would be a useless gimmick mission
Thats all the Shuttle was
Thats all the SLS will be
Hell, thats all Apollo was

>go back to kerbal space program you retarded moron

>> No.8709187
File: 233 KB, 600x478, Moon_Base_Bigelow_Aerospace_Closeup_Wide.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm sure it will be Bigelow who will be the one laughing.

>> No.8709190


The spacecraft can fly itself, they don't need anyone on board. All the training they'd need is 'here's how to buckle in, here's how to not vomit all over everything once you're in zero G, here's how to stick a plastic bag to your ass so you can take a shit, etc.

>> No.8709202
File: 546 KB, 1280x853, bigelow module.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Bigelow infaltable modules in space and on lunar/mars surface have me excited.

The idea of more space than in the entire ISS for less cost/weight and difficulty setting up is so incredible, I hope they hurry the fuck up with their designs, and that the modules prove rigid enough and safe enough against the outside environment.

Here's hoping BEAM is a success.

>> No.8709206
File: 168 KB, 446x1400, bigelow-beam-expandable-space-module-160328c-02.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.8709217
File: 264 KB, 1200x1038, 1200px-Altair-Lander_(latest).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>There is no lander at all being developed for the SLS/Orion so no, it can never land on the moon

Cancelling Altair was a big mistake

>> No.8709220
File: 772 KB, 1920x1080, 1001784main_Lander_Landed_2k3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.8709228

Altair was an awesome concept, but the reason Constellation failed was because they tried to do too much with too small a budget.

>> No.8709230


NASA didn't have the Saturn rocket family or Apollo spacecraft either. They designed all the vehicles used after they actually had a clear plan and could optimize in a way that made sense.

SLS is a rocket to nowhere.

>> No.8709232
File: 10 KB, 180x200, 1463267849120.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>announcement of an announcement

literally the worst meme of this decade

>> No.8709236


Getting paid to deliver a service is not a subsidy.

>> No.8709242

>billions of dollars over a decade
>hurr not enough budget, this is why we have ZERO prototypes or even a finalized design

>> No.8709243
File: 161 KB, 1100x692, Constellation-Components.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Obama Admin could have increased the budget and left NASA alone to do its course laid out by President Bush, but no, the Obama Admin instead decided on a completely different course of NEA, Mars Moon, Mars of which nothing has been accomplished, we never sent a crewed spacecraft to a NEA and all the planning and prep for that was a waste as NASA seems focused on a lunar return now or lunar space station at the very least.

Complete fucking waste the NEA focus was, NASA was off-track for decades I fucked hate what the new NASA Admin and the Obama Admin did for NASA then.

And now its back to SLS, when we could have had several Ares rockets already by this point.

>> No.8709245


Dragon already uses the same heat shield technology, it was designed from the beginning to handle reentry from interplanetary velocities. Dragon has reentered successfully literally every time, there's no reason to think Dragon 2 would not. Coming back from a Moon flyby should be no problem.

Also there will be several orbital Dragon 2 missions before they put people on them and before this Moon flyby happens, so I wouldn't call it going in dry.

>> No.8709250

>over a decade

>> No.8709251


>> No.8709260

from 2000 to 2010
And they produced NOTHING

Like my lord what is wrong with them
No amount of money to NASA will ever solve anything, they would waste HUNDREDS of billions

>> No.8709269


The reentry burn is to drop aerodynamic forces to a comfortable level as the stage falls through the atmosphere, it is not at all comparable to coming back from orbital speeds which are many times faster. The first stage of the Falcon 9 never goes more than 6,500 km/h during its flight, whereas the Dragon capsule has to come back from orbital speed at around 28,080 km/h. Much faster.

>> No.8709282


They produced a single flight of the first (solid) stage of the Ares 1, with a dummy upper stage and mass simulator. Not literally nothing, but what we got was shit.

>> No.8709303

Thats how NASA operates
They scrap together some "test" launch and hope the program is cancelled before they ever have to deliver

>> No.8709309

no, he knows most people are retarded though
gotta appeal to the masses

>> No.8709513

Dream on, Mars man

>> No.8709521


>> No.8709591


>> No.8709649

that blew up recently. it ripped apart at the welds during testing.

>> No.8709655
File: 122 KB, 640x713, elon-1484419998072.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.8709663


are there any more extreme versions of this floating around?

looking for one where he's shaking while flying by the frame superman style

>> No.8709932

It actually saves weight.
Emergency buttons are still physical.

>> No.8710122
File: 185 KB, 624x1638, moonnukes.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

He's going to announce how he's going to stop ISIS by dropping moon rocks on them.

>> No.8710151
File: 97 KB, 1024x569, 1443809031641.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>that pic

>> No.8710180
File: 83 KB, 960x602, 1488037235260.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>please support my campaign for congress

>> No.8710198

>using propellants

>> No.8710264

Dream on, Mars Man.

>> No.8710305

But America isn't in Vietnam anymore

>> No.8710320

Dream on, Mars man

>> No.8710332

>It actually saves weight.
Right... every physical button not only has weight, but there's wiring behind it that has weight too.
Also, I noticed that each pair of screens shows the same thing, so there's redundancy too. If one screen breaks, there's still another screen showing the same stuff.

>> No.8710618


>> No.8710704

F is native to Americans tardo, and it is simply showing the indoor temperature. Fahrenheit is objectively the best way to write that for american passengers since we learn other units as a second language of sorts. Plus I'm sure it has the option to switch.

>> No.8710712

Can we admit Fahrenheit and the non-metric american system is retarded? Regardless of this particular case.

>> No.8711055

Dream on, Mars Man

>> No.8711197


Because it's fanboyism. I think it's great what SpaceX is doing but I'm not a retard who think it's an either-or. More ways of getting to space is better and SpaceX will essentially do what everyone wanted the STS to do (make space somewhat affordable, at least for large companies, large universities and government agencies).

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