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[math] A \wedge B [math/]
[math] A [math/]

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[math] A \wedge B [/math]
[math] A [/math]

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what kind of "proof" is that?

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I knew before I clicked on the thread that it would be a Ted Kaczynski proof.

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I proved [math] A [/math] from [math] A \wedge B [/math].

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The UnaBomber who, in his youth, was a mathematician.

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oh yeah, i heard he blew away the competition

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that isn't a proof

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Sure it is. I assumed [math] A \wedge B [/math], and through conjunction elimination proved [math] A [/math]. I left the details for the reader to figure out, such as what rule I had used.

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What comes next son

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P = NP

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Now the next one

P ->Q


what comes next son?

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I got one for you.

Assume that [math] f(n) = \sum_{i=1}^{n} i^{k} [/math] and [math] g(n) = n^{k+1} [/math]. Then is [math] f(n) = O(g(n)) [/math]?

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KEK! I hope this is bait.

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(it is)

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Back to doing math

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Back to doing 'math'.

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don't trigger my math abilities

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But what if P = 0?

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The OP provides a snippet which is not the whole article/context. Let me swoop in like a white knight faggot to save the day!

I recently made a brief study of Kaczynski's serious mathematical output -basically just tracking down articles, understanding what he was doing from year to year, and not necessarily reading or fully appreciating the articles. Still, I have the whole bit availble to read, any time. Kaczynski's mathematical output has been a trending topic on /sci/ for the past few months, but I am not usually the one who starts threads (though I did a mega-dump a few months ago). Even I have to admit it's a bit of nuisance now, but I will reiterate when the topic comes up, like now.

In particular, the article about Wedderburn's theorem was an early piece. It is Kaczynski's first serious, professional piece of mathematical work. It was made available in the American Mathematical Monthly, 1964, and I found a volume of it at my old alma mater. I transcribed the article: here.

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3/5. This ends the pertinent bit for the OP, but I'll just give the other later bits.

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The big point here is that the actual proof continues for a few more paragraphs, and is not merely what the OP ripped out of context, as just one nice-looking math-paragraph.

-Mostly-unrelated question-answer cycle from K's early contributions to MAA.

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final unrelated page.

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What other unpublished papers do you have of his? Anything with his transcripts or his autobiography?

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I don't agree with what he did. Interested in what set him off to leave a promising academic career. Do you have any other unpublished work? Or transcripts? His autobio?

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...Why are there no analyst anarchists/activists?

Why is calculus so based?

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Do you have any other unpublished papers or documents? Like his transcripts, autobiography, other papers?

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because anarchy is retarded, m8

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Everything I've posted ITT thus far is a transcript of items that had been PUBLISHED, as I'd explained. Your question really amounts to asking for any Kaczynski documents, which are below.

The dump-thread that I referred to is archived HERE:


This contains a complete image dump of every piece of published, professional mathematical output that Kaczynski contributed to the mathematical literature, with the exception of his ~75 page doctoral dissertation /Boundary Functions/, which I have been unable to locate online (but which is presumably on permanent deposit with the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, so theoretically you could visit it/access it if you could convince them that you're not a total loon, if it's not just sitting on the shelf).

We're doing it again, so may as well dump a link to the full text of the manifesto, also published in various ways:


Apart from these, some anon from a recent thread posted pics related, which purport to be fragments of a mathematical correspondence with Kaczynski. I present them in no particular order, but perhaps an ordering can be put on them.


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Yes, it's trivial.

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ancapism isn't

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